As the feed cut at the end of a dramatic opening night, the counter counted down from three to two, and with it, signified that we are entering the next phase of this epic show. The media had eaten it up, but there was a level of unrest in the world. A feeling among the FIGHT! fans that something was not quite right. Moore and Montuori had uprooted the New Status Quo, at least momentarily, and there were questions over the veracity of that result. Did Paul Montuori transform into this dark and ethereal iMaGiNe being, and destroy Aiden Reynolds just when it looked like NSQ had the match in the bag?

Whisperings around the Tower had said there was something up with Xavier Black, who had been on high alert since around 8pm, an hour before curtain. He’d been on his earpiece constantly pacing from one end of the arena to the other and it had the rest of the roster and the supporting staff on eggshells. If he was losing his cool, something really bad was about to happen.

There was something palpable in the air, and it felt like doom.

As Xavier rapid-fired questions at his newly appointed security detail, and barely waited long enough for an answer to come before a new volley was launched, Miss F instructed the team to prepare as usual.

Miss F: The show goes on.

The Brooklyn Trials

Problem Solved

Atara Themis and Anne Boleyn both stood in front of Serotonin. This time, the air of malaise was long gone, in fact they were both game for the fight.

“Problem solving”, Serotonin had teased them with.

You see, to be a leader, whether it is a champion or a queen, requires certain leadership traits. Yesterday, Atara Themis proved that she had the knowledge of her people, successfully winning the round on the back of her fast food knowledge. And today they’d have to prove whether they had the chops to lead their people through brackish water. It isn’t all plain sailing, to be a leader.

Serotonin had a shit-eating grin if ever one existed. She smirked from one side of her face to the other, and then laid out the instructions to the competitors. 

Atara Themis: Spaghetti? And marshmallows?

Anne Boleyn: I really don’t understand.

Serotonin rolled her eyes as she tried to pick up a piece of spaghetti.

Serotonin: Lookit, you got like idk twenty pieces of spaghetto and you stick ‘em together with the marshmallow and make a tower, but the tower gotta be tall like this one, and gotta be strong too.

Atara stands up, and turns to leave. She grabs hold of her belt, and the crown of Anne Boleyn, evidently having had enough of this nonsense. A look of “its my belt, you’re just here because of a mistake”.

Anne grabs hold of Atara’s wrist, which is clasped around her crown.

Anne Boleyn: Unhand the crown jewels.

Atara does not. From her hair, Anne Boleyn withdrew a set of brass knuckles and smirked. Atara let go of the crown, and walked out of the room angrily.

Serotonin: Tomorrow come ready to fight.

Anne Boleyn: I’m ready to fight immediately.

Anne looks at Serotonin curiously, who smiles and nods, as we fade away.



Embrace Chaos

Tara Fenix stands in front of Miss F, in Miss F’s office, on a high floor of the FIGHT Tower. Before her, on the oak desk between the two woman, is the FIGHT! NYC Queens Championship. It is strewn haphazardly on the desk, and papers seem to be messed up, a computer monitor is on its’ side. The look on Miss F’s face is not one of calm, nor is it one of composure.

On top of all of the reports she had been dealing with, there had been the matter of the gas that Xavier was urgently trying to solve on the downlow, and the fallout from yesterday’s main event with folks claiming that it wasn’t really Paul Montuori who got the victory. The biggest show of the year was going off the rails, and now this angry blue haired legend has thrown a championship into her desk, and fucked up all the papers she had been organising.

It had to be PPV week in FIGHT, because it just sent the people fucking bananas.

Tara Fenix: I wasn’t even fighting, tonight. Or any other night. Surely, this can’t stand?

Miss F looks down for a moment, mulling it over.

Miss F: As a matter of fact, I think that it is perfect. Whilst FIGHT is on the air, if you get pinned by the Queens Champion, you become it. Why not. Embrace.. the..chaos, Ms Fenix.

Tara Fenix: Are you fucking serious right n–

Miss F: Off you go, take your championship. Embrace it. Go.

Miss F lifted the silver championship out of the mess on her desk and handed it to Tara, who furiously stomped out of the room. As she slammed the door closed, Ricky Rodriguez was approaching the same office.

Ricky Rodriguez: Oh, hey. I heard about Jennie losing again, did she send you to get the belt cleaned by Miss F?

Tara Fenix: Huh? What? No. Is that a thing? You get the belt polished by the Head Liaison?

