ďA champion is one who is remembered.Ē

By: Amari Kent

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 8th Jul 2021

”A champion is one who is remembered.”

I guess yíall didnít see that coming, yíall really thought little ole Amari wasnít going to walk down that ramp, jump in that ring and shut it the fuck down.

Well guess what?

It happened.

And Iím feeling so fucking great about it, when I talk my shit, I always back it up and I promised not just my fans but the world that my debut match was going to be my victory and a wake up call to everyone sitting in the back. Mason knew he had this match in the bag, the falling giant didnít think I had what it takes to beat a so-called “champion” but I think I did more than enough to prove why Iím the next biggest star.

I said it right, THE NEXT BIGGEST STAR.

Atlanta, Georgia



The scene opens up inside of Dukeís Training Facility, once again Amari is shown flexing his muscles in front of the huge mirror hanging on the wall. Amari stares at his physique admiring the progress has made since becoming serious about his workout. Duke, who just finished with a client , Duke walks over to Amari and the two dap each other up.

“DUKE JACKSON:” Body looking good man.

“AMARI KENT:” Man I owe you for helping me prepare for my first match, all this training will get me to where I need to be.

“DUKE JACKSON:” You have the potential to be one of the biggest stars, you just have to stay focused. I know we were talking about all the stuff that was going on in your life but you see it didnít stop you from walking out to that ring and regulating.†

“AMARI KENT:” Debut matches are always important, itís your first time to make a good impression for everyone in the back or behind the scenes. I think the fans already knew I had it in me after my stint in F2B.

“DUKE JACKSON:” So whatís next?

“AMARI KENT:” Hopefully a championship and respect from the rest of the competitors in the back.

“DUKE JACKSON:” Claim it bro, I can see it happening quicker than you think.†

“AMARI KENT:” I donít think anyone has seen a wrestler this good since The Rock stepped foot in the ring and you know for the longest time he was always looked at as the underdog, and look where that† man is now! If that isnít considered as goals than I donít know what the fuck is!

“DUKE JACKSON:” I hear you man, I know you can do It. When I watched your debut match I could see the fire in your eyes, you wanted that win bad.

“AMARI KENT:” I needed the win badly, Iím not the type to talk shit and not back it up. Those losers thought I didnít have what it takes to survive and rumble with the big dogs, but fuck all that. The big dogs got beat down by the underdog!

“DUKE JACKSON:” But understand this bro, you arenít finished. Iím sure the competitors in the back are still going to doubt you and your in ring skills but you just have to show them that you arenít here to play around.

“AMARI KENT:” Facts!

“DUKE JACKSON:” Keep doing what you need to do to succeed bro, I only see you going up from here.

Amari stands there listening to everything his trainer turned friend is telling him. Heís appreciative of the advice but in his head he already knows that this next match might be one of the biggest matches so far. Amari chuckles as he agrees with Duke.

“AMARI KENT:” I said it before and Iíll keep saying it, THE NEXT BIGGEST SUPERSTAR!†

The two continue talking as the scene fades.

Atlanta, Georgia



The scene opens up inside of the Jeep dealership, Amari is shown looking in one of the newer 2021 Wrangler models while Alexis stands on the side with her arms folded and sucking her teeth. Amari ignores her cries for attention as he continues admiring the car.[/color]

“ALEXIS HUNTER:” Why are you buying another car again? You just bought the audi a couple months back and now you are here looking at this car. How about you win some more matches and secure a couple endorsements before spending the little money you have.†

“AMARI KENT:” Why are you counting my pockets?

“ALEXIS HUNTER:” If I wasnít counting your pockets then you would be somewhere living in a box and using your two feet as your way of transportation. How about ”Thank you Alexis for helping me save money or thank you Alexis for standing by my side and never giving up on me or my dreams.”

“AMARI KENT:” I feel like all you want to do is argue and Iím tired of it honestly, in the beginning we were so good and ever since –

Before Amari could finish Alexis cuts him off.†

“ALEXIS HUNTER:” Ever since you decided to let girls with bad wigs and breath tear us apart.

