Venom #2

Manhattan. Hearst Tower, Amari Kent holding up the Brooklyn Championship, thousands of people moving at warp speed through the concession stands and into their seats, the nervous energy as the first beat of Eminem’s Venom cuts through the commotion. Everything slows down, quietens, becomes slow-motion, until all we hear is a heartbeat.


Joe Montuori walks into his locker room and there are two large leather bound boxes. Thin boxes. On the top there is a note that simply states “As per the agreement.”


He nods his head, running a hand over the rough stubble down the back of his neck, and then unclips the box and tips it open.

He stares at the magnificent championship, tracing a finger along the detailed skyline of New York.


He slips his finger down the gap in the leather of the second box, opening it much like the first and in there is another championship.



Joe Montuori stands in his doorway, suited and booted, with both Championships draped over his shoulders. A wide smile.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

The anticipation hangs in the air, suspense. Everyone in the City is talking about FIGHT! NYC, everyone wants to find out what happens next. The buzz was electric in the bars on the island below, would Clauson go over Warstein? This was a clash of top level competition. The EMPIRE Champion would make his singles debut in FIGHT! NYC, would he look as impressive as he did at Blood Money?

Each time we’ve seen FIGHT! NYC broadcast, something unexpected happens. Can we expect the unexpected again?

The feed shows Brandon Moore getting in Damon Riggs’ face, then the Brandon Moore from the ring merges into the Brandon Moore at The Fifth Turnbuckle, and he’s cussing out Shawn Warstein, who is walking through the bar with his lady friend, Kasey Winterborn. Then Apathy and him talking to each other. Apathy reaches her fist out to fist bump Moore, who reciprocates.

What is Brandon Moore cooking?

Apathy’s body morphs from the one in The Fifth Turnbuckle to the one in the backstage area somewhere, pressing her finger to her ear, co-ordinating various attacks against Anicka Swan, Enforcer and Vincent Black.

What’s Apathy doing?

Murphy Doyle Maher and Amari Kent are fucking with Tommy Kain, sending him to a laundry room and locking him in, making him unable to fight MDM. This quickly shifts to Sahara, who then gets dropped by Michelle and tossed out onto the stage.

VooDoo and Vhodka Black are shown staring at each other, eyes locked, in the ring at Blood Money. They hang there in the background of the shot as Amari Kent grabbed the face of Mason Alexander Vanderbilt and drove it into the mat, then raised the BROOKLYN CHAMPIONSHIP HIGH INTO THE AIR!







Thud, thud, thud. Your heart is pounding in your chest. We cut to a live shot of the arena, where you’re stood in the nosebleeds, staring down at the unique black canvas ring with purple ropes and green turnbuckles… 

The King of Brooklyn

Purple and green confetti fall from the arena skies as Pain Away by Meek Mill blasts through the speakers. The crowd erupts into cheers as Amari Kent the new FIGHT BROOKLYN CHAMPION makes his way from behind the curtains, he wants to the beginning of the ramp and unwraps the belt from around his waist and holds in high into the air, he stares at the title admiring it as he listens to the crowd chant his name!


Amari stands at the top of the ramp for a couple seconds playing to the crowd before walking down the ramp, he slides the belt under the ring first and then he follows behind it grabbing the belt and holding it high in the middle of the ring. Amari reaches for the mic from the ring announcer and he tosses the title over his shoulder.

Amari Kent: Before I start I want to first introduce my better half, the one girl that has held me down and always believed in me. And joining her is a very good friend of mine, so ladies and gentlemen please welcome my queen North Wynters and Gianni Avant.

“Pain Away” by Meek Mills blasts through the speakers again and this time North Wynters makes her way out wearing Versace from head to toe and following behind her is Gianni Avant who is also dripping in Versace. The two walk down the ramp and both climb inside the ring joining Amari. North wraps her arms around Amari while Gianni stands to the side holding Amari’s Brooklyn Title.

Amari Kent: Now that I have my crew here with me –

Before Amari could finish, North extends her hand out for the mic. Amari smirks as he hands the mic over! 

North Wynters: Baby I couldn’t let you talk without giving you the proper introduction, I mean you are the first ever Fight Brooklyn Champion so you deserve it.

The crowd cheers.

North Wynters: Ladies and gentlemen, I want to introduce to you the sexiest and hardest working man on the planet, he is the FIRST EVER FIGHT BROOKLYN CHAMPION, AMARI KENT! aka THE SILENT KILLA.

The crowd erupts into cheers as Amari grabs his belt from Gianni and holds it high in the air again. The crowd calms down and Amari hands the title back to Gianni and reaches for the mic from North.

Amari Kent: You heard that right, the first ever FIGHT BROOKLYN CHAMPION and I know a lot of the people in the back can’t handle it. I did exactly what I said I was going to do and that was win. Now Mason I know you’re somewhere backstage still cursing the wall out, probably throwing a temper tantrum and flipping crayon boxes over but trust me it’s not the end of the road for you.

Amari smirks.

Amari Kent: I know it hurts your soul that you lost twice to this reality star but if you keep putting in the work then maybe one day you can hold a title like me and maybe win a match or two. I’m just saying! 

Amari shrugs as the crowd gives a mixed reaction between laughter and cheers.

Amari Kent: You kept questioning my wrestling ability but yet you’ve fallen victim to my destruction twice, so Mason I have to ask you what do you think about my wrestling now? Are you finally going to give me the respect I deserve? Or are you going to continue acting like this wrestling shit isn’t in my blood.

North claps her hands yelling “Tell em baby.”

Amari Kent: I started off undefeated in F2B, went over to OPW and caused some chaos and now I’m in FIGHT making a huge impact and it doesn’t stop at the Brooklyn Title, this is only the beginning for me and I guarantee you that in the future you won’t be able to mention FIGHT’S NAME without mentioning Amari Kent. I’m ready to take on any challenger that thinks they  can step foot in the ring and take this precious gold from me.

North leans over and talks into the mic

North Wynters: The keyword is “TRY.”

Amari Kent: I already know there’s a target on my back, hell there was a target way before I even won the championship because everyone in the back knew I was going to be a threat, I know they were studying my moves during my matches to see what advantage they could get while in the ring with me but the one thing about me is that I’m smarter and quicker than a lot of y’all in the back.

North Wynters: That’s facts baby. 

Amari Kent: So if you think you’re going to snatch this title away from me then you have another thing coming. The Silent Killa is here to stay and I’m not playing with none of y’all.

Amari drops the mic on the ground, he holds his title up in the air one last time before grabbing North and kissing her in the mouth. Gianni stands behind the two and watches on whole listening to the crowd cheer and chant Amari’s name, all three hop out of the ring and head backstage. 

Hashtag Dead Austin


Thunk. The sound of metal clanging. Austin Ramsey flies across the screen, the advanced Occhi system zooming out to catch him faceplant into a wall, Clauson now strides into shot, some kind of stick in his hand. Perhaps a hockey stick. But the hockey they play on grass. Weird. Or maybe a lacrosse stick. Who the fuck knows. In any case, Ramsey was screaming before, and he was probably knocked the fuck out right now.

Graham Clauson: Where’s your bustle and bluster now? Coward.

He pushes Ramsey into a stairwell, and drives his head into the bannister, and then begins to tip him over the stairs for a big drop, two stories down. Ramsey resists for a moment, but then goes into freefall, the bannister on the floor below slightly breaks his fall but in reality it just meant he took a double shot, one to the hips and the second to the head. A puddle of blood starts to form around his eye socket and he seems lifeless.

The commentary team of Damon Riggs and J Michael Brilliance are beside themselves at the brutality shown, and Clauson sneers as he looks down at his handiwork.

This is the action of a man with a huge chip on his shoulder.

It looked like it could be over for Austin Ramsey, whether it is #NiceAustin or #SadAustin that you remembered or saw, it was clear that the only one seared into your memory from now until eternity would be #DeadAustin.

Graham Clauson: One less part-time porn star in the world. Thank god.

Austin Ramsey vs Lisa Marie Ashton

“Behind You” by Shyko is playing out through the arena, and venerable fan favorite Lisa Marie Ashton is standing in the ring, however, she had been standing in the ring the entire time that the video of Graham Clauson’s attack on Austin Ramsey was shown to us all.

She’s furious.

Lisa Marie Ashton: Yet another opportunity to show the world what I am made of and it gets taken away! I fricken hate this!

She kicks the bottom rope, and Josiah Black tries to calm her down but she’s going crazy.

Damon Riggs: I mean, I’d be pissed too. They made her a laughing stock on the last OPW show, she got unlucky at Blood Money. We all know she’s trying to establish herself as a singles superstar and try to get a belt in her own right.

JMB: Bruh. If she wins a match in FIGHT! NYC, I’ll bow down to her.


Damon Riggs: Well shit, kid.

And as if from nowhere, Brandon Moore appears. He smiles at Lisa Marie, knowingly. Josiah Black is on his toes, ready in case of emergency. But Brandon waves them off, because he has different fish to fry.

Brandon Moore: Listen lady, you may have taken my tag belts off me back in the bad days and your day will come again, mark my words, but today you have won the lottery because I’m going to spare you. Now go. Stop complaining about everything. Be grateful for all the good grace you got.

Moore turns to Riggs now.

Brandon Moore: Damon…

Damon Riggs: Brandon..