Ricky Rodriguez: I mean, I don’t know. I assume so, the liaisons will do anything for you, kinda like a personal assistant but only in the Tower. But I haven’t quite been close enough to a belt to get one yet. Closer every time…

Tara smirks. Interesting thought about the liaisons, but even more interesting about the belt.

Then the smirk drops, she nails Ricky in the skull and covers him. The crowd in the arena chant One, Two, Three. She drops the belt on his chest.


Tara Fenix: Well, all your dreams can now come true. Happy New Year.

Tara Fenix looks down remorselessly, then walks off.

Dave The Dinosaur (c) vs Eoin O'Rourke

FIGHT! NYC Bronx Championship

The tension in the ring was palatable from the moment that Eoin O’Rourke and Dave the Dinosaur stepped foot into it. Both man and dinosaur had undergone a sort of metamorphosis in the lead up to Countdown with Eoin having everything to prove to himself and his love and Dave having the power of an entire nation behind him. This match had been high stakes to begin with but with the added pressure on each of the men it had brought out a certain ruthlessness that no one quite expected out of these competitors. 

Eoin was presently on the ropes after Dave had launched an impressive (for Dave) offense in the early minutes of the match. Eoin was working on getting his arms up to ward off the closed right and lefts that Dave was pelting his challenger with but was only just able to defend himself, not having the room to launch any sort of powerful counterstrike. In a moment of pure frustration Eoin drops his arms and goes for Dave’s eyes in the mask looking to gouge out the vicious raptors vision and give himself an edge in the match. Dave howls in pain, yanking back to retreat to the far side of the ring as Eoin takes a moment to catch his breath before charging forward and catching Dave with a forearm to the back of the head, driving the other man to the mat. Eoin looks like he’s lining up to punt kick Dave’s head off his body but Dave is able to catch his foot, sending Eoin falling backward onto the mat. Both men quickly gain their footing, Dave swings his right hand but Eoin is able to duck, slip behind him – Dave has the reflexes of a squirrel shotgunning cocaine and coffee and is able to nail a kick to Eoin’s kneecap from behind, sending him down to his knees. Dave spins in a truly impressive move landing a kick directly to Eoin’s head that sends him face down to the mat and leaves Dave roaring triumphantly. Eoin uses the ropes to pull himself up and catches the Dinoman in the gut with a knee as he approaches sending Dave staggering backwards.  

Eoin hits the ropes, spring boarding off with a missile dropkick that sends Eoin off his feet and hard on his back to the mat. Trying his best to capitalize, Eoin hits the ropes again looking to land a knee drop but Dave rolls out of the way and Eoin catches all of the mat and none of the lizard. Eoin is back to his feet, as is Dave and the two men circle each other wearily, hands twisted into claws at their sides. Dave rushes in first and catches a boot for his troubles which sends him back down to the mat where he had started from. Eoin reaches down hefting the smaller man over his head throwing him over the top rope and out to the ringside area, triumphantly holding his arms up in the ring for what appears to be the crowd but what we know is likely for one person only.  

Eoin steps through the ropes onto the apron around the ring and takes a running leap off in Dave’s direction but catches nothing but floor as Dave scrambles on hands and knees out of the way of the splash Eoin was attempting. Dave uses the apron to gain his footing as Eoin grabs hold of the railings around the crowd, hoisting himself to his feet and looking worse than the wear. As Eoin turns Dave rushes in, headbutting him with that crimson color dinosaur mask sending pieces of the plastic flying and leaving Eoin cut open on the sharp edges. Dave looks a bit stunned to be now half unmasked but wastes no time grabbing Eoin by the shoulder and sliding him under the bottom rope and into the ring.  

It would take a little more than blood to keep Eoin down and albeit slowly rises to his feet to watch Dave scramble into the ring. With half of the mask gone we can see that one of Dave’s eyes is squinched close, clearly having been injured with Eoin’s gouging earlier in the match. Eoin rushes and leaps in the air but Dave has already sidestepped and uses his own momentum to send Eoin face first into the top turnbuckle before taking Eoin by the head, hoisting him up and bringing him down in a suplex. Dave scrambles to make the cover but Eoin is running on pure instinct and starts to wildly roll away from where he knew Dave last was. 

