“And still..”

By: Miss Michelle

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 27th Dec 2021

Todrick Tabor-Ramsay, formerly of Manhattan, was left unconscious in the center of the ring, in the Fight Tower on December the Sixth, two thousand twenty one. Todrick was a rising star in our business and was on the road to super stardom, until she met in the ring with the Queen.

You see, Todrick was quite the competitor since gaining control of Manhattan from that wild sewer rat, Joe. She then went on to defeat every person who thought they had what it took to take over her reign. Many.. okay maybe just a few men had spent their hard earned blood money for a chance to take over ownership and rule Manhattan, but none were up to the challenge. 

Until she emerged. 

Todrick was strong, she had Manhattan in her back pocket,  she wasn’t going to give up without a fight,  so that’s what they did. Broken glass, blood and dreams were thrown about but in the end it was a powerbomb and a three count that rang out and that’s when it had finally happened..

Todrick had been conquered and Manhattan had a new leader.

The scene faded into the beautifully Christmas decorated living room of Brandon and Michelle’s home on Eulogeo Island. The room is lit up with rainbow colored Christmas lights as well as just plain white ones from the tree.

In the center of the living room, on the white fur rug in front of the long wooden coffee table, sat Michelle and her good friend Ashlynn Cassidy. The two of them, dressed very comfortably in tanks and sweats. Michelle’s hair was pulled up into a messy bun and Ashlynns sat in a high pony at the top of her head. 

Michelle leaned back, her back resting on the front of the couch and a clear drinking glass in her hand, sitting on the hardwood floor next to her. Ash was sitting closer to the table, her body hunched forward and laying over her arms on the table. 

“I don’t think I can drink anymore and still function tomorrow.” Ash said.

“Oh god,  there is so much to do tomorrow too, it’s Christmas eve and I’ve got to make everything perfect..” She responded, rambling just a bit.

“I’m sure it will be juuuuust finee..” Ashlynn said with a slight giggle.

“Not if I don’t get myself up them steps and ready for bed, it won’t.”

“Right.. bed.” Ash said.  “I need a shower first.”

Michelle nodded with all the enthusiasm of an apple before reaching over the arm of the couch to grab the metal case from the glass side table. She flipped it open and pulled out a rolled blunt and a lighter.

“I need to smoke first.”

Ashlynn sat up from the table, nodding her head with much more enthusiasm than Michelle showed previously. 

“Smoke… yes.. great idea..” 

Michelle brought the blunt up to her lips and lit the end, taking a hit as she did and then one more before passing it over to Ashlynn.

“Are you sure we should smoke inside? Isn’t Ezra here?” She asked,  holding the blunt between her fingers.

“It’s fine. He’s upstairs sleeping.”

Ash nodded as she brought the blunt to her lips and took a hit from it as Mama walked into the room and started to fake a coughing fit. 

“Gahdammit! It fucking stinks in here.” Mama yelled out.

“Lower your voice, Mama, Ezra is sleeping.” Michelle said.

“Don’t you tell me what to do, you waste of an orgasm!” She snapped back. “This room smells like Marvin from the Texacos asshole!”

Ashlynn chuckled as the two of them continued to smoke the blunt while listening to Mama..

“Oh I get it..” Mama said. “You got your little friend over here while my boy is out running New York and the twos of you are in here making some kind of rotten tuna sandwiches.. well thats sickening..”

“Oh fuck off, Mama..” Michelle responded.

“Go wash your dirty snatches, you stupid skunk skank bitches..”

Mama stutters her words out as she passed through the living room and set off towards the kitchen. Ash and Michelle had finished the blunt and Michelle had gotten up to her feet. 

“I’ll show you to the bathroom for your shower so you can wash your snatch.”

Michelle said, laughing as Ashlynn stood up from the floor. 

“Thanks.. I knew I needed to shower but I didn’t think it was that bad.” Ash said.

“Mamas just mad cuz no one wants her snatch anymore.”

Michelle led Ashlynn up the stairs and down the long hallway to a bathroom. She walked inside the bathroom, flipping the light switch on and then over to the glass doors that surrounded the huge walk in shower. She pulled the doors open and turned the dial to hot before pulling it out and watching as the water rushed out of the shower head and splattering onto the floor. She stepped back, allowing the glass to shut before turning around to Ash.

