A Bad Moon Rising.

By: Druscilla White

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 30th Jul 2021

??Parental Discretion is Advised.??
The following scenes will make use of foul language, rape, gore, sex, drugs, rock and roll, and other adult themes.
If any of this disturbs you or causes you to feel scared, awkward, sad or triggered;
??Do Not Continue Further.??
The writer reserves the right to utilize the aforementioned techniques to further a storyline.
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
?You Have Been Warned.?



Into the mind of a psychopathic free-spirit…

Deep dive…




Break the bottom….

Take a breath….

At The End of the Beginning…

I’ve never really wondered why I was, or why things happened in my life the way they did. I always assumed there was some cosmic explanation. I had to deserve this, on some plane of existence, right? I’m a firm believer in Karma. Like Buddhists. Like a witch. Which, I was… A witch, I mean. But that’s not why I’m here. That’s not the full story. This is. No one has kids and looks between two of them and chooses one to love and one to hate. That’s just crazy talk. Right? They have kids to love, cherish and hope for a better future. Legacy and all that jazz. I mean, I don’t remember the first few years of my life, but the ones I do… Fucking Horror Movie. Absolute shitshow. The hatred. The punches. The words. Needless to say, I didn’t have the best of childhoods. Ever wonder why I chose to become a hitman turned Wrestler? Can you say “sadomasochist”? I know you can.

The hatred, though. That’s the main reason I gave her up 16 years ago. I knew better. I didn’t want to be like my mother, and I still worry I will be. I mean fuck, look at me? Tattoos. Biker gang. Piercings. Blood in my ledger.

Priscilla was better off without me… Well, I thought she was. But Gotti fucked that up. Royally. Fucking Royal… I owed her a “session”. Cunt. Oh. Fuck. Where was I? Oh yeah. Me. Not the role model anyone would want for their kid. Unlike my brother… Mister Military. Mister Fucking Perfect. Mister Faithful. Diesel was the golden child. Behind Danny, of course. I was the reject. When the bubblegum factory fuckbags spat me and Diesel out, there was a crack in the mold I dribbled into. Nice imagery, huh? Enjoy, cretins. I was the red-headed stepchild, so to speak. Scared to come down for dinner. Terrified of sleeping through my alarm. Afraid of what dreams may come; what nightmares await me when the new day dawns. Did you ever have that daydream that you were adopted, and that one day your real family would track you down and rescue you? I never once thought that was possible. I mean, come on. That shit only happens in SitComs and fucking Lifetime specials. This? This shit was real life. And real life sucked a corpse’s asshole. Especially my life. I can’t tell you how many times I went to bed either hungry or bleeding.




Fucking hell, I was told on a daily basis I should have died instead of our brother. Try getting up in the morning after that one.

Damn near impossible.

Yeah, I thought about suicide; who wouldn’t? Tried a couple of times. In the light of pure honesty, several times. Razor blades. Pills. I even found Daniel’s 9mm. The times Diesel didn’t catch me, I either chickened out or in the case of the pills, puked. Once a failure always a failure, I suppose. But, I took that self-loathing and turned it on its ear. I discovered wrestling. Danny opened my world to a whole new experience. I wanted that feeling again. And I chase it every fucking show. Every fucking match. My personal failures fuel my rage in the ring. I stoke my own fire.


The Mask Falls…
The Prophet Revealed…

When I saw that memory, whether it was real or manufactured by the trauma of that last match; I had to know. I chased Mama for weeks, going on little to no sleep in the process. Calls. Texts. You name it. This was detrimental to my career in Fight, but I needed to know. I had to know the truth.

I finally pinned her down.

In Louisiana.

Released from the infirmary at Fight, I hopped a flight to Louisiana and cornered her in the bayou. Where much of this all began…

”Why?” I asked her, pleading for an answer. I wept, sitting cross legged on the floor of the old cabin. Mama sighed, her wrinkled hands touched my face. I pulled away. She flinched, not from fear but concern and mourning. I’m not perfect by any means, I know I’m flawed, who isn’t? But, in this instance, I didn’t want to be touched. By anyone. The heavy-set woman sighed heavily, the scent of cloves hung in the sweet, humid air.

”Kachanie, it was long ago…” Her voice was filled with regret, sadness, but her beginning was my end. I NEEDED this. ”Mama, why?” My voice wavered, I tried to fight back the tears but I failed, as I did in much of my life. She took my right hand, in its brace, and rubbed it softly, bringing it to her lips to kiss the pain away. I wanted so badly to run but the need to know made me stay.