Dave is able to grab an arm in the frenzy and somehow manages to lock in an armbar which Eoin struggles against. Let it never be said that Eoin is a quitter because even through the blood and the pain he saw it through, refusing to tap. Frustrated and in a fit of rage Dave leaves down, clamping his mouth over Eoin’s arm digging his teeth in. Eoin screams in agony as blood begins to pool out of Dave’s mouth right up until the very moment that Eoin frantically begins to tap and Dave spits a chunk of flesh out into the ring.


Loserville, Population Ricky

Ricky Rodriguez might as well have had the weight of the world on his shoulders and not just the weight of the Queens Championship. It wasn’t the belt itself, though that was a part of it. It was who had bestowed it upon him – Tara Fenix, that upset him even more. It wasn’t about him anymore, not really, it was about Jennie and he would not fail her. 

Sahara: I thought lions were supposed to be the kings of the jungle?

The vivacious blonde leaned against the door jam, New Status Quo shirt clinging tightly to her upper body like she was making a joke that only she got. Ricky Rodriguez stopped in his tracks, cracking his neck as he gripped the Queens title in his left hand.  Break ups always sting but the string quite a bit more when the woman looked as Sahara looked.

Ricky Rodriguez: I’m not your lion. Not any more. 

Sahara smiled wryly at Rodriguez but not like she thought it was funny, more like she was laughing at the thoughts running through her head as she stared at a man she might have really cared for or on second thought might not have. It’s hard to tell with Sahara. Ricky turned to walk away from the steely blonde. He wanted nothing to do with whatever mood she was in tonight, his head couldn’t take it. 

Sahara: Well, at least you finally got gold. Maybe you and Jennie can share this one. 

Ah, there it was. Sahara might not have been the kind of woman who wore her emotions on her sleeve but the inflection in which she said Jennie Fenix name told him everything he needed to know. She would never admit it, but something about Ricky and Jenny bothered Sahara. And why wouldn’t it? For weeks she had been the butt end of a joke she didn’t find funny, both coworkers and strangers betting against her former relationship with the young Rodriguez and in favor of Jennie Fenix. Maybe it wasn’t outright jealousy but Sahara was not a woman who lost graciously, even if she had been the one to end it. Ricky stopped at that, turning to look over one shoulder at Sahara. He knew what the unspoken implication was. 

Ricky Rodriguez: Why? ‘Cause you think it’s all we’re worth? You never believed in me. Never. 

Sahara chuckled to herself. 

Sahara: Oh, pussycat. Enjoy your losers’ winnings. Both of them. 

Sahara turned, retreating back down the hall in the opposite direction of Rodriguez who was by all accounts, fuming.

Druscilla White (c) vs Apathy

FIGHt! NYC Bareknuckle Championship

The two elevators that lead down to the pit open, and the two competitors, Apathy and Druscilla, the Bareknuckle champion, step out and walk toward the middle of the room. In the center of it, a large black box surrounded by plywood walls and caution tape covered cones. Miss F comes on the TV just above the box, which is the remainded Heatmeiser/Snowmeiser room from Raven and Sahara’s match. She smiles, and addresses the two fighters.

Miss F: My darlings. Do be careful of the gigantic box located in the center of the room. As you’re aware it’s left over from our last show. What you may not know is that we’re having issues with getting it disconnected. So for now, just give it the kind of berth you’d give to the former owner of a certain fed, that shall remain nameless. and dateless. Good luck, ladies.

Apathy and Druscilla waste no time, and begin to throw punches at each other. Each one taking hits as well as making them, disregarding the pain in order to deliver more to the woman in front of them. Apathy gets the upper hand after a rapid exchange by ducking a punch and quickly headbutting Dru and blinding her with the impact, and closing the distance on her by sliding forward and attacking her in the close quarter style. Punching and elbowing her as fast as she can, hoping to keep the Bareknuckle champ off her kilter. But it ends quicker than apathy wants, but lasts longer than Dru had wanted.

Dru catches Apathy’s arm with her hands, and sinks her teeth into her forearm, locking her jaw like a fucking pit bull and shaking her head to drive her teeth into the flesh further. Apathy finally shakes her off, and rushes her, throwing her arms around her and forcing her into the plywood walls surrounding the stupid fucking room thing, and sending her through it. The two begin to fight for control and begin to elbow smash each other into the container because god forbid anyone should fucking listen. As they do, Apathy gets her balance, shifts her weight, and pushes Dru off her, sending her flying into the plywood causing it to fall with her on top of it. But Dru does not stay down for long.

