Venom #1

Live, on the FIGHT! Network on 17th July 2021 at 8pm CST

Roleplay Deadline: 16th July 2021 at MIDNIGHT CST

Segment Deadline: 17th July 2021 at 5pm CST

Venom #1 Writing Prompt

You receive a package from FIGHT to thank you for your hard work. Inside is something youíve always wanted. Also, it reminds you of something else youíre grateful for.

And remember: everyone who attempts the prompt will be rewarded. But the person who does it the best will be rewarded further.

Amari Kent vs MAV

FIGHT! Brooklyn Championship

PMont vs Vincent Black

Sahara vs Todrick Tabor

Miss Michelle vs Ophelia Pain

Ricky Rodriguez vs Pixie Sloane

Tommy Kain vs Murphy Doyle Maher

ARP vs Ryan Elias

Bronx Division - 2000 Word Limit