As Previously Seen On Another Network

By: Anicka Swan

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 26th Oct 2021

The scene fades in and we find ourselves in the private outdoor loggia on the top floor of Penthouse number 72 in Anicka Swan’s building in New York City. All the furniture on one side had been taken over to the other side and it had been changed into a training area. And just not any training area, but one that Le’Andra Fury had set up, she needed Anicka trained up for the Viking Clan Wars this year; she had chosen Anicka to fight in her place since she was in the middle of her second trimester of pregnancy. Le’ had tried to convince her husband, Xavier Black and her mother that she was perfectly capable of fighting, but after losing the male twin it was not an option. Currently Anicka and Le’Andra’s cousin, Brandt, were going at it hard with wooden swords and shields. While Brandt was dressed in just a pair of pants and t-shirt, Anicka was dressed in full viking gear, as Le’Andra told her, if you’re going to train to fight like a viking, she was going to dress like one. She walked around walking them as they dueled. She, herself, carried a wooden sword, mostly so she could whack Ani on the ass when she was close enough.

Anicka fucking Swan! Le’Andra’s Norwegian accent flared heavily. Will you please keep your wrist straight when you bring down the sword like that.

Anicka stopped her forward assault on Brandt and turned and looked at Le’Andra with her hands on her hips.

That is so not Ani’s middle name.

As many times I have said it, since I’ve known you, it should be your middle name. Le’Andra shook her head. Just… just take a break or something.

Oh, thank god. Anicka collapsed in a heap on the floor as if she had been a marionette that someone had cut the strings off of. She lay there breathing heavily with her eyes closed.

Did we break her? Brandt asked as he thought she had passed out but his cousin’s words assured him that she had not.

Your theatics will get you nowhere. But why, why did you pick Ani? You know the reason why, Xavier has a dick and you’re the only female I would trust to stand in my place. We have won the Clan Wars for five years in a row and I don’t plan on losing it this year, just because I am pregnant and you’re too much of a pussy.

What?!? Anicka sat up. Ani’s no pussy. She may eat one occasionally, she ate yours, but damn it, she’s no pussy.

Brandt stifled a laugh behind his hand that caused Le’ to shoot him a stern look that said not the time. You’re not concentrating. You’ve not been concentrating on anything for weeks now. That’s not true. Ani’s been focused on working. Do you know what it’s like for her running Swan Imports, Whor Coutoure, and every damned thing else?

Every damned thing else includes your careers in AWS and FIGHT! NYC? Le’Andra went and took a seat at the only chair that was still sitting out there, one that was for her only. Neither fed has seen hide nor hair of you in weeks, hell, months.

Like Ani said, she’s been busy. Too busy spending a lot of time at the Empire Room and the Velvet Rabbit is more like it.

Ani calls that networking. She smirked.

More like giving women a bad name. Le’Andra chuckled.

You heard what Avery McC said about Ani. She chuckles and smiles.

She called you a whore. Le’ smiled. Whatever shall you do?

If calling Ani a whore was the best she had, it’s not a wonder Ani’s the Goddess champion. So much for never being able to stand against her or anyone else in the match, but hey, glad to know the bitch is loyal. Ani hopes that her next opponent does a whole lot better than to call Ani a whore. Maybe she will come up with something better and more creative than some bullshit whore shit.

Would be nice for a change. She smiled at her. But then again, sometimes it’s the only thing people have against you. Just their words, because once they get you in the ring, they find out…

…That their words don’t hurt as much as Ani’s fists do? She smiled a wicked little smile.


It is true. People do judge a book by it’s cover. Brandt said from where he quietly stood, his voice quiet in tone. I will admit. I judged you just based on what I’ve heard from others. He nodded his head towards Le’Andra. Even hers, but the past couple of weeks, you have proved me wrong. Despite your actions, you are paying attention to my every word in training. He turned to Le’Andra. You are being too hard on her.

I most certainly am not. Le’Andra brought the point of her sword down on the marble floor. You know as well as I that everyone in Clan Wars has been training since the womb for these fights.

She already had enough training under her belt to where it’s just a matter of me polishing off her rough edges. Anicka got up from where she sat, sword still in hand and made her way over to where Le’Andra sat; as soon as she got within three feet of her, she dropped to her knees in front of Le’. She placed the dull tip of her sword in her empty hand and bowed her head and raised her sword up to Le’Andra. Ani comes to you on bended knees to swear an oath of loyalty to you and the Av’Ulver Clan and to fight to the death in your family’s name, until her last breath. All three of them stood there in silence, unmoving, except for Le’Andra’s cock of her right brow. She looked at her cousin, who smiled. He had indeed been teaching and coaching her of the ways. After a few minutes, Ani finally looks up and over to Brandt. Isn’t she supposed to say some cool ass viking shit and tell Ani to get up?

Yes, but I was just curious as to how long you were actually going to stay down there before you finally said something. Le’Andra rose and placed her wooden sword across the chair behind her and then turned back around. Rise, Anicka Fuckin’ Swan, stand one with the Av’Ulver Clan and fight with us with honor for all your days until we leave this world and fight the rest of our days in Vallhalla.