Dru rolls to her feet, and runs at Apathy, connecting with a stiff right hand to Apathy, and forcing her into a tank on the side of the container that is fogged over with coldness, and pulls at ther skin at contact. Apathy rips her arm away, punches Dru hard enough to knock her back a few feet, and then in a brute show of strength, rips the tank from the wall, and tosses it at Dru,

Dru rolls away and the tank his the ground, a spark entering the air, and the dirt around the pit fluttering directly after. Dru dusts herself off, and beckons Apathy to come at her. Apathy, still pissed about her arm touching that cold ass tank, moves at her and begins to try and corner her, but Dru circles out and keeps her options open.

Apathy begins to box her in by throwing hands to the right and left of her, causing her to avoid one, only to get hit by the other. To a normal person, this would be enough to rock them. But this is Druscilla, The fucking Bareknuckle champion, She doesn’t get staggered. She fucking gets angry.

Dru begins to launch jab after jab at Apathy’s face, backing her up to the container, and laying into her when she has nowhere to go. Apathy, now bleeding from her eyebrow, grabbed a tube from the side of the stupid container and ripped it down, pointing it at Dru, and forcing her to back away.

Dru begins to cough, and as Apathy rushes forward, Dru stifles the cough and lingers, throwing her best right hand. But Apathy ducks it, and side steps, throwing a devastating straight to Dru’s jaw, sending her crumpled to the ground, off her feet and out of consciousness.


Too Late, Twenty Eight

By now word of Rodriguez being crowned a Queen had spread throughout the roster, and to make matters worse the interaction with Sahara had not been as private as Ricky would have liked. It would appear by the snickers as he made his way through the halls that someone else had witnessed the exchange and started the telephone game with Rodriguez’s personal life. Whether Austin Ramsey was the man who had witnessed the exchange or not didn’t matter, what did matter was he was the first person that approached Rodriguez not understanding the kind of mood the other man was in at that moment. Though in Rodriguez’s defense, it’s kind of hard to know which Austin you’re getting moment to moment. 

Austin Ramsey: Might as well change your name to Bam Miller if you’re going to keep being such a bitch.

Austin laughed, in his mind he was clearly taking the piss out of what most of the Austin’s considered a friend. It’s hard to say what it was that did it but in that moment Ricky Rodriguez who by all accounts is usually a very nice guy, snapped. He lunged forward at Ramsey, swinging the queens championship wildly to smack him in the face with the metal faceplate. Austin Ramsey, who never expected Rodriguez to seriously take a swing at him went down cold like a sack of potatoes as Rodriguez moved to pin him in the most dispassionate pin the world had ever seen making twenty eight out of twenty eight Austin’s the new Queen’s champion. 


"Chronic" Chris Page vs Centurion

War of Independence Match

MISS F: Fight Fans the following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish and is your MAIN EVENT of the EVENING! 

The crowd inside Fight Tower comes alive as strobe lights start to flicker as a Steel Cage starts to lower from the rafters. 

MISS F: This is a WAR OF INDEPENDENCE MATCH; there will be a steel cage surrounding the ring…

We get a wide shot revealing around the ringside area two glass tables along one side of the apron, on another side of the apron we see beds of barbwire, on a third side of the ring we sell various light tube displays, and on the final side of the apron hundreds of thousands of thumbtacks. 

The steel Cage touches down on the ring apron. 

MISS F: Surrounding the ring are various extreme weapons of choice…

The house lights dim out to darkness. 

Strobe lights start to flighter from the rafters of the Tower as a Hell in a Cell begins to lower! 

MISS F: Surrounding the ringside area is a Hell in a Cell! You must first escape the Cage, then you must escape Hell in a Cell before finally climbing to the top of the Cell in which the ONLY way this match will end is via pinfall or submission!

Hell in a Cell lowers around the ringside area as the crowd is red hot! 

The lights go pitch dark bringing a massive reception from the live fans. 


Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30 – Strauss hits the speakers.

Upon the drums starting to beat a single spotlight hits the top of the ramp revealing Chris Page standing with his arms extended out, palms up towards. He’s sporting one of his classic throwbacks 2008 green robes with Diamond sequenced. 

The horns kick back in as Chris starts to do a slow full turn displaying a large pot leaf in diamonds across the back of the full-length robe. The word “CHRONIC” is sequenced above the leaf with “CHRIS PAGE” underneath.