Brandon Moore: Are you.. Looking forward to seeing your boy get eaten alive by the champ? What about your other boy getting worked over by Joe? Want some company?

Damon Riggs: How’d I know that you’d be greedy enough to come back for more? Huh?

Brandon Moore: No, no. I’m just here to enjoy the fights, man.

Damon Riggs: Fine. Sit with me on the next one, I’ll bite.

Brandon Moore: Who’s next?

Damon Riggs: Come see the notes I have here. I spend hours. Literally hours studying this shit. There are so many people on the FIGHT! NYC roster, its no joke.

Brandon Moore: [ reading notes ] Dark Tiger and Noelle Rivers? Old man and angry girl. Let’s get it, man.

And with that, Moore gets real close to Riggs with his headset, and starts mocking him. Riggs does as Riggs does, and roars at him, tells him to get fucked, and then Brandon makes his proposition again.

Brandon Moore: $700k. Last time. I proooomise.

And he did. Damon kept his word. Brandon kept the part of it where he’d leave Damon alone.. For now..

Sour Girl

Lisa Marie Ashton is fury barely contained by flesh as she storms her way through the halls of FIGHT! Tower, obviously more than a little upset that her match with Austin Ramsey was cancelled before she could even get her hands on him. See, Lisa Marie Ashton is a fighter – a woman who likes to prove that she has the goods to back up every single word she says. She is also a woman who likes to earn things, not have them given to her. It is a combination of both of these things that has soured her mood to the point of curdled milk. As she moves through the space of the building with her mind clearly more focused on what has been taken away from her rather than what is in front of her she neglects to see the very large frame of a chip eating man in front of her, plowing right into the man known as Enforcer but more important than that, plowing right into his bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, spilling them to dust on the floor between them while ranch flavored powder wafts its way through the air return vent on the wall beside them. I know what you’re thinking, “why does this guy always have a bag of chips?” and the answer to that is very simple: Enforcer is a man who is passionate about his snacking and even more passionate about the flavoring of his corn chips. Being the passionate man he is, he is more than a little irritated at the carelessness of Lisa Marie Ashton

Enforcer: Are you blind or just stupid? Couldn’t you see there was a snack here, man?

Lisa Marie Aston: Don’t you start with me! I’m in a very bad mood!

Enforcer: And I was in a very good mood until you ruined my chips, lady. 

Lisa Marie Ashton: Who cares about your stupid chips?! Those booking assholes upstairs cancelled my match with Austin Ramsey! 

Enforcer’s face contorts into shock and then over the top distress as he throws his hands in the air, wailing away like a tea kettle. Lisa Marie Ashton is confused and taken aback by his sudden shift in mood.


Lisa Marie narrows her eyes as Enforcer settles down glaring at her rage now more than a little irritated himself that his mid show snack has been cut short by someone else’s selfishness. 

Lisa Marie Ashton: Are you calling my match… the bathroom break?

Enforcer: Of course not.

Lisa Marie Ashton: Good.

Enforcer: I’m calling your career the bathroom break. 

With the cry of a thousand hot water scalded pigeons Lisa Marie Ashton launches herself at the much larger Enforcer consumed by hatred, erupting in violence like a very small blonde tornado. As FIGHT! personnel run down the hallway in an effort to separate the two it appears that Ashton would end up getting a fight tonight after all.

Noelle Rivers vs Dark Tiger

We join the match as it is already in progress with the much larger Dark Tiger seemingly in control of the bout. Noelle Rivers for all her anger doesn’t actually seem to have not only the physical strength but the experience necessary to go up against someone of Dark Tiger’s caliber who has been an institution in this business for so many years. Dark Tiger, who is a very good man, seems to be keeping an air of professionalism about himself, inflicting the damage that he needs to in order to wear the much smaller woman down whereas Noelle Rivers seems hellbent on crippling Dark Tiger in any way she possibly can. Thankfully for Dark Tiger, Noelle isn’t actually very successful at it which is just ratcheting up her frustration even more. Noelle Rivers has ascended the turnbuckle and looks to be going for some sort of aerial move but is caught mid air by Dark Tiger who holds her in his arms much like you would a small child. The grizzled veteran with an affinity for large cats laughs, face aglow as he looks down at the seething Rivers in his arms. Noelle begins to struggle and Dark Tiger gently sits her down on her feet in the ring, smiling at the angry storm of hair and eyebrows in front of him. It would appear that Dark Tiger was toying with the less experienced Rivers, clearly having surmised that she was no legitimate threat to him and that he could end this match at any time he wished. 

Noelle Rivers launches herself off the ropes and looks like she’s attempting a clothesline though sadly whomever has been training her clearly didn’t specify that to clothesline your opponent you must first of all be tall enough to reach at the very least their chest. Noelle catches Dark Tiger with her arm around his hulking tree trunk of a waist but instead of moving the much larger man off center like the had hoped she merely bounces off his steely body falling flat on her ass in the ring as he continues to laugh, now completely amused at his opponent. 

A sudden commotion is heard in the referees box up above and both competitors look up in that direction at what appears to be some sort of thick pink fluid coating the glass and blocking the view of the ring from the ref. Dark Tiger, who is now very confused, walks closer trying to get a better look at what is going on, only turning around when Noelle taps him on the back. For his troubles of being a polite man he gets a set of knuckle dusters right to the face and drops to the mat like a sack of potatoes. Noelle quickly drops to sit down on his chest for the pin just in time for the ref to wipe away the pepto bismol pink from the glass and make the count giving her the win.

Fast And Furious

A black caddy pulled into the NYC traffic and slowly made its way down the block and turned left, inside, Fight! NYC’s very own Vincent and Vhodka Marie Black.  It was only a few blocks from their apartment to the Hearst building, but on FIGHT night with fans packed outside the building, getting rushed as they walked up was not the business.  Vincent circled the building to the parking garage; where fans parked in the upper levels and the fighters and staff parked in the lower levels.  Vincent drove the car down the ramp and came to a stop at the security booth where the white and red arm was lowered blocking the way in.  Security had an over zealous fan up against the wall who thought they would sneak in the building via the wrestler entrance.  One of them held the fan against the wall by his head with one cheek smashed against it as the other frisked him.  Vincent decided to let the men do their jobs and opened the door and got out.

Security: If you give it a double tap, it will close behind you.

Vincent nodded in his direction, that was good info to know and saved him from having to get back out of the car.  He stepped inside and gave the button the double tap just as he heard his wife’s voice.

Vhodka Black: Fucking bitch… 

Vincent looked up just in time to see Vhodka Marie slip over into the driver seat, pull the door closed and had her foot to the gas.

Vincent Black: Shit. [ He ran back outside and watched as the caddy took the car right at the windshield, splintering the security arm and cracking the windshield.  He leaned down and saw just exactly what had triggered her… his ex-wife, VooDoo.  Before he took off running, he looked at security and told them it was the Matriaches. ]

Security: Parking garage should be a fight-free zone.  [ He tapped his ear piece. ] Code M in the garage.  [ Both security guys dropped the fan and took off running after Vincent Black. ]

VooDoo had just parked her Lexus LX SUV and was making her way over to the utilidor that led to the Hearst building and the elevators up when she heard the crash at the guard shack.  She looked up to see Vincent’s caddy bearing down on her with Vhodka smiling at the wheel.

VooDoo: Motherdick!  

VooDoo started running to the opening to the utilidor, all she had to do was make it there, Vhodka would play demolition derby with every car in here to hit her, but the caddy was too wide to make it through the opening.  At least that was what VooDoo was hoping as she looked over her shoulder to see Vhodka coming around the end of the row, the rear end of the car hitting the concrete wall busting the tail light and grinding the paint off the back fender.

Vhodka Black: Let’s see if you’re faster than a speeding caddy!  

As Vincent and the 2 security guys rounded the corner the first thing they saw was Vhodka Marie just barely tapping VooDoo on the ass enough to send her into the utilidor as she wedged the car into the opening, busting out both headlights and caving both front fenders in.  VooDoo rolled a couple of times before she came to a stop and there was no movement from inside the car.  Vincent didn’t know what to be concerned for more, his wife, his ex-wife or the caddy.  Both women were almost indestructible but the caddy was not; he was glad it wasn’t his favorite one.

Inside the utilidor, VooDoo got to her feet, ran to the caddy and jumped on the hood; inside, Vhodka Marie looked up in time to see VooDoo dropping to her knees in front of the driver’s side and rear back with her fist to punch the rest of the glass out; she raises her right leg and they both begin to knock out the windshield and trying to hit each other.

The Matriarchs both grabbed each other at the same time with one hand and started swinging with the other.  VooDoo began to crawl in through the opening as Vhodka pulled her in, both giving zero fucks about the glass that sliced at their bare skin and clothes as they continued to hit each other.

Vincent made it to the car and jerked open the door to find them in what resembled an alligator death roll in human form.  He looked at the two security guys.

Vincent Black: Taze them. [ They looked at him, and then to each other just to confirm that they both heard the same thing. ] You heard me, taze them.

Vincent stepped aside as they took aim and delivered a combined 75k volts to the mothers of his children until they stopped fighting each other and became still.  He walked back over and grabbed VooDoo by the legs and pulled her out and carried her around to the front of the car where a security guy was standing on the other side.  He handed her over.  

