A Tale Of Pride & Dinosaurs

By: Eoin O’Rourke

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 27th Dec 2021

December 5th, FIGHT Tower

Eric: This fuckin’ guy over here…

-Eoin O’Rourke’s brother, Eric stepped between himself and Apathy. Eric with a big smile seeing Eoin after weeks apart, Eoin’s mind was shattered. The once shocked face he had when he saw Liz, had now become a face of stone. Frozen in a state of disbelief. He witnessed his brother -put his arm around Liz. Angered by what is happening in front of him, Eoin studied Liz’s attire of choice once again. Liz in Eoin’s favorite gold dress, but then he noticed something new that he didn’t notice before. A choker around her neck that was not there prior before tonight.-

Eoin: Th-That… What is that around your neck… Liz?

++Liz casually gestured to the traditional native american choker around her neck and coyly smiled, dragging the tip of her gold glitter nail across the purple and white swirled beads++

Liz: Oh this? A gift from Eric. You see I’ve been doing a little something special on the side, looking into Eric’s mother’s side of the family. So he could get to know her. It turns out she was a Native American, half-breed, much like Eric himself. This choker was made by a tribe woman for me to wear tonight. Much like how I USED to wear your clan colors when you accompanied me. I’m glad you noticed, I’m quite proud of it. A definite conversation piece for sure.

++She smirked and tapped her finger tip against the beads, never breaking direct eye contact with Eoin+

Eoin: You… Fucking…

-Eoin would reach his arm out, with anger and hate in his eyes and grab Eric by the collar, and raising a fist, with Liz stepping in between them-

Elizabeth: Excuse you? I ASKED him to do this. I felt it was only right considering you always got the opportunity. He just found out something really important about his heritage and who he is and you want to take it out on him? No. This was MY IDEA…so go ahead Eoin…grab me. You want to be mad, be mad but at least direct your anger towards the right party. ME. So now what?

-Eoin stumbled and shook his head looking at Eric then back at Liz. Eoin began shaking his head and let Eric go. He looked around the room. Clearly drunk off his tits, and stumbled a few steps before eyeing Liz again-

Eoin: I… Won’t raise my hand against you love. Not-not before, nor now. I won’t grasp you to hurt you… I-

Eric: Man how drunk are you even?

Elizabeth: The answer to that Eric is just…yes. Mo grá…

++She hooked her arm around Eoin’s and pulled him in close, narrowing her eyes++

Elizabeth: If there’s going to be a scene let’s not do it here. Please? These are our colleagues and I have a status to maintain, let’s go back to your apartment and do this, for me? Please?

-Eoin audibly gulped, and looked around seeing some of the patrons seeing the trio’s commotion and he nodded-

Eoin: Alright… Le-Lets go. This way.

-Eoin put his hand on Liz’s and led her and Eric towards a nearby elevator. Pressing the button to go to his floor, Eoin took in the moment that he had with feeling Liz back around his arm. It was a moment he had missed, had longed for. For several months, he had almost forgotten the feeling of her smooth cool hands. Even in his drunk state, it gave him a feeling of relief, happiness. Even with his brother standing next to him, who was smirking, Eoin’s focus was solely just on Liz being around his arm. He even mumbled some unintelligible words, all because he was so overcome with joy. Eoin closed his eyes on the trip up. He only opened his eyes when the elevator doors opened and Liz shook his arm-

Liz: Hey, wake up. It’s too early to be sleeping now.

Eric: What? You sleep on elevator rides bro?

Eoin: I’m… Awake and fine. Here.

-Eoin walked up to his door and opened it. The place was far cleaner than it used to be, it was only because of the idea that Apathy would arrive. Eoin cleaned mostly everything that was a total mess from before. His alcohol was stacked, his fridge filled with food, the bedroom made. The only thing that was missing was the living room table, which Eoin broke by falling onto it.-

Eoin: Here we are noggers. Happy days are here again.

Elizabeth: It looks nice. Cleaner then I remembered. Actually you know this room looks way better without the table, I’m glad you got rid of it.

