Blood Money

The idea of Blood Money is to keep track of performance over time and have a way for everybody to know who is next in line for various things. Throughout the year there will be additional opportunities to increase the amount of Blood Money your character has, but typically it will be incremented by victories in the weekly show.

Blood Money is awarded to fighters in the following ways:

  • Competing in the Blood Money match
  • Winning matches
  • Participating in weekly writing prompts
  • Seasonal events with Blood Money prizes

As a storytelling organisation where we drive everything towards storyline payoffs, there is a concept of important and unimportant matches, being that we will, from time to time have predetermined match winners in order to further a story. In fact, it is fairly common that we may use Venom matches to further peoples' stories, with outcomes of matches driving toward the PPV. Title fights, PPV fights and end of season matches will NOT be treated in this way, unless agreed with all parties beforehand. Blood Money, however, will always be awarded to the participant who had the stronger roleplay showing in that week, rather than the person who was awarded the win in-character.


Title shots

Title shots are bid for using Blood Money, in two ways. Typically, on the show after a title match, bidding will open for that championship, whereby the roster can choose to bid for a title shot. In most circumstances, they will be bidding to challenge for the title at the next PPV event, whether that be the mid-season PPV or the end-of-season PPV.

Bidding will go to the highest bidder, who will then lose that amount of Blood Money for the opportunity. When bidding is open, bidders can be gifted Blood Money from other roster members.

When bidding commences, the minimum bid is the amount listed below. Highest bidder at the point that the bidding ends is granted the title shot.

  • Empire Championship - 12000
  • Manhattan Championship - 10000
  • Bareknuckle Championship - 9000
  • Brooklyn Championship - 8000
  • Bronx Championship - 6000
  • The Islands Championship - 5000 per participant


Writing Prompts

Each show there will be a writing prompt attached to the card. This is an optional component to give you something to work from. We all know that roleplays can sometimes become formulaic and this is a way to give you something additional to think about. In addition to being a tool to help get creative juices flowing, you will be rewarded with 500 Blood Money for making a notable effort to participate, and the one who wins the challenge will be rewarded with 1000 Blood Money.


Character Development Roleplays

Character Development roleplays are permitted and encouraged. If you write a character development RP on a week where your character is not booked, and it addresses the weekly writing prompt, you will be awarded with 500 Blood Money and it'll be in contention to win the weekly writing prompt challenge for 1000 Blood Money. However, to be valid it must be posted correctly. To correctly post a character development roleplay, you must choose the show that is coming up and you must check the box that says "Character Development" in the RP submission form.