“I’ll go get some towels, feel free to climb in.” She said.

“Don’t mind if I do.” Ash replied. 

Michelle smiled as she turned to walk out the bathroom. She headed down to the closet at the end of the hall, opening it up and grabbing a towel. She turned to head back towards the bathroom but was distracted by the sound of Ezra crying. 

She went down the other hallway and stepped inside of Ezra’s nursery,  quietly trying to check on him without him knowing she was there. She watched as he found his pacifier next to him and gently soothe himself back to sleep. She backed up out of the room and quietly pulled the door shut to just a crack.

She stopped in the hall for a moment, trying to remember what she was doing. Glancing down at her hands and seeing the towel, she remembered that she was going to take a shower, so she set off to the bathroom.  

As she entered, the room was filled with steam as the water was running. She sat the towel down onto the bathroom counter and began to remove her clothing.  She stepped towards the shower, her naked body reflecting through the mirror for all you pervs  😘. She grabbed the handle of the door and pulled it open,  stepping inside when it hit her.

She wasn’t taking a shower, Ashlynn was. And Ashlynn was in there, butt naked, in all her glory. Michelle froze as she watched Ashlynn under shower head. Ashlynn was in the process of washing the shampoo from her hair when she opened her eyes and saw Michelle standing there in front of her, just as bare as she was.

Not sure if it was the combination of drinks and smoking or something else entirely but Ashlynn moved from under that stream of water and towards Michelle. The first touch was a light one, a brush of Ashlynn’s fingers across Michelle’s cheek. The next came when Michelle looked her up and down, dragging her fingers down Ashlynn’s toned stomach.

Ashlynn’s hand moved to the side of Michelle’s neck and tightened ever so slightly. With that hand, she pulled her in and bent down just enough for their lips to touch which escalated into a deep, passionate kiss. Their hands explored the body of one another. Ashlynn groping at one of Michelle’s breasts made her moan lowly into that kiss. Michelle drug her hand down even lower causing Ashlynn to part her legs.

The index and middle fingers of Ashlynn pinched down onto that hardened nipple only to twist and tug at it. Michelle’s head fell back which allowed Ashlynn to lower her head more to kiss and bite at her throat. It didn’t take long for Michelle to rub her hand against her soft lips and the scene cut out.

The next day..

Michelle sat, enjoying a hot cup of coffee as she stared at the large lit up tree in her living room and her mind began to wander.

Here we are.. Countdown had arrived, the final show of the season. She had started the season as a champion and she was planning on ending the season as one. Albeit, it’s a whole different championship but that didn’t matter. 

Losing the Bronx Championship to Dave the Dinosaur was a wound that still stung just a little bit and why wouldn’t it? I mean, she was the first person to ever hold that belt and ahe successfully defended it for a very long time. Ask Todrick, no one defended more than Michelle did. Well, that’s not true.. I guess Toddy did defend one more time than she did. 

I will say, winning the Manhattan Championship from Todrick did take some of the sting away, though.  She knew how much that belt meant to Toddy but she didn’t care, that just made her want the belt even more..

Although,  she didn’t want the belt as much as someone else did, initially. 

See, there was someone who was chomping at the bit to get to Manhattan. There was this lost, homely woman who tried as she may, was never quite able to grasp hold of that championship opportunity,  no matter how hard she tried she was always out bid.

“I was wondering when I was going to be blessed with the opportunity to stand opposite the ring from you, Betsy. I have heard absolutely nothing but yet also everything about you and that tells me so much about you and your career.

I mean, I already know that you are so far at the bottom of the New Status Quo that they don’t even care whether or not you’re there. In fact,  I do honestly believe that the only reason you are a part of that group is because you’re sleeping with James Raven. 

Why else would they leave you looking like a complete and utter failure each and every time you tried to get a go at Toddy? The New Status Quo spends so much time talking about how much control they have over the entire roster, about how they have more blood money combined than any of us regular folk but they can’t help the syphilis of their group obtain a shot at a championship she so desperately wants?

