Bloodloss Championship Details Revealed

By: Serotonin

Date: 13th Apr 2022

As revealed on VENOM #19, The Bloodloss Championship was contained within the Blood Money Briefcase that Ricky Rodriguez won on Venom #18 in a three way match between himself, Jennie Fenix and Todrick Tabor-Ramsey.

Directly following Ricky Rodriguez’ incredible victory to obtain the FIGHT! NYC Bronx Championship, Miss F came to the ring and revealed the stark-looking championship.

As Ricky looked down at it, she explained that the championship works as follows:

  • – The owner can cash this Championship in at any time
  • – When cashing in the Championship, the owner will receive a percentage of their chosen “victim”‘s Blood Money
  • – The percentage increases with every successful defense of the Championship, starting at 5% and doubling each time.
  • – The Championship must be defended each show until cashed in.
  • – If the challenger wins the match, they will inherit the Championship with its current percentage intact (it will not double until their first successful defense).
  • – Once cashed in, the Championship will become vacant, and a ladder match will take place to award a new owner. Entries to this match must be purchased for 5000 Blood Money and can have unlimited entrants.

Furthermore, at this time FIGHT! NYC would like to announce that an additional match will take place at VENOM #20, with Ricky Rodriguez defending the Bloodloss Championship against local Washington DC wrestler DYSTOPIA. DYSTOPIA wrestles for a local promotion Capitol Grappling Association and has been undefeated for the last three years. The behemoth has promised to bring a catastrophic end to the incredible run that Ricky “To The Top” Rodriguez has been enjoying as of late.

Catch VENOM #20 live on this coming Monday, April 18th.