The Night Is Young

Hearst Tower AKA FIGHT! Tower in Manhattan comes into view from the sudden fade up as a drone shot spins around the tower at break neck speed in slow motion. Crowds of FIght Fans can be seen gathering in the streets below, having had to watch the first part of the event from the safety of their own homes, and now excited to see the action up close and personal.

A flash of white cuts us away from that view and we see a montage of the events that occurred the night before.

Moore and Warstein putting Anicka and Apathy down and out of the tournament through a combined effort of Moore’s EVERBLACK and Warstein’s devastating running kick to Apathy’s head.

Dickie Watson hitting Adrenaline on Asher Jules with a force to be admired after Asher made Dickie chase him around under the ring.

Voodoo rushing Dane Preston by the bank of ropes, only for Dane to move at the last minute and a steel chair to blast Voodoo in the head, courtesy of Vhodka Black who was as angry anyone had ever seen her.

Dollface allowing Allison’s body to fall on top of Vincent Black’s body, and screams for the count to be made.

Paul Montuori and Dickie Watson working together despite their incredible differences.

We then see the body of Vincent Black shatter the glass, and land limply on the ground, a small pool of blood beginning to form around his shoulder. Dollface then pulls her mask off, revealing to be none other than Sarah Wolf, Vincent’s own sister, to the shock of everyone in the area, none more than Damon Riggs, Sarah’s friend and business partner. Vhodka Black gives chase by slips on the blood of her husband and the glass all over the place, as Dollface hops the barrier and vanishes into the darkness, her cackle echoing around her as she does.

Damon Havok Riggs: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Toxic Tag, Part Deux! In just a moment the semi-finals and finals of our tournament will take place, and we will see if the winning combination will be Brandon Moore and Shawn Warstein. Sahara and  Allison Riggs Preston…

JM Brilliance: Montuori…

Damon Havok Riggs: Quiet, you. Or will it be Dickie Watson and Paul Montuori, or will it be the dark horse of the entire thing, the absolute last two people you’d ever expect to see as a successful team, Joe Montuori, and Dane Preston. The air is so thick with excitement it’s making it difficult to breath. And this crowd feels it, too!

But before we go on, We have a status on Vincent Black, who those of you who watched know was sent through that thick glass partition last night by his very own sister, Sarah Wolf. Vincent was taken to the FIGHT! Infirmary, and is in stable condition. And while it would seem that he has fractured his shoulder, the blood loss he suffered was by far the worse injury. Thankfully someone with his blood type was in the building and was able to donate.

JM Brilliance: At least his brother likes him.

Damon Havok Riggs: Sibling rivalry used to be a little less lethal in my day. But we all want to wish Vincent Black a speedy recovery.

Dickie Watson & Paul Montuori vs Brandon Moore & Shawn Warstein

Tag Wars III Semi Final

Making it to the semi final was something that both of these teams fully expected to do. In fact, it would have been a catastrophe for either of these teams to not make it to the final or even win the thing.

On the one hand, we have the incumbent champion and his locked-in challenger. The top of the food chain, and on the other hand we have the leader of the chasing pack, Shawn Warstein who was partnered with not only one of the most devastating competitors that ever walked the hallowed hallways of our inherited history, but the man who had won both previous iterations of this tournament in Brandon Moore.

Pressure on their shoulders.

For Dickie and Paul’s part, the two younger siblings seemed to have found a groove. They had set their egos aside – for now, at least – and had a decent performance the night prior, against a pairing that nobody expected to put up much trouble. It wasn’t smooth sailing, not in the slightest. In fact, it was very hit and miss, but the pair of them bit down on their gumshield and got the job done with minimal issue.

Shawn and Brandon seemed a lot more dominant in their victory against Anicka and Apathy, and didn’t seem in much danger save a few moments. Their match was almost a battle between themselves of one-up-man-ship. Whatever you can do, I can do better. A rivalry based on making sure they were the one that lead the team to victory, and who could control the narrative.