The older woman pulled a crumpled, well-worn, yellowing photo from her brassiere, unfolding it slowly before she showed it to me.

There it was. Mama, many, many years younger, holding two wrapped infants in her arms. Both have full heads of dark black hair. A man resembling a younger Han Solo beside her. Both smiling stupid happy smiles. I took the photo in my hands, fingers ran gently over Mama’s face. I looked up to her, incredulously. She closed her eyes, wiping a tear away, she sucked on the clove cigarette and exhaled slowly.

”Kachanie, when you were born.. It was dangerous. Many wanted Mama dead. They want Papa dead. I did to keep you and Vitali safe… I lose Papa.. I not lose you and Vitali.” Her voice was strong, but deeply saddened. She touched my face again, her own dark eyes focusing on mine of blue, ”I did what I thought right.” I choked back a sob, covering my face with my own hand. My eyes were beginning to become bloodshot. I was a wreck. Wounded from that final match with Brandon Moore, twice in a row, and now this. I was gutted. I had been eliminated during Blood Money and spent several weeks in the infirmary only to have my entire being rocked like a damned hurricane. ”What you thought right? Do you have ANY idea what happened? How I was treated?” Mama wiped the tears from my eyes, but I yanked away from her again. I slammed the photo down on the floor as I stood up. I was angry. I was hurt. I was exhausted. I was… lost.

”Kachanie, I not know. The woman… She come to me. She promise care for. Promise love.” I scoffed, slamming my already messed up fist into the wall. There was an audible crack. It hurt, but in the grand scheme of things, it was minute compared to what I was currently feeling. “Oh yeah… She cared for and loved alright… Diesel. Not me.” I glared at her. I wiped my lipstick off, showing her a deep scar in my lower lip. ”See that Mama? She did that. Several times growing up. Why? I either pissed her off by coming in from school or I didn’t get up at the asscrack of dawn to vacate the house before she came in from work.” Mama sobbed, standing and moving to me. She wrapped her thick arms around me, and held my head to her shoulder.

”Kachanie… I so, so sorry… I not know.” Her voice was shaken by the tears, I felt the wetness spread across my cheek and neck as the woman blubbered while holding me.

I struggled against her for a moment, but eventually, I don’t know… things changed. I clung to her. I cried. My knees felt weak as I began to slump downward, this woman held me up, this woman picked me up and cradled me. ”I so, so sorry Kachanie…” I melted into her embrace, for the first time in forever I felt safe. But why? This woman hadn’t raised me or Diesel. She came in and out of my life like dust in the wind.

For hours we remained there, crying and holding one another. I shifted between hating her in this moment, and loving her the next, but I relished every second of it. Inside, however, I felt like a failure. Still. Even after all I had accomplished in my life. My undeserving life.

Sure, on the outside, I come off as this confident, powerful female, but when you tear down those layers… I’m nothing but that fragile 16 year old girl. Very wounded, and very breakable.

The hours that passed were not passed in silence, Mama told the story of why she had to give us up. How it broke her. How she lost pieces of who she was, because she could not keep us safe. That explains where Diesel got the scar on his forehead. Someone had indeed come for Mama in the night, and almost grabbed me and Diesel in our cribs. Mama had awoken to the sound of two of her hounds braying and growling. The assailant’s knife barely missed D’s eye. She showed me the blade, which she kept all these years. Rubies in the hilt. I knew it was Russian.

”Kachanie, you and Vitali are heart. Mama’s heart.” Her broken English was endearing, but it was her voice that kept me there. It soothed something in me. By no means did it quell the storm in my heart, but it soothed the pain. “Mama, you could have come for us… after they fell…” Mama shook her head. ”No, Kachanie, was never safe. I wanted you live. Not scared. Yes?” I knew what she meant, but that didn’t make the hurt go away. Years I’ve held this in. Years I’ve felt like a fucking failure. Hating myself. Who I was. Who I was raised by. Jealous of my brother. All Diesel had to do was wake up and he was loved. ”You have no idea, Mama… they made me hate myself! They made me doubt everything! They made me nothing…
Fawned over Diesel, gave him everything he could want… Mama, do you even know what happened once Daniel died?” Mama shook her head, and for a second, I buried my face in her chest, sobbing hard.

