Venom #14

Live, on the FIGHT! Network on 22nd November 2021 at 8pm CST

Roleplay Deadline: 21st November 2021 at MIDNIGHT CST

Segment Deadline: 22nd November 2021 at 5pm CST

Venom #14 Writing Prompt

Pick a childrens story that had a profound impact on your character and show how.

And remember: everyone who attempts the prompt will be rewarded. But the person who does it the best will be rewarded further.

Dane Preston vs James Raven

Brandon Moore vs "Chronic" Chris Page

Betsy Granger vs Sahara

Venom #10 Rematch

Paul Montuori vs Anicka Swan

Austin Ramsey vs Henry James Jr

Bareknuckle Match

Apathy vs Atara Themis

Tara Fenix vs Miss Michelle

Ashlynn Cassidy vs Ricky Rodriguez vs Mario Porter

Anne Boleyn vs Alice Knight