Dickie was bouncing from foot to foot, waiting for the match to start, he looked out at the capacity crowd inside the FIGHT! Tower, and smiled to himself, face down. Opposite him, Brandon Moore and Shawn Warstein were discussing between themselves who should go first and ultimately it ended up being Shawn Warstein who stood opposite the Champion.

Their allegiance, if you can call it as such, was competitive. They hadn’t a problem throwing hands and it was Dickie who managed to walk away the Champion at Blood Money, at Warstein’s expense. You can bet that he had a big ol’ chip on his shoulder and he ran straight at Dickie, ducking the collar and elbow and dropping him hard with a good all-American high crotch. Watson landed on the top of his head and spine, and rolled to the side smarting.

Warstein smirked, “Sorry mate”, then allowed Dickie to tag in Montuori.

Paul Montuori started throwing hands with Shawn and they ended up on the ropes. Warstein shoved him off and managed to hop him on the return, but Montuori stopped short and took him out with a neckbreaker. Moore laughed and tagged himself in, facing Paul.

These two also had a past, as the winners of Tag Wars II, and as former members of FoCuS, it didn’t take long until they started to have a wrestling exchange that made it clear and obvious that they have trained together for months. Everything Brandon tried, Paul had a counter for, and Brandon chained the next move and as they went in synchronicity like this for at least fifteen moves, the crowd started to really get behind them. In the end, the #1 Contender managed to get the upper hand with a drop toe hold. Fifteen moves reversed, telegraphed, scouted and countered to get success with a drop toe hold. Montuori was on his feet quick though and he drove a running knee into the skull of Moore. A quick cover attempt garnered a one but Warstein stomped on Montuori’s head.

Dickie came in the ring and now the four men were at a standoff. Montuori and Moore grabbing at their skulls, Dickie and Warstein salivating.

Dickie and Shawn now exchanged moves, with Shawn getting an early advantage with several hard strikes, then he quickly tagged in Moore who took over and they easily isolated Dickie in one corner. They took turns, finally finding the rhythm that they’d been looking for all night, and even performed a tag team maneuver. Not a good one, but Moore threw Dickie to Warstein who flattened him with a spear.

Another near fall, with Moore kicking Montuori before he had a chance to intervene but Watson had enough in the tank to kick out. As they separated, Dickie managed to duck under a roaring elbow and made a tag to Montuori.

In typical tag team cliche fashion Montuori then proceeded to clean house and take Moore and Warstein down. He was standing alone in the ring, willing Warstein to get back to his feet so he could lay him the fuck out again. As Warstein got to his feet Dickie flew across the ring, springboarded from the top rope, and hits a tornado DDT. Dickie then started gesturing wildly for Paul to make the cover.

Paul Montuori: What the hell, “mate”?

Dickie didn’t even really reply, just muttered under his breath about wanting to win. He shook his head at Paul and started to walk away.

Paul grabbed Dickie, spinning him around.

Paul Montuori: Don’t walk away from me homie, if you got something to say… just say it…

Dickie Watson: I dunno why you’re stood there arguing with me, you wanna win. So win.

Paul Montuori: I don’t know why you’re trying to big dog me all of a sudden. I had him dead to rights. Why you flyin in to take the glory? Think I can’t handle him?

Watson shrugged his shoulders, let him build his own narrative.

Behind them, Brandon Moore sneaked in a tag, lifted Montuori up, took two steps towards the center of the ring and dropped him on his head – THE EVERBLACK.

Watson might have intervened, but he didn’t.

Brandon Moore: Sorry P, you ain’t standing in my way this time.



Watson was mouthing to Montuori through the ropes, “you should’ve listened”.

Dane Preston & Joe Montuori vs Allison Riggs-Preston & Sahara

Tag Wars III Semi Final

Dane Preston and Joe Montuori stand in the gorilla position. The OCCHI system zooming in on them as they begin to try to either hype each other up or piss each other off. It could honestly go either way based on their facial expressions. But the mic system is drowned out by Their combined music playing, and let me explain, it is terrible. Metallica and Mob Deep are not songs you’d expect to hear together and expect them to work and like I said it doesn’t.

