Austin is Xerox

By: Austin Ramsey

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 7th Aug 2021

Saturday, July 31, 2021
12:30 p.m.
Castell Rooftop Lounge
New York, NY

“Not gonna happen”

Austin and Todrick are sitting at a table, and Austin was awaiting his drink. They were not looking at one another. Today had not been a good day for the two of them. This was becoming a pattern every other Saturday on days when Todrick was scheduled to wrestle at FIGHT! NYC. Yesterday, Todrick and most of the ladies from the roster, and Akasha Monroe had a day of fun. Todrick claims to have sent him a video to post to usual sites, but he told him that he didnít get it and deleted all traces of receiving it. He had not changed his stance on not wanting Todrick to wrestle. He continued to find creative ways to ensure nothing got posted, but now he had to keep him away from Hearst Tower that night.

He had been stressed about it all morning because he did not know how to accomplish this Herculean task. Todrick had been putting up with a lot of Austinís crap, but these mysterious circumstances about his career weighed on him. Samuel was relentless in his accusations, and a lot of what he was saying was making sense. Austin snapped at Todrick every time he said something, so they were not speaking. Several of the personalities that protected him in his head were upset with this whole ordeal, but none of them were going to be allowed in the driverís seat today. The waiter could sense the tension and set the drink down, and walked away quickly.

Austin Ramsey: So are you just going to sit there and give me evil looks all day? I said it several times; I did not get a fucking message from you to post shit yesterday.

If looks could kill, Austin would be dead were he sat the way Todrick cut his eyes at him.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Letís be clear, Austin, you will not speak to me that way. Iíve put up with a lot from you lately, and honey, today is not the day, and I am NOT the one!

”He is so fucking sexy when he is angry.”

”Shut up, Mr. Giraffe. Focus Austin”

Austin Ramsey: You donít get to be all self-righteous right now. You came in drunk as a skunk last night, waking the boys and me up. You didnít know if you wanted to fight or have me fuck you. Or donít you remember that?

Todrick was upset about the video when he came in because he had been on the phone with Sam, who called him to ask him why he didnít post before his match with Jason Ryan. He knew that Todrick had done the video, but he trusted Austin with all the technology and editing stuff because he was good at it. When he walked in the house, he was upset and marched right up those stairs to give Austin the what for, but walking in and seeing him in the bed in that state of undress was not good with the vodka, not his friend Vhodka whispering secrets in his ear. Although, she totally wouldíve been saying the same things. He woke Austin up, and one look into those beautiful green eyes, and he knew he wasnít going to win this.

Austin had a swagger about him. He knew what he was extraordinarily handsome and knew what he was capable of. Austin was a survivor, and he knew how to use all his skills to navigate any situation. Time and time again, this is the reason that he knew Todrick was going to stay. He was confused, but the second he opened his eyes and looked at Todrick, he knew that at that moment, he wasnít mad, and it wasnít a fight he was looking for; it was Mr. Giraffe. He wasnít going to say no, and this was when Todrick let him do anything he wanted. He had taken his virginity, and so Austin would always have that power.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: What I remember is that to the world, I did not meet my contractual obligations to FIGHT! NYC because, once again, my husband didnít get the job done.

It was now Austin who delivered the death glare. He hated to be called inadequate in any way. Todrick knew that, and it was a low blow.

”He wants to take it there? I shouldíve fucked him so hard he couldnít walk today. Then I wouldnít be sitting here wondering how to keep him out of the fucking tower tonight. Wait, why didnít I do that? Stupid, stupid, stupid. He begged you for the dick. That was your chance, idiot.”

Austin Ramsey: You want me to show you I know how to get the job done? This is the AC Hotel; letís get a room and put your money where your mouth is. You wonít walk for a week when Iím done with you.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Fuck you, Austin.

Austin Ramsey: Promises, promises.

They both wanted to cave, but neither could. Todrick had a match, and sleeping with Austin would not bode well until after the match. Todrick rolled his eyes and waved Austinís comment off. Austin downed his drink and signaled for the waiter.
Austin Ramsey: Iím getting drunk if I have to watch this shit later tonight.

