Saturday August 28th @ 9 PM

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RP Deadline: 25th August @ MIDNIGHT CST

Segment Deadline: 26th August @ MIDNIGHT CST

OOC Instructions:

For the TOXIC TAG Tournament: Tag team roleplays are judged based on the scoring criteria, and additionally the cohesiveness of story between the two partners. It is†imperative that you work together with your partner to come up with a team story concept and make sure that this is evident throughout your writing as a partnership.

For the BRONX Championship Ladder Match: The Bronx Division carries a 2000 word limit on roleplays.

Work together, and thrive. Or fail and fall to the wayside. The winners of the tournament will be rewarded with a choice. Either remain a team, and win the chance to fight for The Islands Championships, or adhere to your baser instincts, and fight your partner for the sum of 10,000 Blood Money.

The choice will be yours.

But know this, if your partner and you canít agree, and one of you chooses to stay a team, while the other chooses to fight, the one who wants to stay a team gets nothing, and the other gets the entire 10,000.

So be sure to ask yourself not just if you can trust them, but if they can trust you.


Tag Wars III: Toxic Tag Writing Prompt

For tag teams: Your tag team partner might not be as awful as you first thought. Were you too quick to judge, or how did you start to see beyond the outer layer?

For all other matches: A time it turned out your worst enemy was in fact misunderstood, or a former enemy became a close friend.

And remember: everyone who attempts the prompt will be rewarded. But the person who does it the best will be rewarded further.