By: Serotonin

Date: 1st Jan 2022

In an action-packed three days, Countdown 1 finishes with Dane Preston and Dickie Watson trapped in a steel cage after several explosions rocked the FIGHT! Tower.

In an incredible turn of events, the final throes of the match happened as explosions rocked the tower and the capacity crowd were rushed to evacuate in fear that the building could catch fire or worse.

Dickie Watson finished the match as champion and as Xavier Black and the rest of the executive staff at FIGHT! fought to free Dane Preston from the cage, it further collapsed.

Dane Preston is in the hospital at the current time, with things touch and go as he remains in a coma.

In other matches, Betsy Granger managed to capture the Manhattan Championship from Miss Michelle, Apathy became the Bareknuckle Champion, and Atara Themis finally vanquished Anne Boleyn to become the Undisputed Queen of Brooklyn. Paul Montuori and Brandon Moore defeated James Raven and Aiden Reynolds of New Status Quo to obtain the Islands Championships. Dave the Dinosaur defended his championship against Eoin O’Rourke.

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We are expecting further news from the FIGHT! NYC hierarchy about the future of the organization, given that their home is non-functional at the present time and at the time of writing, Fire Department workers are erecting scaffolding on all floors.