Amari brushes Alexis off, ignoring her slick comment, he turns and starts looking at another Jeep model.†

“ALEXIS HUNTER:” I know you hear me talking to you, what do you donít like when I call your “girlfriend” names? Awe, sorry for you.†

“AMARI KENT:” I donít know how many times we have to go over there but she isnít my girlfriend, we are just friends, like damn I thought I was allowed to have friends.†

“ALEXIS HUNTER:” I donít care if you have friends, just donít fuck them. Iím trying my best here Amari but you arenít making it easy for me!

“AMARI KENT:” And you donít think Iím not trying.

Alexis shakes her head “No.”

“AMARI KENT:” Well I donít know what else to do, I canít help these chicks think I’m fly. You knew once I got big that I was going to have girls all over me, you said you could handle it and here we are with the bullshit.†

“ALEXIS HUNTER:” You are so disrespectful it just amazes me how much youíve changed from when I first met you.†

“AMARI KENT:” Iíve evolved.

“ALEXIS HUNTER:” Not in my eyes. Fade 2 Black is closing, your music career ainít hittin on shit, and you out here entertaining broke bitches that canít even sit in the same room with me, yeah you’re really trippin and Iím at the point where I donít want to deal with it anymore. Iím so sick of you making me look like a fool in front of the world, I donít want a man that wonít defend his girl!

“AMARI KENT:” And you say Iím disrespectful, did you just hear what the fuck you just said out of your mouth.

Amari looks around and notices people from the dealership are now staring at him and Alexis, embarrassed by the argument he grabs Alexisí arm and leads her outside to the parking lot. They stand there silent while Amari tries to figure out his next move, as much as he loves Alexis and doesnít want to let her go, the two arenít getting along and the relationship is beginning to stress him out a lot. Alexis holds her hand out asking for the keys so she can leave, but Amari doesnít hand the keys over.†

“AMARI KENT:” We rode together.

“ALEXIS HUNTER:” Uber or lyft works, I donít want to be here anymore.†

“AMARI KENT:” So fucking childish.†

“ALEXIS HUNTER:” Call it what you want but Iím over you and this situation, I need to go before I do or say something stupid in this store, have fun shopping for your new “toy” thatíll probably get repoíd in a couple months.

Alexis letís out a small chuckle as she stomps out of the dealership, Amari stands there watching her leave disappointed at the conversation the two just had. One of the salesman approaches Amari and asks him if heís ready but Amari ignores his words and walks out of the dealership also, the scene fades.

Winning in life is more than outpacing your opponents; it is maximizing your potential to the fullest of your ability. Destined to win!”

Atlanta, Georgia



“NORTH WYNTERS:” You ready to talk your shit babe?†

The scene opens up with Amari, his son and North all standing outside in an area close to where their home is being built. Amari plays little games with his son while North watches them, she smiles as she admires the relationship Amari shares with his son and in her head sheís excited about the life all three will share together soon. North looks up and he nods “Yes.”†

“AMARI KENT:” I wouldnít say Iím going to talk shit, more like speak facts about whatís going to go down in this unknown match, a match that no one knows what the fuck it could be.

Amari shrugs.

“AMARI KENT:” But Iím going to keep it short and sweet tonight, even though whatever I say I’m going to back it up, but I will admit going into this match blind has me on the edge, Iím not sacred but im fucking anxious. A lot of people counted me out and thought I wouldnít make it past my first match, yea I had some seasoned opponents but I wasnít about to let that stop me from being great. I wanted to win and when I walked down that ramp and jumped in that ring, all bets were off and I was ready determined to beat the fuck out of everyone involved in this match.†

Amari pauses.

“AMARI KENT:” Which brings me to Blood Money, I already know my showcase opponents want some revenge, especially Mason because he stills dealing with that loss in a hard way, it sucks baby boy you couldnít live up to what you preached and bored us with, but the better man won and thatís me. If you want to catch this fade again then I have no problem knocking your ass out and hitting that Amari Cutter on you to send you packing.