As Anicka stood up, Le’Andra began to slide a metal bracelet off her left wrist. It was handcrafted by her family’s own blacksmith back home in Norway; her mother had it made for her on the day she was born and gave it and her family’s wristband to her when she was officially named Firstborn. It was a braided piece of metal shaped like a C, at one end it had a wolf’s head and at the other it had a lioness’ head, signifying both her and her family. She held out her hand and Anicka placed her hand in it, then Le’ placed it on her wrist. You are bound to me and my family.

Ani already was. She nodded towards her belly.

But it’s official now. She smiled. I am tired and I think it’s time we went home.

Ani was thinking, maybe she should take Bran out for a night on the town? Have some fun. Let Ani show him around? You mean show him the Velvet Rabbit.

Well, yeah. She shrugged her shoulders. Where else would Ani take him?

I am not sure what a stuffed animal has to do with me having a good time. It’s a strip club. I am sure to have a good time. Good, get Le-Le home, get changed and Ani will swing by in a few hours and get you. Don’t let nothing happen to my cousin. Shit, you know Ani, she’s hoping he won’t let nothing happen to her.

Le’Andra looked at Brandt. She’s right, don’t let anything happen to her.

Anicka walked them over to the elevator on the floor that would take them down to the lobby and pressed the button for the doors, they stepped in and Anicka pressed the button for the main floor of her apartment as well as the one to the main floor lobby where they would get off.

You should think about cutting a promo soon for AWS, literally they must think you’re one of the rudest and most unsociable wrestler that they have on their roster.

Ani know, Ani knows… she’s just been so busy with shit, ya know? I know, Ani, I know. The elevator stopped on Ani’s floor and the doors slid open and the first thing you see on the wall right across from the doors is a display case, resting in it were the AWS Goddess belt as well as the NEW TransAtlantic belt that she kept when the fed closed for good. She stepped out and turned around.

You get some rest. She said to Le’ then turned to Brandt. Ani will see you later.

Do me a favor, Ani.. Le’ said as the doors started to slide shut. Please wear pants tonight.

Ani chuckled as the door closed. It was Anicka 101. When she wore a dress or skirt she was out to get laid. Pants were for fighting. Truth was, she was just trying to protect her cousin and Ani couldn’t blame her. She turned and looked at the Goddess title on the wall.

Ani wonders what they will call the new belt? The 5150 Goddess Champ? She chuckled. Both kinda fit Ani.

She turned left and walked down the main hallway to the side of the apartment where her bedroom was located and once inside she went to the closet and began to look for something to wear and a pair of heels to match. Finding what she needed, she walked out to the dressing area and placed them over the back of the chair and continued onto the bathroom where she began to run a bubble bath. She quickly stripped off her clothes revealing bruises one her flesh given to her by both Brandt and Le’Andra and then submerged herself into the hot soothing water and cut her promo for AWS, when she was done… the scene slowly fades to black as Anicka slid down in the tub and closing her eyes she rested her head on the back as the jacuzzi setting began to work away today’s training.


The scene fades in and it’s later that night and an Uber Black pulls up in front of the Velvet Rabbit, Ani’s mentor and friend’ strip club. The doorman, Shaun, runs out to the car and opens the door,out steps Anicka. She did as Le’Andra asked and wore a pair of leather pants so tight that they look like they had been spray painted on and a black corset that made her size EEs look larger than what they were.

Ani, good to see ya. The massive man grabbed her in a bear hug. One that was quickly released when he saw a muscular man appear out of the car door behind her. Still liking them big I see.

You know it. She winked. But sadly, it’s Le-Le’s family and she told Ani no family members. So, Ani’s gonna be good.

That’s a change. Shaun teased her as the three of them walked over to the door and he opened it for them. Right, she even made Ani wear pants.

Don’t I have a say in this? Brandt said from behind them causing them both to laugh.

Stop, don’t say things like that, Ani will climb you like a tree. Let’s go drink, watch naked chicks and have a good time. Once Shaun had closed the outside door, Anicka opened the door to the main floor and instantly their ears were assaulted by the loud music, it wasn’t even 10pm and the floor was covered by ones that was almost constantly being swept up by one of the bouncers. As Anicka led him through the club, various Does and servers greeted Ani as if they had known her forever, and some of them had. She had been coming here since VooDoo had opened the place. She made her way over to the private VIP section just for family and friends and grabbed a booth by the end of the stage. With a quick order of food and drinks placed with one of the wait staff, Brandt opened up the conversation. I heard Le’Andra talking about you having a match coming up?

Yeah, it’s in AWS, Ani found herself here and stayed. First match won the Goddess title, now it is a match to combine it with another title against another chick. She’s supposed to be wild and crazy like Ani or at least Ani thinks. Guess we will see who’s going to be the craziest bitch of all.

I am almost positive she’s sitting in a strip club with me. Saying shit like that is why Le-Le made Ani wear pants.

Good thing Le’Andra isn’t with us. He cast her a sideways glance, there was a reason he offered himself up to train Anicka for this.

Ani’s beginning to like you better and better. The wait person came back with their order and placed it on the table, Ani gave her instructions to keep the drinks coming until one of them looked like they were about to pass out then call them a cab. With the assurance that the Rabbit had their back, the scene slowly fades to black.