A Circus Came to Town…

By: VooDoo

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 13th Oct 2021

When a traveling carnival came through the town of [redacted] in Parts Unknown you best believe the four children living in the House of Voo made sure that all parental units knew it was in town and all four of them kept the others on their best behaviors so that way they could all go Friday night since there was no Venom this week. And that’s currently where we are. The carnival was set up at the stadium that the Wolf family had built at the school was packed and it looked like everyone in the zipcode was there right now, VooDoo was walking down the main midway dressed in a pair of jeans and a black tshirt, her long red hair pulled back into a french braid that was messy from the rides she had been on. Under one arm, in a rear chin lock were two large teddy bears while at the end of the other was a fresh fluffy poof of pink cotton candy. Beside her walked Roger Wright, he was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, cowboy boots and hat. He had two teddy bears of his own, one under each arm, owners of all four teddy bears walking before them carrying equally large fluffy poofs of their own.

You know, Candice, I could carry one of those for you so you won’t have to struggle as much. He offered as he cast a sideways glance at her.

Jesus Christ, Roger, why didn’t you say something sooner. She handed him one of the bears. Her name had changed as the nature of their relationship had. When they first met, she was VooDoo; then their friendship came and it was Red or C. And then their “relationship” happened and it became Candice. His daughter, Marie, still calls her Aunt Voo’ much like Allison did growing up. She’ll grow out of it one day, like Allison did, though there are sometimes that she still slips back and calls her Aunt Voo. I’ve been struggling.

Been kinda funny to watch. He smirked a little.



Aunt Voo! All four kids whirled around at once on their parents, startling Voo with how quick they did it. There’s a circus. Can we go? I hope they have monkeys! I’ve never been to the circus!

VooDoo and Roger looked at each other and had one of those conversations that two people can have without actually saying a word. Marie’s never been to the circus? You know her mother.
You could have taken her. You’ve met her father, too. VooDoo shook head

Let’s all go to the circus. The kids all turned around and led the way to the circus tent. Maybe there will be monkeys riding ponies? Inside the tent, they made their way through the bleacher seats and the kids ran over to the front row and grabbed seats right in the center of the large single ring in the center of the tent. VooDoo and Roger took a seat on the raised bench behind them. It didn’t take long, but as soon as the rest of the bleachers filled up all of the lights went down. A single spotlight came on and in the middle of the ring was the ringmaster, he was dressed in a bright red tailcoat trimmed in gold with a black vest and top hat and white pants and black boots to his knees. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, welcome to the Nagaf Family circus. Tonight we’re going to thrill you, we’re going to chill you, we’re going to make you want to run away from home and join us. First, up tonight, the big cats… For the next hour or so, they watched as they watched the trained big cats as they did tricks for their trainer, walking on tightropes and balancing on balls, followed by the trapeze artists that flew high in the air doing somersaults in the air and hoping that their partner didn’t miss them. They watched the clowns as they came out of the clown cars, Rose drawing a chuckle from everyone as she made the comment it was like watching the whole family come out of the plane when they all travelled.

Tonight we have a treat. The Ringmaster told them as three cages were wheeled into the center ring, all covered with white and red canvas that matched the color of the circus tent. Coming from the Land of Oz… Dorothy and her flying monkeys!

A woman finally entered the ring and she was dressed like Dororthy from the Wizard of Oz in a blue and white pinafore dress with a white shirt underneath with blue socks to her ankle and ruby red slippers and once she had reached the center of the ring, she slowly raised both her arms and as she did, the covers on the cages were slowly pulled off. VooDoo looked at Roger. Are you seeing what I am seeing? If you mean three cages full of flying monkeys, check.

Oh my god, they have wings! Call turned around and looked at his mom. I want one.

I don’t think so, there’s like 20 cats and Ani’s dog running around the house. She calmly told her son. I am not cleaning up after a flying monkey, too.

They watched as Dorothy ran to all the cages and opened the front doors and then back to the center of the ring. Slowly the monkeys came out of the cages, six all together, some of them stretching out their wings as they made their way over to Dorothy. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls… tonight I come to you to… destroy you all. The spotlight on Dorothy turned a shade of green and her form slowly began to melt revealing that she was actually the Wicked Witch, causing a few gasps, ooohhhs and aaahhhs before a round of applause. From behind the Witch a couple of the monkeys walked up with this enormous wicker basket and they pulled a lid off. Inside the basket, another winged monkey pops up and he’s got a chef’s hat on his head. In his hands is blue cotton candy that he rolled up into balls the size of a softball and started handing them to each of the monkeys who would take to the air and fly around in circles.