Chris fully completes his turn about facing the audience as the track reaches a climax. 

The lights suddenly cut out a second time.



As the countdown reaches zero there’s a large pyro display lighting up the Tower as CHRIS PAGE in modern garb stands before us at the top of the ramp. 

MISS F: Introducing first, hailing from Tampa, Florida by way of Detroit, Michigan, he is “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE! 

Chris is all business as he walks towards the massive structure that awaits him. His eyes shift up towards a Suite where SEBASTIAN EVERETT-BRYCE, ELIJAH MARTIN and THADDEUS DUKE with ADI GOLD are present, coincidentally all rocking out to “Judas” giving us their best “Judasing” impressions. 

Chris redirects attention towards the entrance to Hell in a Cell. He removes his ring jacket, followed by his fedora hat before stepping through the door where he sifts through light tubes to the entrance of the Steel Cage. 

Page enters the Cage where he then steps into the ring. The music starts to fade away at the chorus leaving the crowd in the Tower to sing along as loud as possible. 


“I become, I become I becoming!” 


“I become, I become, I becoming!!”



There are solid receptions from the crowd as Chris Page motions for Centurion to bring his ass on out here. 

MISS F:  And his opponent…



MISS F: Making his debut inside Fight Tower, he is from Atlantic City, New Jersey… HE IS CENTURION!

Centurion burst through the curtains like a damn mad man to a louder ovation from Fight Tower as he locks eyes on Chris Page from the top of the entrance ramp. He turns his attention out towards the fans of the Tower soaking in their respect before slamming his right hand across his chest before starting to make that walk towards the ring. 

Centurion tags a few hands along the way as he reaches ringside. He locks eyes on Page as he steps inside Hell in a Cell, he navigates his way through the light tubes where he starts to scale up the steel cage! Fight Tower is rocking as Centurion reaches the top of the Cage and slings one leg over before pointing down at Page followed by flipping him off! 

Centurion starts to scale down the Cage where he reaches the top rope and hops down into the ring. The music fades away as no referee is present. It’s Chris Page. It’s Centurion. It’s NOW! 

The opening bell sounds as Page and Centurion haven’t taken their eyes off each other.

DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: This is what has brought them to the Fight Tower tonight. Two Legends are about to collide in what is going to no doubt be one vicious, bloody affair.

Page and Centurion finally walk out from their corners as they’ve yet to break eye contact. The crowd inside the Tower gets louder and louder as we get a split-screen showing various FIGHT talent including Todrick and Austin Ramsey, Joe Montouri, Sahara to name a few. 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: Eyes of members of the locker room are locked on this one. 

Page and Centurion go face to face as the anticipation continues to grow within Fight Tower. The split-screen shifts to the private suite housing Thaddeus Duke, Elijah Martin, and Sebastian Everett-Bryce who all look on as Chris Page winks at Centurion before blowing him a kiss. 

Centurion immediately starts throwing blows to Page as we go full screen! The crowd roars as he is all over CCP in the opening moments throwing body shots and face shots as he drives Page back into the ropes. Centurion shoots him across the ring, Page bounces off the near side ducking under a lariat attempt. Centurion spins around where Page takes him down with a double leg takedown before transitioning into a mount position as he starts reigning down with right hands! Page lands six or seven strikes before popping back up to his feet where he snatches up Centurion who is more than ready as he yanks Page forward into a front waist lock before snapping over an overhead release belly to belly suplex! 

Centurion pops back up to his feet where he stomps away at the face and chest of Chris Page! The Tower is on fire for Centurion as he picks Page up off the mat where he laces him across the chest with a series of knife-edge chops echoing throughout the Tower! Centurion takes Page by the head and hair as he charges across the ring flinging Page face-first off the Cage! He runs Page back across the ring ramming him face-first off the Cage a second time! Centurion takes Page running back across the ring a third time smashing Page face-first off the Cage which sends Chris crumbling down to the mat! 

DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: Centurion is starting out like a house of fire! He’s not giving Page any room to breathe! 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: This is the final encounter, the final match as this trilogy between Chris Page and Centurion are knotted 1-1. Neither man can afford not to leave it all in the ring. 