++She plopped down on the couch, crossing her legs as she surveyed the rest of the apartment++

Elizabeth: Hmm, what do you have good to drink? I think we’re all going to need it…

Eoin: Uh- Yeah. I have something for yea love. Just let me go grab it for you love.

Eric: Grab me something too man. The trip was long and my throats parched and-

Eoin: You can get whatever you want outta the fridge. For Christsake you live here you don’t need to ask for something. An’ I ain’tcha maid. I’m your bloody brother. For all the good its for.

-Eoin went to the kitchen to look around and searched his cabinets and drawers for something he was saving for Liz. In the meantime he found a bottle of Guinness and opened it and downed a few sips before continuing to search for the drink and found it. An expensive bottle of vodka. Once he found it, he poured half a glass full, before entering his fridge to find some blue raspberry lemonade and adding that to the glass. Eoin stirred the glass mixture and taking sips of his beer at the same time. He then turned to meet Liz back in the bedroom and he was overcome with the thought of helping her. He was happy, at peace, that she is once again within his reach. When he returned to the room he saw Eric take out a blunt and he was starting to light it, Eoin handed the drink to Liz-

Eoin: Seo duit mo ghrá.

++She toasted and took a long shot from the glass. Clean pure taste, strong. Top shelf. He remembered. Eric begrudgingly grabbed himself a drink and returned, side eyeing Eoin. He was feeling froggy. Eoin finally noticed Eric’s dirty looks and you could feel the air suck out of the room. I set the drink down and stood up++

Elizabeth: Eric…don’t.

Eoin: No lass. I’ll handle him. He is me brother after all.

Eric: Ha! Yeah… Sure I am. You know, I didn’t want to believe that you could be thickheaded while you were drunk, but you’re honestly something else bro. You couldn’t handle a taunting penalty given to you by NFL officials just like you can’t handle the sight of me in the same room as you and Liz.

Eoin: I… Have no idea what you just said. Except for one thing that stuck. Yeah, I cannot handle you being around me love, my heart of hearts! But you have explaining to do little lad. For starters, where the fuck have you been? Why haven’t you been taking any of my calls or messages? Why is it, when I’m all alone, and I hear nothing from either of you both for almost three months, i get a message this morning from YOU Eric that Lizzy was comin’. I’d been sick up to my throat wondering the, who, what, where and why. I’ve been doing anything and everything I could to get your attention love, but you never reached out… I tried to find you. Both of you… But it took a random message from a text to let me know you would be seeable… Why?

Elizabeth: Excuse me?

++She cocked her head to the side and made a funny face, almost in disbelief++

Elizabeth: Excuse me? No. No no no. See YOU were the one who disappeared after you got eliminated. I came backstage to find you GONE. I came here to this god damn apartment to find Eric alone, playing Madden, and no sign of you. I WAITED and you never came. TWO DAYS went by and you never came and I decided I was taking Eric and we were leaving. YOU went radio silent. YOU left US. I can’t even fucking believe you right now…

-Eoin took a step back, lost in what he was hearing-

Eoin: What? No, no love you, don’t understand. I got knocked out of the match… I lost consciousness and I heard your elimination! I went backstage to wait and then some security bitch led me to the garage area and- and I got snatched up by Mal’s boys!

-Liz’s face goes back to her normal side and cold, as Eoin stares at her in a begging sorrow face. Then Eric gets in between him and her once again and stands before Liz and Eoin defiant-

Eric: Go Liz.

-Liz got up, leaving her half finished drink behind, as Eoin desperately tries to get to her with Eric standing in the way and pushing his older brother.-

Eoin: No! No no please don’t go- GET OUT OF THE WAY!

-Liz left the room and Eric stood in the hallway as Eoin fell to his knees, pounding on the floor and sobbing. It was the first time in months that he felt so happy and so close that his life may finally get back together, and in less than five minutes it was ripped away from him again, this time his brother got in the way-

Eric: I hope she gets out before your pals show up. Why did I put her in this position? God she’s gonna give me hell for this when we get back…

Eoin: You…

Eric: Huh? OH FU-

-Eoin suddenly pounced onto his brother, grabbing him by the shoulders and slamming his head on the hardwood floor several times before Eric managed to roll Eoin off him by tossing him over.-

Eric: Owwwww… The fuck Eoin?! What was that for?!