Ready! The monkeys all flew to the opposite side of the tent and hovered over the people over there.

Aim! They pulled back the hand that held the cotton candy ball.


The monkeys threw the balls at the crowd, the people that were hit with the balls screamed as the ball splattered on them, then they laughed for a moment… a brief moment before everyone around them screamed as the person blew up covering them in the same blue cotton candy goo. What the fuck.

Language, Aunt Voo! Marie said for probably the 1000th time today.

The monkeys flew back to the chef monkey, who was rolling the balls up and holding them up for the others to swoop in and get and they did it in a flawless execution. They didn’t wait for orders this time and kept launching them at the other side. Again the same thing happened, the people who were hit by the cotton candy blew up on the people next to them.

We’ve gotta get out of here. Roger dropped the two teddy bears he was carrying only to have Marie scream at him.

No bears left behind, daddy! Roger picked up both the bears as VooDoo held on to hers and herded the kids to the exit and got them outside to find mass chaos was happening as monkeys were flying outside doing the same thing they were inside. They ran through the mass of running people, the twins holding the two younger kids’ hands and Call and Marie holding hands with Voo behind them holding two of the bears and Roger behind her.

Fuck, I’ve been hit. VooDoo and the kids stopped running and turned around to find Roger had been hit by one of the balls, his right shoulder covered in goo.

Daddy, language. Roger looked at them and then at the teddy bears before he tossed them as far away from him as he could.

Save the bears. VooDoo and all four of the kids screamed as Roger blew up into a splatter of blue goo.

The bears, mom, grab the bears. Rose screamed at her.

Fucking bears. She mumbled low enough to where Potty Mouth Police didn’t hear it and ran back, thankful that Roger had been nice enough to throw the bears far enough away from him that she didn’t have to walk through his splat and ruin a pair of shoes.

VooDoo tucked two more bears under her arms and took off running to the kids, who turned and took off running, too. Through the midway they went until VooDoo herded them past a peanut stand and then she herded them behind it and away from the main crowd and up against one of the school buildings. Left. Left. The kids followed their mother’s orders and turned left in between the main building at the gym as they ran down towards the end that normally was open, they found it blocked off with a wall. The kids all started to pound on the wall. What the fuck? Language, Aunt Voo. For Christ’s sake, kid, can you give me one or two today? From behind her came the sound of a familiar laughter, causing her to drop the bears and whirl around, to find Vhodka Marie Black now dressed like the Wicked Witch advancing on them with the flying monkey army armed with cotton candy balls. VooDoo and the kids looked up to see the monkeys standing along the rooftops. We knew it was going to come to this. I thought we were going to leave the kids out of this.

That’s where you thought wrong… there can be only one. Simple math really, you have 3 and I have the one. She paused for a moment. Well, technically you have four now.

I am surprised you could do the math. I said it was Simple damn it! Language, Vhodka!

Sorry. She looked around VooDoo at Marie and waved. Sorry, language, I know. Sorry about your Daddy, too.

It’s okay. We didn’t lose the bears.

Vhodka Marie turned her attention back to Voo. Any last words?

VooDoo looked over her shoulder at the kids. Her twins stand defiantly and tall like their mother, just in front of the other two in a protective manner, the two in between standing just as brave and tall. Ciara, if something happens to me, you’re in charge.

Wait, why does she get to be in charge? Rose didn’t like the thought of Ciara wearing her bossy boots all the time.

Because I am the oldest, dummy.

Only by 30 mins. That’s not reason enough to make her in charge.

I think so. Ciara liked the whole idea of her being in charge.

Let’s ask an impartial judge. She looked around her mother. Vhodka, what do you think?

Everyone turned and looked at Vhodka, who stood there for a moment thinking. She looked back and forth at everyone involved before she narrowed her eyes and took a couple steps back with the monkeys, squatted down and began to talk with a couple of them. Every so often the three of them would look over and the redhead and the four kids. After a few minutes, she steps forward again. While Rose has a solid argument, we think Ciara should be in charge. YES!!

That’s because you know what will happen. Rose brought one of her hands up to her throat and brought it across it like it was a knife. You know I will avenge my mom being slimed.