Fight Tower roars for Centurion as he takes a moment to soak in the adulation before we see Centurion walk over to pick Page up off the mat. He shoots him into a neutral corner where he charges in after him and eats a reverse elbow for his troubles. Page comes out of the corner where he latches onto a front waist lock before delivering a release overhead belly-to-belly suplex into the turnbuckle pads! Chris starts getting back to his feet as the cheers shift more towards boos. Chris doesn’t hesitate as he immediately picks Centurion up where he takes him face-first into the Cage where he starts raking Centurion’s face across the mesh of the steel! 

DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: One thing I can say after sitting down with Chris Page last week is while he exudes confidence he backs it up more often than not. 

Page continues to rake Centurion’s face across the mesh of the steel which has opened him up across the forehead. Chris spins Centurion around where he laces him with an open-handed chop across the chest before snapping Centurion over with a snap mare takeover, with Centurion in a seated position on the mat Page comes from behind slipping over Centurion while snapping his neck forward with a variation of a neck breaker. Page pops back up to his feet where he taunts Centurion who starts to get to a seated position on the mat. Page comes forward with a straight kick to the bloody forehead of Centurion knocking him back to the mat. 

Page points to the Cage where he gets a mixed reception as he walks over and starts to climb up the ropes using the side of the Cage. He climbs up to the top rope where he starts to climb just as we see Centurion start to negotiate his way back to a vertical base. He finds Page scaling the side of the Cage when he springs into quick action! Centurion climbs up after Page catching his left ankle as CCP tosses his right one over the Cage! Centurion holds Page in place as he climbs up to the top of the Cage throwing a leg over as well! 

Centurion blocks a Page right hand and counters with one of his own, he lands a second right hand followed by an open-handed chop. Page fires back with a right hand, Centurion reaches up taking Page by the head where he drives him headfirst off the top of the cage! 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: Damon, they’re in no man’s land up there. 

DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: You’re one-hundred percent correct, a fall from that height could be career-ending!

Centurion smashes Page’s face off the top of the Cage a second time before he starts to stand up. He picks Page up to the top of the cage by his hair and head. Centurion locks a front face lock where he delivers the damnedest superplex off the top of the Cage which sends both men free falling backward some sixteen feet crashing down to the mat to the loudest ovation of the night which translates into a massive “HOLY SH*T! HOLY SH*T! HOLY SH*T!” chant directed towards the ring as both men lay motionless on the mat! 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: That has to be the damndest superplex I’ve ever seen! 

DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: How the hell they’re going to move forward from this I’ll never know!

Centurion and Page are still motionless for what seems like minutes before Centurion is the first man to start to stir to a huge reception from Fight Tower. Once he starts working his way to his feet Page rolls over to his chest and pushes himself up off the mat to one knee. Centurion reaches his feet where he bounces off the ropes and looks to deliver a V-Trigger to Page who throws his head out of the way at the very last second avoiding the contact. 

Page steps up to his feet and as Centurion spins around he’s met with a boot to the midsection which is followed up with a Hangman’s DDT! Page slowly starts working his way back to his feet where he clutches at his lower back and ribs still feeling the effects of that massive Superplex. Page’s eyes are drawn outside of the steel cage to one of the light tube displays as the blood trickles down the right side of his face. He starts to make his way towards the door of the Cage before opening it where he steps out to the ring apron and out of the Cage down to the arena floor. He snatches one single light tube before stepping back into the Cage. He closes the door behind him where he steps back through the ropes. 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: This is about to take a horrible turn.

DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: An ultraviolet turn. 

Centurion is pushing himself up to one knee and as he raises up his head Page shatters the light tube over Centurion’s forehead! Centurion crumbles back down to the mat! Page holds a jagged piece of the light tube as he mounts Centurion and starts gouging him in the forehead repeatedly until he opens Centurion and his blood begins to pour from his head! Page tosses the piece of the tube before hammering down into the open wound! He wipes Centurion’s blood from his right hand across his chest as he stands back to a vertical base! 

Page turns his back to Centurion where he starts to walk towards the Cage door. He reaches the ropes where he steps out of the ring. He opens the Cage door where he starts to exit out to the floor. Page turns his attention back towards Centurion who gets to his knees and flips off Page. Chris simply shakes his head and re-enters the Cage slamming the door behind him. 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: Remember Fight Fans this doesn’t end until they reach the top of the Cell. It’s only then pinfalls or submissions even matter. 

Page steps through the ropes where he starts walking over to the bloody Centurion giving him both middle fingers only he’s close enough for Centurion it low blow Page to a thunderous ovation within Fight Tower! Page teeters backward before falling down to the mat. Centurion steps up to his feet where he shifts his attention towards the Cage; more importantly, some glass tables that are stacked in sets of two on the floor between the apron and the Hell in a Cell. 

