By: Atara Themis

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 16th Apr 2022

  200 Beats per minute. It’s how Atty lived life. It was what had made her into the Goddess of the wrestling world. It was what earned her the countless epithets from friend and foe alike. She was the uninhibited spontaneous laughter loving incarnation of Aphrodite. Life was a rave and she had always been lost to the pulse and resonance of its rhythms. She was  DancingRave’nGirl at 200 beats and never thought anything would change and nothing would have if not for one of those unforgettable concerts in life.

A collaboration of style between two DJs that had come together to produce a rhythm much slower but ever steady. The hook was inescapable and  no MDM could ever top the euphoria induced  from the ambience of a tiny monitor’s monochromatic light show. It was an exclusive show set to a sterile stage design where there was no distraction from the music or the wave of emotion hearing it washed over you. It wasn’t life at 200 beats. It was life at 170.

It was in this joyous tear filled moment of cognizance that the music was more than waves through air. It was more palpable than the bassline’s vibrations. It was tangible now, and she could really see and hear it. Of all the names and monikers Atara had collected, despite the two pink lines and the weeks of physical torment it was right then all she cared to be was…mother.

Life was at 170 beats.

I don’t want the in-ring glory anymore.

This is my Island now. 

Goodbye, Doves.