Preston and Montuori Arrested

By: Serotonin

Date: 20th Aug 2021

Following their arrests at the end of the FIGHT! NYC Islands Championship match between Joe Montuori & Allison Riggs-Preston (known collectively as Fatal Attraction, the current holders of the Islands Championship) and their challengers Dane Preston & Sahara, the executives at FIGHT! NYC have mandated that Joe Montuori and Dane Preston must, in addition to their obligations as tag team partners at TAG WARS III: TOXIC TAG, attend couples therapy.

Failing to attend the mandated therapy will result in all Blood Money being expunged from both athletes, and failure to participate in good faith at TAG WARS III: TOXIC TAG will result in further sanctions against these athletes.

We look forward to a positive outcome from this intervention and hope that going forward, the athletes in question will learn that destruction of FIGHT! Property will not be tolerated, and hope that this can be an example set for all other FIGHT Roster members.