Unified Front

It is 8:30 p.m., and the patrons are already filing into FIGHT tower for Venom #15. OCCHI was laser-focused on the Ramsey apartment because Austin Ramsey would be banned from the building in 30 minutes. No one, absolutely no one expected him to go quietly. FIGHT Security was on standby in the event Mr. Ramsey decided he did not want to leave.

Austin sat on the bed and looked at his partner getting ready. Todrick was humming sweet melodies and seemed to be in an upbeat mood. That was good, she was focused, and she would need all of that focus tonight against Chris Page. Sure, Centurion would be in Toddy’s corner tonight, but Page had made it known that he was going to have Thad and Adi at his side.

Austin did not like the odds, but he had to have faith that Toddy and Cent were enough. Dr. Cook had been clear on this during their sessions every day this week. Those sessions were the reason that Austin was so calm. Austin wanted to pace the floor, but he didn’t want to make Toddy nervous. He saw Toddy looking at him through the vanity mirror.

He got dressed in all black from head to toe. The dogs followed him around because they knew that it was time to go outside whenever he put on a shirt. When he plopped back down on the bed, they whimpered and laid on his feet. Toddy finished blotting her lips and applied her lip gloss, and turned the lights on the vanity off. She walked over to her husband and sat on his lap, and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: It’s almost time. I’ve never been more ready than I am right now. I’m going to show Chris Page and the rest of the world just what I’m made of tonight. I really thought you would make a scene or do something foolish tonight. I’m not worried seeing your demeanor, and I’m so glad that you have been so loving and supportive this week.

Austin smirked and slapped Toddy’s ass.

Austin Ramsey: Nope, I didn’t tell you, but I’ve been seeing Dr. Cook for an hour every day. I didn’t want to add to your list of troubles and preparation for the match. All of the #Austins are calm and medicated.

Todrick smiled and almost kissed him, but she did not want to mess up her make-up. She quickly jumped up and shook her head at him.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Absolutely NOT! We do not have time for that.

Austin innocently shrugged and stood up and adjusted himself.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: It’s almost time, Babe; grab your coat, and I’ll walk you out.

Austin put on his coat, and they clasped hands and walked out of the apartment to the elevator. The two did not exchange words, but Todrick put her head on his shoulder and her hand on his chest to feel his heartbeat. Everything seemed to check out with his breathing and his heartbeat. He was telling the truth. As the doors open, they walk off the elevator like they are Jay-Z and Beyonce’. Their hands are firmly locked to show the unified front of the Ramsey family. Todrick smiles and waves at the people they pass in the lobby.

They arrive at the front doors, where cameras are waiting.

Reporter #1: Austin, in the past, you have never been happy when the odds seemed stacked against Todrick; how do you feel about her match tonight?

Austin Ramsey: Every time the odds are stacked against Toddy, she goes out there and gives y’all a taste of pure and unfiltered Black Girl Magic. Tonight will be no different. We have both gone through so much together that I know there is nothing my wife can’t do, and she doesn’t need me because she is enough.

Reporter #2: Austin, are you upset that you are banned from FIGHT Tower tonight?

Austin Ramsey: Initially, I was, but I worked through that anger and channeled it into training Toddy for this match and getting her into the best shape of her life. You are going to see the effects of that training tonight. I would have loved to be there to cheer her on in person, but the powers that be made a decision, and I have to abide by it.

Reporter #3: Austin, are you going to try to sneak in the building tonight?

Austin Ramsey: The thought has crossed my mind, but I don’t want to do anything that would cause Toddy to get disqualified or give that bitch baby Chris Page something to cry about when he loses the match tonight. He needs the Ramsey’s to try to remain relevant. Anyone that has to tell you what they have continuously or what they can do, is an insecure muppet. I’m not going to pull those strings, and we all saw what happened to the muppets when Jim Henson passed.

Reporter #4: Austin, any last words for Chris Page tonight? He frequently disrespects you and calls you the other Ramsey.

Austin Ramsey: I am not about to argue with that Fraggle Rock looking bitch. He came for Toddy, and he counts on me flying off the handle. All he does is talk and talk, but his words don’t matter this week. Instead of talking so much, he needs to go get that flabby out of shape looking body in the gym. If you talk the talk, then you can’t go around here looking like that.

Fuck Chris Page, I know that I am Austin “MF’ing” Ramsey, and by what we have all seen here tonight, I am my own man. Not one of you asked Todrick a question tonight; this was all about me. You came to see me so Chris Page can go sit on a glass dick sideways.

Austin turns to Todrick, and the two finally share that kiss. Austin turns and shoves his hands in his pockets as he walks down the stairs and off into the night.

Code of Silence

Footage from Silent Fight begins to play, but in a split screen. On one side of the screen, we see the tag team main event match, and on the other side, we see James Raven in his suite, watching on a monitor while standing. He turns toward the door and there’s a flash that blinds the camera for a second. When it comes back, Raven is laying down on the ground, being assaulted by three people in Elf costumes. Raven does everything he can to fight back, but he’s blinded by that flash, and greatly outnumbered. When he eventually gives up the fight, he seems to lose consciousness, and is dragged out of the room by his feet. In the hallway, we watch as the three elves, now joined by a fourth, open a closet door and stuff the unconcious Raven inside. Securing the door, the Elves take off down the hall, and a moment later they are on the other side of the screen, interfering in the main event. We then lose sight of the left side of the screen as the right side becomes our focal point. The camera rattles. And then it shakes. And then it loses all focus. And then the door to the closet breaks down the center. And then it falls to the floor. Raven steps out, a gutteral scream emanating from him as he holds his side and makes his way down the hall, stumbling but moving quickly.

The footage ends and we find ourselves looking at a monitor in Xavier Black’s office. Joined by Vincent and Vhodka Black standing in the doorway, he paces back and forth, admonishing them for their inability to do their job and protect the company’s interests. That being said, neither of them were taking it too seriously, as the Raven thing was a master stroke by Dane and Moore, who had set up a distraction to draw them away from the attack they planned on Raven.

