[ARP/DP/JMONT] “Revenge” [Part 1/3]

By: Joe Montuori

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 17th Sep 2021

[Nobody likes going to the hospital. That’s mainly because nobody likes being sick, getting shots, undergoing painful surgeries and treatments. It’s also because most of us find hospitals scary and horrid, with that dreadful linoleum everywhere, despicable food, and grumpy nurses. While this is the case in many public facilities throughout the world, others have come a long way from those sterile white walls. Luckily, there are certain medical centers that offer rooms resembling hotel suites, offering luxurious amenities you don’t really need, but would love to have.]

Eleven West at The Mount Sinai Hospital

[One of the Top 10 hospitals in the United States according to US News and many other reports. With expert physicians from Columbia and Cornell Medicine. 21 years in a row and counting it has received this award.]

[And when you’re dealing with J Mont, you know it’s only going to be the nicest room in the whole hospital. It doesn’t matter who needs that one room. You can have Donald Trump, Jay-Z, Michael Jordan, Pope John Paul. It doesn’t matter. J Mont will get the hook up because NYC is his home, the place where everyone loves him.]

[Fade into the ultra luxurious Eleven West pavilion where we see Mia all bandaged up from her encounter with Sahara. She is in the deluxe VIP suite where you have a personal assistant tending to your every need, a full size jacuzzi tub with a walk in shower next to it. There is a personal gourmet chef on call as well to order food. The suite is like living in the condo of J Mont. So you know Mia is in good hands at this point. Also having Uncle Vincenzo around to watch, protect and be there makes you feel good as well.]

[J Mont, sitting in a leather chair, just looking at Mia, all bandaged up, has so much on his mind. He really wants to let out this anger and rage but knows Mia needs him at her side. J Mont grabs a hold of her hand, slowly rubbing it.]

J Mont: Mia baby, we will be out of here soon and I cannot wait to build this future with you.

Mia: I can’t wait to get out of here. [She gave J Mont a small smile, her top lip was still healing from being busted open that night.] I’m kinda worried about going back to my apartment. [She paused and thought for a moment.] Jeez, I’m going to have to clean it up first.

J Mont: [He looks right into her eyes.] Don’t even think about that apartment. It’s already handled. I went down there and paid the penalties for breaking the lease early and damages. You are no longer responsible for that place anymore. That is not your home any more.

Mia: What do you mean it’s not my home anymore?

J Mont: I ended your lease there. You are not going back there. And don’t worry, all your valuables are safe and sound.

Mia: Where am I staying when they release me? [Whether it was the head injury or meds she was on, she was just not understanding.]

J Mont: Baby, Do you trust me?

Mia: I do, Joe. [She smiled at him.] I trust you.

J Mont: Just know this…..we have a NEW HOME, for US….you will never be in a situation like that again. I feel it’s my fault and I will get revenge for US. You’re my girl.

Mia: No, Joe, baby. [She reached up with her free hand and placed it softly on his right cheek, almost as if he had been the one who just went through surgery.] This wasn’t your fault and I don’t want you to get revenge. Not for us, not for me.

J Mont: Sahara needs to know that you don’t cross my woman or family. Right now she thinks this is a joke and that i wont do anything about it. I need to set her straight and make her realize what her and Dane did will have consequences. I need you to know and see that as long as we are together, you are safe and sound.

Mia: This was all my fault. I should have known better than to open up the door. But when she said it was fake, I believed her. I saw everyone drinking at the Rabbit, like she said, but I didn’t realize that you all weren’t fighting out of respect for VooDoo.

J Mont: Me and VooDoo have a checkered past. A lot of ups and downs, but we have respect for one another. She hates me dome days, like me on the others. But I caused that and now I’m trying to fix that. It’s not your fault. Dane told Sahara to do this. They started a war baby.

Mia: Why? Why can’t we just forget this and move on? Why does there have to be a war?