My body, so weak in her arms, heaved with the sobs that jarred my voice. “They told me they wished I had been the one who died. “It should have been you!” They screamed at me for days. That’s why I ran away. Why I went to New York. Where… Gotti… You found me then. Why didn’t you tell me then? Why didn’t you save me?” I sniffled, grabbing a hanky from my bag… I wiped my eyes and face. But Mama held my face in her hands, tightly. ”Anastasia.. You listen Mama…” I broke in, rudely correcting her. ”It’s Druscilla.” She sighed, softly and continued. “Druscilla, NONE of that your fault, yes? You best thing in Mama’s life. I watch you, Kachanie, from distance, but I watch you. You become magical woman, Kachanie. Powerful. Fierce. Strong. YOU did. No one did for you.” She kissed my forehead and once more, the floodgates opened. I puddled into a teary, snotty mess. Where was this woman when I needed her most? Where was she when I fell down the rabbit hole into Hell?

”Kachanie, I here now. Yes? I go no place. I here now.” She stroked my hair and began to rock back and forth slowly. ”He no hurt you now. I fix. Mama fix.” I was tired. But I cling to her. I whispered, ”I fixed him.” Her eyes went wide as she looked down at me. I knew she wanted to ask more, but she didn’t. My body ached. My heart hurt. My belly rumbled. Loudly. Mama pulled my face to hers, once more, and side-eyed me. “When you eat?” Honestly… I couldn’t remember. The food at the infirmary was shit, and Vhodka kept sending sweets to my room. I shrugged my shoulders. ”You eat. Come, Kachanie.” She stood, hauling my small ass with her and walked to my bike. “Mama, you don’t kno—” I trailed off into silence as she placed me on the back and straddled the bike herself. She kicked the stand up and started my bike. As it growled to life, she looked over her shoulder at me, grinning. ”Kachanie, where you get love for bike, hmm?” I scoffed a laugh, confused by this woman. I wrapped my arms around her as she peeled off the dirt road. I was not going to win this fight. I knew that much, not much else, honestly, but I knew I would never win a fight against Mama. At least, not right now.

Before I left Louisiana, I had a meeting with Robi. You could say it was… eventful. The possibilities were endless when she and I got together, but this wasn’t what I had expected. In any realm of being. This was a shock to the heart, and given the prior experiences I’ve had, this shit hurt. But, part of me understood. The part that didn’t, wept. I won’t say we fought and I won’t say we didn’t, to be Frank, that is Robi’s story to tell. Not mine. I won’t capitalize on the pain and experiences of others. That’s not my bag, baby. Between you and me, I’ve suffered plenty but Robi… I have absolutely no fucking idea how that woman gets out of bed most days. You want to talk about superheroes? Robi Mitchell. Straight up superhero. Spotlight in the sky – “The Valk Signal”. She was feared by most anyone who met her, but the select few of us she called family, we adored her. She won’t admit it but she’s loved. Dearly. Even when those damned clouds come rolling in and insanity looms on the horizon… I love you, Robs. We bonded, Sis. Ain’t nothin’ breaking these chains. Not even you.



A New Moon Rises…

I flew back to New York days later, I had a match scheduled against Tommy Kain. I needed to prepare. Train. Get my mind focused. I had healed a little, bruises had faded into yellow reminders, but my wrist still stayed in the brace. The doctors had requested a CAT scan and I had obliged, but I awaited the results. In the meantime, I had a sit down with the Club. I had left Cela in charge while I had been away. They wanted answers. I was here to give them. But first, Diesel and Cela.

”What did you find out Cill?” Diesel held his wife in his lap, they both stared at me. I swallowed hard, lighting a joint. ”It’s true.” I raised my hands, almost defensively. ”Mama is… our mother…” Before Diesel could say anything I spoke again; ”There is a reason D. Safety. When we were two months old, we were almost killed. That scar on your brow? That’s where you got it. Not falling off your bike.” Diesel’s face turned red. I knew he was pissed, but what could I do? I was just as livid when I found out. “So you’re telling me, our whole lives were a lie?” I nodded, taking a drag and held it in. ”Yes..” I hissed as I exhaled, coughing softly. ”And no. She thought she was doing a good thing, and apparently Alice came to her. And lied. Mama had no idea what happened to either of us. Until later in our lives, when she finally tracked us, well, tracked me down.” He scoffed, hard, kicking the chair across from him, jolting Cela, startling her. She touched his face, calming him before her voice was heard, “You both know damn good and well had she known about Dru’s abuse… she’d have stepped in. Any mother would.” Fuck, I scoffed this time. That was the worlds best kept secret. Alice and Harry kept up angelic and saintly appearances at school functions or the rare times I was allowed in public with them.