Xavier Black: So do me a favor and try, legit try, to take your job as security seriously…

Vhodka scoffed the second he said ‘seriously’ and Vincent nudged her to stop. Xavier continued talking despite.

Xavier Black: James Raven was attacked last time, and I’d rather not have one of my highest paid performers blinded and stuffed into a closet. So please. I know the NSQ aren’t the most popular guys right now…

Vincent Black: I adore each and every one of them.

Vhodka Black: But that’s because they don’t talk to you. You love everyone who doesn’t bother you.

Vincent Black: I can neither confirm nor deny this, but I can say, yes, that is true I confirm it.

Xavier Black: Fine. Whatever. Just do your jobs. And if at all possible…FInd out who the fuck those elves are.

Vincent and Vhodka look at each other and nod, before leaving the room. Xavier then opens the drawer to his desk, and looks at a box with a ribbon around it. He slowly shuts the drawer, and sighs, speaking beneath his breath “not yet. But soon.”

Dickie Watson vs Ricky Rodriguez

Double R and DW began the match the way most fights start with two smaller individuals. Quickly. Dickie having spent most of his time in Fight against larger opponents truly shined against Ricky, a competitor of the equal height. Not bothering with the tradition of posturing for control, both Ricky and Dickie began taking the fight to the other as much as possible.

Overall this match was more of training class in how to reverse and counter cruiserweight level moves. Ricky whipping Dickie into the bank of ropes, and bent over in an attempt at a backdrop, but Dicke rolled over his back, bounced off the ropes, and spinning heel kicked Ricky in the head. As Ricky dropped, Dickie kicked up onto his feet, and tried for a jumping knee to Ricky’s chest. Ricky, having moved just in time, allowed Dickie the attempt to stand, but dove and drove his head into the groud in a floating DDT as Dickie tried to nurse his knee.

And so it would go for about ten minutes. Ricky would hit a float over DDT, and Dickie would return the favor with a double knee version. Ricky would hit a drop toe hold and turn it into a choke hold, and Dickie would slink out of it, getting Ricky on his back before dropping multiple elbows onto him. And then it all came to a head.

Ricky had downed Dickie and got up onto the turnbuckle quickly. Looking down at Dickie, he jumped off the rope in an attempted shooting star press, and as soon as he went airborne, Dickie rolled out of the way, and got to his feet. Watching Ricky hit the ground and bounce upward, Dickie jumped, placing his foot in the back of Ricky’s head, and sending it down to the mat with a vicious curb stomp. Ricky hit the floor and turned onto his back. Dicke, now on the top rope, turned his back and leaped, spinning and twisting before landing on Ricky hard, and landing on him securely. Hooking the leg and securing the victory.


Chip On Your Shoulder...

...Let me knock it off.

The elevator doors open and Anicka Swan and VooDoo steps into the hallway, neither woman has a match this week, but as always they are ever present because you never know when someone might be needed for some public relations stuff. FIGHT needs someone for a meet and greet, who’s here and not fighting? Voo? Grab her. Ani? Grab her. Doesn’t matter which wrestler, just grab someone not booked and tell them to put on their best smile and do what they are paid to do.

Anicka Swan: You know when you told Ani she should get someone to run the day to day things at Swan Imports, she thought you were crazy. She thought to be the business woman you had to be in the middle of things all day every day. But man, Lana has been straight up killing it for Ani.

VooDoo: I told you. That’s why I hired Ms Coney. I had a life outside of the Rabbit that needed me, so she filled in when I couldn’t be there and called me with things that she felt were above her pay grade.

They came up on the door to Anicka’s locker room, she swiped the keycard and the lock clicked open. She grabbed the knob and pulled it open, neither woman paid any attention to the fact that doors going into a room swing inward in Fight Tower. As soon as Anicka pulled it open, the smell of cool ranch hit their nostrils as thousands of two inch triangles came toppling out, they were covered in them; in their hair, on their clothing.

VooDoo: Oh for fucks sake. Looking down at the pile of cool ranch doritos that came up to her midcalf.

Anicka Swan: Are you kidding Ani? She looks around. Enforcer!!!

The door across the hallway opened and there stood Enforcer, he looked at Anicka and then looked at VooDoo. VooDoo looked at him and then looked at Anicka and back at him and took a step back. That was all the encouragement that he needed. Enforcer rushes at Anicka and with both hands pushes her inside the room, causing her to fall in the doritos and disappear in them. He grabbed the door and closed it and locked it. Inside the locker room, Anicka was shrieking in rage and banging on the door.

VooDoo: Kinda reminded me of the SAW movie where the junkie was thrown in the pit of needles.

Enforcer: Sorry about the chips, Voo.

VooDoo: Could have been worse, could have been needles. She smiled at him and brushed a few chips off her shoulders. Want me to give you a five minute head start before I open the door?

Enforcer: Appreciated. Again, sorry about the chips, I thought she was going to be alone.

VooDoo: Shame the kids weren’t here, they would have loved it.

With goodbye. Enforcer turned around and walked back down the hallway to the elevators as VooDoo stood there and listened to Anicka rage and scream against the door, unable to hide her smile even if she tried to.

Annexation of Christmas

Happy Skewering

A gray woman stands before the camera, the cold metal of her face eternally emotionless. Within her steel skirts lies a vault of agony, cold spikes designed to trap, impale, bleed out anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in her embrace. The iron maiden towers over the figure in front of her, an up-doed woman out of time, who ties a large red ribbon across the front of the device. After a tug, a pull, a twist, the bow is wrapped to perfection. A card is added for the sake of finality.

To Lady Riggs-Preston, 

Happiest of Christmases, happier skewering!

-Her Majesty Anne Boleyn, Future Queen of Brooklynshire Pending Whatever Sort of Tedious Paperwork Officializes the Matter

Addendum – Please see the complimentary milks provided for your brood.