Vincent Black: Take her to her locker room, have someone from medical sent to both locker rooms.  [ The guy stood there for a moment at the woman in his arms. ] You might want to hurry, she wakes up, she’s going to be swinging and not care who she’s swinging on.

Vincent walked back to the car and reached in again and pulled out his wife, slung her up on his shoulder then walked around and slid over the hood of the car and started down the utilitor.  He called back over his shoulder for them not to scratch his car when they parked it.  The remaining security guys looked at each other and then the car… if they did, how would he ever know?

Against Medical Advice


Unmistakeably, this is the voice of Austin Ramsey. Following his yelling, you hear rustling, pans clattering, and falling movements. The brightness rises in the room he’s in and you can see that he’s attached to an IV trolley, he is patched up, wearing a hospital gown.

Nurse: Austin, AUSTIN, You need to calm down.


She could see that he was trying to get himself into some business, and to be precise, it wasn’t anything good. He reached his hand over and yanked the IV tube out from his arm, angrily pushing past the nurse. He pauses and winces as his knee starts to buckle.

Austin Ramsey: Over my dead body is that man walking out of this arena tonight! OVER MY DEAD BODY!

Nurse: Mr Ramsey, I MUST INSIST, you can’t leave the infirmary. If you do, FIGHT! NYC will no longer be liable and therefore responsible for your medical well-being. You are not cleared fit!

Austin Ramsey: Don’t worry, I have no intention of competing tonight, lady.

He touches his hand up to his forehead, at a wound that had been dressed but had started leaking. He looks down at his hand, and seeing the claret blood on his fingertips drew a smile to his face. As he stomped through the door in his gown, he wiped the blood under his eyes, gladiator-style, and then determinedly looked left and then right.

Sfogliatelle From Strangers

Joe Montuori steps out of the shower in the bathroom and his eyes light up. The regular suite he had left 30 minutes earlier to shower had now been transformed into a smorgasbord of delicious meats, cheeses, olives and antipasto. Another table is nothing but pastries from the finest italian bakeries in all of new york. Lobster tails, Napoleons, and the flakiest cream puffs ever seen. A mountain of Struffoli dripping with the most decadent looking honey anyone has ever seen.

Joe begins to pick and choose bits and pieces. A little gabagool, A little Mozz, A few stuffed olives. As he begins to eat some, He suddenly realizes he’s gotta call Paul. Grabbing the phone off the wall, he hits a speedial button and rings Paul’s dressing room.

Paul Montuori: Joe, I am literally right next store, Just yell.

Joe Montuori: That’s rude, bro. Come over. I got some shit you’re gonna want.

Joe hangs up the phone, and throws another olive in his mouth. Paul enters the room and looks at the assortment of food and is confused to his core. Why would this be here? And why would anyone send food to Joe? Unless…

Paul Montuori: Dude, who sent this?

Joe Montuori: Who cares bro, lookit! It’s a fucking Smorsgasbord.

Paul Montuori: Remember when we were kids, we were told not to take candy from strangers?

Joe Montuori: Yeah because they coulda put som-

Joe spits out the food in his mouth is visibly angry.  He runs across the room and 

Joe Montuori: This…This is low. You don’t fuck with the gabbagool, Kid! Some things gotta be sacred!! Mother fucker!!

Paul Montuori: Sorry dude. And you know I don’t eat this shit anymore.

Joe Montuori: Whatever mister California. Question tho, You think the sfogliatelle is tainted…because those are…

Paul Montuori: You’re kidding.

Joe Montuori: I am. I am. But this asshole went too far. Call him Zac fucking Efron, bro. Because he’s about to be 17 again.

Paul Montuori: Hey. You know who you should send this food to?

Joe Montuori: Lisa Marie?

Paul Montuori: Fucking A. She’s off tonight anyway.

The two laugh and look over the food, which wasn’t poisoned. It was meant for Joe to get so full that he’d be lethargic in the ring. But seeing as the Mont’s would absolutely do something like this to someone else, they naturally thought someone would do it to them.

Korrupt vs The Enforcer

Everything begins as one would expect, both men going back and forth, neither really taking an advantage. Then it shifts, Enforcer begins to gain the upper hand.  A series of lefts and rights leads to some impact maneuvers and Korrupt is on the defensive. Enforcer presses his early advantage with an angry swagger. As he pulls a stunned Korrupt to his feet, Enforcer stops in his tracks holding Korrupt by the head. On the top of the ramp is Apathy wearing a big smile on her face.

JMB: Things are about to get interesting, Apathy is out on the top of the ramp, and she clearly has the attention of Enforcer.

Damon Riggs: Good observation slick. Maybe next time you can caption it with some even more obvious observations.

Apathy taunts Enforcer from the ramp and for the slightest of moments Enforcer allows himself to be distracted. Korrupt strikes in that moment to take the upper hand away from Enforcer. He whips Enforcer around the ring, and drives him down with various moves, changing from one to the other. Apathy reaches ringside as Korrupt struts around in the ring before returning to Enforcer, but now Enforcer has a surprise for Korrupt as he takes the upper hand back. 

JMB: The distraction worked but Enforcer seems even more focused now than he did before.

Damon Riggs: Well stated kiddo. Keep the assessments of the situation coming for all the blind people out there.

After a series of power moves, Enforcer leaps to his feet and shouts at the crowd, Apathy responds by leaping onto the apron. Enforcer charges and swipes but Apathy drops down and away from the ring. Enforcer smiles as he leans over the top rope and stares at her. Enforcer returns to Korrupt in the middle of the ring, as Eion emerges from the crowd. Enforcer drops Korrupt and rushes the ropes as Eion leaps onto the apron, then back off, just before Enforcer reaches the ropes. 

JMB: They have Enforcer bouncing all over the ring like a pinball and completely distracted.

Damon Riggs: Son this is mind games at its best, and they are in Enforcer’s head.

Enforcer turns his attention to Apathy who is now on the apron. He rushes the ropes and she drops off again. Now he turns back to Eion, but this time as he charges Korrupt takes him down. Korrupt sends Enforcer to the ropes, drives a few blows then whips to the other corner. Apathy awaits and drives a blow to the back of Enforcers head, then slips something into her pants.  Korrupt whips Enforcer to the other corner, and Eion does the same as Apathy. As Enforcer stumbles out of the corner and Korrupt hooks him up and drives him down with the TOTAL CORRUPTION!

JMB: The Cure has gotten the better of Enforcer in this one, and I think it is over.

Damon Riggs: There is the three count and it is now officially over! Korrupt is your winner in this one, or more accurately, the Cure!

Anicka Swan vs Eoin O'Rourke

Anicka Swan steps out of her locker room looking like a woman woke for war. Her midnight blacl hair is pulled into a tight ponytail and then pinned to the top of her head, looking more like a Samurai than an entrepreneur and former champion. Looking down at her hands, she wriggles each finger and cracks them individually. Led to an elevator that is hidden behind a locked door, she is instructed to get into the elevator by the escorts. She complies, not because she has to, but because she wants to. On the other side of the tower, Eoin O’Rourke is also being escorted, and is also about to endure a small speech on the elevator ride down.

Miss F: Anicka, Eoin. You two are no strangers to fist fighting. And tonight shall be no different. The area that you will find just beyond your elevator car is what shall be known as The Pit. It will be utilized for all Bare Knuckle brawls. And you two, are about to take it’s virginity. Something I’m sure both of you are used to doing. The rules are simple. There will be no grappling. No submission moves. No tapping out. You will fight one another until one or the other can do so, no more. Fail to answer a 5 count and the match ends. Fail to release a hold after 3 seconds, and you lose. Lift your opponent off the ground in any way, and you will be warned. Do so twice and you will be fined. Trust me when I tell you, you don’t want to know what that means. Anicka, Eoin. Fight.

The doors to the elevator open and Anicka and Eoin get a good luck at the area they’ll be fighting in. Dirt floors, with large wooden logs embedded into the floor with tires at the top and bottom. Chains hang between the logs and the links clang against each other, giving the entire creepy location a suitably creepy soundtrack. Making their way through the maze like log pattern, Anicka sees Eoin at the same time he sees her. And they both rush at the other.

Anicka goes left around a log as Eoin goes right. Turning around, Eoin finds that Anicka has made it around the log before he could even turn around, and he also finds that her right hand is using the log to leverage more power to her left, which connects with an audible smack. Eoin spins on his heels and clutches his jaw for a second before dodging another punch by Anicka, this one a haymaker of a right hand. As he rises from the dodge he throws two face lefts into her side and pushes her back with a right hook. Anicka bounces off the wooden post and spins behind it. Eoin loses sight of her for a moment, and gives chase, only to find that she was standing perfectly still behind the log in front of him. She crashes her left into the side of his face and sends him staggering. Regaining his balance, Eoin uses the wooden log to his right to jump off of and launch himself toward Anicka. Ducking it and and rolling toward him, Anicka hits her feet at the same time that Eoin stops moving and spins him around.

Anicka blasts him with two jabs to the face, as Eoin dodges the third and catches her with an southside uppercut that doesn’t rock her exactly but leaves her open for a right handed jab thats as stiff as the drink she’s gonna have afterwards. Eoin rushes forward and grabs her, tossing her to the ground without thinking. A buzzer goes off.

JMB: That’s gonna cost him!