”Where is she Cill?” I shook my head. ”No, Diesel, not until you’ve cooled down. Do you think hurting her will make you feel better?” ”Yes!” I rolled my eyes. “Look, I’m the first to be petty, but with Mama, I can’t. D, you don’t get it.. They loved you, dearly… Why would you want to chase away the woman who.. Who should have been there? For me?” He growled. He set Cela down in his chair as he stood toe to toe with me. He opened his mouth to say something, but in this clubhouse, my word was law. I slammed him against the wall behind us. My 5’9″ to his 6’3″. I growled, low, pressing my brace-covered wrist into his neck. “Not here. Not now. Not ever. Do you understand me?” He choked his response, but I could see the anger in his eyes. ”Drop it, or I will rip you down to prospect, permanently. Got it?” He scowled, his face turning red from little air. He nodded in agreement and I released my hold. White hot pain shot through my hand, almost crippling me, but I remained the Alpha. Cela noted the pain in my face. She stood, taking my right hand in hers. I almost snapped at her when she took the brace off but I curbed myself. Diesel rubbed his neck, standing behind his wife, while she pressed her fingers into my wrist. It hurt. I sucked in a breath when she hit the joint, she rotated my wrist slightly, felt a soft crack.

”Godsdamnit Druscilla…” she whispered, looking up at me. ”It’s fractured. Did the medics not scan you?” I arched my brow; “Of course they did, they just haven’t given me the results yet.” ”Well, I don’t think fighting Tommy Kain is a smart idea this week…” I shrugged it off. ”I can’t take anymore time off Cel… I’ve been out of this for weeks. Do you know what that does to a career?” She put the brace back on my wrist, tightening it gently. ”I don’t think it’s smart Dru. But what do I know? I’m just your Beta… and your sister in law…” Guilt trip. Peachy. ”I hear you Cela, I do, but I want to win. I want to be the best. And to do that, I have to beat everyone in my path.” Diesel arched a brow now, leaning against the table.

”We going to talk about the last two matches of yours?” I growled. ”Fuck you, Diesel. Oh, I’m sorry, not Diesel… Vitali.” I smirked. Cela laughed quietly, but before he could respond, who should walk through the doors?


”You no pick on Vitali, Anastasia… Come to Mama.”
I rolled my eyes. ”Mama, it’s Druscilla!” She scoffed, waving off my annoyance. She opened her arms for Diesel but he balked. He held onto things more than I did. She laughed softly and stepped over to him, wrapping him in her arms. She hugged him tightly. That damned scent of cloves followed her everywhere. But over the last week and a half, it became a scent I enjoyed. One I welcomed. One that meant good things instead of bad. This woman had more secrets, I was sure, but she wasn’t opening herself up easily. I was the same way. Some called it a flaw. Others, a strength. But to me, it was her strength, and one of my many flaws.

Diesel tried to pull away from Mama’s grasp but being patted on the ass by his wife, he just gave in. He slowly put his arms around the heavy-set woman, from whom he received his eyes, his height, and that damned stubbornness. We really were perfect mirror twins of our mother. We were never identical twins. He is brown eyed, I have blue eyes. He had a darker complexion, my skin was as fair as snow. But to look at Mama was to see our two halves made whole. “Where are you staying Ms. Romanov?” Cela’s voice was sweet and soft. Mama yanked the smaller woman into their hug and chuckled. “I stay with Kachanie, but I Mama. You call Mana, yes? … My babies.” I stepped just out of reach of Mama’s fingertips and smiled a bit. I fought back some tears, I was still very raw. Still healing in many ways. But this whole mishegoss has thrown me into some severe introspection.

I sat at the table, Cela and Diesel deep in conversations with Mama. I watched them, but my mind drifted elsewhere…

To die…

To sleep…

To sleep?

Perchance to dream!

