[ARP/DP/JM] “Revelation” [Part 3/3]

By: Dane Preston

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 17th Sep 2021

Iím drained. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. Over the last six months my marriage has been terrorized by Joe Montuori. He and his entourage of mouth breathing, knuckle dragging sycophants have made my time with FIGHT! a less than enjoyable experience on a number of occasions. For those living under a rock, letís recap everything thatís gone down over the last week or two.

Sahara decided to work over JMontís girlfriend Mia apparently under my orders, JMont attacked me and we had to be separated by security before being dragged in for questioning by Miss F, my loss to Ricky Rodriguez, gang warfare leading to the second lockdown in as many weeks. I just want to go out, do my job, and live my life with my wife and family. Unfortunately things keep interrupting that.

Allison and I were cleaning around the suite, since we canít really go anywhere today and housekeeping services have been limited due to increased security. So that left the cleaning up to the three of us, but really the two of us since Sahara stayed in her room most of the time.

After we finished cleaning, I stopped at the window to take in the view. It was the typical concrete jungle that I despised, I much preferred the open spaces and forests where the Jersey and Wisconsin Compounds were settled. After zoning out for a few minutes, I nearly jumped out of my skin when Allison snapped me back to reality.

ARP:† †Babe, youíre doing that thing againÖ

Dane:† “Hrrm? What thing?

ARP:† Fussing with your hair, staring out the window at the skyline, lost in your own mind again?

Dane: “Feels like Iím back in prison, only the accommodations are far more luxurious than before, and the cellmates are infinitely more appealing and deliciousÖ

ARP: “Cellmates, Dane. Plural. NiceÖ

Dane: “Donít do thatÖ

ARP: “Donít do what, be upset when you talk about the other woman you fucked, in a flirty way?

Dane: “I was talking about you, AllisonÖ

ARP: “But you said cellmates. With an S.

Dane: “Weíve been trapped like rats in a fucking cage all day. Xavier wonít return my calls. Ever since that Marke business with Sarah, heís practically written me offÖ

ARP: “Uh-uh, no changing the subject, youíre not getting off that easy.

Dane: “Iím being serious right now…

ARP: “You think Iím not?

Dane: “No, I know youíre being serious too. See, the thing is that you are the only person on the face of the planet who hates Joe Montuori more than me. The difference is that neither you nor I hate Sahara, and donít think I donít know about girl time. I know the two of you hang out when Iím not around.

ARP: “Thatís different. Iím not the one that fucked her…

Dane: “Yet.

ARP: “Excuse me?!?

Dane: “You heard me. You havenít fucked her yet.

Sahara: “Who hasnít fucked who yet?

I hadnít even heard her come out of the bedroom, when I whipped around to find Sahara hopping over the back of the couch and curling up in the corner and turning the tv on. She looks at Allison, who is snickering, and then back at me.

Sahara: “You guys are being extremely weirdÖ

Dane: “No weirder than you kicking the shit out of Joeís girlfriend and telling the world that I told you to do–

Sahara: “Uh, thatís because you did. You said it would be a shame if Mia got hurt because of Joe and his big fat Meatbol mouth, and voila, just like you said, she got hurt.

Dane: “When did I say that?!

Sahara: “You Tweeted it. Close enough.

ARP: “Iím not sure thatís the same thing.

Sahara: “Yeah, well, sorry not sorry. Why are you guys even giviní me a hard time about this, that was sooooo†last week?

Dane: “Sheís right. The damage has been done. Not like Joe needed another reason to hate meÖ

ARP: “Heís lost his damn mind. He thinks Iím jealous of Mia. Frankly Iím relieved that someone actually wants to be with him.

Sahara: “You can say that again…

Dane: “Seriously though, Lauren, please donít do something like that again. I donít order anyone to do anything, and even if I did it would never be against anyone who isnít part of this business. That was a huge risk you took and now we have even bigger targets on our backs. Nothing new, but still, itís just a principle we live by.

Sahara: “Itís a principle you live by. I did what needed to be done, nothing more, nothing less. Message sent. Message received. Do you honestly think by doing nothing the targets on our backs would be any smaller? Get real. Joeís a delusional psycho, and the only thing he understands is extremes in anything he does. Letís just say he understands us now.