This is true. Vhodka pointed behind her with a thumb. That’s just what Caesar just said, too. Anyway, can we get on with this?

Waiting on you. She looked over her shoulder. Remember, just like your aunt Le-Le taught you.

Fire!! Bear wall! As the monkeys let loose their cotton candy balls, all four kids moved at once grabbing up the bears, the two younger ones held theirs standing up in front of VooDoo and the twins placed thiers standing on top and VooDoo ducked down just as the blue balls started to rain down on the teddy bears. Thank god for fuckin’ vikings. Language, Aunt Voooo…..

¸.´¸.*¨) ¸.*¨)
(¸.´ (¸.´ .´ ¸¸.¨¯`

Aunt Vooooo… VooDoo’s right eye shot open and she could see the outline of Marie there, leaning on the bed, damned near in her face; she blinked a couple of times to focus her eye. Aunt Voo, can we have pancakes for breakfast?

VooDoo rolled over in bed and wondered how much alcohol she actually put away last night at the Velvet Rabbit. Fucking woman in her damned dreams even. Aunt Voo. Yes, pancakes.

Yay! She clapped her hands.

And eggs and bacon and whatever in the devil you want as long as you give me 30 minutes to wake up. Deal! Marie tore out of the bedroom as fast as she could, no doubt going to deliver her brood the news, they were probably the ones who sent her in to begin with; send the cute one, send in the innocent one. She chuckled, she and their father taught them well. She looked over at the bed beside her and smiled at the head indentation on the pillow. Today was the day they were moving out of the apartment in Ani’s building and into the house that Roger had built. They were still keeping things hidden from the kids, not wanting to pull them into something that they themselves were still testing the waters with. Feelings have grown since the mermaid photoshoot, after the kids were in bed asleep, Roger would swing by VooDoo’s room and he’d slip back out after she fell asleep; careful not to get caught. Right now, they were content just them knowing their little “friends with benefits” situation as they got to know each other. They would see what happened with this new living arrangement, before they made any decisions. She looked at the clock on the wall, 25 mins to go, which in kid terms means she had about 10 minutes to get dressed. Busy day ahead, Voo, get going.

¸.´¸.*¨) ¸.*¨)
(¸.´ (¸.´ .´ ¸¸.¨¯`

After breakfast, three hours and two pit stops later, Roger pulled the SUV through the front gates leading up to the house as the nanny, One pulled up beside them in the small u-haul box truck that he drove with everything they had at the apartment. It really was a perfect blend of their tastes if ever there were one. A gothic style house surrounded by brightly red and white barns and stables. The main house had 6 bedrooms, the twins getting their own rooms; as Roger put it, because they had graciously given up theirs for him back home. He even built One an apartment that he could call his own.

We’re here! No sooner than the words came out of his mouth, all four kids were shooting out the rear doors.

Be careful getting out. Voo half said as her brood went screaming up the front walkway and threw open the door and went inside. I gave birth to animals.

Doesn’t explain mine.

They’ve rubbed off on her. She turned and looked at him with a smile as he slipped his hand in hers. She’s developed their characteristics, like those stories about children being raised by Wolves.

Nice play on the last name. He squeezed her hand. You ready for this?

As I ever will be.

MMOOMM!!!  Roger released Voo’s hand as the twins came tearing out of the house.

Looks like we’re about to be devoured.

I heard they only turn on their parents, good luck. He gave her a wink and got out of the truck.

Moooom!! Rose is trying to take the bedroom with the double doors!

I like the doors. VooDoo crossed her arms over her chest as the two girls went back and forth a few moments telling her why they think she should let them have the bedroom with the double doors. It was actually Rose who ended it when she threw up her hands in the air. You can have the room if you will shut your mouth.

Yeess!! Ciara whirled around and ran back into the house to stake claim in the room.

Rose Katherine Black-Wolf-Black, you’re an asshole like your parents.

Left out Fagan. Vincent’s mini-me said with a shrug.

That was never your last name. VooDoo started for the house.

Thank God, the thought of Rose Katherine Fagan being said sternly all the time, the embarrassment. She started after her mom and slipped her hand in hers. So, what last name are we going to use next year?

You didn’t even want the room. You like sleeping on the west side of the house because you hate the sunlight waking you up. Why be an asshole?

To make sure I got the room I wanted.

That’s your sister, why can’t you get along?