I don’t know how that looks to you, but to the outsiders looking in, it looks like you’re completely disposable. And that’s exactly what is going to happen to you, by the way. See, you might have had a better chance at winning Manhattan from Todrick. Unfortunately we will never know that one though. I do wish that you would have gotten your chance, because then I wouldn’t be stuck wasting my time with the anus of NSQ.

See, Bets, Todrick is an impeccable person and athlete, she managed to beat people that others didn’t think she stood a chance against. Hell,  she managed to not only take the championship from Joe Montuori but she also defeated him when he stole the bid from you in the rematch. What have you done? I haven’t seen you win shit since you’ve been here.. Oh that’s right, you were in the match when Allison and Dane fucked over Joe and NSQ were just handed the Islands championships.

Which is kind of funny that up until now those belts have yet to be defended but now that they are, you’re not even considered good enough to be one of the participants to defend them.

Are you starting to see it yet? Do you see the picture that I’m painting? You think you sit so highly within this group of oversized egos, but in reality those egos are eating you alive. Not just you though. The other girl in the group,  do the two of you keep each other warm at the bottom of the NSQ barrel? You and Kasey are the sheep that they send out to be slaughtered so the rest can keep their clout.

But don’t let that get you too far down in the dumps, at least you’ve still got Raven, right? Not saying he’s a prize either, but the two of you really deserve each other. 

Betsy, why do you think you’re still a member of the group? We are all dying to find out what you think that you bring to the table. Tell us.. and don’t be scared.

Because we don’t see anything. You have proven week in and week out that you are by far the weakest member of said group. You have proven that you are easily replaceable and that you aren’t worth a pot to piss in and that’s not just me being a bitch either. 


And that’s not my fault.”

She shrugged her shoulders before continuing on.

“When people talk about this match at Countdown,  Betsy, not one person is saying, “fuck yes, I can’t wait to see Betsy win the Manhattan Championship!” They are actually saying, “I can’t wait to watch Michelle kick James Raven’s girlfriend’s ass.” No one gives a shit about Betsy Granger, they don’t even care to know your name. And that’s not my fault either. 

See, bitches like you are a dime a dozen, Bets. I’ve been around for a good bit, and I’ve seen bitches come and go and I know talent when I see it.. you ain’t it. I can’t really describe it, but I’ve seen rodeo clowns with more talent than you. I’ve seen bums with more desire, and I’ve seen dogs who work harder than you.

Look, I’m not telling you all this to just be a bitch, I’m telling you this because I believe that everyone should know their worth and sweetie,  right now you’re worthless. Maybe if you pulled yourself out from the asshole of NSQ and tried to make a name for yourself instead of trying so hard to make that pus pocket of a group look good, you could better yourself. But until you wake up and realize you’re being used as the bucket in the port a pot, you’ll continue to just be shit.

Every single member of the New Status Quo says the same shit every week when they come out here to run their cock gobblers. ‘We won, you lost. Bow at our feet.’ And yes, you did win. You won one time, you won the match Betsy, but you didn’t win the war, I promise you that.

Brandon and Paul are going to go out there and they are going to decimate the only good thing you’ve got going in your life and Aiden, and they will leave the ring with those Island Championships, that I am sure of. But it doesn’t end there. 

Dane Preston will walk out and he will put boots to ass and destroy your pinhead of a leader and he will leave with that Empire Championship.. but wait.. there’s more!

You and I will meet in the center of that ring and we will go head to head. We will fight and we will tear the building down.  You will do your very best to try and defeat me, to try and get your hands on my gold but you will fail, as you always do. I will give you your three seconds of fame and that will be the last I ever hear from you. 

You will lay flat on your back, you will stare up at those bright lights and every single moment of your career will flash before your eyes as my name is announced and echos through your ears.. and all you will hear? 


And there ain’t a single fucking thing you can do about it!”

She walked out the back door and into the porch where she began to gather some wood for the fireplace and started to stack it next to the door when she heard what sounded like a car door slam in the front of the house. She dusted the dirt from her hands before sliding them into the pocket of her hoody before heading down the stairs of the deck. She continued her trek through the yard around the side of the house until she reached the front.

