Venom #17 airs live

By: Serotonin

Date: 9th Mar 2022

Dickie Watson is finally cleared to compete, although at what cost?

Anne Boleyn looks to get her revenge on the fabled Goatraven, but does she have what it takes to get the job done?

Appearances from Manhattan Champion Paul Montuori and Wrestling Legends Centurion and “Chronic” Chris Page

Two Championship matches as the Bareknuckle and Brooklyn Championships are defended

Shawn Warstein faces his first test, whilst Dickie Watson competes against rising star Ashlynn Cassidy

Watch the full replay right here on – VENOM #18



Blood Money is awarded to competitors who take part in an episode of VENOM.

1,000 points are awarded for a win, 500 points are awarded for a loss.

Writing Prompt bonuses are awarded to those who scored 2 or more out of 5 in that category, and are denoted by a + 500 for participation and +1000 for being judged to have won.

No-shows where the writer did not previously inform staff are given a negative -500 amount, whereas no-shows who excused themselves will simply earn nothing.

Character development roleplays from roster members who are not booked and seek to address the writing prompt will be awarded a bonus 500 Blood Money.

*OOC Note: this is awarded on merit rather than match outcome as some matches may have an angled outcome.*

The following amounts have been awarded:

Dickie Watson – 1000 + 500

Ashlynn Cassidy – 500 + 500

Shawn Warstein – 500 + 250

Miss Michelle – 0

Brandon Moore – 1000

Joe Montuori – 500 + 500

Apathy – 1000 + 500

Druscilla White – 500 + 500

Atara Themis – 500

Sebastian Everett Bryce – 1000 + 500

James Raven – 500 + 500

Anne Boleyn – 1000 + 500

Dave the Dinosaur – 1000 + 1000

Allison Riggs-Preston – 500