“NORTH WYNTERS:” Bae, we donít even know if eliminations are a stipulation.

“AMARI KENT:” Yea, you’re right. But it would have to be like that, Iím thinking some over the top rope type shit.

“NORTH WINTERS:” That would be so dope, your speed alone gives you a better advantage, most of those guys are old, dry and tired.

“AMARI KENT:” This brawl for all is going to go down in history and Iím happy to be a part of it. Which brings me to my family being a part of this match, now everyone knows Tabor is my cousin, and I respect his skill and the fact that he wants to win this match too. No hard feelings cuz but if you come for me just know Iíll have to shut you down, itíll be like old times growing up when we would wrestle in the backyard, I always had the upper advantage and Tabor would run crying about how he was better and was having a bad day. And Iím pretty sure Austin wonít be too far behind, I know if these two end up in the ring together their alliance will stay into play.

Amari pauses.

“AMARI KENT:” But then again we donít know what personality of Austin weíre going to get so he may turn on you, but I know you know the saying “Blood is thicker than water.” and if I were you I would take that into consideration because no one will have your back like your family. I think we should let that shit sink it for a bit, I know Austin got you dickmitized but remember that he wants to win just as bad as we do.

“NORTH WYNTERS:” Oooh baby, talk about the dude that looks dirty.

Amari chuckles and responds with “What?.”

“NORTH WYNTERS:” You know who Iím talking about, boo, the guy that looks like he might have some lice crawling around in his hair.

“AMARI KENT:” Ha, youíre talking about Paul! But Paul is cool, heís actually one of the only ones in the back that I think has a chance to win this thing besides me. Now of course if itís down to a battle between the high flying icon and Mr. Montuori himself then Iím sure heíll bring the heat, but I will bring the fire, letís that shit ride and extinguish that bitch when Iím done with him. Yo Paul I hope we can remain friends after I win, I know you got it in your heart that this match is yours but I wonít let you have it that easy.†

“NORTH WYNTERS:” Baby everybody is going to have to worry about you this match, I mean hello they had to see you crushing the opps in your debut match, silly gooses.†

“AMARI KENT:” I doubt these fools respect me, they want to see me and trust me Iíll give them more. This Blood Money match wonít be the last, this match is only another one on the list that I can proudly say I went in, fought hard and conquered. But until I get a few more wins and a title around my waist, these fools wonít respect me. Iíll win this Blood Money match and still have a hater backstage saying “Amari is trash.” or “Amari got lucky.” But I donít care about any of that shit, Blood Money will be just another example of what Iím going to do in the future.

“NORTH WYNTERS:” YAAAAS BABY, THE NEXT BIGGEST SUPERSTAR. The world wonít be thinking about the other people, Sam who? LeíAndra Fury who? Murphy and Vincent who? Baby theyíll only be chanting† your name!†

“AMARI KENT:” Ha I respect the support babe, thatís one thing I love about you is that you always stick by my side. Iím happy that I found you because the others canít compare to what I have now and thatís a beautiful Queen, a real Queen with style, personality and a heart. A lot of these girls wish they could be in your shoes but they can never, which brings me to my ex Alexis Hunter who I see is running around America jumping in and out of whatever man that will give her a chance. I peeped sheís trying to cause some friction between my boy Paul and i by swinging off his nut sacks but look I donít care, Paul will feel her wrath and when he does Iím sure heíll run far away like I did. That chick is toxic and sheís broken and instead of her trying to find the next man to fix her, she needs to fix herself.†

“NORTH WYNTERS:” Preach baby, but we both know dusty boots canít compare to me, Iím a beautiful flower blooming with life and love and sheís just a weed growing from the cracks of the ground, the type of weed you pour gasoline on to keep from flourishing.

The expression on Amariís face says it all, similar to the one Chrissy Teigan made, both laugh.†

“AMARI KENT:” Damn baby you didnít have to cut her down like that, well nevermind yes you did.