Eoin: You told her to leave… YOU TOOK HER FROM ME!!

Eric: I saved her… I saved her from-OOF

-Eoin once again rushed Eric, this time punching him in the gut, and cheek. His younger brother was not a trained fighter, so he couldn’t exactly fight back, and Eoin knew this. He hit Eric with great force and pain. Once Eric fell to his knees, Eoin kicked his brother to the balcony. Eric struggled to get on his feet as Eoin stood in the bedroom-

Eric: FFfuckk man.. I knew you hit hard but Jesus…

Eoin: You took her from me Eric… My one source of freedom. OUR! WAY! OUT! Instead you were selfish, and you… Take the freedom we both have waited for, for so long and leave me behind after I end dad’s life!

Eric: This has nothing to do with DAD! Nothing to do with her choosing to be with sanity over crazy! YOU ARE CRAZY!

Eoin: I am in LOVE WITH HER! And YOU?! You are just a RAT! Betraying that who has taken you, sheltered you, and is your blood. No… I should’ve done this long ago…

Eric: What are you talking… What are you doing?

-Eoin stood right in front of Eric, whose back was against the balcony. Eoin then put his hands on Eric’s chest, Eric, shaking his head telling his brother “No” repeatedly, grabbed a hold on Eoin’s arms as he is being pushed over the ledge, holding desperately to his older brothers arms to not fall to the city below-


Eric: I’m your FUCKING BROTHER!!!

Eoin: You betrayed me! You took my woman and ran away! You left me when I needed YOU! And you showed your colors TONIGHT!! Sending her away when I was happy. HAPPY ERIC!


-Eoin’s face of sworn anger turned to confusion-

Eoin: W-What? Why me?!

Eric: Oh god I’m slipping!

Eoin: WHY! ME?!

Eric: Because we thought this was a trap!

-Eoin stood, looking down at his dangling brother for a little bit, before deciding to pull him back up over the balcony as they both collapsed. Eric scrambled to his feet to make sure he was safe, back inside the room, with Eoin himself halfway inside the room staring at the ceiling-

Eric: Jesus Christ! Son of a bitch! Oh my god!

Eoin: There… Is no trap Eric. It’s only me here. It’s just me…

Eric: Just you huh? I don’t think so. You wouldn’t have done that to me Eoin… You wouldn’t have ever tried to kill me over someone else! Let alone over something you’ve caused.

Eoin: I didn’t cause anything!

Eric: If you didn’t why were you taken by the Feds bro?! You think the Three Stooges took Curley because they had Shemp? No! They took him in when they lost Shemp! We thought we lost you! She came back here and stayed here for you.

Eoin: Why?! Why tell me why!!

Eric: Because we love you musclehead! She loves you!!!

-Eoin looked up at his brother, who had clearly had enough of his nonsense and had begun to make his way to the door-

Eric: We always have loved you bro. But you need to figure out how to get us back together with you, and not just wait for us to show up where you can make a scene to drag us out.

-Eoin rolled onto his knees and looked to his hands, clenching them as he does.-

Eoin: Then I’ll win back her heart… Starting tomorrow.

December 23rd, One Week before Countdown

-It’s been roughly three weeks since Eoin last saw Apathy and his brother Eric. He went to Silent Fight to beat the forces of NSQ’s Kasey Winterborn, his former stablemate in The Enforcer and the Lass Anika Swan by putting fake antlers in their heads. Eoin meanwhile only had the one side of his head stapled, whilst his opponents all had theirs stapled to both. Although he may have come out worse for wear, as he was stapled all over his body. Still, he alone emerged victorious, with it, came with something he had longed for. The opportunity to show, not just the world, but his long love for Apathy to be true. A match against a Dinosaur… Dave The Dinosaur, and his championship, the Bronx Championship. Eoin attempted to be focused on this, he stayed roughly a week in his Fight Apartment, but found himself continuously drinking and finding himself lost of focus and ultimately decided to go to his Godfather’s estate outside of the city.-

Craig: Eoin! Bloody hell it’s good to see you lad. Come in. Go on!