Damon Riggs: J, you have to understand the rule is there for a reason. As wrestlers we are far too reliant on the ability to just throw someone around. Can’t blame Eoin, I would’ve done the same, to be fair.

Eoin is obviously angry that he messed up, and runs toward Anicka in an attempt to finish this. She once again rolls out of the way and as he turns to face her she blasts him with her elbow. No alarm is sounded as elbows are allowed, but Eoin waits for it, and is then nailed with three jabs in a row, but thankfully he ducks the jumping right that lands on the wooden post and lets out a cracking noise. If that was her hand or the log, its not for us to know just yet.

Eoin goes on the offensive and begins to try to pummel Anicka, while Anicka moves about non stop. Eoin is enraged, his otherwise pale skin turning a bright red. Anicka on the other hand is smiling, blowing kisses, and overall flirting with the massive redhead. He does not take kindly to this and she is glad to see it. As an angry man is a sloppy man, and he makes his second mistake of the night, and grabs her for a german suplex.

The buzzer goes off again, and suddenly a crew of security guards rush the two of them. One of them has some sort of contraption in his hands and informs Eoin he has to wear it. The guards brandish tasers and look all too ready to use them. Anicka tries to interfere, saying it’s fine, but she is told to mind her business, and so she does.

Eoin is put into a restraint vest that locks his left arm to his hip, leaving him to fight with only one arm. Anicka, disgusted by this, looks up at a camera, and shakes her head, mouthing the words ‘not fair.’ The guards all touch their ears and suddenly another guard appears, holding another vest.

Guard: Ma’am. I was told to relay a message; Gotcha last.

Anicka Swan: This mother…ok. Let’s go.

The guards slide the vest onto Anicka, all being very careful not to touch anything they have no business touching, less they wish to find a new job or a new pair of testicals. Now with both competitors with only one arm, The guards return to their sideline positions, and Anicka rushes Eoin. Eoin uses his free arm to try and hit Anicka as much as possible, with Anicka spinning, and dodging each and every one. She moves two steps to the right and ducks, she moves three steps to the left and spins. Eoin realizes that she is doing her best to disorientate him. That she wishes to make him dizzy, or exhaust him. But he isn’t falling for it. Which is appropriate, as that isn’t what she’s doing.

JMB: is she…

Damon Riggs: She is.

Anicka suddenly rears up and crashes an incredibly powerful hook to Eoin’s face. His head jolts, his skin waves from the impacted, and his teeth are all a little bit looser. But that is not the worst of it. Having positioned him perfectly with her footwork, she drives Eoin’s head into a post with her punch, sending him flopping to the ground unconscious. Eoin shakes his head at 3, Sits up at 4, and realizes he’s lost at five.

The Denzel Porter Show

Denzel Porter:  Welcome to the Denzel Porter show. I am coming to you live from FIGHT! NYC’s VENOM!  Joe Montuori personally invited me to be his guest.  Joe would like to tell us his side of the story when it comes to him and Damon Havok Riggs and their heated rivalry that has taken place over the years and most recently resurfaced over Riggs’ daughter Allison Riggs-Preston, who’s married to Dane Preston and the subsequent resurgence of that feud.

Denzel changes the screen behind him to a picture of roses. 

Denzel Porter:  To those that are not aware, Joe has been flaunting his love or attraction; some would say that he has for Allison and most recently filled the FIGHT! NYC’s ground floor entrance and Allison’s own private locker room up with hundreds of roses. 

Denzel changes the back screen to a damaged Rolls-Royce.

Denzel Porter:  Now I’m sure Dane Preston wasn’t pleased with that, and many believe he was behind the vandalization of Joe Montuori’s residence and the damages to his prized Rolls Royce. Now I know you all that are watching right now are wondering just how did we get here and how far back does this really go, but have no fear Denzel Porter is here to get these answers.

Denzel claps his hands, and four prominent male security officers walk in and spread out around the set.

Denzel Porter:  Now I’m going to have Allison and Dane Preston here with me, along with Damon HavoK Riggs and Joe Montuori, to tell us all in their own words how we got here, and these security officers are here to make sure we get the whole story with no interruptions. Now please welcome the man that invited me here tonight, Joe Montuori.

Without further adieu, out walks J Mont looking like a million bucks. Wearing a custom ALEXANDER AMOSU VANQUISH BESPOKE SUIT, along with a nice pair of Amadeo Testoni Antiqued Leather Oxfords. And to top it off, Bling Bling on the wrist with a Rolex GMT Master II Ice. Who else would wear a million bucks to the show but J Mont. With a big smile on his face, he shakes the hand of Denzel, who he is a big fan of and takes a seat ready for the segment.

Denzel Porter:  Once again, thank you for the invitation, sir; it is truly an honor to sit down with a man of your stature. Now before the other guest arrives, tell us about your affection for Allison?

Joe Montuori:  First off, you’re welcome. I enjoy your point of views and feedback with the wrestling world. I also hope the shirt I sent to you is something you will wear with pride. But now to answer your question…. My affection for Allison….IT’S TRUE… I truly from the bottom of my heart can tell you I care deeply for her and have fallen deeply for her. Over these past few months, it’s been a roller coaster but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t change anything. I’m showing her what a real man does and how a man should love a woman.

Denzel Porter: Yes, I did get the shirt. It was a lovely gift, and I’ll make sure to advertise it on my show. Now, tell me did you use your position of power to book yourself in a tag team title match-up with Allison?

Joe Montuori:  Not sure if you saw any of the past interviews or talked with anyone, but let me clear the AIR AGAIN. It was an honest mistake at the time. My good pal SSS- Smoked Shawn Stevens was in my office and I was trying to get him into the OPW at the time and I figured the perfect way was a tag team title match with myself and him. But of course with Allison on my mind as I was typing up the contract on my laptop, I messed up a few letters. I didn’t type SSS, I typed ARP….i did not abuse my power for the tag team title match. It was an error on my part but think about it now. We went on to win the tag team titles and became one of the hottest teams in the industry in and out of the ring.

Denzel Porter:  I remember before the show you mentioned to me that you had a surprise for Allison, here on the show.

Joe Montuori:  Yes sir…. So please stay seated…. I already have it all set up. And no, I am not proposing yet. With this being the show it’s going to be, and the people that are going to be here, I figured I would go all out and show them how I truly feel about Allison. I’m going to sing a song and if you listen to the lyrics, you will catch my drift.

Denzel stays seated and J Mont gets up and points over to the woman who handles the sound and music for the show. And after a brief moment, you hear the music of a song written by the R n B singer Joe “All the things your man won’t do”.  And here goes J Mont.

J Mont: 

Hey Love (Allison)

You say you need someone (J Mont)

To be there for you (J Mont)

To Love you all night long (J Mont)

It’s kinda funny but

I don’t think you need to look no further

Because i am right here (J Mont)

And I’m Ready (J Mont and Allie)


Tell me what kind of man

Would treat his woman so cold (DANE)

Treat you like you’re nothing (DANE)

When you are worth more than gold (ALLISON)

GIrl to me, you are like a Diamond

I love the way you shine

A Hundred Million dollar treasure (Allison)

I’ll give the world to make you mind (J Mont and Allison)

I’ll put a string of pearls right in your hand

Make love on a beach of jet black sand (J Mont and Allison)

Outside the rain we can do it ALL NIGHT LONG

Out to tour the places he would not (DICKLESS DANE)

And some you never knew would get you hot

Nothing is forbidden when we touch (J Mont and Allison)






I’ll take you out on a night cruise (ALLISON)

On a yacht, just can’t lose

Cause we got a lot to look forward too

1-2 what ya gonna do

What good is a diamond nobody can see

I hear he got you on lock down (DANE)

Show me to the subway, i’ll go down

Nothing can be sweeter then the sound of US making LOVE

Baby, when i start, i can’t stop

I’ll love you from the bottom to the top (J Mont and Allison)







Finally, after belting out this love song for Allison, J Mont takes a bow, nods his head at Denzel and takes his seat again.

Joe Montuori:  Now Denzel, before you say anything….tell me that you don’t believe after hearing that…. That myself and Allison aren’t a match made in heaven?

Denzel Porter:  You make a great case J Mont, and I see the passion you have for her, and who am I to say it’s not true love, but this man might, though… Please welcome…

Without awaiting his introduction, Dane Preston comes stomping out.

Dane Preston:  I can take it from here Denzel, thank you.  Good of you to be here by the way, big fan of your work.

Dane takes a seat with Denzel Porter between him and JMont and just glares in Joe’s direction. 

Denzel Porter:  Thank you.  Let’s keep this civil gentlemen, I try to run a clean show.  And let’s stick to the facts.

Dane Preston:  Understood, Denzel.  Now, please let me get this off my chest real quick.  Joe, you are a showman, there’s no doubt about that.  You show people what you think they want to see, in order to have them eat from your hands.  I am not a bird.  Allison is not a bird.  Damon is not a bird.  We all see through your little facade.  Sure, you made a mistake when you put my wife’s name on that tag title contract, so why didn’t you shred it and correct your mistake in the office?  Because it’s utter BULLSHIT!  That’s why…

Denzel Porter:  Now Dane, I know I’m a guest here, but I am hosting my show here on VENOM, so please show some decorum.