The two laugh again but Amari quickly focuses back to whatís important.

“AMARI KENT:” Going back to what you said earlier, when you spoke on Sam. I find it funny this man has yet accepted my challenge. He wants to make excuses about how Iím not ready but yet my record alone proves Iím good enough to go head to head with this man. Itís cool though because Blood Money those excuses wonít work anymore and he wonít have anywhere to hide, and the same goes for Fury, Vincent and Murphy. I know Vincent probably has some anger built up after what went down at Showcase but if heís ready to get dropped again then Iíll be happy to make that happen!

Amari looks over at his son who by this time has tired himself out and is sleeping in his baby chair. North smiles as she watches Amari stare at his son admiring his peaceful sleep.

“AMARI KENT:” This is the reason I’m going to work as hard as I do, my son. I’m going to make sure the little man will always get what he needs. Blood, sweat, and tears is what I will shed to make sure he has the best life and I will protect him from all dangers. He is the reason why Blood Money will be my victory and I will go on to make my mark as one of the greatest thatís ever done it. Respect my gangsta and respect my hustle because The Silent Killa aka The High Flying icon is coming to DESTROY and CONQUER.†

“NORTH WYNTERS:” That was so good baby, I felt all of that.

Amari smiles, he walks over to North and embraces her with a long passionate kiss. He reaches down and picks his son up in one hand and carries the baby chair in the other while North grabs the rest of their items, the two head back to the car and the scene fades.

“When youíre young, you think your dad is Superman. Then you grow up, and you realize heís just a regular guy who wears a cape.”

Druid Hills, GA



Lynne & Mack House (Amariís Parents House)

The scene opens up with Amari standing outside with his father Mack and his mother Lynne Kent. Lynne is shown holding Amariís son while Mack is grilling some burgers and steaks on the grill. Amari makes his way out waiting a pair of air forces that are untied, some gray sweat shorts and a custom tíshirt that says “High Flying Icon.” he sits down in one of the patio chairs and picks up one of the cigars his father left for him.†

“AMARI KENT:” Thanks for cooking the food pops, itís been a minute since Iíve had some grilled food.

Mack nods his head.†

“LYNNE KENT:” Iím just happy you are here son, youíve been so busy and we havenít talked to you in awhile.†

“AMARI KENT:” Iíve been busy ma, you know Iím wrestling again so Iíve been on the road.

“MACK KENT:” It looks like youíve been doing other things too

Mack points at Amariís son.

“AMARI KENT:” It wasnít planned but heís here now and Iím fine with that, I didnít know being a father was this hard but I think Iím handling it well.

“MACK KENT:” Youíve only been a father for a few months, give it some time and then weíll have this same discussion again.†

“AMARI KENT:” Sounds like you arenít happy that I am a father, I sense a lot of hostility coming my way.

“MACK KENT:” Itís no hostility at all son, Iím glad to be a grandfather but I think you still have some growing to do and I hope this baby will help you do that.

Mack closed the lid on the grill and placed the spatula on the side piece of the grill.†

“MACK KENT:” Iím going inside to grab a beer.

Mack walks back into the house leaving Amari, his son and his mother alone.

“AMARI KENT:” Whatís his problem?

“LYNNE KENT:” Heís just disappointed with a couple things thatís all but donít worry baby he will come around, you know stubborn your father is.

“AMARI KENT:” I figured he would be happy I had a son.

“LYNNE KENT:” I think heís happy, but son you did miss out on some time with little Devyn, I know it was only a couple of months but those days are important.†

“AMARI KENT:” Mom if I would have known I had a son then I would have been there day one. But Diamond was angry at me so she didnít tell me, she wanted me to be with her and not Alexis so she was punishing me. But now that she doesnít have the help she thought she would have, she wants me to be involved and even though Iím mad at her, I canít take it out on my son.

“LYNNE KENT:” I understand that but Amari you are a womanizer, every year you pop up with some new girlfriend and itís getting old. What if you would have had a daughter? Would you want her to be treated the same way you treat these girls, Iím sure you wouldnít. Now I wasnít a fan of Diamondís career choice but she was a sweet girl.

