[ARP/DP/JMont] “Redemption” [Part 2/3]

By: Allison Riggs-Preston

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 17th Sep 2021

Lockdown this past week, needless to say, had been interesting in the Islands suite; Sahara was still hanging around and the Prestons still hadnít told her to hit the road. It was a bizarre situation for the three people involved, so it must have been just as bizarre to their family, friends and fans. Sahara mostly kept to the bedroom, sheíd come out for meals and sometimes watch TV with them, the whole awkward feeling of the living situation had almost faded. Allison and Dane were still sleeping apart with her in the bedroom and him crashing on the couch and living out of bags. Allison Riggs-Preston came walking into the bedroom wrapped in a fluffy white towel and drying her hair with another. She walked over to the closet and pulled a pair of sweats and a t-shirt from the hangers, yes, she hung everything up, except her lady garments and socks. Tossing the towel for her hair on the back of the chair nearby, she dropped the towel she wore to the floor and slid into the sweats; yep, she was also known for going commando. She then slid into one of her Dadís old Unbreakable t-shirts, the first one she got was kid size; it was her favorite shirt. She walked over to the dresser and picked up a hair tie and pulled her hair back. Her cell phone on the dresser began to ring and she picked it up. She saw Joe Montuoriís name and took a deep breath before she answered it. Hey, Joe, whatís up? This is not going to be a pleasant phone call. And it wasnít, for the next fifteen minutes Allison and JMont went back and forth with each other, each minute that ticked away the conversation got heated until it came to a boil and overflowed. It was all Allison could do to keep from throwing her cell phone across the room, but she managed to keep from doing that long enough to put it back on the dresser and step back and sit down on the bed and take five deep calming breaths of air deep into her lungs.

Jesus, that man. What the fuck was I thinking? She paused for a moment and took another deep breath. I wasnít. I should have held my shit together. If I had, my name wouldnít be being dragged through the mud for sleeping with Joe. I can admit it to the world, I Fucked Joe Montour. And at this point in time, I donít fucking care what anyone has to say about it. So by all means, use it all you want.

Because talking about him and it
really wonít mean a thing
Your words donít hurt in a ring.

Joe wants to talk shit about starting a damned war, I really hope he knows what heís doing. Truth is, heís a little too old to be warring with people nowadays. She chuckles a little bit. You can take it from meÖ heís really strong coming out of the shoots, but when he hits that back stretch he kindaÖ peters out at the finish line.

She shakes her head.

I swear to god, I donít know what his problem is. Dane and I didnít send Sahara after his girlfriend. We had nothing to do with that. I donít know what Sahara was thinking, but I feel like I damned sure canít leave her hanging in the wind, to be a target, no matter what she did. I donít know, maybe itís like when she was a kid and my dad walked in, kinda repeating itself? She shrugged her shoulders a little. Girl not knowing what sheís really doing and the big bad man comes her way to do her some harmÖ then a Riggs steps in the way. Like I said, history repeats itself.

She pauses for a moment.

And while I am thinking about it, you can say what you want to say about Sahara and the fact that I havenít just let that Riggs Rage take over and choke the life out of her with my bare hands. My life has been a shit show for the past six months. I am sure I could get off with temporary insanity. I couldn’t take it anymore, my brain just snapped. But, my dad saw something good in her all those years ago and still does. I feel he wouldÖ I donít know, be disappointed in me.. If I let Joe Montuori and his “family” have his way with her. She paused and thought for a moment. Maybe I would be disappointed in myself? Joe came through my life and left it on fire in a dumpster, could I allow him to do the same or even worseÖ even though she did what she did? Lord knows Joe could have already called and had her arrested, but he chose not to. She shook her head for a moment. I.. I justÖ Sorry, I just canít let him hurt another mother fucker, even if the bitch did fuck my husband. She chuckled. How fucked up is that?

She closed her eyes and again took a deep breath as she thought about JMont. I donít know what the fuck I am going to do with the three of us holding these things. I couldnít get the three of us in the same room before to train, I doubt I am going to be able to now. Especially after what happened to Mia. Heís never going to believe we had nothing to do with it. Not since I wonít hand Sahara over to him like heís some TV show bad guy. If this was a TV show, why would I hand her over in the first place? Heís nothing to trade or bargain me with. What reason do I have? At this pointÖ Just to be a pain in the ass. Fuck up his life and his world for a while just for shits and giggles like he did mine? She shrugs a little.

Then again.. What’s the saying? The enemy of your enemy is your friend? Make no mistake, I may have my personal issues with Sahara outside of the ring, but inside of the ring… She is one bad ass bitch. I canít take anything away from her and neither can anyone else. So, if JMont wants a war, why not bring someone with you who can fight? She chuckles. Even if the bitch kinda started it.

She grows quiet for the longest time.

I donít know what I am going to do with this whole situation with Joe. Everyone who I would normally seek guidance from, I just feel like I canít reach out to them. Not with theÖ taintÖ that I feel. Like I let down my family and friends. I know every one of them despite telling me they love me are still in their feelings with it. Itís like when I see them looking at me, I can see them just shaking their heads at me and still thinking “I canít believe you did that.” Hell, I still canít believe I did that. Fucking Riggs Rage.

She smiles and shakes her head.

