Clauson out of Toxic Tag

By: Serotonin

Date: 23rd Aug 2021

Graham Clauson asked for his release from his FIGHT! NYC contract after negotiations stalled on a renewal for Season Two. Things evidently got so heated that he requested and was granted an immediate reprieve from his duties.

This leaves the Tag Wars III match at Toxic Tag in somewhat of a predicament, as Graham Clauson was due to partner with Druscilla White, who had briefly formed an alliance with him on Venom 5 to take care of old enemies in Vincent and Vhodka Black. Druscilla left Graham high and dry to get covered by Vincent Black, and thus prompted their toxic partnership to be set in stone.

Druscilla will remain in the Toxic Tag tournament, and her hand-picked partner has come from none other than Xavier Wolf himself as he has seemingly chosen to punish one of the proteges of his twin brother Vincent Black, and named Asher Jules as the replacement fighter to participate with Druscilla White.

Not that teaming with Druscilla is a punishment, per se, but the murderer’s row of opponents would suggest that this wasn’t his Blood Money Thank You Gift…