New FIGHT! Signings, plus releases

By: Serotonin

Date: 6th Sep 2021

Following the most recent edition of Venom, FIGHT! NYC announces that it has come to terms with the release of both Dark Tiger and Lisa Marie Ashton. The decision was mutual following discussions about the directions of their careers were going in at FIGHT! NYC following a series of adverse outcomes. We have a long and storied history with both athletes and wish them well in all of their future endeavors. They will be missed and we hope that at some time in the future our paths may cross once again.

In brighter news, as witnessed at the end of the Venom #6 a massive signing was unveiled when BETSY GRANGER descended from the sky to even the odds for Shawn Warstein, Dickie Watson and Kasey Winterborn when they were up against the wall.

Secondly, a returning face to the world of wrestling as Jennie Fenix has signed a contract with FIGHT! NYC and will be making her debut at Venom #8 next week.

The final signing is one that will remain unnamed for the time being but stay tuned for more information on this!