Austin orders another whiskey drink and three shots of Don Julio tequila. Todrick wants to protest, but Austinís eyes were starting to go dark, and he knew someone else was about to come to the driverís seat, and Austin was about to get really mean. Then it finally hit Austin, and he knew exactly how to keep Todrick away from Hearst Tower that night. He needed to pretend to have a psychotic breakdown and have to go to the doctor until the time that Todrickís match was supposed to start. Todrick would never leave his side during a medical “thing.”

In the “underground,” all his personalities were arguing about this plan. It was an even split, and the passive ones were not fairing so well. Each one had their own specific job to protect him when he needed it, and the little boy that had created them all was off-limits.

”Stop being a wuss. Weíve established itís all for the greater good.”

”Todrick is the only one that has actually made it into the room to talk to him. He made it clear. No harm is to come to Todrick.”

”He needs us. He trusts us.”

”Nice, Austin cannot be allowed to get in the driverís seat. Restrain him.”

Todrick crosses his arms and sips his water. There would be no reasoning with Austin now. At least he agreed to go to the arena in his own way. It was better to let this play out without provoking him. Austin took his shots and looked at Todrick, waiting on his next move.

”Nothing, huh. Is he on to me?”

”Will this work? Iím sick of lying about the video. Iím sick of lying, period. I know itís for the greater good, but I love him, and I donít like this.”

Austin goes to grab another shot, and Todrick grabs his hand and holds it. Austin has to look away. The tears are forming in his eyes because he is not proud of what he is about to do. He grabs his head and holds it, and shakes it back and forth.

Austin Ramsey: My head hurts. No, no, no! It hurts, Todrick, it hurts. We need to leave and go to the doctor NOW!

Todrick forgets everything else and springs into care mode. The man that he loved was hurting, and he had to care for him. He settles the bill and helps Austin to the elevator. He is so worried that he has forgotten everything else. They head to the nearest ER, and Todrick buckles up for the ride.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021
Time unknown
Austin and Todrickís House
Manhattan, NY

“Please be okay.”

It was dark when Austin finally woke up. He hadnít taken the new medicine he got at the hospital. He still wasnít proud of what he did and the miraculous recovery once Todrick was announced as a no-show. It wouldíve been different if Todrick let him accompany him to ringside, but Todrick was adamant that didnít happen after Austin refused him at Venom 2. He had to do what he had to do for the greater good. In parts of his fragmented mind, what he did was not wrong. Monday had been a chaotic day, and Austin fought with Todrick and many people on Twitter. Todrick had gone to bed early that night. #NiceAustin had gotten in the driverís seat too late, and it was after 2 a.m.

He had argued with Silas Sharpe, who he absolutely despised. He knew that he was trying to sleep with Todrick. The rest of the world had grown accustomed to Austin instantly hating any male that wanted to be friends with Todrick until they proved themselves otherwise. Austin knew his strengths, but that ass, though, men wanted one thing, and that ass was his. Sam, Ricky, and Xavier had laughed about it, and Austin was pissed, but he knew they were right. The three had learned to navigate the Austin waters, but Silas was doing everything wrong. He was frazzled and needed relief from everyone talking in his head, so he decided to take his new medicine.

The problem was that he was not supposed to drink at all with that medicine. He was already fifty shades to the wind, which is why the medication was even considered. Austin started to feel sick again later and kept telling Todrick, who was not fully awake at any time. Todrick sort of answered him as he was still asleep. Austin balled up nauseous and in pain and fell asleep. When he woke up, Sienna Sharp was comforting Todrick, and he was confused. It was dark outside, and the dogs seemed overjoyed. Domino had a paw under his nose, and he sat up.

”What is this scene? They all are looking at me like I was dead or something. Wait, if sheís here, is that bitch of a brother here? I bet he wants to comfort Toddy. Iíll kick his ass.”

”Am I naked? Dammit, man, why are you out?” she is holding Todrick, but her eyes are on Mr. Giraffe. She wants him. Stop that, you!
Austin covers himself up with the sheets. Duke, the German Shepard, pushes his Dad down and licks him profusely. Todrick was unaware that Austin was awake. Her outfit was sheer, and he imagined what it would be like if she were comforting him. She didnít tell Toddy he was awake for a reason.

”Why is she here?”