The way he just runs off at the mouth talking. This whole time heís been talking about how he got me gold belts. Why because he forced me to tag with him? My name can be placed with just about anyone who has the want and drive that I do and weíre walking away with Gold. Shit, I am the fucking reason HE had tag team gold because I damned sure didnít have to team with him. He couldnít have won them without me if I blew off that contract. He wants to walk away from the match, let him walk, Dane and I will do just fine. Itís not like we havenít faced more than one opponent before, been plenty of times training at the Church and tag teams being two and three on one. Just to prepare us for a time in the ring when we would need it. This week, Dane and I may need it if Joe doesnít pull his weight. If Joe thinks heís going to cost me these belts to “get even” heís got another thing coming. She nods her head. Maybe thatís what I will do? Force Joe to have to defend these titles that he kinda forced on me. Heís not used to being made to do something, maybe thatís my best course of action? Make him do what he doesnít want to do?

She nods a little with a frown.

Going to be a big challenge this week, if he does decide to fuck off. Our opponents, Iíve been watching, Iíve seen what they can do. Iíve heard what they can do. Itís like looking at my family everywhere we went. As soon as we all showed up, the whole fed knew that any wars they had going on between themselves were about to be put on hold because they were faced with an invasion. It was one of the most proudest moments in life, when I finally turned 18 and could finally hit the ring with my family. I used to watch in the wings growing up, cheering them on, hoping that one day I would be good enough to join them. Jesus, when my Dad and I won the OpW Tag titles and we stood in the ring hands held high holding the beltsÖ The look of pride in his eyes that nightÖ the feeling of pride in being the daughter of Damon HavoK Riggs and standing there with him side by side. I felt like my heart was going to bust. Literally the one main goal in my wrestling careerÖ to hold the tag belts with my dadÖ achieved.

She stands up.

Then again, maybe Joeís gonna act straight? He talks a lot of shit just to piss people off and get under their skin, to get a rise out of them. Maybe this is another one of those times? He said he was going to show up for Blood Money and lo and behold what did he do? Shit, he said he wasnít going to show up for this lockdown because he didnít want to leave Miaís side, but what did he do? He showed up. He showed his ass doing it, but the mother fucker showed up. Maybe this is him just talking out of his ass again? She shrugged her shoulders. Iíll worry about that tomorrow, right now, I just have to be able to survive lock down tonight.

Allison walked over to the door and through it and made her way down the hall to find Dane and see what they were going to do for the rest of the night. Probably the same thing they do every night, watch TV until she gets tired and then she goes to bed. When she found him, he was squatting down in front of his bags and digging around for clean clothes. He and Allison had just gotten back from the gym and she had taken a shower first since the main bathroom was just a half bath, with a toilet and sink. Allison stopped and looked at him for a moment before she took a breath. Past couple of days she had been mulling it over and she thought it was time.

Dane, if you want, you can move your things into the bedroom. Words were out, not taking them back now.

I should probably wait until after Saturday to unpack. He looked over his shoulder. You know, just in case Joe causes us to lose the belts with his bullshit.

You can still go ahead and move into the room. If he hadnít understood her meaning before, he did now.

Are you sure? He stood up and looked at her.

Weíre supposed to be working on us. She nodded her head and gave him a little smile. And I feel thatís part of it. The first step.

If youíre sure? He paused for a moment. I wonít touch you untilÖ Another pause. You knowÖ

She nodded her head, he didnít have to say the words for her to know and understand what he meant. From the kitchen area, Sahara cleared her throat.

Arenít you two just the cutest? Both Allison and Dane turned and looked to find her standing at the counter looking into the living room. If ever there were a couple that would conquer something like this, it would be you two.

Shut up, Lauren. They both said at the same time.

Youíre right, Iím sorry. Although the word came out of her mouth, itís tone alone let everyone know it was not an apology. This whole lockdown thing, I donít like it.

I donít think anyoneís thrilled about it. Dane assured her.

And I am kinda worried about what will happen IF you all lose the titles? There was a look in her eye that kind of made Allison sad.

Thereís always your apartment. Allison offered.

I am sure they will give you all a nice apartment. She rolled her eyes.

We already have one in Aniís building.

Of course. Sahara rolled her eyes before she turned around and started back towards her bedroom. Letís order pizza and wings tonight.

And just like that the sadness was gone and replaced with it was the feelings of wanting to choke her out.

Which drawers should I use? Dane had picked up his bags and walked over to Allison.

Oh? I.. here.. Let me show you. He pulled her out of her thoughts of murder and she turned around and went back in the room with him following her. She went to the dresser and pulled the bottom drawer out and remembering that the ARP belt that JMont had made after she fucked him was in the drawer she pulled the clothes out carefully, and moved them over into the other drawer, careful to keep the belt hidden. She and Dane would have to deal with it, but right now was not the time. Dane put his bags on the bed and they stood there and stared at each other for a moment. I want you to know that I will do everything in my power to make sure that we come out of this match in one piece. I donít plan on letting Joe win or take us down. Iíve got no plans on allowing him to take away these belts from you like he said he was. Allison nodded as he walked over and took her in his arms and looked her deep in the eyes.

Weíve trained for shit like this with being a man down in the ring. We know what weíre doing, we just have to make sure that Joe stays on the same page with us. Weíre going to have to watch out for him turning on us, just as much as weíre going to have to worry about our opponents.

Allison smiled at him.

Donít worry, Dane. She reaches up and caresses his cheek. Weíll survive this. Weíve already survived worse.

Allison nodded her head into the direction of Saharaís bedroom, Dane could only smile as he hugged his wife to him, he truly loved this woman.