The queen leaves a pair of branded milk bottles, the glass accented with golden crowns, beside the medieval torture device. Adjusting a slight lean in her mountain of hair, she turns to the camera, revealing yet another gift in her hands. This one is more classically wrapped, complete with mirror-sheen green wrapping paper and a bow in pristine white. Barely a shade darker than the bow, Anne’s fingers fumble for it.

Anne Boleyn: Oh, who can stand the wait? This is my first Christmas in nearly five centuries. A bit of impatience can be forgiven. 

From the smaller gift, Anne removes a card, this one pithier.

To Anne

Love, Anne

A hand pressed to her heart for the sake of drama, she flings the top off the box, oohing and aahing at the contents within.

Anne Boleyn: Brilliant, glorious, resplendent! The perfect gift from one queen to another, though that queen happens to be the very same, so naturally she was fully aware of what the other queen, who is herself, was hoping to receive. Thus, she saw fit to gift it upon herself, who is she.

Greedy hands dive into the red tissue paper with a festive crackle as emerald eyes alight with centuries old avarice. The pale hands emerge with the former Brooklyn Championship, the leather and gold that was once a championship belt having been stripped, melted, reshaped into something new. Anne’s hands seize the rim of a gleaming crown in black and gold, and she marvels at the gilded masterwork before her. Her trance lasts for several seconds, before she wipes her mouth on the back of one hand.

Anne Boleyn: Now, now, Anne. Unbefitting for a queen to drool.

She starts to crown herself, but finds the uneven pile of obsidian-violet and ivory-lavender curls on her head an impractical resting place for the royal headpiece. Undaunted, she places it under one arm.

Anne Boleyn: Behold, Brooklynshire. By Rite of Filching, I hereby declare myself your queen. Vows of fealty are most welcome and expected. Consider yourself… Annexed.

A hand presses against her heart again, an emphasis for the haughty, theatrical laugh she lets loose into the sprawling halls of the tower.

Ashlynn Cassidy vs The Enforcer

Ashlynn Cassidy and the Enforcer had been going at it for a hot minute, no, wait, that sounds wrong.

They’d been wrestling and both of them were taking deep, heaving breaths as they laid beneath the lights summoning the strength to continue.

Not much better. But you get the point. Because neither of them wanted to quit. Enforcer had something to prove, not just to everyone but to himself. Ashlynn, on the other hand, already knew what she was capable of but just needed someone to believe in her. She was up on her feet at the count of seven, the Enforcer directly behind her at eight, front facelock and the huge man was over with a suplex, she bridged up to her feet, backflipped over into a standing vertical moonsault and then went for the cover. The Enforcer bench pressed her off of him, snapped to his feet and locked her up in what looked like the beginnings of the DeathPenalty DDT.

She struggled, he dragged her, then she tangled her legs up in the ropes.

Just as Enforcer had gotten free, he looked ready to go again, but from the crowd came a familiar looking figure. Anicka Swan slid under the bottom rope, apologised to Ashlynn.

Anicka Swan: Ani is sorry.. She’ll make it up to you..

Ashlynn was confused, and just then Anicka dropped The Enforcer with a right hand.


But Anicka wasn’t done. Ashlynn was still perplexed. Spider Monkey Swan hopped onto Enforcer’s back, both legs hooked around his waist, arms fighting for his throat. In a desperate attempt to free himself from her clutches, the Enforcer threw himself over the top rope, taking her with him.

Ashlynn threw her hands up in the air, frustrated. She could have done this by herself. She had it under control. This was her victory. Should have been. But it turns out, it would in fact be the catalyst, the one loss she needed, to earn her a shot at the FIGHT! NYC Queens Championship at Countdown..


Alice Knight is walking backstage, when Vhodka and Vincent step up to her, an elf mask in hand.

Vincent Black: Put this on.

Alice Knight: Excuse me?

Vhodka Black: Put the mask on. We want to see if you look like one of the Elves that attacked the NSQ people. 

Alice Knight: …if I put that on, I’ll definitely look like one of them. It’s a full mask.

Vincent Black: Is that an admittance of guilt?

Alice Knight: I’m not putting that on. In fact, I just terminated my contract. So I don’t even work here anymore. Now If you’ll excuse me..

Vhodka Black: Elfsayswhat…

Alice: What?

Vhodka whistles and four guards pick up Alice and escort her to the exit, depositing her on the sidewalk and coming back in, Vincent takes a breath, and kisses his wife on the head.

Vhodka Black: Can’t believe cops have unsolved cases, this detective shit is eee-zeeee.

Clearing The Air

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey is tired, and after finding out Austin got into an argument at the Rabbit, she was drained. Austin’s version of the story was that he was minding his own business when Dane Preston and Bam Miller jumped him. He wasn’t in the mood, and they triggered him. Austin said that he felt like everyone except Brandon Moore and Ashlynn Cassidy had jumped him. The two of them had his back, but he was dying to get Bam Miller in a match. 

Austin opened his Instagram and went live. It was clear that he was drunk as a skunk, but he didn’t care.

Austin Ramsey: Fuck you *hic* Bam! You let *hic* Dane put a dick in your butt and a battery in your back, and you called me out. You cheated on Diamond twice, but *hic* you wanna be mad at that people, but take it out on Austin. Me, fucking Austin! To think I had your fucking back, I told Diamond to take your stupid ass back. You cheated on her twice in a row.

That makes you cum guzzling scum. But I was scum’s friend until you came for me tonight. You are a ditz without a brain. I ain’t got shit for you now. You are a fucked up individual. If it’s not too much trouble, I want you in a match where I can bury you once and for all. The world would be better off with you six feet under. I will give that gift to the world. If your bitch ass accepts my challenge.

Austin puts his hand out to show the unified front, and Todrick takes his hand and looks at the camera.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Austin is outraged right now. He is also very drunk, but it seems something went down with him and Bam. I respect that. But I also want to issue a challenge. My challenge is to someone that is one hell of a competitor, and I would like to give him a chance for a rematch. I’m asking for Todrick-Ramsey vs. Rodriguez.