For in that sleep of death what dreams may come…

Was this real? Was I meant to do this? Was I even strong enough? I had defeated many in street brawls, I’d survived Gotti’s twisted torture, and I almost had a title in my hands… but it was as if I was my own worst enemy. When something good came along, like a title shot, or now my… my mother… I get in my own way. I fuck things up. I fail. I fall. I wreck my own home. Why? Why was I in a constant state of self-loathing, believing what Alice had said all those years ago when she bellowed “You aren’t worth spit, better things ran down my leg…” Yes, I know now that was bullshit, but it still hurts. Especially when you’re a kid and it’s your own mother saying it.

I watched Robi fight in ECW for a long while, and learned the ropes from her. I took my chance in Fade2Black, and I thought I did well there, but I always stepped on my own toes. Always. I did the same thing in Outlaw Pro, once F2B closed. I rose through the ranks, I had great showings… but then it all came tumbling down again. I fucked myself up in a lot of ways. Hell, I almost quit the game entirely when Outlaw Pro closed their doors. I see a pattern here… I close down companies. I kill my own career. ”Can I just not hack it? Am I not fit to be a wrestler? Should I just quit? Walk away from the ring, maybe even the…”


The sound echoed in the office. Reverberated off the walls and in my own skull. A hand struck my face, hard, jerking me back from my hidden world. I blinked, looking for the culprit. Mama stood there in front of me, hands on her hips, glaring at me. ”Kachanie, I ever hear that words… I slap again!” I rubbed my jaw, it hurt, the imprint of her hand was still blazing red across my face. ”What the fuck Mama…??” She growled, narrowing her eyes at me. “You say out loud.”


Diesel and Cela stood behind her, both with their arms crossed across their chests. Apparently I had said that crap, not just in my head.

”Dru, you are one of the most deserving people in this world, you are a better wrestler than half the cunts out there! If you quit, I will beat your ass every day until the day you die, do you get me?” Cela knelt down in front of me, her hand resting on my knee. I growled softly. What was this? A fucking intervention?

”Kachanie, I watch, you fantastic! I see glory, title, power!” Mama softened, kneeling beside Cela. Both women looked at me, both serious, both cheering me on. I looked at Diesel, lately he and I had been at odds, but he was the one person who I could always count on in life; no matter what. “Look Cill, if you ever doubt yourself again, expect this boot up your ass. You have to be one of the more serious wrestlers out today, you take no shit and literally give your all. I have watched you break your own bones to pin someone. Watched you rip your own flesh to get the 3 count. Who else does that? NO ONE! You can’t walk away from this, this is who you are. This is your calling in life; this is Druscilla Fucking White.”

I sighed a bit, he was right. I lived and breathed the art of wrestling since I was 15, when I went to New Orleans with Daniel. I wanted so badly to have a title behind my name. To have a career as star-studded as my past. Hitwoman turned wrestler. The story wrote itself. I dared the Devil himself, Brandon Moore, more times than any human should, and I survived. Yes, my body hurts. Yes, my pride was wounded. Yes, my hand was probably broken. But was I going to get in my own way, this time? Fuck no! They were right.

”Is this what it’s like to have a real mother?” I laughed, wiping tears from my red-rimmed eyes. Mama cood softly as she wrapped me in a hug. Her scarves danced around the both of us as the AC kicked on in my office. This woman. This Belarusian Mama. She had begun to change my world.

”Kachanie, I here. We be at show, yes? You go, fight. Kill. Win!” Mama patted my cheek softly, as I stumbled for words. I had always had Robi and Diesel in my corner, but never like this. Mama was different. Mama was… well, she was Mama. I felt different. Almost complete. But I still wondered… was I worth it?

I would have that answer later, maybe. But for now, I had other answers to give. ”Let them in. It’s time for Church.” I looked to Cela and Diesel as he bellowed for the Pack to come into the office. Mama tried to scoot out the double doors, but I stopped her. “Stay. Please?” She smiled, touching my cheek and nodded. ”Yes, Kachanie. Anything.” I took my seat at the head of the table, Cela to my left and Roscoe to my right. Mama stood behind me, Diesel slipped a picture of the twins into Mama’s hand, with a note, and she smiled as Diesel took his place beside his wife. She began to fight back tears. In a matter of weeks, all of our lives changed. Mine. Diesel and Cela’s. Even Roscoe’s and Zion’s. And certainly Mama’s. She had more kids than she could wish for now, and grandbabies to spoil.