She stood there, off to the side for a moment, watching as someone stood knocking at her door with their hands loaded with boxes and bags. She stepped forward a bit and as he turned his head, the light on the porch caught the features of his face and that’s when she knew..


He turned around to face her so fast, she had no idea how he didn’t break his neck or get whiplash. He dropped the stack of boxes and things that he had in his hands and leapt from the porch as he ran towards her and swooped her up into his arms in one quick motion. 

“I missed you,” He said, trying to hold back the tears. “And I’m sorry. Again.”

“What the fuck? Put me down,” she says. 

He doesn’t listen, he never listens. She rolls her eyes and lets him hug her for a little longer.. maybe she kinda missed him too and enjoyed the hug? Oh well, that was enough and she smacked him upside his head and he set her back down onto the ground.

“So I’m just supposed to forgive you? Again? Just like that?”

“No, no you don’t. And I understand if.. Wait, fuck that. You took B back. And he’s your husband. I’m just your unreliable best friend. Course you have to forgive me. Where’s my God Son?”

“He’s out with Brandon and Poptart.”

“That creep’s still around?”

“Shut up and come inside.” she says. 

He picks up his things that he dropped, she offers to help but he insists that he has it under control. She shrugs and grabs hold of the doorknob, pushing the door open as the two of them head inside. 

Paul heads straight into the living room and sets his things down. She enters behind him, a smile on her face.

“What?” He asks.

“..nothing. I’m just happy to see you..”

“Bruh, I’m so happy to see you too!” He interrupts. “I knew you’d forgive me.”

“You didn’t let me finish!” She slapped him on the shoulder. “I meant I was happy to see that you had finally showered! You were a hot mess last time I saw you.”

“Don’t try and change it up now.. you missed me as much as I missed you, don’t lie.”

“Okay.. maybe a tiny bit.”

She smirked at him as he rolled his eyes. She glanced back as she heard a noise but her attention was quickly drawn back as Paul spoke again. 

“It’s almost as cold as your heart in here, can’t you afford heat out here on creep Island?”

“Oh fuck off..” She said. “I was out getting wood for the fireplace when I heard you trying to break in.”

“I was doing no such thing..”

“Yeah okay..”

She heard a noise out front and knew exactly what it was, but she didn’t know what she was going to do. She had promised that he wouldn’t be there but fuck, she hadn’t exactly heard from him in weeks, so technically she didn’t lie, right?

She chewed on her fingernails a bit before remembering that she really doesn’t give a fuck what that bitch thinks and that this was actually perfect.  She looked over at Paul who was looking at the photos of Ezra on the wall.

“P, go get the fucking wood off the back deck, would ya?” She asked,  but he knew she wasn’t really asking, but telling.

“I literally just walked in the door and you’re bossing me around already?” He smirked and headed off towards the door, mumbling under his breath.

As soon as he had stepped outside, she ran to the front door and flung it open just as Paul’s daughter, Madison stepped out of the Lincoln Town car. As soon as Maddie seen Michelle she let out the cutest, most excited squeal she had ever heard and she ran towards her. Michelle stepped out onto the porch and the two met with the sweetest embrace on the porch.

“I missed you so much, Auntie..”

“I missed you too, baby! I’m so happy you’re here.. I’ve got the best surprise waiting for you inside.”

Michelle wrapped her arm around Maddies shoulder and the two of them walked inside. Madison admired the huge Christmas tree and the 2 giant nutcrackers in the foyer as Michelle locked the deadbolts on the door.

“Where the hell did you go?” P hollered from the living room..

Madison stopped dead in her tracks, her eyes welling up with tears as she looked at Michelle. 

“Is that?”

Michelle nodded her head and that was all she needed, Madison took off towards his voice and before Michelle could catch up, she heard Maddie squeal again.


She turned the corner just in time to see Madison leap into her father’s arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms so tight around her waist.

She stood at the entranceway, her hand on her chest as she watched them. You could see the pure happiness on Maddie’s face and Paul had real tears running down his cheeks. 

P locked his eyes with Michelle’s and he didn’t have to say anything, his eyes spoke for him and she was so happy for the two of them. She blew him a kiss and mouthed the words, “merry christmas.”