Have you asked Aunt Sarah and Dad that? VooDoo didn’t say anything. Yeah, we know. We all know.

What exactly DO you know?

She’s the reason why Dad was hurt. She grew quiet. She’s changed a lot.

You’re not scared of her, right? You know she would never hurt you. Did you ever think she would hurt Dad?

I don’t think it’s a bridge your Aunt Sarah wants to take, but we’ll cross it if we have to. She swatted Rose on the ass as they made it to the open front door causing her daughter to scream and laugh. I thought I told you to stay away from “family” business.

¸.´¸.*¨) ¸.*¨)
(¸.´ (¸.´ .´ ¸¸.¨¯`

Two hours and one empty moving truck later, everyone had their boxes dropped off in their bedrooms and One, the masked nanny was in the kitchen making pizzas with the kids and VooDoo was in her room unpacking boxes. She currently had a handful of hanging clothes and she was making her way from the bedroom, past the built-in vanity table to one of enormous walk-in closets, she loved the enormous full length mirror built into the wall; clearly he had thought of everything. She went inside a longer closet and hung up the clothes, turned around and started back out of the door. As soon as she walked into the main part of the closet, an arm reached out of the mirror and went over her mouth. VooDoo let out a muffled scream and then headbutted whoever was behind her. Jesus Christ, Candice. VooDoo whirled around to find Roger half in and half out of a secret doorway behind the mirror that connected his room to hers. He held his nose as he stepped all the way through, mumbling curses as he did so.

I’m so sorry, Roger. She said apologetically, trying not to smile. You can’t sneak up on people like that.

Can you tone it back to a 4 on the Candice to VooDoo scale when we’re here? We’re in the middle of 500 acres; who in the Hell did you think was going to come through a mirror? Do you know how many horror movies and books out there have monsters coming out of mirrors and pulling people back in? C’mere you. Roger reached out and grabbed VooDoo by her waist and pulled her towards him, causing her to laugh lightly and wrap her arms around his neck. He leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips, getting a soft purr to come from her throat.

So… She began after they broke the kiss. This was what you were talking about when you said you had a surprise for me.

Surprise. He leaned back in and they kissed again.

I see what you’re doing, leave me in the wet spot and go back to your nice dry bed. I’d stay and sleep in the wet spot if you’d let me.

Your chivalry will not go unnoted tonight. She wiggled her brows a little bit.

MOM! VooDoo and Roger parted ways as if lightning had struck between them, putting a good three feet in between, just as Ciara walked into the closet.

I absolutely love this mirror, Roger, it’s perfect, I couldn’t have picked out a better one. And just like that the masquerade was back in place; she looked at her daughter. Yes, sweetie, what is it?

Dinner is done. She looked at Roger and smiled. Mom’s right, that’s a cool mirror. And with a flip of her hair, she turned around and went back the way she came.

How are you feeling with the kids knowing what’s going on at Ascension between you and Vhodka? He asked her as they made it to the door to the closet, he stepped aside and waited for her to walk through first.

I wished they didn’t know anything about it honestly. Vin and I had always talked about how we would handle things if he and his brothers ever got into it, or their Uncle Damon, but we never discussed how we would play it if we got divorced and me and his new wife were going at it. Glad I don’t have to worry about that with “you-know-who”. Jeez, that’s all I would need, two damned crazy baby mommas. Best thing I ever did was take Ani’s advice and offer her money to sign over full custody. It literally freed us from her forever.

What about Ani, Daddy? Marie asked as they entered the dining room where the kids were already scarfing down the pizza.

I.. uh.. Roger started for a moment, he didn’t know what to say. Him and Marie didn’t talk about her mother much; more like at all and when he did, she would change the subject. I was just telling your Aunt Voo that it was nice of Ani to let us stay in her building while the house was being built.

We should invite her over. We’ll have to do that, Peanut. VooDoo and Roger sat down and joined the kids for dinner; despite the bizarre life they live, if you were to look at them now, you would think that they were just like any normal family. Well, except for the very large nanny sitting at the table with his white mask slipped up on top of his head. A nanny that looked back and forth between VooDoo and Roger, until he was actually able to catch both of their attention. You know, you two look really tired. It’s been a long day, why don’t the two of you go to bed early. VooDoo and Roger looked at each other. You do look kinda tired, Mom. Thank you, Rose Fagan.

Ouch, Mother, you wounded me. Rose put her hand to her chest.