Entering the arena, they waste no time getting to the ring, and continue their argument/discussion. Dane and Joe stand at the ready, as Allison and Sahara move out of the entrance way to their own terrible theme song, and enter the ring. Joe looks to Dane, and in the most serious of ways, he shakes his head yes, and the two shake hands. The second the bell rings, They rush over to Allison, push Sahara out of the ring, and Joe produces a pair of handcuffs, Securing Allison to the corner. Allison screams, and demands to be released, but Joe and Dane back away from her, and slide out of the ring, attacking Sahara at the same time. The crowd actually begins to boo, but neither care. Both are more concerned with a, keeping their wife/girlfriend safe, and b, making sure they can do so while still moving on in the tournament. Picking Sahara up, they slingshot her into the side of the ring. The sound of her impact is only outmatched by the sound of her yelp as her ribs almost pop out of her chest. Dane and Joe throw her inside the ring, and follow after, dragging her from the corner and into their own. Joe takes the first round and spends most of it tiring Sahara out with tactics such as Irish whipping into the ropes and letting her past him, only to catch her on the second rebound and burying her into the mat with a scoop slam or a back toss. Whenever she’d hit the mat, he’d make sure to concentrate on her legs, trying his best to make it so she is both too tired, and too injured to move. 

Joe then tags a visibly apprehensive Dane, and steps out to catch his breath. Dane lifts Sahara up and sends her stumbling with some well placed and violently loud knife edge chops. Backing her into a neutral corner, he slams into her with a combination of elbows and body shots. Sahara tries to reverse it but the beating she’s taken already has begun to take its toll, and her efforts are minimal. She grabs Dane’s waist and tries to either pull him closer or push him away by the look of it, but she finally falls to her knees and then onto her face. Dane grabs her by the neck and pulls her toward his corner, tagging Joe back in.

The second Joe enters the ring, Sahara grabs his waist, and pushes him into Dane who was still getting out of the ring, forcing him to the ground. Sahara then pulls Joe back toward him and low blows him twice before he even knows what’s happening. She then stands and jumps into the air, grabbing Joe’s head and forcing it into her bent knee. He shoots backward and falls out of the ring through the ropes, landing on Dane on the floor below. Sahara stands back up and reveals that she has the key to the handcuffs in her fingers, which she had searched both Joe and Dane’s waistbands for. 

She walks toward her partner and is about to unlock her when suddenly, she smiles, and launches the key into the audience. Allison looks at her like she’s insane, and before she can even say anything, Sahara slaps her as hard as she can in the face and mutters ‘tag, you’re in.’

Sahara drops down onto the mat and rolls out, leaving the ring area entirely. The crowd boos but she obviously doesn’t care. In fact, she’s basking in it with a smile, as Dane and Joe begin to argue over the key and what they’re going to do. Sudden;y they are left with two options. They can either attack the woman they love who is helpless in a corner, or they have to do the thing they’re willing to do. And go get Sahara.

As they head up the walkway, a voice comes over the PA system and alerts them of the following.

If both members of any team leave the area, they forfeit the match.”

Joe and Dane discuss the matter further, each wanting to be the one to stick around with Allie. Joe can be heard saying ‘I’ll go find her. You might just fuck her again.’

Dane returns to the ring and there is a pop from the audience, but it is not for him. Sahara had looped back around to the ring area, and while Joe and Dane were arguing, uncuffed Allison. Allison looked at her confused, and Sahara just winked. As Dane slid in, he came face to face with his wife, who was not happy at all. As he began to apologize, Allison hauled off and nailed him with a punch. Holding his jaw, he turned back to Allie and was met with another shot, and then another. Backing him up to the ropes, she slings him toward the other bank, but he stops, and tries to pull her in, but she leaps upward and drives an elbow down onto his head. She then grabs his leg and flips over him, almost pulling it out of the socket. Dane yelps but Allison doesn’t care. She’s obviously angry, and embarrassed. She is a fucking legacy in this business. Her partners, her friends, everything in her life is this business and the two men who are supposed to care for her thought nothing of chaining her up. For who? For her? No. For themselves. They chained her down to spare them the hurt feelings of having to fight her. And now she was going to hurt a fuckton more than their feelings.