J Mont: Mia….im falling in LOVE with youthis is not ARP bull shit…. Everyday being with you, I feel that true love and bond. You got hurt badly and I almost lost you. They need to feel the pain that I am feeling right now.

Mia: I love you, Joe. I have since the first night. But if you’re hoping that I am going to give my blessings with this, I am not. I don’t want to see you hurt, I don’t want to lose you… and if this War happens, there’s a chance that could happen.

J Mont: Babe, just know when you leave here Friday, I have a big surprise for you and US.

Mia: I can’t wait. [She gives him another smile.] I am so excited.

[J Mont gets up and leans in and gives her a kiss on the cheek. He cannot wait for the bandages to come off and really show her his true passion and affection for her. He walks outside the room and sees Uncle Vincenzo standing outside like he is the head of security.]

J Mont: Can you wait inside with Mia, I have to make an important call that I don’t want her to hear or get worried about?

[Uncle Vincenzo nods his head and walks into the room. He closes the door behind him as J Mont pulls out his cellphone. This time he isn’t checking his fantasy team out or ordering 7 large pizzas for the fat bitch ass receptionist. He goes to his contacts and selects Allison Riggs.]


ARP: Hey, Joe, what’s up?

J Mont: This is not going to be a pleasant phone call.

ARP:  Are they ever?

J Mont: Yes I fucked you and fucked you over, but that’s not the point right now. Did you know about Dane sending Sahara to my girl’s house to attack her like that?

ARP: Thanks for clearing up the whole fucking me again. [She paused for a moment and took a breath.] As for what happened to Mia. Dane and I are really sorry that happened to her. We had no idea that Sahara was going to do that. We didn’t send her.

J Mont: Sahara is prancing around, bragging about what she did. Said she did it for Dane who hinted to her it needed to be done. Where there is a Dane, there is an ALLIE too…

ARP: Sahara’s crazy, she will say whatever slips out of her mouth to get people to do things. It’s probably what she’s hoping would happen. She’s manipulating you into believing something that’s not true, much like you did with me.

J Mont: What I did with you was totally different. Mia is an innocent bystander. Think about this ALLISON [Joe starts to raise his voice for the first time with Allison.] When you were with me, did I ever hit you, hurt you or ever let you get hurt? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I protected you because deep down I knew what I was doing was wrong but I had to do it. But I also made sure you were safe.

ARP: So, because I am a wrestler, I am not an innocent bystander?

J Mont: She was in her OWN HOME. [J Mont is getting louder on the phone and the door cracks open as Uncle Vincenzo looks out. J Mont waves him off as the door closes again.] Something tells me you were a part of this because of what happened at the end with me and you. You and Dane have been spending a lot of time together in that SUITE but guess what? One of 2 things is going to happen. I’m going to cost us that match so you will be out of the suite or we will win and I will use MY KEY to stay there that I have, And then I can keep a close eye on you guys since you wanna plan attacks on MY GIRL….. I can’t believe you would do this or be a part of this. I thought you were different from Dane and Sahara, but you’re just the same as them. I should have never saved you at BLOOD MONEY. I cost myself the championship worrying about you.

ARP:  You really have become unglued. You’ve lost it. [Allison chuckles.] First of all, I don’t need to live in the Islands suite. I am staying there because at the time, I needed a place to stay. Second, the only reason why Dane moved in was because he knew it would piss you off. And third, I am a mother fucking Riggs, I don’t need the damned apartment. We’ve got an apartment in NYC, we have a compound in South Jersey, I just moved there, to make it easier to keep an eye on you. If I know you’re in the other room, you’re not dropping in unexpectedly and uninvited. [Allison’s voice has now gone up a few octaves.] Dane and I weren’t part of this, we had nothing to do with it, but you’re too blind to see it. [She stopped and took a breath.] Technically, J-Mont, you shouldn’t have started with me at all. But here we are Mr. Let’s Start Some Shit.. you started it and now you’re crying because of something that happened because of YOUR actions. Had you not forced us to team together all those months ago, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now and you and Mia would be getting ready to go out to dinner before heading to the Rabbit. So before you start pointing fingers at others about who’s responsible, maybe you should take a good long look in the mirror?

