A Very Rabbitmas 🐰

By: VooDoo

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 12th Dec 2021

When VooDoo woke up Saturday morning, more like Saturday afternoon, it took her a few minutes to realize where she was; it was the small studio apartment off her office at the Velvet Rabbit. She lifted up the blanket to find her in a bra and panties. That’s a good sign. She thought back on the night, most of it now bits and pieces and kinda on the fuzzy side. Met a few people in the flesh that she’s only heard their voice. She met a few new people. Drank a whooollllee lot of drink and smoked a whooolllee lot of weed. She looked over at the nightstand to her right, there was a bottle of water and a bottle of excedrin sitting on it and a note. She reached over and grabbed the note and looked at it. She squinted one eye and then the other trying to find one that she could focus before squinting both. Dear Voo,

I kept my promise, I did not let you bust your ass in a potted plant.
I know you didn’t.
The lamp in your office is another thing but no guests saw it and I did clean it up.
He is so sweet.
I left you water and something for the headache.
Yep, sweet.
Ms. C helped get you undressed and in bed, I didn’t peek.
He peeked.
That was a lie, I peeked, in my defence, I hadn’t seen those tattoos before and they are pretty.
Good recovery, I’ll let it pass.
When you’re ready to eat, give a call down to the kitchen.
Will do.

She tossed the note back on the nightstand, sat up and rubbed her eyes before she reached over and grabbed the bottle of pills. Jesus Christ. She opened the bottle and tapped 4 pills in her hand then tossed them in her mouth. Immediately, the pills clung to the inside of her mouth. She reached over and grabbed the water bottle and cracked it open and quickly took a swig. Am I getting too old for this shit? Mom-Life got me all out of practice? She got up and grabbed the bathrobe draped over the arm of the chair nearby and put it on then made a quick stop to the bathroom before making her way into the office and taking a seat at her desk. She dropped her head down on the desk.

Lord, Jesus. She groaned. Bartenders are going to have to make sure when I make my rounds they all stick to the same liquor for my shots.

After a few minutes, she sat back up and reached over for the phone and pressed the number for the main kitchen. The kitchen manager answered the phone and all VooDoo said was Hangover Breakfast and Coffee stat and hung the phone back up.

Candice.. FoCuS. Immediately that word made her think of Joe Montouri and she rolled her eyes; she thought at first about making a gagging noise, but decided against it, a fake gag could turn into a real one and the last thing she wanted to do was hurl chunks.

Do something, anything until food gets here because if you lay here with your head on the desk you’re just going to get more and more miserable, she silently encouraged herself. She knew what she would do, the Fight! Secret Satan thing. She got Vhodka text message earlier this week and wondered what on Earth she could get this person, but last night while she was talking with Chris Page, it dawned on her, a gift this person could appreciates since he has spend some time at the Velvet Rabbit. She reached down into the bottom left hand drawer of the desk and pulled out a box made of black cherry oak wood and sat it on top of the desk. She opened it and reached back inside the box and pulled out a black piece of parchment paper and sat it on the desk in front of her. She looked at it and smiled despite feeling like shit, because she was quite proud of what she was doing with the Rabbit. With the expansion, she was going to have a private VIP dining area, naming it the Empire Room after her night club. Exclusive with a membership fee, that grants entrance and use of every floor of the Velvet Rabbit except for the Venue. She pulled out a pot of gold ink and a calligraphy pen and neatly and ever so gracefully she wrote someone’s name on the paper. Then put the ink and pen back in the box. Then she opened a smaller box from inside and from that box she pulled out a half burned dark red wax stick candle and lit it, she watched as the flames burned for a moment before she dripped the red wax on the paper. Once she made sure that the wax puddle was big enough for her seal before she finally blew the candle out and waited for the last bit of wax to fall on the paper before she pulled it away to make sure that she didn’t let a drop spill on it. Again she reached back into the box and pulled out a wax stamp and made sure that the design was lined up and then pushed the seal into the wax, giving a slight stir to make sure to get out air bubbles and that the whole seal was covered. She sat there for a minute, letting the wax cool some before she gently pulled the seal away. The door to her office opened and Ms Coney stepped into the office carrying a tray with VooDoo’s breakfast, a pot of coffee and a pitcher of ice water. She was the only person that VooDoo afforded the luxury of not knocking first.

Good morning, Voo. Her voice was bright and cheerful and way too loud on purpose as she made her way over and placed the tray on her desk. Here’s your breakfast.

Softer tone, please. You will be happy to know that the whole Guest Doe idea is picking up. Currently in talks with three individuals who want to be guest Does.

Excellant. VooDoo nodded as she picked up the certificate and looked at it again. Who knew that would have actually worked? She pulled an envelope out of the box and handed both to Ms Coney. Do me a favor and have this delivered to Fight Tower.

Obviously, you did. She looked at the paper. What’s this?

The first member of the Empire Room outside the Family. She poured herself a cup of coffee and took a drink. She didn’t bother with sugar or milk, she drank it black. Coffee was supposed to slap you in the face in the morning, not taste like a dessert. Though coffee does go well with dessert.  She lets out a soft chuckle. I am welcoming him to his own Year of the Rabbit, especially with as many women as he’s got trying to ride on his dick.  At least at the Empire Room, he can keep some secrets secret.

I’ll get this sent right over. She looked at the food VooDoo was about to dig into. I’ll let you get to your feeding frenzy.

Just… just… ssshhh, thank you. She shook her head and waved her away. Just go, leave me, run my Empire and let me get over this by myself.

As you wish, Mi’Lady… Ms Coney gave a full elegant bow, one leg behind the other, arms out to her side. I shall take my leave.

Both women stared at each other for a moment, then laughed and flipped each other off, Ms Coney was off to have someone deliver the Certificate of Membership to the Velvet Rabbit and VooDoo began to dig into the full english breakfast, if she was going to throw up, she wanted to make it totally worth it.