Dane Preston:  My apologies Denzel.  You’ve got to understand that my wife and I have battled our fair share of issues over the years.  But we have a wonderful life, we have two beautiful children and a girlfriend back home who love and miss us terribly.  I know for a fact Bella wants nothing to do with Joe, and I know I have no desire to lose the love of my life…

Joe Montuori:  Tough shit Dickless Dane, cause you already lost her. You’re in my world now. It’s the Joe and Allie Show… JALLISON. AM… The Notebook 2 – It’s in the works… Your time is over…..

Dane Preston:  Ay, Meatbol, I wasn’t done yet, so shut your mouth.  You sang a song.  And you think that makes you and MY WIFE a legitimate couple…

Joe Montuori:  Let me explain something to you DANE….. She hasn’t told you everything about US…..  You don’t know how she acts when it’s just out on a date or on the phone. She is different. She is putting up a FRONT for you right now but in due time, the TRUTH will come out and you will shatter into a million pieces. Just deal with it…. We are the couple of the year for 2021 and everyone wants US together….

Dane Preston:  No, let ME explain something to you, MONBORING!  Since the day you and Damon crossed paths, you’ve been chasing at his fucking heels.  Hell, you’ve been doing all you can to shock the world just to keep out of the shadow the Riggs and Wolf families cast.  And it’s a big fucking shadow, I know, because I’ve been working my ass off to get out of it myself.  But you’re a fucking clown.  You told the world VooDoo’s twins were yours, then you tried to claim you slept with my mother in law.  And now you pull this bullshit with my wife.  And you’re delusional; there are no dates but those where you keep paying Allison impostors to stand in for her.  That’s all this is to you, a clout chasing, power grab.  But it’s not coming at my families expense, you know why?  Because you’re a godsdamned joke, that’s why!  Joke Monboring.  That’s what I’ll call you from now on.  And let me tell you why.  You run around acting like you’re better than me, WHEN YOU COULDN’T BEAT ME WITH THE HELP OF 3 OTHER PEOPLE.  You want to know why FoCuS is dead and GONE?  Because YOU WERE THEIR LEADER.  I saw how restless Brandon Moore was under your leadership, the man is better than you in every fucking way.  He was chomping at the bits to usurp control of that group.  And Cam Vincent?  Motherfucker–

Denzel Porter:  Language, please…

Dane Preston:  Cam couldn’t be bothered to stick around.  And your brother?  Don’t even get me started.  This whole turning over a new leaf deal he’s got going on…  I think Dickie said it best, he wants to prove to be better than you ever were.  Even he’s tired of pretending that you’re the BIG DOG in the Monboring family.

Joe Montuori:  Hey, fuck you, ya DICKLESS piece of shit…

Denzel Porter:  Language, please Joe…

Joe Montuori:  Nah, fuck that.  Fuck this Chump, he’s just bitter that I stole his bitch…


All three men look around when Damon HavoK Riggs steps into view and walks right over to Joe Montuori and yanks him out of his chair, then pats Joe’s custom suit that he ruffled up, and gets right in Joe’s face.  The four security guards begin to move in, when Denzel raises his hand up, prompting them to back down.

Damon HavoK Riggs:  You wanna hit me Joe?  Give me a reason.  Give me the freedom to beat your ass again.  I’m begging you.  

Denzel Porter:  Now, Damon, I know you’re contractually bound not to engage in physicalities with FIGHT! Talent.  Let’s keep our heads, I’m just trying to run a clean show here.

Damon HavoK Riggs:  Respectfully, because you’re a guest here, I’ll mind my manners…  But for future reference, you’ll need a lot more than 4 security guards to keep me from tearing this excuse for a human being to shreds.  Joe, you and I have a storied past.  You like to tell the stories, while none of them are true.  Yet you tout the TRUTH like you’re some sort of saint.  Allow me to paint a picture; throughout my career, I’ve had legendary feuds with Jerome, Cam Vincent, Corey Bradley, and Jason Jarrett, all FoCuS alumni. Instant classics, and I will proudly take those wars with me when I die.  But you and me?  Instantly forgettable.  And that’s not due to me, no Joe, that’s due to you.  The TRUTH of the matter is that you’re your own hype man, you always have been.  You see yourself as bigger and badder than you truly are.  Even your own FoCuS brethren are and always have been the superior talent, while you rode their coattails to success, your overbearing personality drowned them out!  The point is that I have made more history with the men following you, than you ever have with me.  You’ve never beaten me, not even in OPW, regardless of the excuses you continue to sling about, the record books show me as the victor and not you.  And it fucking eats you alive inside.

Denzel Porter:  Alright alright, this is good, now we’re digging into the history between you two, that’s what I came to see.  Now Damon, you wasted no time.  You were so quick to go on public record to decline Joe’s invitation to a dinner with him, to hash out old grievances and move forward with this apparent Riggs-Montuori union…

Damon HavoK Riggs:  Denzel, let me stop you there.  No matter what this delusional Meatbol keeps feeding the rest of the world, I am telling you here and now, irrefutably, that THERE IS NO UNION.  My daughter would NEVER dishonor her family in such a way.  There is not, was not, and never will be a snowball’s chance in Hell that I would sit down and listen to him try to sell me, ME!  He thinks he’s charismatic and slick enough to sell me on him being with MY daughter or becoming part of MY family.  He’s a slimy, manipulative, used car salesman wrapped up in tattoos and fine clothing to distract the world from his true identity.  And I will be dead and gone before I let my daughter destroy her family, her career and her life to throw her hat in with the likes of Joe Montuori…

Joe Montuori:  Listen you stupid fuckin old man…. Get used to seeing this face around you house durin’ the Holidays. BECAUSE YOU’RE LOOKING AT YOUR FUTURE SON IN LAW, RIGHT NOW! And you better be ready for a Riggs-Montuori grand baby too!  Besides, it looks to me like Dickless Dane is already moving on, how’d Sahara’s titty feel, huh Dane?


The unmistakable voice of Allison Riggs-Preston is heard screeching through FIGHT’s sound system.  All four men turn their attention to Allison as she steps into view and walks over to Denzel to shake his hand.

Denzel Porter:  Welcome to the show Mrs. Riggs-Preston, a pleasure to finally meet you…

ARP:  Thank you Denzel, but either Allison or ARP will suffice…

Joe Montuori:  Nah, Mrs. Montuori will suffice, Denzel…

ARP:  Joe, I’ve had about enough of you!

Dane and Damon:  Thank you!

ARP:  I’ve had about enough of both of you, too!  Right now the only person I like sitting here is Denzel.

Denzel Porter:  You know, this rivalry has many elements to it.  Your father and his allies have a storied past with Joe Montuori and FoCus throughout the years.  Your husband seems to have inherited that war, simply by association with you and your father.  This whole ordeal stems from your decision to go along with teaming with Joe Montuori, despite a clerical error on Joe’s part, which you were contractually allowed to appeal and refuse.  What are your thoughts on this?

ARP:  Let me stop you there.  I may have inherited this mess from my father.  But I can’t blame him for the current situation.  I was born and bred for this business.  It’s perfectly reasonable that I would inherit some of his feuds.  And I spoke with my husband about teaming with Joe, he agreed with me.

Dane Preston:  I did, but after everything that’s gone down, I wish I hadn’t.

ARP:  Yeah…  I’m speaking right now, you all had your time.  The point is that I knew what I was getting into when I got into this business.  Dane knew what he was getting into way back when we first started dating.  It was inevitable that one day someone would pop up that had history with my father and family.  I just never expected it to go off the rails like this.

Damon HavoK Riggs:  So, this is all my fault.

ARP:  Still speaking… She said through gritted teeth.  Thank you.  Had I known that a simple business decision was going to be the cause of so much turbulence in both my personal and professional life, I never would have agreed to it either…

Joe Montuori:  But babe, without that simple business decision, you never would have found out how much you don’t love Dane, but me instead!

ARP:  Ya know, I’m getting so sick and tired of being interrupted, told how and what to feel and how and what I have to do.  You want to know who this whole feud and rivalry is about? ME.  Yeah, I said it.  It all revolves around ME.  All three of these men have their reasons.  I am my father’s daughter.  I am my husband’s partner and mother to his children.  I am Joe’s tag team partner, and now his very unhealthy obsession.  At least two of these men’s feelings I know to be genuine, the third is questionable.  Remove me from the equation, and this becomes nothing more than a professional rivalry that transferred from Master to Student.  I. Am. The. KEY.  And with the way things are going, I wish I could lock all of this down and then disappear, so the lock could never be opened again.

Denzel Porter:  It sounds to me like all of this has caused you a great deal of stress and you feel some regret.

ARP:  It really has, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel regret.  My husband and father are hurt as a result of my choices.  And Joe has caught feelings that I can’t reciprocate as a result of my choices.  And I am missing the Hell out of my kids and girlfriend; so yeah, getting the Hell outta Dodge seems like a viable option for me.  But, but, I AM my father’s daughter, stubborn and competitive to the core.   I am also my mentor’s pupil… And VooDoo doesn’t train weak bitches who give up and run away from their problems.  So here I am, facing them head on.

Denzel Porter:  Would you like to say anything to these three men?  From what I gather, getting the three of them together like this is a rarity.

Allison gets quiet for a moment, with a pensive look, her eyes move back and forth between husband, father, and partner.  With a deep breath, she exhales slowly and nods.

