Venom #17

Live, on the FIGHT! Network on 7th March 2022 at 8pm CST

Roleplay Deadline: 4th March 2022 at MIDNIGHT CST

Segment Deadline: 6th March 2022 at 5pm CST

Venom #17 Writing Prompt

Nobody likes to feel helpless. Explore how your character deals with situations where they feel like they can't improve their outcome. How do they break through and make positive change? Or why don't they?

And remember: everyone who attempts the prompt will be rewarded. But the person who does it the best will be rewarded further.

Dickie Watson vs Ashlynn Cassidy

Shawn Warstein vs Miss Michelle

Standard Wrestling Match - No Interference

Brandon Moore (c) vs Joe Montuori

FIGHT! NYC Bareknuckle Championship

Apathy (c) vs Druscilla White

FIGHT! NYC Brooklyn Championship

Atara Themis vs Sebastian Everett Bryce

James Raven vs Anne Boleyn

Grudge Match

Dave the Dinosaur vs Allison Riggs-Preston

2,000 Word Limit