Dane: “You make a lot of very good points, but that doesnít change the fact that we are co-holders of the Islands Tag Team Championships with him, and weíre defending those titles against some pretty stiff competition.

Sahara: “Donít sell yourself short, Champ. Youíre pretty stiff competition too yannoÖ


Sahara: “WHAT!?!

ARP: “Donít make me kick your ass!

Dane: “Both of you calm down! Sahara, donít make jokes like that if you donít want Allison to stab you. Allison, stop letting Sahara wind you upÖ

ARP: “Donít you dareÖ

My hands shot into the air, I stopped talking immediately as Allison started to read me the riot act. Sahara stood behind her, pointing and laughing at me.

Dane: “Whoa whoa whoa, this is not helping anything.

ARP: “Right now, Iím not in the mood to help. Iím in the mood to break something.

Dane: “Lauren, can you give us the room?

Sahara: “Ugh, fine. WhateverÖ

Once Sahara had gone back to her bedroom, I looked at Allison, who had her arms folded over her chest. Her steel blue eyes had a smoldering flame hidden in them. She was boiling over, but it wasnít anger directed at me or at Sahara. She wanted to beat the shit out of Joe for what he had done to us, to our family, to our lives. And here we were, stuck teaming with him.

Dane: “You wanna tell me who youíre really mad at right now?

ARP: “Dane, donít. Not right nowÖ

Dane: “Sorry, no. You donít get to go Daughter of HavoK on us and expect me to keep my cool about it.

ARP: “Iím mad at you, Iím mad at her, but Iím fucking livid with Joe for what he did to usÖ

Dane: “You have every right to be upset with me. And if youíre that angry with Sahara, we can ask her to leaveÖ

ARP: “Absolutely not!

Dane: “Whatís gotten into you all of a sudden? What happened on that fucking island that has you so hellbent on protecting her? Most women in your position would want to kill her. And with the blood coursing through your veins, Iím truly surprised that you havenít already.

ARP: “You two are guilty of violating our marriage. So am I. Which means I canít hold it against you both, but I can still have my feelings about it. What happened on that island is we depended on each other to survive that storm. We shared stories and experiences and I found out just how connected we are, how connected we always have been. I am my fatherís daughter. I like to fix that which is broken, I like to think that I fixed youÖ

Dane: “You most certainly did. I was lost before you forced your way into my life.

ARP: “So now you understand, Lauren and I have a bond now, and as pissed as I am at what happened with you two, I wonít turn my back on her or put her into harmís way to fend for herself.

Suddenly, I find myself transported in time, back to the days when Brandon Moore and I were training and living at the Riggs Estate in San Gregorio, California.† But it’s like a montage of all the sessions where Allison would purposely lurk and watch us, slowly walk out and make snarky comments in passing.† This went on for months and months, until finally one night I called her out and she called my bluff.† If ever there was a time that I wanted to take with me to the grave and have replaying over and over in my mind for all eternity, it would be that moment.† Where it all began for us.† A billionaire Princess, and a felon, I doubt you’d find a more mismatched couple.† It wasn’t easy and Damon sure as Hell didn’t approve, but in those early days, I felt more alive than ever.† And I knew, if I was lucky enough to be at Allison’s side, my life was going to be okay.

I feel like introductions are in order. Shawn Warstein, Betsy Granger and Kasey Winterborn. You folks showed up to FIGHT! at a really weird fucking time. My marriage being stress tested and pushed to its very limit by Joe Montuori, wild brawls, secret island abductions, death threats, and strippers being put through glass tables. Shit is like something you would see in cheesy action movies mixed with soft-core porn from the 80s. My name is Dane Preston, some know me as FXR, some know me as Battleborn. You can call me the dude that already ran down Dickie Watson. Up next are


Shawn, when you got here, I was kind to you. Welcomed you†here and everything. And this is how you repay that kindness. You bring your crew here and right from the jump you all start acting like youíre better than the rest of us. I mean, I ainít the biggest fan of Dynasty, but there is no denying the talent there. And FYA ainít exactly filled with slouches either. Did you walk into an eternal donnybrook? Sure. Not our best exhibition of our skills and professionalism? You might say that. But donít get shit twisted son, we will beat the brakes off every one of ya in short order.