ARP:  Daddy, I know you mean well.  Your heart is always in the right place.  But after watching you interfere with Dane’s career and always having some sort of input about our marriage, I have to ask you to stop.  I am a grown woman with a career of my own.  I don’t need my father trying to fight my battles for me.  Like Dane said, you don’t need to be a backseat driver to either of our careers.  Be there for us, support us how and when you can, and if we come to you for guidance or advice, that’s the time to speak your mind.  But please, stop trying to be one of the Fates and guide everything that’s in our path.

Dane, I don’t even know where to start right now.  I’m sorry that all of this happened to begin with.  It was never supposed to be like this.  I’m so confused about us and where we stand at the moment.  I love you and I know you love me, you trusted me and supported me in my decision to team with Joe, like you said you would after the twins were born and I thank you for everything you’ve done for me, for our children and for being so supportive of my career.  But after catching you and Sahara in your locker room, I have a lot of questions that need to be answered, by both you AND her..

Joe, you are an absolute anomaly here, I went into this expecting off the wall bullshit from the jump off.  To this extent, however, I never saw it coming.  My whole goal was to prove to the world that my family does in fact work and play well with others.  I wanted to break the cycle of how our circle was so protective, almost reclusive in some ways.  Having been a former Champion, I am also not one to pass up a Championship opportunity.  And you’ve been great, you’re sweet, kind and caring, but there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding your motives, and whether or not your feelings are in fact genuine.  Or if this is as my father has said, which is nothing more than you clout chasing, trying to take more power for yourself.  And for the record, if I ever did marry you Joe, there’s no way in hell I would drop the Riggs from my name, if anything, YOU’D BE ADDING IT TO YOURS.

They were all silent for a moment, uncomfortably so.  Then all three men began shouting at once, with Allison standing in the eye of the storm, trying desperately to keep them all from killing one another.  With his eyes wide, Denzel looks into the camera.

Denzel Porter:  Man, am I glad that I don’t have to put up with this kind of shenanigans on a daily basis.  FIGHT! NYC fans, this has been the Denzel Porter show, and I thank you all for tuning in.  Let’s get back more action here on FIGHT! NYC VENOM!

Jason Ryan vs Dollface

Jason Ryan has proved himself in many ways in this business. He had thought the amount of proving he had to do was over. But here and now he once again finds another moment that he was show what he is made of. Or more likely, what he isn’t made of. Breakable things, things that others can twist and manipulate to their liking. He must not break. He must not bend. He must resist. And that which he must resist was now on their way.

‘When I am Queen’ by Jackoff Jill begins, the lights die, and a spotlight shines on the entrance way. The black form of Dollface appears. Her paper-mache mask reflecting the light as if made of light itself, except for the misshapen eyes and  mouth which seem to be constructed of darkness. She steps into the ring and drops the lace and leather cloak she wears to reveal her full body suit of both leather and rubber materials. She then pulls off her paper mask to reveal a much more horrifying one beneath it. Straps of black tattered leather wrapped around a face covered in white and black makeup. Her teeth jagged and broken, and the corners of her mouth bubbling and dripping with the black viscous goo she’s become known for. Jason Ryan stands unshaken in his corner, his feet planted to the mat like the roots of a tree.

Dollface smiles and her jaw shakes, as she prepares to be a tornado.

Damon Riggs: Not many things in this world give me the heebs, J. But this one. No thank you.

JMB: I tell you this, If she keeps going how she has, I’m buying stock in 3M for the safety goggle uptick we’re about to see.

The bell rings and the ref booth flashes, singaling the start to the fight. Jason Ryan rushes forward, but Dollface drops, bending her knees behind her to the point that her back is to the floor. Popping back up as Ryan matches past her. The crowd reacts in a disturbed sort of way, as Dollface backs her self into a corner and beckons Jason to come forward. Jason rushes the corner but just as he gets there, Dollface falls to the mat, grabs the turnpost with her feet, pulling herself toward the post and spins out of the ring under one bank of ropes, and to the apron on the opposite side. Jason Ryan backs up and Dollface crawls inside the ring, her black goo dripping all along the way.

We cut to Brandon Moore and Apathy, Both standing by a monitor watching the match. They seem to be discussing the odds of which soldier is going to win. Moore swearing that it would be his, Jason Ryan. And Apathy all but guaranteeing that it will be hers, Dollface.

The match continued this way for some time. Ryan trying to get his hands on Dollface, and with Dollface evading him in some equally skilled but creepy way. The match takes a turn though, when Jason Ryan finally gets a hold of Dollface, and grabs her by the back of her head. Dollface is dragged back into the ring by her hair, but it is obvious to everyone Dollface is letting him do so. She reaches up the apron, and pulls his face to hers, headbutting him between the eyes and sending him reeling backward. She then rears back and dives over the top rope but rolls out of the move, barely making a noise in doing so. Ending up right next to Ryan, she spins and plants a hard kick to the back of Ryan’s knee, sending him down to his knees easily. She then reverses but increases speed and nails Ryan in the chin with a heel kick.

Jason bends backwards for a second before shooting forward and face planting to the mat. Dollface jumps onto his back and places her fingers into his eye sockets, pulling his head back by the lesser wings. She digs her broken and chipped nails in, producing a bit of blood and quite a scream. And so the match went.

Jason Ryan would do everything in his power to avoid Dollface, or to put her into a position where he could take the upper hand, only to have her worm her way out of it, and strike with precision and power. Ryan would get a few spots in, but nothing that ever seemed to slow down Dollface. Agitated by this, Jason kept trying despite the efficiency and brutality that Dollface would fire back with. So much in fact that the crowd actually began to cheer Jason for it. Unfortunately for Jason, this only angered Dollface, who then began an assault of kicks, punches and the like that kept Jason moving about the ring. We then see why as Dollface gets him into the rope bank, grabs his shoulders with both hands, and plants her knees into his chest, dropping down and driving them into him. He pops back to his feet, grasping his chest, as Dollface simultaneously rolls to to her feet, She runs to the turnbuckle behind Ryan, kicks off it, and soars over his head. As she does, she twists and lands in front of him, grabbing his head and pressing her knee into his mouth as she drags him down to the mat and almost drives her knee through his head. She slides over to him and drapes her arm over him, as the ref boot lights up and counts off the uncontested 3 count.

Dollface looks down at Jason and for a minute you see a bit of sympathy in her eyes. But that soon vanishes and suddenly she’s not alone. Brandon Moore slides into the ring, wearing a full mechanics jumpsuit and his usual mask. Dollface steps to him, already discussing what she thinks about Ryan, when Brandon raises his hand and a blast of liquid hits Dollface in the eyes.

JMB: Did he just mace her?

Damon Riggs: That was unexpected. But this is Brandon Moore, a noted sore loser.

Brandon then grabs the Doll by the head, and drives her into the mat with a brutal snap DDT that everyone watching feels. Brandon stands up, and removes his mask, revealing that he is not Brandon Moore at all.

JMB: That’s not Moore! That’s Paul Montuori!

Damon Riggs: That was really unexpected.

Paul leans down and gets danger close to Dollface. He smiles widely, so wide you can see his bottom teeth, which are perfect,  and he whispers loud enough to hear ‘how do you like it?’

Merging and Diverging Pathways

A television monitor is watching Dollface and Jason Ryan’s match, specifically the outcome. Two silhouettes are staring at it and by now you’re probably sure you know who they are.

As Dollface is being attacked by a doppelganger Brandon Moore, Apathy laughs to the real Brandon Moore. He isn’t finding it quite so funny.

Brandon Moore: He just took out your guy, and you laugh?

Apathy: You can’t take out the Dollface. You might slow her down… momentarily. He dressed as you, though. THAT is funny.

Brandon Moore: Those fucks are starting to seem like they are a problem. I don’t think I believe in Dane and his boys to get the job done.

Apathy: You want to do the job properly, don’t you?

Brandon Moore: Go get your crew together, check on the girl.

Apathy: If we want to do this properly, we should organize ourselves.

Moore offers her a fist bump, and this time Apathy reciprocates. Apathy wanders down the hall, with some haste, towards Dollface. As she turns a corner, the beaten and weak Jason Ryan limps into the shot, next to Brandon.

Jason Ryan: Holy, she was tougher than I thought.

Moore swirls on his hip, looking back at his follower. His face turns from the future to the present, and he has a pitied look on his face, seeing the battle broken Jason Ryan.

Brandon Moore: You fought the best you could?

Jason Ryan: Of course.

Brandon Moore: Okay. Listen up. If you want to make it in this business, you got to take it seriously, you got to step up every day. Every training session, every match, every day, every moment, because inside there you got somethin but you hold yourself back. I’ve tried with you, I have, but this is where our path splits, man.

He doesn’t wait for a response, doesn’t look back, he doesn’t follow Apathy either. Something under his skin is itching, in a place he can’t reach. He kept himself together but he knew that it was only a matter of time before he exploded in anger…

Blurred Lines

Austin Ramsey has something in his hand, something large and white.

He is thrashing it against someone, who’s crouched over, on their knees with their head tucked.

The problem, though, is that everything seems like its underwater. The sharp high-definition camera shots from the state of the art Occhi system seems blurred, and dark, and there are microscopic dots forming a film over the lens. The camera keeps slightly changing its position as the producer tries to find a camera that is not maladjusted, but he doesn’t find any luck. Each time the camera jumps, we see Ramsey and the ball of human before him, we see black specs in different spattered patterns across the screen, we see blurriness and it is darker than it should be.