Dane rose to his feet and Allison put him to task. She spun around him and took his legs out, scrambling to her feet and laying an elbow drop on his neck, and transitioning into an cross face hold which he rolls out of rather fast. Allison tags in Sahara, and as she does, Dane pushes her out of the ring and grabs Sahara, throwing her toward the other corner, but she’s caught by Joe who has slid into the ring and laid out with a JOE-K-O cutter. Dane falls onto Sahara and unlike the last time he was on top of her, just pins her for the three



Allison storms away, angry at literally everyone in the ring. Joe and Dane give chase as Sahara is left in the ring by herself, slow to get up. She reaches the ropes and as she does, Allison appears, and helps her out of the ring. The crowd applauds the shownenship and they exit the ring area slowly.

Enforcer vs Mason Alexander Vanderbilt vs Ricky Rodriguez

FIGHT! NYC Brooklyn Championship

At the sound of the bell all three men begin throwing lefts and rights. Mav is the first with the advantage, but Enforcer stymies it just as Ricky is slammed back first to the mat. Mav finds himself rushing into the ropes and rebounding face first into a giant boot that nearly turns him inside out. With his actions Enforcer pumps up the crowd a bit before laying some blows on Ricky but a counter sends Enforcer over the top and shoulder first onto the concrete. Before Ricky can get his bearings Mav is on him, but another counter sends Mav face first into the top turnbuckle followed by a reverse DDT in the ring.

A failed pin attempt, Enforcer taking advantage and a series of body slams later have Enforcer now dominating everyone in the ring. Ricky and Mav are in opposite corners and Enforcer is running from corner to corner landing blows on both men. A cross body leads to Mav stumbling out, then one on Ricky does the same, as both men reach the middle Enforcer moves in for the kill but Ricky and Mav both hook Enforcer, hoist him up and bring him down with a double brainbuster.

8 seconds passes before Mav gets his feet first, he pushes through the pain and drags Ricky off the ropes causing him to land face first on the mat. Enforcer rushes Mav but gets a back body drop over the top and again crashes to the outside. Mav lands a series of slams and suplexes on Ricky but his pin is interrupted by Enforcer. As Mav drives a series of forearms at Enforcer he finds them blocked and reciprocated. Enforcer pushes Mav to the corner, then deposits him with a top rope suplex onto Ricky in the middle of the ring. 

A failed pin attempt by Enforcer on both Ricky and Mav leads to Ricky leaning in the corner and Enforcer setting him up for the reverse chokeslam. Just as Enforcer lifts up Rickey, Mav rushes in and nails Enforcer with a running bicycle kick. Ricky drops to the mat along with Enforcer. Mav presses the advantage on Enforcer but Rickey catches him with a spinning kick that sends Mav out of the ring through the middle ropes.

Ricky pushes his advantage now, using a shooting star press into a cover to nearly get the win over Enforcer. A series of takedowns and strikes lead to the real style and another cover, but Mav breaks the pin and uses the momentum to hit The Maverick on Ricky in the middle of the ring. Mav pushes through the pain and focuses on Enforcer who is trying to get up, but Mav stops him by slapping the All American on him. Enforcer fights and fights then stops, the ref checks him three times and then calls for the bell!



Miss F: At this time we would like to take a moment to congratulate one of our own. At FIGHT! NYC we pride ourselves on the freedom that our athletes have to chase success across the globe whilst also working hard for us and at this time we would like to highlight the success that one of our esteemed roster members, VALKYRIE, attained this week when she was crowned the Ascension Champion in Project Honor.

Footage rolls, with “Courtesy of Project Honor” in the bottom corner.





The ref is checking on Savannah, lifts her hand up into the air as a secondary ref runs over and drops down for Valkyrie’s pin attempt!


Savannah’s arm hits the dirt…


Savannah’s arm hits the dirt again…






Valkyrie stands to her feet, as a third ref runs in and hands her the Ascension Championship. She looks at it and raises it into the air as a mixture of mostly boos and light-hearted cheers pour down out of the stands.