Now as for the dame stooges that you brought along with ya, I donít know much about either of them. What I do know is that they both come highly regarded, with pedigrees and reputations and theyíve got some pretty loyal fans and followers on all the socials. But that means absolutely dick to me. Dickie walked in here with the very same credentials, became the first FIGHT! Empire Champion and was the first person I steamrolled in this new company. That said, Dickie, I hope you whoop the ever loving shit out of Paul Montuori!

Iíve never been one to underestimate opponents, so please donít think Iím dismissing any of you, the truth of the matter is that Iíve got a lot of frustration to unload. And you stooges just so happen to be the not so lucky recipients of said frustration. You can thank Miss F for that which you are about to receive. You see, youíve found yourself in the middle of one helluva feud between Joe Montuori and me. I know full well that you will be looking to take advantage of that fact in our match.

And sure, my wife and I have had one helluva roller coaster ride these last six months. But there is no one I would rather have at my side in the ring than Allison. Weíre ready to put in the work to keep these titles, and despite Joe Montuoriís idle threats to sit this match out and no show, heís too proud and egotistical to suffer such an indignity at his own hands. While he and I are by no means friends, we understand the stakes, and we are ready to do what needs doing to make sure you realize who it is that runs FIGHT!


I could go on and on, and say all the things that have already been said by all your opponents and will be said by your opponents in the future. But I donít have the mental availability for all that right now. We expect you to bring your A game to the table, and advise you to be prepared for us to do the same. See you at VENOM.

Allison, Sahara and I are sitting on the couch flipping through the channels, a couple nearly empty pizza boxes are on the coffee table in front of us. While channel surfing I came across a repeat of the Maury Povich show. There were pictures of JMont, me, Allison and Sahara on the screen…

Sahara: “Thatís not from the episode we were atÖ

ARP: “No, it most certainly is notÖ

Dane: “Both of you hush, letís hear what they have to say.

I got hit with two couch cushions while turning the volume up on the television.

Maury: “We have been trying, on a number of occasions, to reach Mrs. Riggs-Preston and her husband Dane to give them the news, but theyíve been unreachable. We here at the Maury show pride ourselves on entertainment and integrity, which brings me to this shocking announcement. On a recent episode, we had the pleasure of hosting two of FIGHT! NYCís best and brightest stars, Allison Riggs-Preston and Joe Montuori. Or so we thoughtÖ

It was my understanding that Allison was leaving her husband, Dane, to be with Joe. But as the events unfolded during that episode, it was clear that Joe Montuori was up to something. After an extensive investigation, we found that the lie detector test results were fabricated at the request of Joe Montuori. Details would emerge that revealed Mr. Montuori paid one of our interns to swap out the real results for the fake ones he provided the intern with.

We would like to provide the real result documents with the parties involved, before we reveal them to the world. I will share one singular detail, and that is the fact that Allison Riggs-Preston is not romantically interested in Joe Montuori, nor has she ever been. Weíve been following the events that have transpired since that episode, and it almost appeared as though The Prestons would be no more, and that would have been my fault. So, to the Prestons, if you ever see this, please accept my humblest, most heartfelt apology.

All three of us had our jaws almost to the floor. I just kept blinking at the screen as I lifted the remote and turned the television off.

Sahara: “Youíve got to be fucking kidding me!

Sahara threw her pillow at the television and stormed off to her bedroom. I turned to find Allison smiling, with tears streaming down her face. I pulled her close to me.

ARP: “That son of a bitch, I knew it! I told the world those results were wrong! I told you Babe, youíre the only man that I love, you and only youÖ

Dane: “That Meatbol piece of shit has been playing us†since the very beginningÖ

ARP: “This changes everything…

Dane: “Godsdamned right it does.

ARP: “No more fucking gamesÖ

Dane: “Heís gonna be lucky to walk away from our match on his own power.

ARP: “I’m going to bed, I want to be well rested for what’s going down tomorrow night.

She got up from the couch and started to walk toward the bedroom, paused and walked back to where I was sitting and took my hand.† I got up and followed her into her bedroom and for the first time in months, we were going to bed together.