Ricky and I are very close friends, and over the years, we have grown to know one another. We know each other’s moves, counters, and submissions. That is why our matches last so long. So I want to issue a challenge to Ricky Rodriguez for Countdown. I believe that we can bring the house down again. I mean, you all saw our match earlier in the year.

Sahara, bet against him again because I’m going to put on a clinic against my dear friend, and then I’m going to hug his neck like I always do. Let’s tear the house, down Ricky.

Joe Montuori vs Tara Fenix

Last week at Silent FIGHT!, Joe Montuori managed to shed the disease of the FIGHT! NYC Queens Championship, and he managed to do so at the expense of Jennie Fenix. Ever since, Joe Montuori had been living the good life, free of the cross on his back and ready to conquer the world again. He’d considered hijacking a title shot at FIGHT! NYC’s Countdown show, their marquee event for the year, but then thought fuck it. I’ll take the rest of the year off.

He had been on his way to Miss F’s office to let her know his plans when Tara Fenix came blustering the opposite direction, full of fury, then shoved Montuori in the chest. Wondering what it was all about, Miss F informed him that Tara was less than pleased at the fool he made her kid sister out to be and wanted revenge, and that’s how Montuori found himself being circled by a blue-haired, red-faced adversary. She dropped to a knee as she entered on a single leg, quickly transitioned to a high-crotch and then dumped Montuori on his head.

Smarting, he grabbed at his neck.

Joe Montuori: I haven’t done any mat wrestling since I was in junior high. Didn’t get the memo? This is pro wrestling!

Tara smirked. She continued circling him, in full olympic wrestling stance. This time, Joe Montuori sprawled, grabbed her neck, pushed it back up to a collar and elbow tie up position, backed her into the ropes and sent her to the opposite side. She hopped over him, stopped short, and he read the maneuver, nailing her with a hard elbow in the process.

Joe Montuori: Sometimes, you gotta blur the lines to get the job done. Nothing like a bit of veteran ringmanship, Tara.

Tara had her own take on veteranship. She was as much of a veteran as he, perhaps as accomplished, too. She wiped a curl of blood from the corner of her mouth, then pushed herself to her feet. As they locked horns for the third time, she made sure she dug her knuckles in between his ribs, made sure she made every exchange as nasty as possible for him. She took the upper hand, and had a sustained period of pressure. Joe was becoming more and more frustrated because to everything he threw at her, she had an answer. To each call, a response.

As Tara starts rounding third on what has become something of a comfortable match, she signals to the crowd and locks in a cobra clutch. She starts to use her strength and body positioning to tip over the larger man, but he laces his legs around her head and rolls through the attempted Phoenix Triangle.

Following this, the former Islands, Manhattan and Queens Champion dips out of the ring to regain his composure. Tara, seeking to maintain her momentum, gives chase. The stereotypical wrestling trope ends as Montuori beats Fenix back into the ring and goes to stomp on her head as she follows. Only she doesn’t follow, she attempts to, hesitates, then reaches out and grabs his ankle. As he tries to shake himself free, she uses the distraction to get into the ring unscathed. This time, she makes no mistake, framing her hands around his face and driving him back first onto her knees. Fallen Phoenix!

Joe Montuori musters every portion of courage he has within him and thrusts a shoulder free. It is in this moment, that Jennie Fenix appears at ringside. She’s yelling at her sister, and also at Joe. This match is pointless, this match is stupid, why is she trying to fight her battles?

Joe grabs a handful of Tara’s tights, rolls her up and gets a very close count. Tara is furious, she pops to her feet, locking eyes with her sister, as she connects the heel of her boot to the tip of Montuori’s chin with precision. GENOCIDE KICK!

This one’s over. But the story between Tara and her sister? Likely not.


Two of One

Atara Themis stood in front of Vhodka Black and Vincent Black, who seemed mighty pleased with themselves, having performed some Sherlock like maneuvers to rid the world of the great and powerful elf assassin, Alice Knight. But the champion of record, with no belt, didn’t have time for it.

Atara Themis: I’m looking for my belt, did you get it back, or what?

Vhodka Black: Well, no. I chased that.. her.. at every turn.

Vincent Black: Rats… so many rats…

Atara audibly sighs.

Vhodka Black: But, as luck should have it, I know a guy who knows a guy in the board room.

Vincent Black: Dude, you are sister in law to the guy.

Vhodka Black: Look, let my narrative be my narrative, don’t harsh my vibe!

Atara Themis: Is there a point… here?

Vhodka Black: Yep. Look!

Vhodka Black withdraws a large black, crushed velvet bag and presents it to Atara Themis. Atara unzips it, and withdraws a brand new Brooklyn Championship belt. It is inscribed on the side panel with her name, and the Greece flag. She nods her head, satisfied.

Atara Themis: But what to do about this heathen who still has the original? And is parading herself around the place as the Queen of Brooklyn…shire?

Vincent Black: I’d punch her in the kisser and take her crown.

Atara Themis: Finally, an ounce of sense. And, I had a feeling this would be the case, so I came prepared.

Atara Themis withdraws a small white box and places it in Vincent’s hand. He looks down, and back up.

Atara Themis: Here, please can you have this delivered to her?

Production Values

Miss F stands in the production area, watching the monitors, replaying the footage of James Raven being attacked and dragged in to a closet by 3 masked elves. Slowing the footage down, she points to the monitor, and places her hand on the back of one of the editors heads, forcing them to look at the monitor.

Miss F: This was visible. We got it on camera. And yet, we did not see this on the live show. Meaning? Someone chose not to broadcast this. I want to know who, and I want to know why. And when we do find out, I expect that person to be on the first bus as far away from this building as possible. And anyone that assisted them in this rouge, should be seated directly next to them. Savy?

The editor shakes his head, mostly because Miss F is forcing him to, and she leaves the room, pressing her Bluetooth and speaking into it as she does.

Chris Page vs Todrick Tabor-Ramsey

The crowd inside the Tower is on pins and needles awaiting the arrival of the combatants. The crowd starts to stir as we see CCP ENTERPRISES contracted talent from the XWF, Thaddeus Duke with Adi Gold entering a private suite looking over the ring. He glances towards the camera as he states. 