As the footage fades out, Miss F speaks again

Miss F: However, Valkyrie did request that she have a short leave of absence to concentrate on her new-found responsibilities as a champion, and we granted her this request. We wish her the best with her reign and look forward to welcoming her back to the Tower when she is ready! With that in mind, the Manhattan Eliminator will now be a three way dance instead of a four way dance, and its coming next!

Kasey Winterborn vs Todrick Tabor-Ramsey vs JJ Starfire

#1 Contendership to Manhattan Championship

JJ Starfire is a guy with a lot on his mind these days. A new company, the owner of which has hand selected you to be his successor while your best friend in the entire world has shut you out of her life in the blink of an eye with little explanation in the way of why. It would be a lot on anyone, but JJ Starfire wasn’t just anyone, he was someone who life had kicked around a good bit and thus he felt these burdens more deeply than others might. What he was feeling deeply at this moment was the knee of Kasey Winterborn who was repeatedly pounding it into his side as she struggled to get free from his bear hug. JJ looks confused about her upset at his hold and is frantically trying to explain he’s just trying to move her to the other side of the ring so he can pin Todrick Tabor who is down on the mat after a nasty DDT courtesy of Winterborn. 

Kasey Winterborn manages to wiggle free from the hold and drops down to the mat, swiping JJ’s feet out from under him, sending him falling backwards to slap the back of his head on the turnbuckle behind him. As JJ sits stunned on his ass rubbing the back of his head Kasey dives toward Tabor looking for pick up a quick win but is pushed off with authority by Tabor who gains her footing thanks to the recovery period provided by JJ’s interference. Winterborn and Tabor lock up in the center of the ring, both finding the other evenly matched. JJ Starfire approaches the two, tapping one on the shoulder then the other, trying to get their attention. When that doesn’t work he kneels down and carefully starts intertwining his arms into those of his competitors looking to join in the lock up. After a moment Todrick and Kasey pull back looking at JJ who shrugs at them before rushing Tabor with a clothesline out of nowhere. Todrick who is known for his agility drops down onto the mat into a split as Kasey hooks Starfire’s neck and delivers a textbook stunner sending JJ to the mat. 

Kasey lunges towards JJ to make the cover but is shoulder checked into the ropes by Tabor who steals the pin fall but can’t capitalize before Starfire gets his shoulders up. The frustration being felt by Kasey Winterborn is palpable as all three competitors stare daggers at each other as they catch their breath. Kasey springs to her feet laying into JJ Starfire who gets his arms up in front of his face to ward off her blows as Tabor joins the fray with the two working together against the gentle giant JJ Starfire. The plan seems to be working pretty well until JJ literally drops to his stomach and rolls out of the ring to get away from them. Kasey and Todrick immediately turn on one another, with Winterborn launching Tabor into the corner before nailing a flying discus lariat. JJ Starfire scrambles up the steps behind the turnbuckle Tabor and Winterborn are confined to, grabbing Tabor by the back of the head and yanking back to stun him against the top turnbuckle. Across the ring, Kasey has picked up momentum from using the ropes to spring her toward the corner of the ring, jumping to plant both feet on the top rope as she hooks JJ by the head and uses her momentum to smack his face directly against the top of Tabor’s head. JJ falls to the ground as in the ring Winterborn pulls Tabor out of the corner looking to make a pin. 

Call it instinct or maybe just dumb luck but Todrick manages to cradle up Kasey for a quick two count before Kasey can break free. Tabor is first to his feet and uses the extra time to capitalize by hitting Winterborn with a springboard moonsault off the ropes. Starfire is able to drag himself in the ring just in time to drop an elbow down on the pin attempt and keep him alive in the match for a moment longer. Todrick springs to his feet and starts delivering back elbows to the head of Starfire as Starfire looks for a suplex he won’t actually get to land. Somewhere in the kerpuffle Starfire trips over Winterborn on the mat and lands ass first while Todrick falls forward catching himself on his hands, ass pointed at the ceiling. As it turns out, not only is the bodacious booty of Tabor ornamental, it’s also functional in a match as he starts throwing that thang in a circle literally twerking over the competition like that 18 wheeler in Pet Semetary rolled over that kid. The cheeks are clappin’ and the girls are gaggin’ as Todrick smacks cheeks hard into the face of JJ Starfire who is desperately trying to get away because honestly, this hasn’t been covered in training and he doesn’t want to be disrespectful, ya know? Like is it okay to hit it? Would that be a trip to HR? Also what if Todrick took it wrong and thought he meant it in that way and not thhaaat way. 