Centurion starts to scale the side of the Cage! 

Page is using the ropes to pull himself back up to his feet where he starts climbing up the Cage after Centurion! Centurion climbs up to the top of the Cage where he throws over one leg followed by the other, and as he starts climbing down Page reaches the top of the Cage, reaching over the top and grabbing Centurion by the hair. 

Page throws a leg over the top of the Cage, then his second where he smashes Centurion’s head on the Cage! Centurion blocks with his hands, he side elbows Page in the temple breaking Chris’s grip on Centurion and in turn it’s Centurion who smashes Page’s face off the Cage! He smashes it a second time and then a third which sends Page free falling through a set of double stacked glass tables! 

The glass shatters into thousands of pieces as he crashes through them landing violently on the ringside floor! 

“HOLY SH*T, HOLY SH*T, HOLY SH*T” echoes throughout the entire Tower as Centurion looks on from the top of the Cage with a smile etches on his crimson masked face. The chant turns into a massive ovation as Centurion starts to climb down the side of the Cage until he’s able top drop down to the area between the apron and the Cell. 

Page rolls over to his stomach displaying various locations on his back that have been cut up as the blood isn’t slow to show itself. Centurion reaches down picking Page up off the floor where he sends him sailing into the steel steps connecting to he ring right shoulder first with such force the steps separate upon impact. 

DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: This is brutally insane! I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything inside Fight Tower quite like this!

Centurion comes around the corner of the ring where displays of light tubes are. He snatches a light tube before coming back around to Page who is on all fours for Centurion to smash the light tube over his back shattering it in pieces. 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: The sheer violence and brutality being shown by both Centurion and Chris Page is off the charts, do you think this is personal? 

DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: Of course it is! 

Centurion reaches down picking Page up off the floor. He takes him around to another side of the ring where a massive bed of barbwire is on the floor. Centurion points to the bed of barbwire which garners a huge response from Fight Tower as he sets up Page in position for a Powerbomb. Suddenly Page lifts up his body as if to deliver a back body drop only he holds the legs of Centurion! Page turns around facing the bed of barbwire before driving Centurion down into the bed of barbwire with an Alabama Slam! 

Page doesn’t stop there. He uses the side of the Cell to boost himself up in the air before dropping straight down with a boot into the sternum driving the shards of barbwire deeper into Centurion’s back! Page boosts himself back up using the side of the Cell where he drives another boot down into the sternum of Centurion! Chris reaches down snatching Centurion up by the hair which yanks barbwire causing more damage to Centurion’s back as his flesh is torn in the process of being picked up and out of the bed of barbwire. Page takes Centurion, as blood covers a lot of both men’s upper bodies, he whips him into the side of the Cell, Centurion bounces off the Cell and into a Spinbuster Slam into the Bed of Barbwire by Chris Page! 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: Somebody needs to stop this! At what point have we gone too far? 

DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: Both Page and Cent knew what they were getting into when they signed for a War of Independence Match. It’s a matter of who wants it more?!?!

Chris starts looking up towards the various suites where he locks eyes with Ruby watching in horror with her friends. Chris blows her a kiss garnering louder boos from the crowd. Page turns his attention back towards Centurion as he lays mangled in the barbwire. Page reaches down yanking Centurion’s body out of Barbwire which shreds more of his flesh. 

Chris nails Centurion with a European Uppercut that rocks him back against the Cell. Page shifts his attention towards the top portion of the Steel Steps that have separated from earlier in the contest. Page picks up the top portion of the stairs where he hoists them up in the air, he charges towards Centurion hurling the steps like a javelin at the upper body of Centurion! Centurion manages to get out of harm’s way sending the stairs crashing into the Cell busting a hole through the side of it! 

Page swings with a right hand, Centurion blocks, and counters with a headbutt across the bridge of the nose! Centurion drives a boot to the midsection where he then hurls Page through the opening of the Cell sending him spilling out to the ringside area outside of the Cell. Centurion, his face bloody, his back bloody reaches down and picks up the steel steps. Centurion comes through the opening of the Cell and as Page is getting to his feet he rushes towards him smashing the steel steps of the bloody forehead of Page dropping him where he stands! 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: How much more can either of these two men take? 

DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: Are they even going to have the energy to climb up to the top of the Cell?!?