J Mont: When I look in the mirror, I see one of the greatest of all time and a sexy son of a bitch. So I don’t mind looking in the mirror. You’re just jealous now that Mia gets to see all of this and use the Magnum XL’s. You will regret the day you, Dane and Sahara did this. You may want to rewind time and study what I did back in the day with FOCUS because that’s about to happen to you all. Saturday night is going to be a WAR. There is no way the 3 of us will get along. But the ending will be pretty simple. I will be standing tall over Dane’s carcass and looking at you like “I Told You So.”

“Be Careful who you call your Friends. I’d rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies.”

ARP: I am so not jealous. Not one single bit, but I know you’ve got to keep saying that to help yourself sleep at night. [She laughs.] You forget, my family and I, we’re not afraid of a fight, we’re not afraid of a war. My dad has been beating himself up because he didn’t put you down all those years ago, blaming himself for what happened with all of this shit. [Her voice grows soft.] Maybe it’s time for someone to put you down for real? Maybe it will be Dane… hell, maybe it will be me?

J Mont: Remember what you said. I can’t SAVE you no more. I tried to be a nice guy but you guys overstepped by doing what you did to MIA…..you played the wrong game and the price is wrong for you guys. GAME OVER………see you Saturday night sweetie. [J Mont chuckles to himself.]

ARP: Yes, you using me was you being such a “nice guy”. Like what you did to me wasn’t “overstepping boundaries”. You’ve been playing a game since you came back to wrestling, you’re just mad as fuck… that the game started playing you… sweetie.

[Phone call went dead as Allison hung up on JMont.]

J Mont: This bitch thinks she has the upper hand on this GAME…. I have been playing them since i was THE PRODUCER… game on bitches..

[J Mont slips his phone back into his pocket and re enters the room. He taps Uncle Vincenzo on the shoulder as he walks back out of the room. J Mont sees Mia who is dozing off and looks tired.]

J Mont: [Whispers so he doesn’t wake Mia up.] Don’t worry baby, everything is going to be ok. I GOT THIS.

[J Mont walks over to the tall glass windows overlooking the city. What a view it is. He starts to think to himself about everything that has been going on in his life.]

J Mont: Things never used to be this complicated or crazy. When I entered the wrestling world with All Hannan and the Elite, I was raw to the business, but I was naturally talented and gifted. Give me a Mic, and watch the arena erupt. No one ever gave us a hard time, because they feared us and respected us at the same time. Which makes me remember that time, my first ever Main Event for the World Heavyweight Championship in HWA. I had the honor of going up against Johnny Extreme, one of the best at that time. I remember Chris Cage, All Hannan and Bonz Williams backstage telling me I got this. To stay focused and not to let anything bother or distract me. Then in that moment….i heard my song hit. The fans were cheering loudly. I got goosebumps, but my adrenaline was running high. I walked out through the curtain and just looked around at everyone. Standing tall….clapping, screaming chanting….it was an amazing experience before the match even started. Making my way down the ramp, as I got closer to the ring, I knew it was time. I slid under the bottom rope and got right into the face of Johnny Extreme. Both of us are riding high on some big win streaks. 2 weeks prior, Johnny knocked off Blade of the Elite, and on that same night, i took down RIP in a falls count anywhere match. This was the battle everyone wanted and I was waiting for. That bell sounded and for the next 45 minutes, you can only imagine what happened. I think every move in the wrestling book was used as well as every aerial assault possible. Both of us were tired, swinging punches with all our might left. Then poor ol Johnny made one mistake and I capitalized on it. He took a swing and missed. In that instance, a quick kick to the gut followed by a DDT and then to the top rope I went followed by a 360 frog splash for the 1 2 3 and new HWA World Champion. I will never forget that MOMENT when the refs hand hit the mat for 3. I rolled off Johnny and stared at the ceiling for a minute to take it all in. From the back came Hannan, Blade, Bonz, Chris Cage and Stallion. They lifted me up as I was handed the title. Stallion and blade then lifted me on their shoulders. I was on top of the world at that moment. Think about it. I’m in the ring with 5 sure fire hall of farmers who have been World Champs and now i can finally join the club with the ELITE as a first time World Champ at the age of 21. I will always treasure that moment and never forget. Looking at them, seeing how proud and ecstatic they were for me. A moment I will never erase or forget. You never forget your first World Championship and I was blessed to do it with one of my best friends in All Hannan and one of the best stables of all time in the ELITE. I’ve had a lot of great moments in my life. Plenty of titles, plenty of women, plenty of cars and homes. Plenty of cash. Plenty of TV shows, movies and commercials, but nothing will ever top that 1st World championship and defeating a man like Johnny Extreme in his prime as well. Well, now being 41, there is only 1 other moment that could take the cake and that would be if me and Mia work out and get married but that’s for a later time and story. For now, we will stick with my first world title win that’s in my heart til TRUE LOVE can overtake that.