Rather than deal with the complicated social niceties Starfire instead reaches forward grabbing Tabor by the waist and pulling him down on top of him. Tabor, confused, struggles and tries to get up not realizing that JJ is willingly holding his shoulders against the mat so that he can be pinned. 


A very relieved JJ Starfire scrambles out of the ring as Winterborn rushes the still confused Tabor nailing her in the face with a hard right hand then pulling him up and placing Tabor’s face between her legs, booking the arms and looking for a pedigree. Tabor is able to struggle free and counter the move at the last second grabbing Winterborn around the thighs and sending her rolling over his back to land on the mat behind him. Tabor looks over his shoulder with a smile, dropping down to sit on Winterborn’s midsection taking all the air out of her body. Kasey rolls to her side, gripping her stomach and trying to catch her breath as Todrick grabs her by the hair bringing her up to her feet. He pulls her into the DDT position, he raises his right hand in the air while swaying her hips back and forth before spiking Winterborn into the mat and going for the pin.


FIGHT! Bronx Championship Ladder Match

The six competitors stood in the ring, and Miss Michelle had joined Damon Riggs and J Michael Brilliance on commentary.

J Michael Brilliance: What a lovely surprise to have someone as beautiful and talented as you in the booth with us for this match, Michelle!

Damon Riggs: The pleasure is all his…

Miss Michelle: Get laid, old man. Can you still do that? Or is the… situation… so bad that none of it works anymore? At least ask her to pull the stick out of your ass.

Damon Riggs: Delightful as always.

J Michael Brilliance: After his performance at Venom 5, I would say that Poptart has gotta be the favorite.

Damon Riggs: Of course you’d say that in our present company. And if Lisa Marie Ashton’s fiance was here, you’d be talking her up too. You’re transparent.

J Michael Brilliance: I am an esteemed journalist, do not question my integrity.

Miss Michelle: Alright ladies, shut up and watch. Look at Poptart, just grabbed hold of Lisa Marie Ashton and dumped her onto Dark Tiger. Now he has the masked weirdo that follows Apathy around..

J Michael Brilliance: His name’s Korrupt.

Miss Michelle: Shut up, idiot.

Damon Riggs: Father Thyme just scooped up Dark Tiger and powerslammed him into the mat, and look at Bam Miller on the outside.

J Michael Brilliance: He’s got a ladder in one hand, but he’s having fun with the crowd. Despicable, and unprofessional. Look at him. Having fun. HE’S AT WORK.

Miss Michelle: Still he threw that ladder into the ring and now someone can go get that belt. POPTART, LOOK OUT.

Damon Riggs: Too late. Poptart got nailed with a clothesline to the back of the head by Father Thyme.

J Michael Brilliance: Dark Tiger and Lisa Marie are on the outside. They’ve been working as a team lately but they seem to be arguing over how to tackle the Poptart problem.

Miss Michelle: A fool’s errand. An unsolvable problem.

Damon Riggs: Bam Miller is now trading rights and lefts with Father Thyme, these two are something to look forward to in FIGHT, I’m very impressed thus far.

Miss Michelle: And look at Poptart, he’s got Korrupt and just threw that masked moron over the top rope and directly into the arguing couple.

J Michael Brilliance: But now look at him, he’s picking a fight with Bam Miller and Father Thyme. The newcomers don’t look pleased, and Bam Miller just kicked out his knees, whilst the Holy one decided to go for a crucifix backslide.

Miss Michelle: Doesn’t he know that there aren’t any pinfalls? What an idiot.

Damon Riggs: Lisa Marie has got a ladder of her own, and she’s using it to knock over Korrupt, and now she slides it into the ring.

J Michael Brilliance: She’s climbing the ladder and it looks like she’s got a clean run of it.