Centurion drops the steps to the floor. He looks up to the top of the Cell as the outside referee comes around towards the competitors. Centurion glances down at Page who is slowly starting to stir. The Tower erupts as Centurion uses the time and starts to scale up the side of Hell in a Cell! He’s followed by the referee as he climbs, and climbs and climbs until he reaches the top of the Cell climbing on top followed by the referee. Page is shown using the Cell it help him to his feet as we see Centurion looking down at Page flipping him off with both hands to a huge ovation from the Fight Tower! 

Page staggers back a few feet as a sadistic smirk starts to form on the crimson covered face of Chris Page. 

Chris reaches up with his right hand where he snaps his fingers causing an immediate blackout of Fight Tower. 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: Hello? Is this still on? Damon? 

DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: I don’t know what’s going on, but we’re in the midst of a blackout just as Chris Page snapped his fingers. 

The blackout lasts for what might be a solid minute before they draw back up revealing a figure behind Centurion dressed in all black with a TODRICK TABOR-RAMSEY mask covering their face. 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: Is that the same guy from Venom? Only now it’s a Todrick Tabor-Ramsey mask and not Austin Ramsey?

Centurion finally starts to turn around where he’s booted in the midsection before being dropped with a DDT! The Tower roars with boos as Chris Page has climbed to the top of the Cell as well. He joins “Todrick” as they stomp away at Centurion! 

DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: Anything goes under these rules. There’s nothing the referee can do but look on.

Page reaches down picking up Centurion from off the top of the Cell. He holds him by both arms as the masked “Todrick” reaches into the pocket of his black pants where he pulls out a steel chair. He wraps it around his right wrist where he swings for Centurion’s face, Centurion ducks his head where the masked man decks Page drawing a thunderous ovation! Centurion kicks the masked man in the junk before turning his attention back towards Page where he rushes with a V-Trigger knee strike that is right on the money knocking Page towards the side of the Cell. 

Centurion’s attention diverts back towards “Todrick” who is getting to one knee. He rushes towards him looking for another V-Trigger. The masked person avoids the contact at the last possible second. He gets to his feet and as Centurion spins around the masked figure scoops him up over his shoulder, Centurion slides down his back where he connects with a 1,000 Mile Slam on the roof of the Cell! 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: Centurion just leveled the playing field! 

The bloody and battered Centurion negotiates his way back to his feet where he motions to pull off the mask. The Tower responds in kind with a huge pop as he picks up the head of the masked “Todrick”. He yanks the mask off the head to reveal… a Masked “Austin Ramsey”! Centurion is blasted from behind by Chris Page.

Centurion drops to one knee as Chris Page picks him up off the top of the Cell. He sets him up for the Page Plant! Centurion rips his arms free and counters with a back body drop sending Page crashing down on top of the Cell! Centurion is set as we see Chris starting to work his way back to his feet on top of the Cell where Centurion comes up from behind and delivers the 1,000 Mile Slam! He makes the cover hooking the near leg only to have “Austin” dive on top breaking the pin attempt! The Tower boos intently as “Austin” picks Centurion up. He swings with a right hand that Centurion blocks before yanking off the “Austin” mask to reveal….


DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: IT’S JOE MONTOURI! It’s been Montouri the entire time!?!?!

There’s some shock on the face of the Tower as Joe tries to reason with Centurion while backing away. Page crawls up behind Centurion where he low blows him! He stands to his feet where he delivers the Page Plant on the top of the Cell. He makes a cover and secures the victory with a three-count! 



J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: I don’t believe what we’ve just witnessed! Joe Montouri and Chris Page? What is this all about? I can’t understand it all. 

DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: It’s a damn shame that it ends like this. 

Joe Montouri takes the right arm of Chris Page and raises it up in the air as Page puts his right boot on the chest of Centurion for photo ops as the Tower boos intently. Page turns his attention up towards the suite housing Thaddeus, Elijah, and Sebastian Everett Bryce that all applaud Chris and the performance as he takes a bow. The crowd pops as Austin Ramsey and Todrick Tabor-Ramsey emerge out on the stage as they’re in shock and disbelief with the actions of Joe Montouri. 

Page and Joe blow kisses at the Ramsey’s as we fade to black. Then the FIGHT! logo appears, followed by the disco ball, the word Countdown and the highlighted 2, which then clicks into place as a 1, and then we disappear.