Date: 11th Jan 2022


As more uncertainty swirls surrounding the dramatic ending to COUNTDOWN, Xavier Black and Miss F have taken the perhaps controversial step in announcing that their next show will be taking place at the end of January.

FIGHT! Tower in Manhattan, New York had all of its windows blown out and the building was catastrophically damaged when a series of unplanned explosions detonated as the main event started to come to a conclusion. The brass have kept very quiet about what happened, why it happened, and what the future ramifications are. Instead, they have chosen to announce that they will be returning at the end of January with their famous BLOOD MONEY event, a free-for-all fight where all members of the roster (and special guests) are invited to fight until they are knocked out or pinned.

Given the state of FIGHT! Tower, this will be only the second time the organization hosts an event outside of FIGHT! Tower, with the previous time being at Venom 11, which was hosted on the Tara Fenix Charity Cruise ship.

The venue for Blood Money 2 will be Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The logistics of which are as yet a surprise, in keeping with the theme of Xavier Black keeping his cards very close to his chest on the finer details of how his events will work.

The hierarchy have been coy in their letter to Fighters where they state that the reward is as yet un-announced, but that the future of their career depends on their performance. This could mean anything. At BLOOD MONEY 1, in July 2021, Xavier Black crowned Dickie Watson as the inaugural Empire Champion in a surprise move. It could be that the reward for Blood Money 2 is the same, but with his track history of pulling the rug out from under the feet of his roster at every turn, who knows.