[J Mont smirks at his reflection in the glass and walks back over to Mia’s bed where she is sleeping.]

J Mont: I hope you are my treasure that takes over my big moment in my heart. Love ya babe.

[J Mont blows a kiss to Mia, as he doesn’t want to wake her. He knows there is so much going on. Does he risk getting fined, fired or suspended by not checking into the Hearst Tower by the deadline? Or does he make a bold statement and not show up?.He quietly opens the door and slowly closes it. Leaving himself and Uncle Vincenzo outside to talk.]

J Mont: Unc, i really dont wanna leave Mia’s side. I know I’m already in deep shit with the HR but that won’t be the first or last time.

Uncle Vincenzo: Joey….you know what you have to do. I’m here. Nothing will happen to Mia. You got family downstairs parked in cars. Everything will be fine. Don’t lose your money or your career. Go battle those assholes and make us proud. When you’re done, come back and Mia will be waiting for you.

J Mont: Stupid fuckin lockdown bull shit. All because a bunch of bitches got scared over a threat of a gun. Shit Unc, remember when that drive by happened and we were sitting on the front steps of that Bronx apartment complex. Shit happens. Was I out of line? Maybe, but these douchebags crossed the line. I never put my hands or hurt Allie. Well except when I slapped her ass and she liked it.

Uncle Vincenzo: I told you when you had this whole plan in place to be ready for the side effects and here they are. Mia is hurt and they are getting inside your head. You need to act fast and precise.

J Mont: Dane and Sahara have another thing coming to them. I’m still kinda torn on Allie with this whole thing.

Uncle Vincenzo: Fuck Allie too. She is with them. She is sleeping with the enemy. You need to take them all out.

J Mont: But Saturday night, I have to deal with them. I may not even tag them into the match and just try to battle the 3 STOOGES myself.

LARRY- Shawn Warstein



Uncle Vincenzo: That Betsy is pretty fine.

J Mont: I can’t believe your saying that right now.

Uncle Vincenzo: Well shit man, I need to find some action. You got me bogged down here at the hospital since this all went down.

J Mont: I’ll make sure to carry her here to you when we are done with the match then.

Uncle Vincenzo: Can you grab a bottle of wine and whip cream too.

J Mont: Man, i gotta go…….i got a curfew check in to make.

[J Mont shakes his head in disgust and makes his way down the hallway. After a few minutes of walking right then left then right again, he’s at the main entrance. He walks right past this receptionist this time not saying anything. Looking around, he finally sees his Mercedes G Wagon. He enters the vehicle and turns on the ignition.]

J Mont: Vincent better be happy im stepping up and showing up for this lockdown bull shit.

[He shifts into drive and here we go.]


[J Mont finally pulls up to the Hearst Tower. And of course, he parks right in the front and gets out. He doesn’t see the valet he normally deals with. Just some new guy. Kinda chubby and long hair like Bon Jovi.]