Eoin: Thanks Craig. It’s been awhile, I’m sorry.

Craig: Ah, not a bother lad. I was just fixing some coffee. Want some?

Eoin: Know what, yeah I’ll take a cup. Sugar and cream please.

-Craig’s place was a nice house, Eoin had stayed there only once when he was getting his mind clear. From that time, his drinking habits have been getting out of control. When Eoin had a seat in the living room, Craig brought in the coffee-

Craig: Y’Know, I saw on the TV today that, your facing some sorta… Dinosaur?

Eoin: Something like that yeah. He’s uh… Bit of a wild card if ya ask me.

Craig: An’ you’re just gonna, waltz in and beat this extinct monster lad? I mean it’s not like, he’s anything to be afraid of, aside from the teeth, Ha!

-Eoin takes a sip of the coffee and sighs-

Eoin: I dunno Craig.

-Craig looked concerned and sat across from Eoin-

Craig: Why? Whats the matter mate?

Eoin: I’m… Cocked up Craig. I’m lost, I can’t focus, I can’t think, I can’t stop drinking and everything I love I just ruin. I’ve fought hard and have tried just as hard to just get my big fucking win in this company. Like, do you know what I was gonna do when I heard my name as the winner? I was gonna go tell me brother… I was gonna tell Liz… But then this fucking thing showed up during her match an’ Serotonin ushered me away from Liz’s locker room.

Craig: The hell? What happened?

Eoin: … I happened. I pushed her away. With my actions, my words, and now I can’t keep track on what the hell I have to do to face Dave! I want to give him my everything, my very best! Give him a fight he never ever had, beat the shit outta of him if that’s what it takes to win the belt! I want that belt so I can-

Craig: So you can show off to her that you mean well and you didn’t do what your accused of.

Eoin: How did you know?

-Craig takes a sip of his own coffee-

Craig: Son, let me tell you something. When I was fighting in the Troubles, I was also doing it to impress a girl. Nah not your mom, but another bird. I was accused of being a terrorist, a monster, a killer in the eyes of the Emerald Isle’s people, when I was trying to save her from the clutches of the crown and her dinosaur army. We through everything we had em. Our bags, our bombs, our guns, our kids, our own bloody bodys! And you know what we got in the end?! We got our freedom! And I got the girl!

-Craig stood up and held his coffee high in the air-

Craig: We Irish have survived everything from those dinosaurs, to heartbreak, to being warlike savages, to being slaves to the crown! An they still couldn’t keep us down lad!

Eoin: You’re bloody A right you are! I’m twice the size of that mansized dino, and twice as mean! You saw me on that special show? That antler that was dangling on the side here? That piece of plastic is just as strong as that thing that walks with a belt! I know I can beat him! He’s not half the man I am, he’s just a walking lizard with a mouth that speaks English!

Craig: Is í an dara teanga is fearr í!

Eoin: Cinnte!

-The two Irish distant family members stand and cheers their glasses together and down them both-

Craig: My boy, you shant give in to despair. You, fighting this inglorious monster, and taking its prize will be what you need to get to the heart of which you seek. I promise you.

Eoin: If you could do it Craig, I know I can… I’ll kick its teeth back to dust!

Craig: You know me boy this reminds me of the time when the T-Rex from Jurassic Park was terrorizing the English Countryside, you see a volcano had erupted and awoke the beast from it’s slumber. It sprouted right out of the center of the Queens Royal house it did. There were rivers of lava flowing through the streets of London as that T-Rex ate parliament and terrorized the old hag. Aye, wait a minute…no. No that was a fever dream from too much whiskey. Yeah disregard lad. Or did they put that memory in my head? Huh. Oh…uh yeah you kick that dinosaurs ass!