THADDEUS DUKE: I watching you Cent!



The Tower erupts as TODRICK TABOR-RAMSEY emerges out in front of the crowd. The NYC fans greet her with the respect she deserves. Toddy starts to take several steps towards the ring before stopping in her tracks, throwing up her right index finger as she waves it from side to side before motioning towards the back. 

The crowd comes unglued as CENTURION emerges out to escort Toddrick Tabor-Ramsey down towards the ring. 

MISS F: Fight Fans this next contest is scheduled for one fall! Being led to the ring by CENTURION, she is the former Manhattan Champion, TODRICK TABZOR-RAMSEY!

Centurion whispers into the ear of Todrick as they reach ringside. A high-five is exchanged before Toddy climbs up on the apron. She steps through the ropes to a huge response from the crowd. 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: A smart move by Ramsey to enlist the services of Centurion to watch her back tonight as she is set to tangle with a dangerous, dangerous legend to the game. 

DAMON ‘HAVOK’ RIGGS: When you’ve been around as long as Page has you have to know with Thaddeus Duke present this is more pre-emptive on behalf of Toddrick. 

The music fades away as we get a shot at Centurion gazing up towards Thaddeus Duke who intently watches him. There’s a solid round of applause for Todrick which quickly cease as the lights within the Tower go completely dark. 




As the countdown ticks away to zero there’s a single spotlight hitting the entrance where we find Chris Page, head down with arms extended out wearing a spiked ring jacket with his ring gear. The drums and electric guitar kick in as Page throws his head up gazing directly into the ring at Todrick Tabor-Ramsey. 

Page slowly shifts his gaze to ringside where Centurion stands in Todrick’s corner. There’s a smirk from CCP before he starts to make the walk towards the ring. 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: No intimidation in those eyes from Chris Page as he is on his way to the ring. 

DAMON ‘HAVOK’ RIGGS: This isn’t the man’s first rodeo; he’s been in the game for thirty years while continuing to outperform the younger kids each and every day. 

Chris Page reaches ringside where he steps through the ropes and into the ring. He removes his ring jacket and drops it on the apron. The music fades away as the live crowd inside the Tower serenade CCP. 

“I become, I become, I becoming!”

“I become, I become, I becoming innnnn!”


Upon finishing the NYC crowd breaks out into applause. Chris looks across at Toddy as he spouts out. 

CHRIS PAGE: Did you hear all that?! Yeah!

The official calls for the bell as Todrick and Page stand in their respective corners. Page shifts his attention out towards Centurion where he flips him off to boos from the crowd. 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: Page showing us all exactly what he thinks about the man he will meet at Countdown. 

Page and Toddy walk out towards the middle of the ring. They stand with Page looking down on Ramsey displaying the height advantage of the savvy veteran. The crowd within the Tower gets louder and louder as the staredown between the two intensifies before ultimately they lock up in the center of the ring which sees Page gain the upper hand as he shoves Todrick back into the ropes.

Page taunts Tabor-Ramsey to some boos from the crowd. 

Todrick nods his head before coming back out towards the center of the ring where he locks up with Page. They jockey for position before Page snaps Ramsey over with an arm drag take over. Page pops back up to his feet as Todrick reaches one knee. Page shakes his index finger of his right hand at Tabor-Ramsey.

Centurion calls Toddy over towards his corner where he whispers something else in the ear of Tabor-Ramsey. There’s a nod of the head as he steps back up to his feet. Todrick and Page circle each other a third time before they look to lock up only this time Tabor-Ramsey ducks down taking a go behind where he rolls Page up with a quick school boy! 




Page escapes with a kick out that sees Todrick to his feet first with Page a close second as Todrick catches Page with a side headlock take over forcing Page’s shoulders to the mat a second time! 




Page pops a shoulder up off the mat as Todrick cranks on the side headlock.

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: Whatever Centurion said to Toddy has gotten him this upper hand. 

The referee asks Page to surrender as Todrick continues to crank on the side headlock as Page starts working his way back up to one knee as Tabor-Ramsey continues cranking on the side headlock. Page steps up to his feet where he backs Toddy up against the ropes, he shoos him across the ring, Todrick bounces off the near side where he ducks under a Page lariat where he puts on the brakes and catches Page with a standing spinning heel kick to the face dropping Page where he stands! Todrick drops down into an immediate cover 




Before Todrick can capitalize Chris Page has rolled out to the floor following the near fall attempt. He starts to pace back and forth as Todrick goes back towards his corner where he consults Centurion. The referee starts to lay the count to Page.

DAMON ‘HAVOK’ RIGGS: CCP knows how to dictate a pace like no other. He felt Todrick starting to quicken the pace so he’s slowing it back down. 

At the four-count Page was back up on the apron. He stepped back through the ropes as he’s refocused. Todrick and Page start to circle each other again but before they can lock up Page thumbs Tabor-Ramsey in the eye! Page drives Todrick back into a neutral corner to boos from the crowd as he starts lacing him across the chest with a series of knife-edge chops across the chest before unloading with a flurry of right hands mixed with forearm shots before Chris brings Tabor-Ramsey out of the corner with a snap mare takeover. 

Page backs up against the buckles where he steps up to the middle ropes. He leaps off with a missile dropkick to the spine! He quickly follows up with a cover. 




Todrick kicks out to a pop from the Fight Fans in attendance. The pop quickly shifts into boos as Page starts choking Tabor-Ramsey with both hands across the throat which forces a count from the official! Page breaks at the four-count before going right back to the choke! Once again the official lays the count to Page who breaks at the four-count. 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: It looks like the pleasantries are officially over. 

DAMON ‘HAVOK’ RIGGS: You had to have known that it was going to break down, especially when you consider how things have played out since the Tara Fenix Charity Cruise.