The sound is jarring, like a machine smashing into the ground.

An alarm of sorts starts to go off in the area, and some red lights seem to be flashing, but their hue is dimmed by whatever is interfering with the camera. Then the feed cuts.

A Test

Brandon Moore grabs a table and lifts it in a show of brute strength, tossing it easily at a group of security guards who were sent to intercept him. Angered by the impersonation by Paul Mont, he began to trash the backstage area in an absolute fit of rage. As the guards with their tasers closed in, Brandon in typical fashion, dared them to even try. And try they did, The first taser that went near him was grabbed, twisted out of the man’s hand, and tossed. Brandon didn’t need help with men like this. In fact, he truly and deeply wished they’d brought more. As the taser hit the wall so did Brandon’s hand crash against the guards face. From the headsets the guards wear we can hear a voice telling them to back off, but they aren’t listening. Finally an announcement comes over the address system.

“All personal advancing on Brandon Moore need to pull back immediately. Failure to do so will be met with dismissal.”

But it’s too late, they’ve pissed him off now, and now they get to find out why that’s a bad idea. Moore lunges, headbutting the first guard, and side steps to one to his left, Back handing them as hard as he can. He goes to grab the third guard, but they are taken down by a blur that moved too fast for him to see. A fourth guard goes to hit him from behind, but a voie yells ‘behind you’ from out of frame and Brandon turns, hitting the guard in the throat with the side of his hand.

Turning to the voice that warned him, he finds Dollface standing before him. He goes to speak, and instead waits for her to.

Dollface: I understand your anger. It’s mine as well. But we can’t let things like this blur our vision.

Brandon Moore: I agree. But he impersonated me. Me.

Dollface: I know you’re close to him. And that makes this harder. I had the same issue once. It’s not a weakness, you know. It’s a test. You don’t have anything to prove to anyone. Let me settle this for you, as a gift.

Brandon Moore: If you insist.

Dollface: I usually do.

Brandon Moore and Dollface go their separate ways, and as they do, the guards in the area begin to rise to their feat, slowly and painfully. They are met with another announcement.

“You are all fired.”


All of a sudden on the entrance way, you see the spotlight hit.


3 words that keep alternating and flashing. The fans know who this is. Then an explosion..

Out walks J Mont to Money, Power and Respect by the Lox…he gets half way down the ramp and stops. He turns around and waves towards the entrance way. Within a few moments, out walks Denzel Porter, who happens to be a big fan of J Mont and one of the top reporters for the wrestling world. They meet in the middle, and J Mont shakes his hand and says COME ON… they make their way down to the ring and of course Denzel is following but doesn’t realize what he is getting himself into. J Mont walks all the way over to where Damon Riggs is sitting, doing his commentary. J Mont gets in his face.

J Mont: You want to say NO to me old man…..that will be the worst decision of your life. When the time comes for Allison and our wedding, you won’t be getting an invitation. But I’m not the bad guy here, I atleast got you something for being an ungrateful old asshole.

J Mont looks over to Denzel who reaches into his pocket and grabs a small stack of cards or papers, hard to see what they truly are. J Mont grabs them and as he does, he throws them right into the face of Damon Riggs…when you get closer, you see they are BINGO CARDS.


Before Damon can retaliate because of his contract, J Mont slides underneath the bottom rope and into the ring. Denzel walks by Damon laughing and takes a seat a few feet down. And that might not be a good seat cause the look in Damon’s eyes is I’M GOING TO KILL YOU.

Joe Montuori vs MDM

Joe Montuori and Murphy Doyle Maher stand across from each other with cockiness and anger across their respective faces. Joe knowing that he’s in Murphy’s head due to his plan failing like Dane’s marriage counseling, and Murphy angry that he just bought ROAR a feast that won’t benefit him. The two men step up to one another, and a small discussion begins. ‘What’d you put in the food?’ ‘Sides my dick?’ ‘No wonder I didn’t tase it, not even a little. Emphasis on little.’ ‘yeh about to pay for that. As well as how you did me back then.’ ‘bro, I’m sorry but i dont remember this. Of course, to you it was the day you met joe mont.’ ‘DONT YOU QUOTE THE STREET FIGHTER MOVIE TO ME!’

With a powerful shove, MDM sets the match off and the two men begin to throw punches, arm bars, headlocks and the like at each other, with the other absorbing and blocking it, as these things go. Joe all smiles, and Murphy unimpressed or phased by any of it. The fans go back and forth on the chants, with Joe getting a lot more share than he usually gets. To say the man is enjoying a resurgence in popularity is not advisable. He has in fact been this popular for days on end.

And while Murphy has gotten by lately with tactics that are more fun than fight, the fans are also very hyped to see him actually perform this week. The scroll bar at the bottom reads ‘Hey MDM y so S-A-D?’ An insight that could he see, Murphy would probably not appreciate. While Joe on the other hand, would be very pleased to see the amount of ‘ARP loves J-O-E’ type comments the fans were making.

As the match progressed it became very clear that it wasn’t just that neither of these men cared for the other, but that there was hate there. Maybe it was dusty, and maybe it’s been hidden, but with each hit, each slam delivered from one to the other or vice versa, it became a bit more shiny. A bit more new. And a bit bigger to boot.

The fans watched in amazement as Joe and Murphy pushed each other to the very limits. Joe hitting a ddt that sent Murphy splattering. Murphy catching Joe in a powerslam that shook the ropes and the crowd. Back and forth these two went, up and comer vs always been. Legend vs Legacy. Had it not been for the aforementioned hate, they might have actually respected each other.

The end of the match came as any would expect. Joe Mont stood over Murphy, and waited for him to rise, as he did, Joe backed off and ran toward Murphy. Murphy saw it coming and stopped Joe in his tracks with a well placed knee to the gut. Murphy then lept straight upward in the air and stuck his leg out, catching Joe in the back of the head and hitting his finisher the Got Got.

Damon Riggs: Joe Montuori Just Got Got!!

Murphy goes for the cover but no sooner than the 2 count lights up, Joe shoots his left shoulder off the ground. Cursing, Murphy goes to pick up Joe, when he is suddenly distracted by something in the crowd. His eyes try to concentrate on what it is he thinks he’s seeing, but in the moment it takes him to do this, Joe Mont grabs his head and drags him downward, hitting the Twisted Thoughts, and laying Murphy out. Joe grabs the leg and in 3 seconds, Joe proves he’s still a legend, and Murphy is proven to still need work. Joe walks over to the corner of the ring, and jumps down, grabbing a bag from under the ring. He pulls out an electric buzzer, and slides back into the ring, prepared to shave Murphy who is stilled laid out. But as it is with the best of friends, Murphy is not alone. The crowd explodes, Dane Preston rushes to the ring and tackles Joe. The two go back and forth until security makes it to the ring and separates them. Joe and Dane continually cursing at each other is the last thing we hear as we switch to an alternate viewpoint.

Bucket Head

Paul Montuori is standing outside his dressing room, searching for his scancard, when someone grabs his shoulder and spins him. Paul gets a good look at Dollface as she rears her head back to spray him with her spit, Paul closes his eyes, but opens them when he doesn’t feel the spit, and does hear a noise. When he does, he seems Dollface standing before him with a bucket over her head, and that bucket is being dented more and more by Vincent Black who is punching it with all of his might. Dollface pushes Vincent away, and bolts, tearing the bucket off and vanishing into the stairwell. Vincent picks up the bucket and empties the contents into a small vial.

Paul Montuori: Why?

Vincent Black: Why not?

Paul Montuori: ….That was nice of you.

Vincent Black: You didn’t have to get revenge for me. But you did. So thank you.

Paul Montuori: Is that gratitude? From you?

Vincent Black: Why is everyone surprised? I’m thankful.

Paul Montuori: Yeah. For Satan.

Paul and Vin separate, and Paul then realizes that there is a film or sticker over the scanbox, which is preventing him from gaining entrance. He chuckles to himself and utters the word ‘useful’ before entering his dressing suite and shutting the door.

Dickie Watson vs Dane Preston

Non-Title Match

The two men started this match as a sort of test of each other’s abilities, for each offense one of them tried the other seemed to have the precise answer in defense, then they would switch off with the defender taking on the role of the aggressor and the latter left to think on their toes of how to best proceed. It looks like all in all that Dickie Watson and Dane Preston were much more evenly matched talents than anyone unfamiliar with the two unassuming men might guess. 

Dickie launches forward, bouncing his feet off the bottom rope to drive Pretsons face into the mat with a springboard bulldog that was so beautiful the trainers in the back likely had a tear in their eyes. Preston lays flat on his back, stunned from the force in which his face was just pummeled into the mat as Watson reaches down and pulls him back up to his unsteady feet however Preston catches him by surprise, wrapping hands around his waist and driving his shoulder into Watson’s waist, forcing him back into the corner of the ring where he rears back and continually drives his shoulder into the midsection of the other man. Watson doubles over for a moment trying to catch his breath as Preston pulls him from the corner by his arm looking like he was setting up for a northern lights suplex but before he can fully lock it in an capitalize by the move out of the corner of his eye he catches sight of two blurring shapes sliding under the ropes headed straight for him. Dickie Watson is discarded, pushed back into the corner from whence he came as a weary Dane Preston turns to face Joe and Paul Montuori, the younger of which hangs back as his big brother Joe nails Preston with a spear in the middle of the ring, riding him down and raining fists upon his face as Preston does all he can to get his arms up to protect his head. 