J Mont: Who in the hell are you?

Valet: I’m Chris…..and you are the reason I’m here.

J Mont: Did I refer you to FIGHT NYC?

Valet: No, I’m the guy that delivered the 7 pizza’s and DIET COKE to the receptionist and I got FIRED because I chuckled about the diet coke. She called corporate on me.

J Mont: That is on you. Looks like you could use Diet Coke yourself.

[J Mont throws him the keys and walks away not even realizing he cost this kid a job at Little Caesars Pizza. Before entering, he takes a seat on the marble bench out front of the Hearst Tower.]

J Mont: Take a deep breath. Relax and remember it’s only for 1 night. Before I know it, it will be Venom and I will be in the ring with Shawn Warstein. A guy who already felt the JKO and got pinned to lose the Toxic tag war. I have no problems really with Shawn with the W. But he picked the wrong team to be on. It’s like him picking the Mets over the Yankees. Picking the Rangers over the Islanders. Giants over the Jets….. All bad decisions and Saturday night, first hand he will feel the wrong decision he made. Then you have his girl Kasey Winterborn. A small little firecracker who thinks her shit doesn’t stink because of her man. Well little missy, this isn’t the 4th of July and the only fireworks that are going to go off are the ones when my theme song hits and my hand is raised. And last but not least, Betsy Granger. My Uncle has a crush on you but I won’t let that stop me from handling business in the ring. Heard some good things about you but like Shawn with a W, you picked the wrong side. Welcome to FIGHT. Im J Mont, the living legend and wrong man to cross paths with. Sorry, but I’m not sorry. You 3 are going to learn first hand just how ruthless and aggressive J Mont can get when he is not in the mood. And you can thank Sahara, Dane and Allie for that. Every Strike, Punch, Kick, Elbow, i throw at you, i will envision the face of Sahara on the other end. So please, please, please before this match starts, make sure your health and dental insurance is up to date. I would hate to see you guys come out of pocket for a big bill thanks to what Sahara did to Mia and what I’m going to do to you 3. Island Titles are my titles, not Dane or Allies. Both of them are the reason they even have their name attached to it. It was my plan. My Idea. My drive… they are just along for the ride, but not for long. NIGHT NIGHT FOREVER Sahara, Dane and Allie.

[J Mont gets up from the marble bench and cracks his knuckles then his neck. Getting ready to walk into Fight NYC Tower for check in and get ready for a war.]


[J Mont makes his way inside and low and behold. There she is. The receptionist that got J Mont written up and on top of the HR list.]

Receptionist: Well hello there Joseph.

J Mont: I see your best friend is working valet outside now.

Receptionist:  Who? You mean Chris?

J Mont: I don’t know his name. I think it’s Diet Coke. You want another one?

[The receptionist picks up the phone and J Mont thinks she is just acting.]

Receptionist: Yes, Is Mr. Black in?

J Mont: You’re such a little bitch.

Receptionist: Your days are numbered here.

J Mont: And pigs can fly too.

[Her face is bright red. Almost looks like a red X-Mas ornament bulb hanging on a tree.]

Receptionist: I would like to leave a message if Mr Black is not in. Mr Montuori has arrived for his Lockdown check in, and surprisingly he was on time. But in the process, he called me a Diet Coke, a Pig and a Bitch. I would like that documented in my complaints with HR. Thank you.

[She hangs up the phone and starts to laugh at J Mont.]

J Mont: You truly need to get LAID…. I hear there is a POPTART walking around here.

[J Mont laughs at that one as the receptionist just sits back down because she thinks she is getting the last laugh at the end of the day. Meanwhile, FIGHT NYC security greets J Mont, and they start to escort him away from her and to the elevator. The door opens and…….]

J Mont: I swear to god. If I hear some slow ass Richard Marx or Michael Bolton shit, I’m going to shoot this place up.

[The security pushes J Mont into the elevator and the scene hasn’t faded to black yet. But give it time. The door is closing and….. We fade to black.]