Page steps up to his feet as the crowd boos intently. He turns his attention towards Centurion where he blows him a kiss. Centurion responds with a middle finger to Page who motions that he catches his bird and puts it in his pocket followed by a crotch chop garnering more heat from the crowd. He turns back around towards Todrick where he picks him up off the mat. Page rears back swinging with a right hand that’s blocked! 

Tabor-Ramsey fires back with a right! Page swings with another right that’s blocked! Todrick counters with a second right, then a third, followed by a fourth before she bounces off the ropes and directly into a front waist lock by Page who hurls him overhead with a release belly-to-belly suplex. Page scurries into the cover with a front press hooking the near leg. 




Tabor-Ramsey kicks out of the near fall to a nice pop from the crowd. Centurion starts pounding on the ring apron which only rallies the crowd further behind Todrick while Page is getting back to his feet. He snatches Todrick back up to his feet, rocking him with a stiff European Uppercut that takes Todrick back into the ropes. Page shoots Tabor-Ramsey across the ring with an Irish Whip, Toddy bounces off the far side as he sees Chris duck his head for a back body drop that Tabor-Ramsey counters with a DDT that is transitioned into in one fluid motion into a Dragon Sleeper! The Tower is on fire while the official asks Page to surrender! 

DAMON ‘HAVOK’ RIGGS: Tabor-Ramsey has CCP in trouble! She caught the veteran off guard and could be closing in on the biggest win of her career!

Page waves off the referee as we can see Centurion hollering out for Todrick to “crank back!” which we see Ramsey do. The camera splits off to reveal that Thaddeus Duke is now standing in his room watching on as if contemplating coming to the ring. The referee asks Page to surrender, and again he waves off the attempt before using a free hand to rake Toddy’s eyes breaking the hold! 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: There’s one way to escape the hold. 

Page starts to push himself up off the mat to one knee and as he stands up Todrick has more than recovered and springboarding off the middle rope with the SPINNING CHUCK to the bridge of the nose of Chris Page knocking him down like a ton of bricks! The Tower explodes for Todrick as he executes back-press hooking the near leg. 




Page kicks a shoulder up off the mat to a gasp from Tower! 

DAMON ‘HAVOK’ RIGGS: Todrick Tabor-Ramsey has to stay on top of CCP! 

It’s almost as if Toddy hears the words of wisdom from Old Man Riggs as he reaches his feet where he stomps down several times on Page’s body before pointing up in the air! The Tower is fully behind Todrick as he steps out to the ring apron before scaling the ropes up to the top turnbuckle! 

Toddy waits as Page gets back up to a vertical base for Todrick to come off the top with the Molly-Go-Round! 


Tabor-Ramsey hooks the leg while seated on top of Page! 




Page kicks out to another gasp from the crowd. 

DAMON ‘HAVOK’ RIGGS: Another kick-out by CCP! Todrick cannot lose focus on the task at hand. It’s going to take a lot to put away Page. 

Todrick glances towards the referee who shows him two fingers and a kick-out motion as Toddy gets to his feet. He looks towards Centurion who motions and screams for Toddy to “stay on him”. Tabor-Ramsey picks Page up off the mat where he boots Page in the midsection doubling him over, he bounces off the ropes delivering a picture-perfect Axe Kick across the back of the neck of Page! 

Todrick rolls Page over making another cover! 




Page narrowly pops a shoulder up off the mat! 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: How does Page continue to kick out? Todrick has kicked it into another gear!

Tabor-Ramsey gets back to his feet where he steps out to the ring apron. He starts to measure Page who slowly rolls over to his chest and begins to push himself up to one knee. He then steps up to his feet as Todrick springboards off the top rope looking for a flying forearm smash is countered in midair with a Code Breaker by Page! 

The Tower is rocking as both participants are laid out on the mat. 

DAMON ‘HAVOK’ RIGGS: Incredible counter from CCP! 

The official starts to lay the count to both Page and Tabor-Ramsey. The Fight Fans in the Tower are on the edge of their seats! The official reaches the five-count before Page slowly rolls over draping an arm over the chest of Tabor-Ramsey! 




A massive pop as Todrick kicks out of the nearest fall of the contest! Centurion starts rallying the crowd from the floor as Page gets to both knees. He takes several seconds before stepping back up to his feet. Page picks up Tabor-Ramsey rocking him with a forearm shiver to the jaw, he follows with a second, and then a third before driving a boot to the midsection of Todrick, he locks a front face lock and hoists him up in the air vertically, he holds up stalling before dropping down with a Stalling Brainbuster! 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: Page has shifted the momentum. Has he weathered the storm of the former Manhattan Champion here, Riggs? 

DAMON ‘HAVOK’ RIGGS: There’s no denying the experience CCP has under his belt, he’s dangerous when it comes to in-ring psychology. 

Chris is back to a vertical base as he turns his attention back towards Centurion, Page walks over to the ropes mouthing at him, he spits down onto Centurion’s sport coat garnering huge boos from the crowd. Page smirks as he turns back around to pick up Todrick only to be countered into an inside cradle! 




Page kicks out to a gasp from the crowd and is the first to his feet where he comes up behind Todrick locking onto a back waist lock. Page delivers a German suplex, he doesn’t release his grasp, he rolls through picking Tabor-Ramsey up off the mat where a second German Suplex is delivered! He rolls through picking him up where a third and final German Release Suplex folding up Tabor-Ramsey! 

DAMON ‘HAVOK’ RIGGS: What’s CCP got up his sleeve next?

Page is up to his feet where he steps through the ropes to the ring apron. He makes his way to the nearest set of buckles where he now scales the ropes to the top turnbuckle. Page eyes Todrick where he leaps off the top rope delivering a diving headbutt to the collar bone of Todrick! He makes the cover hooking the far leg. 




Tabor-Ramsey kicks out to a massive ovation from the crowd and the sheer disbelief of Chris Page! 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: Inside the chest of Tabor-Ramsey beats the heart of a lion! 

DAMON ‘HAVOK’ RIGGS: Page thought it was over! Look at the shock in those baby blues! 

