New FIGHT! signings and releases

By: Serotonin

Date: 20th Sep 2021

Following Venom #8, where Apathy ordered Eoin O’Rourke to take out fellow Cure member, Korrupt, the masked man has asked that he be released from his contract. He cited that his desire had long since been snuffed out for the sport and wanted to walk away. Whether this means retirement, a sabbatical, or something different remains to be seen. Miss F only remarked that Korrupt had no interest in seeking vengeance at this time and wanted to be left in peace. We wish him the best.

In happier news, FIGHT! NYC acquired two new exciting talents this week who will be making appearances ahead of the season finale – ASCENSION in October. Firstly, a masked luchador from Laredo, TX named TIGRE ULTRA has signed and looks to make an impression on his debut at Venom #9 this coming Saturday.

In addition, his opponent on that show is another new signing for the organization, someone looking to kickstart her career after a false start, someone who is looking to make waves and prove herself to be undeniable, and her name is ASHLYNN CASSIDY. We wish them both well on their debuts and hope that their time in FIGHT! NYC is as spectacular as they dreamt.