By: Sahara

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 15th Dec 2021


December 15th, 2021
For immediate release


Please understand this is a wake up call, not only to the entire FIGHT roster, but it’s fans as well. This is my warning to all of you that love FIGHT half as much as I do, so take heed. It pains me that it’s come to this, but rather than rewarding competition, the so called “fearless” NSQ choose to stifle it out of fear their dictatorship is slipping away. And make no mistake, it IS slipping away. That’s why they now resort to the last ounce of power they have and turn to arbitrary blood money ransom demands, which are sadly backed by FIGHT management. The reason for this is they [the NSQ] understand that blood money is the only means in which ‘we the people’ have to fight their parasitic corruption.

By targeting any perceived threat on the roster willing to FIGHT the “new status quo” – pardon the puns – they understand that by imposing such arbitrary fines, they can keep the collective bargaining power of their enemies to a minimum. Meanwhile, they will continue to amass a fortune in blood money which will allow them to control the future of FIGHT for years to come. And to those of you that think this doesn’t apply to them, make note of the slippery slope, as this ‘ruling’ applies to anyone they “deem” a part of a non-existent boogeyman group they cannot even name. So, while you may be fine now – because they don’t respect you enough to see you as a threat – expect this to change the day they do.

So, what can we do about it?

1. We let them and live with the consequences.

Yes, you read that right. We let them and we live with the decision. We sit back and allow the NSQ to impose these fines, preventing any and all uprising against them now or in the future. We watch as they bring in their friends that enter the promotion as part of the NSQ in a spot more prominent than the one you fought for and earned. We let them rule over a kingdom where us citizens eat the scraps that fall from their table, and then beg them for more like some sort of dystopian wrestling spin on Oliver Twist.

2. We FIGHT.

This is the harder option. It always is. But we do not fight back by giving into their childish demands and living with it. We do not and should not negotiate with terrorists. And that is what the NSQ have become. We force the hand of FIGHT management. I urge you to join me when I say I will NOT be paying this ransom. And if one cent of the blood money I’ve spilled literal blood earning all these months is taken from me – no … taken from us – you will no longer get the Sahara that has shown she’s capable of beating the likes of Besty Granger and James Raven – the Sahara the NSQ fears – but the shell of her you witnessed in OPW that shows up to do nothing more than collect a check.

I will not breach my contractual obligations to FIGHT and end up in court. I will fulfill any and all dates throughout the duration of my contract, but you will get the bare minimum of effort where my opponents can collect free and empty wins against me. Hollow wins that are not worth bragging about when I lay down week after week. I will allow the NSQ to do this for one reason and one reason alone; after they turn FIGHT into the latest promotion that’s nothing more than a circlejerk of friends trading titles and patting each other on the back for a job well done, the fans that make FIGHT possible will turn away in droves.

Unfortunately, I am just one person, and though I cannot do this alone, I am willing to put my neck on the guillotine to show you the way.

As Eric Draven once said, I see you have made your decision.

Now let’s see you enforce it.

You don’t like ultimatums?

Too fucking bad.

You just got one.

Sincerely yours,