Ha, she called you Fagan. Her sister laughed from across the table.
Shut it. Rose kicked her in the shin.

Listen carefully… One looked back and forth between the two adults. I saw a cowboy coming out of the hen house a couple of nights.

We don’t have a henhouse. Call said as he picked a piece of pepperoni off his slice and tossed it in his house

What was a cowboy doing in a henhouse? Marie asked. Cowboys belong in the stables.

I asked myself that same question. I decided it wasn’t any of my business.

VooDoo looked at Roger and then yawned. You know, I am feeling kinda tired.

Me, too. I could use the extra rest, that’s a great idea.

Night, MomVooDoo’s three said. Night, Roger.

Night, Daddy. Said Roger’s one. Night, Aunt Voo.

And with that they were gone.

¸.´¸.*¨) ¸.*¨)
(¸.´ (¸.´ .´ ¸¸.¨¯`

You’ve shared your story, so let me tell you mine. I was raised by my grandfather and my childhood was nothing exciting. Well, the excitement happened when I was too young to remember it. There’s just no polite way of saying that when my dad came back from the war, he was a little fucked up in the head. So fucked up in the head, that he killed my mom, before he killed himself. I was raised by my granddad. He told me as much about my mother as he could remember but he told me nothing about my father. I was never curious about it. I figured any man who killed the mother of his child wasn’t worth a second thought. As you can see, my thoughts on relationships were kind of jaded from the start. I had a couple of relationships growing up, nothing to talk about really. I did well in school, went to college and had a few meaningless relationships while I got a business degree because I was going to open a business. VooDoo sighs. Then I met Tony Cancelliere. He was the owner of Extreme Wrestling Federation and I just happened to sign up for a membership at the gym where he worked out at. He watched one of my training sessions and before I knew it, he was taking me on a whirlwind romance that ended up with a ring on my finger. He was hell bent on getting me in the ring, he told me now that I was his wife I had to play the part. Before I knew it, I went from a buck-twenty-five to one-sixty. I was solid muscle and strength, but because I was a chick, they thought I was a joke. I showed them. I was one of the biggest attractions to the federation and Tony being Tony started to put more in the federation instead of us. When I found out he was putting himself in his assistant, that’s when I met Damon Riggs. She chuckles a little bit. Damon HavoK Riggs came into EWF and blew everyone away. It didn’t matter who he was put up against, he was killing them. And the more I saw them fighting against each other, the more I was drawn to Damon. It didn’t take me much to convince him that he should be fucking the boss’ wife. We caught a case of the feelings for each other and he tried to get me to run away with him, but my case of the feelings weren’t as strong as his, plus I loved the money and power that came with being Candice Cancelliere. Damon and I parted ways and it wasn’t long after that, that Cancelliere and I parted ways, too. He did something to me, something unforgivable. Something that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I couldn’t be with him anymore, couldn’t breathe the same air he was. So I left him and being that he was a dumbass, I took him for everything that he had including his precious federation that I sold to the highest bidder and never looked back. With him no longer controlling how I dressed, what food I could eat, what music I would walk to the ring with… I was free to become VooDoo, I was free to live the way I wanted to live. We hear a soft slash of water. Tony had introduced me to the world of BDSM and started taking me to clubs and dungeons and such and that’s when the idea for my first business came around. I opened the Empire Room, which was a bondage themed nightclub. It was there that I met a man named Kristian Oss, who also happened to be a wrestler. He wined me and dined me and told me of all the things that we could do in the ring as a tag team. He had this dominant sadist side that was just vibing with my masochist side. I thought, why not give it a go, before I knew it, we were damned near unstoppable. We were together for about two and a half years. I can’t tell you the things that I allowed him to do to me, mostly to appease my masochist side. I allowed him to lead me around on a leash and told everyone he was my owner. There was even a brand on my ass. It was there that I met up with Damon, again. He and his group came into the Empire Room and I had them sent up and all the introductions were made. That’s when I met Vincent Black, Stellar Guliani, Vhodka Marie and Bryan Dyamond. It was soon after meeting that my relationship with Oss changed, he became abusive in a manner that was not welcome nor agreed upon. And I ran and when I ran I wrapped my car around a tree and the only person I could think of to call was Damon. She chuckles again. Not my proudest moment, but when Damon arrived with Bryan Dyamond, I panicked, I thought he was going to take me back to Oss. He did the only thing he could do to me i am situation like that and he knocked me the fuck out. Literally, if Bryan hadn’t