Venom #5

Live, on the FIGHT! Network on 14th August 2021 at 8pm CST

Roleplay Deadline: 13th August 2021 at MIDNIGHT CST

Segment Deadline: 14th August 2021 at 5pm CST

Venom #5 Writing Prompt

Bargaining is not something fighters are inclined to do, but tell us how your character handles having done it or having to do it.

And remember: everyone who attempts the prompt will be rewarded. But the person who does it the best will be rewarded further.

Dickie & Amari vs PMont & Ricky

Main Event

Fatal Attraction vs Dane Preston & Sahara

FIGHT! Islands Championship

Natural Born Killers vs Clauson & Druscilla

Dollface vs Anicka Swan

FIGHT! NYC Bareknuckle Championship

VooDoo vs Pixie Sloane

Brandon Moore vs Valkyrie

Kasey Winterborn vs Poptart w/ Michelle

Elias vs Korrupt

Bronx Division - 2000 Word Limit

Jason Ryan vs Father Thyme

Bronx Division - 2000 Word Limit