Centurion slaps both hands on the apron getting the Tower to get louder and louder as Chris Page shakes his head as he steps up to his feet. Chris raises up his right elbow. 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: Page is calling for that spinning back elbow strike! 

Todrick starts to get back to his feet as Page sizes him up, and when he gets up Page comes forward looking for a Judas Effect elbow strike that Toddy counters with a split to the mat! Tabor-Ramsey counters with a quick roll-up on Page! 




Page escapes with a kick out as both he and Tabor-Ramsey both get to their feet where they catch each other with a double lariat! Both Tabor-Ramsey and Page lay on the mat as the referee starts to lay the standing ten-count to both participants. 

DAMON ‘HAVOK’ RIGGS: Wait just a second, Thaddeus Duke is on the move! 

We go to a split-screen as Thaddeus Duke has left the luxury box and is moving through the Tower towards the ring! In the ring, the referee reaches his six-count before both Tabor-Ramsey and Page start to stir. 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: Thaddeus is ringside on the other side of the barricade. 

Page and Todrick reach their feet with Page rocking Todrick with a right hand, Todrick comes right back with a right hand of his own! Page come forward with another right hand rocking Tabor-Ramsey only to see Todrick come back with a stiff right of her own! 

Page swings with a right that’s blocked by Todrick and countered with a back leg sweep taking Page down! Todrick pulls Page towards a corner where he positions him and is able to deliver a beautiful Split-Legged Moonsault! 


Tabor-Ramsey has the cover on Page with the leg hooked! There’s no referee! 


Centurion turns his attention seeing the cover pointing frantically to the official who spins around seeing the cover where he slides into position! 




Chris Page kicks out to another collective gasp from the crowd! 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: Todrick Tabor-Ramsey had Page beat right there!

Todrick can’t believe it as he steps back u to his feet. Centurion is heard screaming out to Todrick to “FINISH HIM!”. We see Thaddeus snatch a beverage from a member of the Fight Fans where he throws it hitting Centurion in the back sending the beverage coating the back of Centurion’s head.

In the ring Todrick picks Page up off the mat only to have Page yank Todrick forward sending him smashing into the referee which sends the referee spilling out to the floor! Centurion and Thaddeus are in the midst of a verbal exchange; neither man not touching the other over talent/fan contact, they’re smart dudes. 

Page is back to his feet where he sets up Todrick for the Page Plant! Todrick spins out countering with the HANDS ON YOUR KNEES! Todrick makes the cover! 

DAMON ‘HAVOK’ RIGGS: Who the hell is that?!?!

Todrick makes a cover on Page as a man in all black wearing an AUSTIN RAMSEY mask hops the rail on the opposite of the ring, and with Centurion distracted by Thaddeus Duke who is trying to provoke a fight this Austin Ramsey masked man climbs up on the apron before climbing up to the top rope! 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: Someone in an AUSTIN RAMSEY mask is on the top rope! 

The masked figure sets sail with an AIR AUSTIN Shooting Star Press crashing down on top of Todrick Tabor-Ramsey!

DAMON ‘HAVOK’ RIGGS: Are we sure that’s not Austin?!? The mannerism is spot on! 

“Austin Ramsey” escapes out to the floor while in the ring Page rolls on top of Todrick! “Austin Ramsey” picks up the referee hurling him into the ring before he charges up behind Centurion blindsiding him knocking him in the barricade. He starts stomping away at Centurion as Thaddeus Duke smirks while inside the ring the referee slowly starts to come around to make a count! 




The Tower completely erupts as Todrick Tabor-Ramsey shoots a shoulder up off the mat at the very last second saving the contest! 

J MICHAEL BRILLIANCE: How did Todrick Tabor-Ramsey manage to kick out of that?!?!

“Austin Ramsey” picks Centurion up off the floor and hurls him into the steel steps before ducking down under at the apron of the ring. 

Page begins to get back up to his feet, using the ropes to help him along the way. He waits for Todrick Tabor-Ramsey to get back up to his feet and as he does Page comes forth delivering a Judas Effect elbow strike that sends Todrick back bouncing off the ropes and into a boot to the midsection where he effectively delivers the Page Plant! Page makes the cover hooking the leg leading to a three count! 


“Austin Ramsey” slides into the ring where he’s to his feet and puts the boots on Todrick as Page is shown getting back to his feet. Page joins in as the two on one on Tabor-Ramsey incites boos from the Fight Fans at the Tower. Page reaches down picking Todrick up off the mat where he holds him by both arms. “Austin Ramsey” holds Todrick’s face up so that he can see the Austin mask before decking him in the jaw with a stiff right hand!  The crowd explodes as Centurion gets back to his feet where he loses the jacket and dives into the ring! Page throws Todrick to the mat as “Austin” is spun around and dropped by Centurion! Page swings with a right hand, blocked by Centurion who unloads with a series of right hands to Page before sending him over the top rope and out to the floor with a Lariat! “Austin Ramsey” gets to his feet where a recovered Todrick sends him over the top rope with a lariat of his own! The Tower is rocking for Centurion and Todrick Tabor-Ramsey as we see Chris Page and “Austin Ramsey” jump the barricade and exit through the Tower with Thaddeus Duke leading the way. 

Life Imitating Art

Her Regency, the newly crowned Queen of Brooklynshire, sits aperch her throne. She raises a single index finger to her crown to adjust it, and then clears her throat. An intern, runner, stage-hand of some kind appears in front of her, with a small box in her hand.

Anne Boleyn: Today is a fortuitous day.

She looks down at the gift and smiles, before pulling the box open with her fingertips. A note, written in blue calligraphy, reads.

I hate what you’ve done with it. – A

Frowning, she ruffles through tissue paper, and then withdraws a wooden doll. A Nutcracker doll. Only, as Anne Boleyn lifts it from the gift box its maimed and decapitated head rolls off of its body and clunks onto the floor below. Anne raises an eyebrow, and then flips over the card.

I will see you at New Year, when life will imitate art.