Dickie sits back in the corner, finally able to catch his breath as he watches the scene unfold before him, smiling wryly at the position his opponent has found himself in but not exactly smiling like he’s happy to have had his match interrupted. Dickie’s gaze shifts to a pair of boots and muscular legs in front of him, trailing up to land on the smug face of Paul Montuori, the very man who he just so narrowly beat at Blood Money to become the inaugural Empire Champion. Paul winks down at Dickie before extending his hand to help the other man gain his footing, seemingly offering a bit of sportsmanship that’s out of character for the younger Montuori but becoming more frequent everytime we see him. Dickie contemplated not accepting the gesture, seemingly weighing all the pros and cons in his mind before finally slowly reaching up and finding only air where Paul’s hand just hung. 

Further away now MDM has joined the fray pulling Paul Montuori back and rocking him with a shot to the jaw. Dane has also now regained the high ground on his side of the ring as he and Murphy, back to back, beat back the Montuori brothers until they have no choice but to either confront them both in the middle of the ring or bide their time for another opportunity to finish business. Joe signals to Paul and both men drop down to slide out of the ring, Joe holding his ribs where it seems Dane landed a few lucky shots on him as she smirks, blowing kisses at his nemesis in the ring. With his enemies vanquished, Dane nods at his brother in arms who also makes his leave to the main entrance where he stands sentry to ensure the rest of the match is called down the middle. 

Dane Preston is exhausted and it’s written plainly on his face as he leans against the ropes waiting for Murphy to give him the Montuori-All-Clear from the top of the entrance ramp however before he can really catch his breath Watson is behind him, spinning him around and setting him up for what appears to be Dickie’s Revenge. Maybe it’s instinct or maybe it was just pure adrenaline from the fallout with the man he hates more than anything in the world, whatever the cause Preston seems to sense the danger before he turns and prepares himself, wrestling his arm free and falling back on his left leg to counter Dickie with the 1SK, a super kick right to the face of the Empire Champion. Dickie goes down and in an upset no one could have guessed at, Dane Preston walks away with the three count and the win.


Serotonin is standing somewhere backstage, and as she does so, the zoom adjusts and we see she’s stood next to Paul Montuori.

Serotonin: Shiiiish, ain’t nobody expect ya boy Dane to get that dub! Mean, man just beat the World Champ. If Dane did it.. Well.. I ain’t gon put words in ya mouth. What is your reaction, Mr Number One Contender?

Paul just laughs. He doesn’t say anything, he’s just laughing. Joe Montuori is next to him and he’s laughing too. Tommy Kain is there, and he’s laughing too. As the shot zooms further out, the whole crew is laughing. Pierre, even Goat seems to be enjoying it.

Serotonin: Surely you got some words for the champ, now your time, homie? You miss all the shot you don’t take.

Paul Montuori: Oh girl, I don’t even need to concentrate my aim. How the tide can change from one week to the next! The Empire Champion looks so beatable. Yesterday, he looked unbeatable, some were sayin’ untouchable, but now? Now Dane just made him look bitchmade and we all know where Dane is in the pecking order.

Paul holds his hand down by his knee, indicating Dane is a little dog.

Paul Montuori: BASURA. YOU’RE BASURA AND I’M ASHAMED THAT YOU’RE THE CHAMPION. Not for fuckin’ long. But I gotta ask Miss F when I get my hands on him.. Probably need to give him chance to learn the whole industry because that was some joke shit..

Serotonin raises her eyebrows, looks at Montuori, then back at the camera.

Serotonin: Guess we know, then.

Graham Clauson vs Shawn Warstein

Graham Clauson was covered, ring gear included, in what must have been some kind of ink. He’d tried to scrub it off in the shower, but he didn’t have a lot of time before his call to the ring so he’d rushed, with Ken Felder’s help to get it off. He was a strange hue, almost like the Hulk, but not quite. Black ink tends not to have any red hue in it, so when you wash it off, it appears greenish. Like when you have indigestion and it turns your shit blacky green. That’s kinda how it looked.

He was furious.

He grabbed hold of the camera, turning away from Shawn Warstein completely, and began to speak.

Graham Clauson: To whoever is in fucking charge of this shit hole, I swear to fucking lord almighty that if I see another copier, I will walk. I will fucking walk out of here. Copier ink?? AUSTIN RAMSEY COVERED ME IN COPIER INK, THEN BEAT ME WITH A SCANNER? What the fuck is this place?

And it was in that moment that Warstein grabbed his head and drove it into the turnbuckle. Because, you see, Warstein didn’t much give a shit about Clauson or his plight. He, too, had a chip on his shoulder, he had a reason to fight, a reason to do this. He felt like he could’ve and should’ve done better at Blood Money, he felt pissed off when Brandon Moore decided to look down on him in The Fifth Turnbuckle. Nobody around here knew who Warstein was, or if they did, they acted like they didn’t. And that pissed him off.

Clauson grabbed hold of Warstein, stopping the onslaught of hands coming at him. He tied up both of Warstein’s wrists and drove him menacingly face-first into the turnbuckle that his own face had just been driven into, and then springboarded from the middle rope into a European uppercut, for which the crowd pops. Warstein, smarting, grabs his jaw as he gets back on his feet.

Warstein didn’t take long to turn the tide, though, when out of nowhere he grabs hold of Clauson’s face from behind and drags him authoritatively over his knees with a backstabber. He went for a cover, and Damon Riggs seemed to think it was good for the win, but Clauson got his foot onto the ropes and the referee called the break from his booth in the sky.

Clauson gripped his hips, Warstein still felt that uppercut, both men were at a standstill and circling each other, a thousand thoughts going through their mind. How did we get here? How does the career twist and turn from here? Is this the platform from which to build, or the descent? Rise, meteoric, or fall spectacularly?

Both men knew the stakes, and they fought as such. Because despite what was said in the lead-up to the match, Warstein did take Clauson seriously. Clauson did know that Warstein was legit, they’d seen as much as they threw each other around the ring and took turns getting the better of one another. Neither man ready to fold.

Clauson was gonna double down, and Warstein knew that when he did, he’d have to go deep, too. They traded momentum, showing that their gut knew depth, but ultimately as Clauson started to get the upper hand, Warstein had shocked him with an EGO TRIP, which left Clauson laid out.

Then just as it seemed inevitable, Brandon Moore showed up. Warstein looked over the top rope out at the deranged looking Brandon Moore, instead of going for Clauson.

Shawn Warstein: Fuck do you want?

Moore grins.

Brandon Moore: Carry on, I’m just watchin’.

Clauson of course takes advantage, and grabs hold of Warstein, spinning him around and driving him face-first into the map with a vicious-looking Snapmare Driver. And then it feels done. But Moore is jawing at Clauson too.

Brandon Moore: Big mouth think everyone out to get him like some kinda victim, but it ain’t that deep G. You just ain’t the standard. No conspiracy here.

Clauson sighs, looking down at Warstein, and then back up at Moore. He knows he needs to get the job done, but he also knows that as soon as he turns his back on Moore, all bets are off.

But then it dawned on him that all bets were off anyway. Because at each corner a new, hostile, face appeared. Korrupt stepped out of the shadow. Dollface. Eoin O’Rourke. The Cure surrounded the ring. Clauson didn’t know which way to turn, he knew that there was trouble on all four corners.

Warstein was on his feet now, too, and he saw danger wherever he looked. As they backed up, they bumped into each other and both spun around quickly. Clauson tried to hoist Warstein up in his maneuver called CALL CPD, but Warstein wriggled free and clasped the back of Clauson’s head, hitting a short knee to the face, followed by a straight elbow and then a spinning elbow to the jaw. Clauson dropped to his knees, and Warstein knew it was done. He ran up and hit a perfect example of the KING’S CROWN.

The referee did his job, but he had barely even finished the three-count before the Cure, and Brandon Moore, had gotten into the ring.

Brandon Moore made a bee-line for Warstein, but the victor managed to slither out under the bottom rope and into the crowd. Shawn Warstein is a tough son of a bitch, but he is also not stupid, and 1 vs 4 when he’d just gone fifteen minutes with an elite wrestler of Graham Clauson’s caliber did not seem like the intelligent move to make.

Nevertheless, The Cure swarmed on Clauson. Moore looked up at the ramp where Apathy stood on, observing, and smiled, before driving another hard foot into the skull of Graham Clauson.

If he was conscious at this point, you could imagine that Graham Clauson really fucking hated this night. And after it had started so well, he had set a cat among the pigeons with Austin Ramsey, but that two-bit no-good asshat had retaliated, then he’d been screwed out of a win over Warstein, and now he was taking the whipping of a lifetime at the hands of four idiots who just wanted to watch the world burn.

Boos rang out through the arena. There was probably no love lost for Clauson, who was also as despicable as Moore and the Cure, but that didn’t matter.

Warstein stared at Apathy as he walked past her, and she simply smiled at him, and invited him to admire the handiwork.

Chaos reigns..