By: Serotonin

Date: 20th Jul 2021

The Top 16 Competitors from Blood Money will be paired off and pitted against each other. But as the name suggests, these people will not be friends. Work together, and thrive. Or fail and fall to the wayside. The winners of the tournament will be rewarded with a choice. Either remain a team, and win the chance to fight for The Islands Championships, or adhere to your baser instincts, and fight your former partner for the sum of 10k Blood Money. The choice will be yours. But know this, if your partner and you canít agree, and one of you chooses to stay a team, while the other chooses to fight, the one who wants to stay a team gets nothing, and the other gets the entire 10k. So be sure to ask yourself not just if you can trust them, but if they can trust you.

Keep your enemies closest.