Tell Them

Vincent picks up his cellphone, and sees it’s his brother, Xavier. Answering, we can hear Xavier screaming about how he ‘only wanted to know who they were, not have them fired!!!’ Vincent shrugs and hangs up, going about his business. He turns a corner and James Raven walks past him, hardly even noticing his presence. Vincent hesitates for a moment, trying to decide what to do, and then decides that wherever James is off to, he will either never know about it, or will be called there immediately. Out of professional courtesy, Vincent waits for the later and goes on his way.

James Raven on the other hand, hits a fork in the halls of the suite area, and stops short. He looks down each direction. A full 30 seconds go on before he sees Austin Ramsey. Austin, who wasn’t even supposed to be in the tower, and somehow got in, is sneaking about but not particularly quietly. He seems off, stumbling around. Something stirs in James Raven, and he darts at him. Before Austin even sees him, Raven grabs the back of his head and shoves it into the wall with force. Austin tries to free himself, but Raven is enraged.

Austin throws an elbow into Raven’s face, but Raven feels nothing over the contempt flowing through him. Driving Austin’s head into the wall again and again, until blood begins to drip and Austin begins to claw at Raven. Security interrupts and pulls Raven away, as Austin, with eyes the size of dinner plates screams threats of revenge.

James Raven: You tell them, ok? You tell them. You fucking tell them. Or I’ll fucking show them.

Austin, who is being held back by security, is screaming nonsense at the top of his lungs, and despite us not knowing what it is he’s saying, we can tell he means every “word” of it.

Dane Preston vs Aiden Reynolds

NSQ all gathered around Aiden, and ensured him they had his back. As they did, 6 security guards walked up, and told Aiden they were ready to escort him. Aiden, who was not anywhere near impressed with the idea of being escorted anywhere, rolled his eyes but agreed to follow them anyway.

Once out of the entrance way, Aiden pushed past the guards and left them in the dust, bursting into the ring and waiting for Dane Preston to do the same. Preston’s music hit, and out he came. Pushing past the guards and moving fast into the ring. Sliding in and running toward Aiden without pause. Throwing lefts and rights, Aiden takes them and backs up to the corner. No sooner than his back is in the corner, Aiden elbows Dane in the temple and creates space where their was none. Dane steps to the side, and Aiden quickly grabs his waist and attempts to suplex him. Dane hooks the rope with the instep of his feet, stopping it entirely and causing Aiden to drop him and stumble back. Dane turns and lays one hard against Aiden’s head, stumbling him back.

Dane would control most of the match this way, proving that his size and strength was not the only thing that made him formidable in the ring. His presence and his ability to keep his wits about him. Until of course, he gets angry. Which is what Aiden sets out to do.

Going for sneak shots and antagonizing him with off color comments about just about everything, Aiden gets in his head and stays there, laying into Dane at every chance he gets, knowing that he’s one of the arseholes trying to get NSQ out of power. And he reminds Dane that his failure is one of the reasons why they’re so powerful at all.

Aiden keeps the match intensity up by stopping Dane at any given time with a good solid shot to the jaw. The type to bar fight for the hell of it, like most Australians, Aiden knows that one good punch can turn the tide at any time and proves it by delivering several at key moments that do just that. But each time, Aiden would find that the resolve of Dane Preston was far more than he thought possible.

Dane would take his licks, but all pin attempts would end at 2, if they even reached that. And while Aiden had his own scares with finality, None came as close as Dane Preston would like them to, either.

It wasn’t until the ten minute mark that that happened.

Aiden had spent the last 3 minutes trapping Dane into a corner and working over his leg. Kicking it, bending it over the rope, and punching it. Dane did his best to fight out of this, but Aiden would back him up to the corner and repeate the process. It went on like this. Until Dane made a mistake and tried to suplex Aiden. His leg, sore as hell, gave away and Aiden landed on his feet as Dane landed on his knee. Aiden rushed at Dane and drop kicking him in the face, sending Dane to the mat splayed out. 

Aiden grabbed his legs and locked them up, turning Dane over and leaning back into his Four X Gold finisher. As Dane struggles to grab the rope, he decides to instead put his arms down on the mat and pushes, using his lower body strength to throw Aiden off of him. Aiden, bounces into the ropes chest first, and backs up as he ricochets off, right into the waiting foot of Dane’s 1SK super kick, which sends Aiden down and hard.

 An Elf slides into the ring, and attempts to attack Aiden. Vincent Black leaps out of the crowd and grabs the Elf by the back of the mask. As it comes off in his hand, no one is surprised to find that its Allison Riggs Preston underneath.

What they are surprised about is the sudden influx of more Elves, all coming from under the ring, and the crowd, and surrounding the ring. As Vincent attempts to stop one of them, he is tased by Allison, and he falls to the mat. One after the other, the Elves slowly climb the apron. Brandon Moore walks out of the entrance way, smiling all the while, and then as Dane sees him, he walks up to Aiden, and looks him in the eye, with a smile on his face. The elves then enter the ring, and one by one remove their masks while standing behind Dane.

The first one is James Raven, the second is Shawn Warstein, and then Kasey Winterborn, Betsy Granger, and Dickie Warstein. Aiden motions for Dane to turn around, and when he does, Shawn Warstein rushes him, and spears him to the ground. The bell rings as the ref finally sees enough and DQ’s Aiden. 

Brandon then rushes the ring along with Allison, and attempt to clear the NSQ off of Dane. Their job is made easier by the then appearance of Paul Montouri, and his brother Joseph. Bedlam is the word of the night as NSQ and the would be usurpers fight it out with all they have. Michelle bursts out of the isles pushing past the guards and sliding into the ring, clotheslining Betsy so hard she almost takes her head off, but gets caught by Kasey with a kick to the stomach. Again the crowd erupts as Sahara flies out of the entrance way and in a flash is in the ring, mixing it up with Warstein, who had just dumped Allison Riggs out of the ring, and is hit hard by a tackle from the medic molesting Sahara.

Vincent Black meanwhile arises from the ground, and looks inside the ring, watching the entire fight unfold and realizes that he is indeed going to be fired.