Miss Michelle: Hahaha, look at that stupid idiot. Dark Tiger just pulled his own partner off the ladder, he wants it for himself.

J Michael Brilliance: Ain’t no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’, Chelle. You should know that.

Miss Michelle: But there’s M and E, and there’s M and E in my name too. Fuck the rest.

Damon Riggs: Lisa just decked Dark Tiger, and then threw him head-first into the ladder, knocking it down.

Miss Michelle: Go on Poptart! Fuck him up!

J Michael Brilliance: Poptart has Korrupt laid out on a prone ladder, and now he’s picked up Lisa Marie Ashton. On the outside, though, Father Thyme is starting to get another ladder.

Damon Riggs: Poptart threw Lisa Marie over the top rope, into Father Thyme and the ladder he had in his hand, and they’re all buried under it.

J Michael Brilliance: Airborne Poptart! He flew over the top rope and hit a tope suicida into Father Thyme and Lisa Marie.

Miss Michelle: Attaboy!

Damon Riggs: In the ring, Korrupt’s just rolled off a laid down ladder, there’s still a ladder set up.. Bam Miller and Dark Tiger are going at it, and as Dark Tiger gets knocked down with a kick to the gut and then MILLER TIME!!

J Michael Brilliance: Someone stop him! Bam Miller’s scaling the ladder!

Miss Michelle: Korrupt to the rescue! I knew I always liked you!

Damon Riggs: You were berating him five minutes ago.

Miss Michelle: Don’t you have some pills you have to take? It’s getting late and all.. Sheesh, back off dude.

J Michael Brilliance: A beautiful masked savior.

Miss Michelle: That’s Poptart. Korrupt is just a weird guy in a mask.

Damon Riggs: Who even gets you?

J Michael Brilliance: Now Korrupt is climbing the ladder. But look, he can’t reach the belt. He set the ladder up wrong.

Damon Riggs: The rest of the group are starting to convene in the ring now, Korrupt sees his chance… PLANCHA!

J Michael Brilliance: He took them all out!!

Damon Riggs: Michelle? I think she’s gone to check on Poptart!

J Michael Brilliance: She’s adjusted that ladder, and she’s climbing it herself!

Damon Riggs: What.. the.. Fuck? She’s like.. Super pregnant..

J Michael Brilliance: She’s reaching for it!



Damon Riggs: She’s got the belt!

J Michael Brilliance: SHE’S GOT THE FREAKIN’ BELT!!


Tag Wars III Final

Joe Montuori stares at Shawn Warstein. Dane Preston locks eyes with Brandon Moore. The four final Fighters are all on edge, each having been through hell to get here, with a lot more hell to go. Brandon and Joe step forward, each looking to take the first crack at each other, but Dane and Warstein are not so eager to simply wait it out in the corner. When the cracking of the PA system is heard.

Gentlemen. Welcome to the end of Tag Wars III. The following bout will be decided via pinfall, submission, or if any combatant can not answer a ten count. There will be no count out. No disqualification. All other roster members have been secured in their respective locker rooms, so there shall be no influence from outside sources. You have come here to do this, they have come here to see it. FIGHT!

Brandon and Joe lock up, with Dane and Warstein coming to blows instead of prolonged hugs for advantage. Joe gets the upper hand and locks in a headlock, but Brandon Moore, easily one of the most powerful men in this business, lifts him up easily, and throws him to the mat. Joe hits hard, and slides out of the ring, holding his back and catching his breath, while also slowing the tone of the match. If there is anything Joe Mont knows how to do, is to go all night. Just ask Allison. But don’t because he’s a gentleman and he doesn’t like that kind of talk.

Brandon follows him out and the two begin to cat and mouse outside of the ring, trying their best to get the other to place of exhaustion without making themselves tired at the same time. In the ring, Dane and Shawn go toe to toe, also trying to control the speed and flow of the match, but are doing so with much more aggression. The crowd cheers as Brandon Moore finally gets his hands on Joe and throws him into the ring, or so he thinks. Joe waits for Moore to get one leg up on the apron and Sparta kicks him in the side of the head, sending him to the floor and against the divider. Joe turns and sees Dane getting the upper hand on Shawn, and turns his attention to Brandon again. But Brandon has other plans, and speaks the fucking shit out of Joe, sending him to the ground with authority. Brandon sits on top of Joe, pinning both his arms with his knees, and begins to pummel him with both fists over and over again.

