Venom #2

Live, on the FIGHT! Network on 24th July 2021 at 8pm CST

Roleplay Deadline: 23rd July 2021 at MIDNIGHT CST

Segment Deadline: 24th July 2021 at 5pm CST

Venom #2 Writing Prompt

Describing a negative moment in your character’s life that while seems minor, is partly a reason why they’re like that.

And remember: everyone who attempts the prompt will be rewarded. But the person who does it the best will be rewarded further.

Clauson vs Warstein

VENOM Main Event

Watson vs Preston

Non-Title Match

Joe Montuori vs MDM

Dollface vs Jason Ryan

Swan vs O'Rourke

Bare Knuckle Match

Enforcer vs Korrupt

Dark Tiger vs Noelle Rivers

Austin Ramsey vs LMA