”Does he tell his girlfriends that I like girls too? They are always fucking with me when he isnít looking.”

”I want to fuck her.”

”Stop it, Austin. You canít do that. If you fuck her, you have to let Silas fuck him. Iíd die before I let bitch baby fuck Toddy.”

”I bet sheís wet right nowÖNo, no, no. Stop that, Austin!”

This wasnít cheating in any way. No one was touching anyone, and the rules of the notebook were clear. Touching had to be mutually agreed upon. He couldnít make eye contact, and he felt her eyes on him. He grabbed Mr. Giraffe and did what he had to do. He didnít look at either of them when he finished and cleaned himself up with a wipe he kept in the nightstand beside him.

Austin Ramsey: Toddy.

Todrick raised his head from Siennaís lap and rushed to his husbandís side. No words needed to be spoken. Austin gave Sienna a look that shared their quiet understanding but also told her it was time to go. She gave him a look back that said this was all to be unspoken, and she gathered her things and left. Austin held Todrick, and he prattled on about how no one had talked to him all day in his pain about Austin, and the tears stung his chest. Austin got angry but held it all in as that wasnít the Austin that Todrick needed at that moment.

Austin slipped into his old ways and saw an opportunity to say it without saying that he and Todrick were against the world. He seized it and took Todrickís phone as a just-in-case measure. Sometimes people were more trouble than they were worth. If they were cool with him, then they could be cool with Toddy. Not this pretty bitch Silas, though. They argued, Alexis Hunter saw what was happening and tried to control him, but Sienna had other plans. None of it ended well.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021
1:00 p.m.
Outside of Hearst Tower
New York, NY

“Why am I drawn here?”

”Why do I find myself drawn to this place. Sometimes I drive here without thinking about it, and it is entirely out of my way. It is eerie how I find solace and peace when I see the building. Perhaps, itís the thrill of the offer of violence that awaits inside. That is when I am at peace. The voices are quiet, and there is one single driver, and no one is fighting to be in the driverís seat. #ViolentAustin reigns supreme, and no one tells him to go away.”

Austin gets out of the Uber and walks across the street to the doors of the tower. He walks inside and saw one of the elevators are out of service. He chuckles but is glad his friend was not seriously injured. He enjoyed their crazy fights and wondered if his antics made Todrick feel the same way Vincent Black did. Would Todrick tell the police to taze him? He had pushed his limits, but when the chips were down, Todrick always had his back, but how long would that last?

He got into the working elevator and went to the floor where he and Todrick shared a room. He opened the door and went inside and saw a gift on the bed. The box was long and wrapped with a beautiful red bow. He saw his name on the tag and looked around to see if Todrick had a gift and saw nothing. Todrick had been here because he saw the decorations and their stuff in the closet. Todrick took that part of their lives seriously and always wanted Austin to feel at home in any space he was in. That was a comfort and kept Austin in the right state of mind.

He opened the box and saw the note in Toddyís handwriting.


Love of my life, I know that you are having a hard time with the idea of my competing in the ring, and I havenít quite figured out how to help you through that yet. You have been talking in your sleep lately, and you keep talking about your favorite red baseball bat that you used to carry in F2B. I looked for it tirelessly but could not find it, so I had one made for you. Maybe you can carry it to the ring tonight because I want you to be at ringside with me during my match with Jason Ryan tonight. I also got you a new red hat because I threw away the other one. That thing was disgusting, and I was tired of seeing the same spots on it.

I Love You,

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey
Austin set the note down and put the red hat on, and took the beautiful red wooden bat out of the box. He looked at it and saw the engraving on it.

Austin Lee Ramsey
The love of my life
Thank you for giving me your last name
Forever yours
Todrick Tabor-Ramsey

He could feel the water in his eyes. He felt incredibly happy and guilty at the same time. He knew what he did to Sam to stop Todrick, he had deleted the required promotional work they were required to do twice, and this last time, Todrick got fined for it. He refused to let him come to ringside, although he never made it to ringside, which deeply hurt Todrick. Although they had fought about it all day, and Todrick swore he wasnít going to let Austin accompany him, he had no intention of going through with that. Austin had said some horrible things to him. The first tear fell, and he set the bat down. He stood up and walked to Todrickís closet and thumbed through the ring attire and picked one out, and laid it on the bed.