I picked up my gavel, clapped it against the table three times, calling the meeting to order. And as we began our openers, the scene began to fade to snow… the sound slowly dying down.



To whom it May Concern…

”Tommy Kain, you’re nobody to me. A stepping stone on the path of glory. The first rack of wood on the pyre of Fight. I’ll douse you in kerosene and light the world a-fucking-blaze on your back. Carve my fucking name in your flesh and watch you look at the reminder of your inadequacies for the rest of your miserable life!”

The camera rolled around, following Dru as she walked through the frame. The lapping of water and the rumble of the subway are the only sounds, other than her voice. She grinned, those fangs making their trademark appearance, glimmered in the fading light.

”How are you any different Tommy? All men are the same. Every single one of you. You see your dick as the reason the sun rises and sets on this Earth. You see your levels of testosterone as the epitome of greatness. Where you see muscles, you equate them to legends. But, let me school you a little bit. Muscles don’t win battles. Brains do. Hormones do not grant or negate greatness, that’s just biology. Your dick? That meatstick between your legs? Ain’t the reason the world turns, booboo. Legends aren’t based on strength. It’s their morals. Their tenacity. The ability to see an obstacle and find a way to tackle it, without shitting on thousands of people in the process.”

The Queen of Bikers spun on her heel, the 4 inch stiletto boot, and leaned against the building to her left. The building? One of her own. Soon to be a coffee house. The camera panned out, showing the sign behind her. ”Coming Soon: DruBrew House of Cha” She was proud. She was fearless. She was going to beat that man into a puddle of submission.

”You aren’t the first to take a look at me and see victory. I’m sure you won’t be the last. I’m used to being underestimated. But don’t mistake that for weakness. I’m no wilting Violet, Tommy. I’m lethal, in more ways than I care to explain to you. World Domination? That’s not what I seek. Yeah, you’ll be the first sacrifice on my road to the top. That’s an honor, Bub. But this isn’t a movie set. No one’s going to yell “Cut” When I’m done with you. The blood will be real. The pain legitimate.”

She continued to walk the sidewalk, further away from the sound of water but closer to the roar of traffic. Her Pack soon joined her, including two rather large Doberman’s who soon flanked Dru, snarling and growling at the camera. Zion stood next to Dru, smiled broadly and barked two commands to the dogs, ”Duke. Hazard. Fass… Brummen…” The dogs then lunged at the cameraman, only to release and retake their places beside Dru.

”You’ll bow to me, Tommy. Men always do. You’ll either bow or you’ll fall. The choice is up to you, but one doesn’t hurt nearly as bad. Remember that when you’re crying for me to let you go.” She sneered. She let both hands, one still obviously in a brace though almost hidden beneath fingerless gloves, run down the dogs heads. Petting them. They were glorious puppers. Very loyal. Vicious only when those they cared for were threatened. Like Dru herself.

The long slacks were a perfect opposite to her leather cut. Business and Biker. Bitch and Saint. She adjusted the fedora on her head and smiled again as she watched Mama come to meet them. The two, standing side by side, one a copy of the other. “Look Tommy, can you say your family is behind you? Hell boy, do you even Know your family?” She laughed softly.
”At the end of the day, one shall stand and one shall fail. No sacrifice. No victory. It’s that simple. You bow. I rule. Got it? Your world is on the brink of going boom boom.”

Never before had Dru walked with such presence. Her whole demeanor was different. Stronger. Together. More vicious. Maybe her duel with Moore had triggered an awakening in her. Maybe her bond with the Voodoo Father had grown stronger. Maybe she conjured up a spell to entrance the senses of all around her..

Or just maybe little Dru was finally coming into her own. Stepping into the spotlight. Center stage. Opening herself up for new experiences, titles, battles and even, just maybe, opening up to a tighter family. Whatever it was, without a doubt, Druscilla was on the hunt and Fight was her territory. A new predator was on the rise.

Was Tommy Kain prepared? Could he outrun the Voodoo Queen and her pack of loyal Wolves? Had her dance with the devil released a brutality that the world had not yet seen?

”I’ll see you soon, Tommy. Be prepared, kid.” She blew a kiss to the camera, as the scene faded into her brand and T.V. Ad shot:

”DruKrew towers and Suites welcomes you home, live on the Fight! Network Saturday night.
Druscilla “Prophet” White versus Tommy Kain. ?”

Then it all faded to BLACK.