RP Judging Criteria

We judge our RPs based on an empirical set of values that, as a staff, we have agreed upon. Each category is graded from 1 (poor) to 5 (flawless) and then multiplied by an importance factor to give a score out of 100.


Match Relevance

Why does this match mean a lot to your character, what do they think about the match, how do they intend to go about obtaining victory? This can be expressed creatively, not necessarily through shoot/promo work.

Importance Factor - 8



Is your roleplay easy to follow? Does it flow well from one part to the other? Try to keep the writer entertained and interested. Is it of an appropriate length to deal with the match at hand? Points are withheld if there was clearly more to be told, or if it was dragged on for too long.

TAG TEAM MATCHES: Does your roleplay flow as a cohesive story with your partner's (or partners')? Is the story entertaining, and of sufficient length to deal with the match at hand? Teamwork is KEY to tag team matches in FIGHT! NYC, so make sure you come up with a roleplay concept as a team and have both roleplays adhere to the concept!

Importance Factor - 6


Selling story

How does your story continue from the last time we saw your character? Do the roleplays link up seamlessly with segments and matches, and any online presence? Can we easily follow what is going on in the story you're telling? How much have you considered the overall story of FIGHT and how it should pertain to your character?

Importance Factor - 3


Character Development

How much does your story evolve and move on "to the next chapter" in this roleplay? What did we learn?

Importance Factor - 2


Vocabulary & Grammar

Good use of words, spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Importance Factor - 1