”Iím a fucking asshole. He is coming out with me this week. We will see how this goes, and heís a survivor like me.

#ConcernedAustin: This match with Graham is going to be incredibly violent. Is this the match we want him to see? What if you get hurt?

#Asshole Austin: Calm your tits, bitch baby

#ThePhoenix: Guys, we are all going to rise from theÖ

#All Austinís: Shut the fuck up!

#NiceAustin: Guys, be nice. We all have our purpose of helping Austin when he needs it. We need The Phoenix in the ring during our most challenging moments.

Austin tuned out the argument in his head. He had been practicing that with this new doctor. He didnít need any of them right now anyway. He had made a decision, and to show Todrick he meant it, he laid the attire on the bed and picked everything out, and set it down. He walked over to the vanity, and it smelled like Todrick. He closed his eyes and thought about what he needed to say about his match this week on camera. He heard a door open in his head, and he knew the right person would be there to get him through this, so he let go of the controls.

Austin got up, walked over to his closet, pulled out a white t-shirt that had Austin is Xerox on the chest in red lettering, and stripped down and put it on. He put on a pair of red shorts and his new red hat. Red was clearly his favorite color. He put his red sneakers back on and checked himself out in the mirror. He grabbed the tripod and placed his phone on it. He went live, picked up his baseball bat, walked into the frame, and flashed a smile.

Austin Ramsey: Whatís up Order of the Phoenix. Iím calling you that now and you are going to like it. This week we FINALLY get our hands on that orge Graham Clausen. No sneak attacks, his yapping dog, Ken finally in his kennel and hopefully silent. He really annoys the crap out of me. But keeping to the subject at hand. Gammy seems to be pretty angry these last few weeks, and things have not been going his way. Itís been embarrassing, really, and he decided that he would focus on me instead of his immediate obstacles. It serves him right, though, because when you play shit games, you get shit prizes. You were a bitch at Blood Money and three Venomís later, and you are still a bitch.

But you tried to take me out before my match at Venom Two, and you tried to end my life, but you forgot one thing, Iím the muthafucking Phoenix bitch. I will always rise from the ashes, and then Iím gonna torch that ass with my flames. You saw that because you are probably still cleaning ink out of places you didnít know you had on your body. I hope I ruined your will to step into Hearst Tower ever again. I know I ruined the one set of ring gear you got, and hopefully, you and Ken got to eat these last few weeks. I ate well because, thanks to you, I have a lot of stock in Xerox, and every time I appear on screen using a Xerox product, like those toner cartridges, my money increases. Austin is Xerox now, and I have you to thank for that.

That said, Iím bringing back an old friend from my past. Heís a natural beauty, isnít he? Iíll honor Xerox with my shirt, but you made this personal, and the sound of your skull cracking against him is something I can no longer live without. The sound of your ribs cracking and feeling the vibration from that connection is almost orgasmic. We all know that Austin knows how to deliver those. I know that you feel like you are the baddest thing walking, but you should have learned what happens when you underestimate me. I will always come back and finish the job. I have to satisfy that hunger and those desires. You could learn from me, which might help your marriage cause of the way I satisfy cravings; itís clear Ken desires that treatment so he can stay off Twitter with the bitch shit.

Look, I donít like getting personal, but a party ainít a party if Iím not exposing a fucking clown. Whatever happened to the boy that I once knew? He is broken, beaten, and covered in copier ink. Just know that Iím not stopping what I started. You wanted me to get violent? Well, now Iím going to leave a mess. Iím not going to stop and know that Iím not afraid to hear fucking sirens. Iím wailing on that ass until they stop me. Iím going to rip into that torso because they love to see me do this shit. Quite frankly, they just love to see Austin “MFíin” Ramsey. Nothing else needs to be said. Iím going to deliver your latest embarrassment on Saturday hoe. Now let me keep living in that head rent-free. Muah.

Austin blows a kiss at the camera and walks out of the frame to stop recording. He puts the tripod away and gets a notification on his phone that Silas Sharpe posted on Twitter. He opens and sees him talking to Todrick. His blood begins to boil, and he orders an Uber to get home to stop that shit. Just like that, Austin Ramsey has left the building.