Dane rushes across the ring and slides toward Brandon, catching him in the face with an elbow and knocking him off of Joe. As Joe does his best to get to his feet, Shawn Warstein runs over and drops a kbee ob tghe back of Joe’s head.  Brandon backs toward the corner, and when Dane pursues, he grabs Dane’s tights and pulls him forward, causing Dane to crack his head against the turnbuckle.

Across the ring, Joe and Shawn trade blows and small holds, each trying to get the other to a place where they can hit something big and really turn the tide. But each is as good as the other at not allowing that to happen, and blocking the progress made with progress of their own. Shawn doubles over in pain as Jope hits him with repeat knees to the sternum. But Shawn fires his head upward, almost catching Joe in the jaw, but instead just grazing his nose enough to blind him temporarily.

The match goes this way for sometime. Each team utilizing a chess tactic known as Castling. Every time one of them got the upper hand, they would use it to either switch themselves out by trading spaces, or switching their opponents out by launching them toward the other. Shawn did it with Joe, Dane did it with Brandon, and on it went. The crowd was the real victor here as there was enough spots to fill two highlight reels. Shawn Warstein DDTing Joe on the apron and almost removing his head from his neck. Dane Preston dropping Brandon Moore onto Joe’s knee, back first. And so on and so forth. Until finally, after 30 minutes of back and forth, clinic style wrestling, something shifted, and no longer was anyone trying to keep this going. Suddenly it was time to kill the other, and everyone agreed that they were the ones to do the killing.

Brandon Moore grabbed Joe by the head, and began to bash him with knee after knee, as Dane pulled Shawn Warstein to the ropes, and began to strangle him with bottom one, Brandon Moore broke away from Joe, and dropped Dane with an absolute monster of a forearm shot. Dane fell forward over the top rope and to the floor below, kicking Moore in the face by accident on the way over. Moore backed off, and when he pulled his hand away from his face, he could see the blood from his lacerated eyebrow pooling in his hand. And something in him snapped. Joe Montuori stood up, and Moore grabbed him, dropping him with the EVERBLACK. And then Moore lets out a yell. It is not remotely human sounding. It is guttural. It is demonic. Moore looks at the two men at his feet, and he pulls Joe Mont up from the mat. He looks deep into his eyes, and was he stares at the glassy eyed expression, he sees something in the reflection of Joe’s eyes, and turns to see Dane Preston lunging at him. He kicks Moore in the side of the face and spins him on his feet, When he settles, Joe Montuori leaps into the air, and drops him with a JOE-K-O, and Dane covers Moore. Warstein tries to stop the pin, but Joe Montuori heads him off, and even as he ducks the attempt, the 3 second pass, and he fails to even reach them by a hair.


The crowd erupts as Dane rolls off of Brandon, and sit up, raising their hand in the exact same way. Shawn Warstein rolls out of the ring, incredibly angry at the millisecond of time that just cost he and Moore the victory.



J Michael Brilliance: So how does this work now? Do Dane and Joe fight Allison to see who wins? Do Dane and Allie fight??

Damon Riggs: Nobody knows. This is fucking nonsense. Make them fight each other god damnit!!

The voice in the arena speaks again.




Dane and Joe are handed the belts, as Allison comes out to join them with a third belt on her shoulder. As the three of them stand in the ring, suddenly Brandon Moore stands up, and grabs Allison, dropping his niece with a sick thud producing DDT. Dane turns and Brandon smashes his head against Joe’s, sending blood to the surface of his face and from his nose. And just as Joe realizes what is happening, Brandon takes the Islands belt from Dane, and plasters it against Joe’s head, knocking him into the air and finally onto the ground. Standing over them all, Brandon Moore lets out another roar, and kneels down, looking over his handy work. Shawn Warstein was perched behind him, looking as if he was about to settle a score as FIGHT signs off.