been behind me I would have hit the ground. Damon took me to the only place he could think of that Oss wouldn’t think to look, Vincent’s apartment. He dumped me on the bed and told Vin to keep an eye on me and he did. For almost a lifetime. I fell in love with him when I opened my eyes that next morning and found he was watching me, it was just something about those eyes studying me. It wasn’t until years later, when he was reading one of his old journals that I saw a sketch of me sleeping with the words, porcelain like skin, hair the color of fire. She let out a long sigh you hear from a person when they are remembering a moment in time. It was weird, I never left and he never asked me to. For the longest time we lived in his shitty one bedroom apartment while sleeping in the same bed before we even started fucking and during this time, not once did he mention Vhodka or their relationship. Two and a half months is enough time to tell someone, oh, yeah, hey, by the way there’s this other chick I am fucking and got feelings for before you start fucking them. Lord knows I wouldn’t have been lonely for long, there was always some guy giving me a call, even after he and I got together. Hell, Damon and Stellar split up not too long after we got together. She pauses for just a moment. Truth is, I don’t know why Vincent chose me over her. Maybe back then he thought he could get further in the business with a woman who had her head on straight in the game. A woman that was focused on getting to the top of the dogpile and staying at the top. Lord knows that every man who even sniffed my way, he was baring his teeth like a rabid wolf. We even made it a game once with Death Angel, made everyone think we had broken up, only to set it up for a match for Vin to kick his ass and tell him to stop calling me. She laughs a little. I don’t know why he decided to wife me and there’s a good chance that the only reason why he didn’t tell me to get rid of the twins was because we were married. As a matter of fact, before we got married, I told him that there would be no way for me to have the kids for him like his brothers did. He told me it didn’t matter, he loved me. He had his brother call in Doctors and Specialists to try and find out what was wrong, but they could never figure it out. And one day, it happened. Not once, but twice. Call had a twin, the same thing going on with Le’Andra happened with me. Call absorbed his twin. She pauses again. The irony is, Vhodka Marie walks around in two roles in the story, as both the victim and the villian. All whoa is me VooDoo the big boobed redhead with the bald vagina of gold stole my man, a man that no one even knew was her man, because that man damned sure didn’t tell anyone including his best friend that he was her man. A man that kept her a secret the whole entire time, while at the same time laughing about the marriage she split up and the family she ruined. Wow, look at me, look at what I did. I finally have the bald vagina of gold. VooDoo chuckles. I can’t say big boobed or big assed, now can I? There have been people that ask me why I didn’t try to keep my marriage together, why I didn’t fight for my man… I don’t know, I guess it’s because he never really was my man. He’s always been our man. When she adn I step into the ring at Ascension, I am not stepping in there as the scorned woman who’s fighting the woman who stole her man… When I step into the ring, I step in as the woman who has had to sit back and watch as her children cried while their father walked away from them. Each and every time I hit her, I am going to think about every time children have ever asked when their father was going to come home and have to tell them he wasn’t, every time I’ve had to explain to them that their father still loves them that it was me he fell out of love with, every tear shed after every phone call and after every visit. I am going in there to do the one thing that my kids can’t do right now, and that’s to beat the shit out of the woman who made a joke out ripping apart their lives as they know it. Scene comes in and we’re in VooDoo’s bathroom, there is a candle on the sink casting a flicking glow in the room. She and Roger are sitting in the olympic sized bathtub, bubbles up to their chest. She had been laying with her back against his chest, her red hair pulled into a messy bun. She sat up and pushed herself away from him and went to the other end of the tub. There you go, there you have it. There’s the type of woman you’re wanting to get involved with, to be with. The woman you want helping you raise your daughter. A woman who some could say has used every man in her life to benefit herself. A woman who’s about to go to war over what was done to her children. Roger reached under the water and grabbed her by both ankles and pulled her back towards him and onto his lap causing a half laugh to slip from her lip. I’ve already battled one woman that wasn’t willing to go to war for her kid, maybe it’s time I should try a woman who was willing to? You’ve been fully warned, Roger Wright. So noted, Candice Wolf. He reached up, pulled her towards him, kissing her for the 100th time of the night, both of them suddenly thankful for having such a great nanny.

¸.´¸.*¨) ¸.*¨)
(¸.´ (¸.´ .´ ¸¸.¨¯`