“AMARI KENT:” She was also crazy.

Amari rolls his eyes, heís ignored by where the conversation is going and honestly he doesnít want to discuss his exes, heís with North now and in his mind North is the one. Amari looks at his son and smiles, he watches how happy his son looks and it makes him happy that heís finally a part of Devynís life. Mack walks out with two beers, he sits down by his wife and he asks her to take the baby so he can have some alone time with Amari. Lynne kisses her husband on the cheek and she grabs Devyn and carries him in the house leaving Amari and his father alone.

“AMARI KENT:” I guess you’re going to give me a speech too.

“MACK KENT:” No speech and even though I should lecture you on how to be a parent, Iíll let you be great and figure it out on your own because no one showed me how to be one either.

“AMARI KENT:” The only thing I can do is try.

“MACK KENT:” And thatís all you need to do son. I was disappointed at first but then I remembered I had you at a young age and it made me grow up real fast. But I promised your mother no matter what I was going to do whatever it takes to make sure you were taken care of. Raising a child is not the easiest job to do but itís a blessing and even though you are not with Devynís mother, I want you to make sure that you give her whatever she needs especially when it comes to your son.†

“AMARI KENT:” Right now weíre on good terms, I just sent her some money for Devyn and Iím watching him the whole week just to give her some time. Iím trying to be present as much as I can.

“MACK KENT:” The only thing that worries me is this wrestling career, you have a son now so you have to think about the time away, the injuries, the stress. What about actually advancing your education or whatís going on with the music?

Amari lets out a deep sigh.

“MACK KENT:” Look Iím just making suggestions, that’s all, your life is different now.

“AMARI KENT:” I got this dad, I get that me wrestling is a huge risk and I do have a family now but trust me Iíll stop before it gets bad. You know this is something Iíve wanted to do since I was a child and now that Iím in the big leagues I canít let this opportunity pass me by.†

“MACK KENT:” I understand son and I trust you, and you know me and your mother will be there as much as we can but Iím not going to raise your child, thatís your job.

“AMARI KENT:” I know Dad.†

“MACK KENT:” Good! I watched your match the other week and I was impressed, donít get me wrong me and your mother were on the edge of our seats during the match but I knew you were going to win, you’re a KENT and you’re strong, I only see you doing GREAT THINGS!†

“AMARI KENT:” Thank you.

Lynne and Devyn join Amari and Mack back outside, the three adults sit down and continue talking while Devyn plays with some of his toys that are laying around, the scene fades.[/center]

Atlanta, GA



Four Seasons Hotel

4 AM

The scene opens up with Amari and North walking into their hotel room, after a night of partying and getting fucked up, they finally make it inside. Amari starts pulling his clothes off while North rushes to the refrigerator to snack on some strawberries.†

“AMARI KENT:” Yo tonight was lit, I had so much fun.

“NORTH WYNTERS:” And itís about to get even better, you remember the guy that approached us at the club, well he wanted to come back and chill so I invited him up.

“AMARI KENT:” You mean the white dude with the curly hair, yea he was cool.†

“NORTH WYNTERS:” He wanted to chill with us and you know what we were talking about the other day, I think we should try it.

Amari looks surprised but he doesnít turn it down.

“AMARI KENT:” So should I keep these clothes on then?

“NORTH WYNTERS:” No baby, keep them off. He just texted me and said he was coming down the hall.†


A knock is heard at the door and Amari walks over to the door wearing nothing but his chain and socks. Amari opens the door and standing on the other side is Gianni Avant, a guy they met in the club. Gianni looks Amari up and down with a smirk on his face and he notices North in the back wearing a sexy lingerie piece from the #KylieWear line.†

“AMARI KENT:” Come in yo.

Gianni nods and walks in and the scene fades.

“The difference between sex and love is that sex relives tension and love causes it.”

“GIANNI AVANT:” Trust me Iím fucking lit. ?