By: Jennie Fenix

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 30th Oct 2021

October 30, 2021
Tara Fenix Charity Cruise

It is the first day of the Tara Fenix Charity Cruise, and Jennie was sitting with Vhodka at a table in the cafeteria. There was a variety of food made readily available for any of the guests on the cruise… The one dish that was available twenty-four hours a day were the nachos. The plate between them only had cheese sauce littered with it. Vhodka put some on her finger before cleaning it off, but her eyes lingered on Jennie. It was easy to see that there was a lot on Jennie’s mind. She sat at the table with her elbow propped up, and her head leaning against her hand.

“There’s a lot of fish in the sea.” Vhodka said quite calmly, before rolling her eyes downward to get one more scoop of cheese.

Jennie rolled her eyes toward Vhodka and raised her eyebrows with a questioning look. Vhodka just smiled in exchange knowing full well that Jennie had heard what she had said, and giving insight that she knew more than she was told.

Vhodka glanced in the room as if to look for prying ears, and leaned forward to speak in a whisper for Jennie, “Let’s go get that beanie–“ before Vhodka could even finish, Jennie had already scrambled from her seat, and was excited to lead the way; she quickly turned back and pushed in her chair at the same time that Vhodka was just now starting up, “–and you can tell me more about the other match.” Vhodka finished with such a tone that she was just trying to help Jennie by keeping her mind on other things.

Jennie was side-by-side with Vhodka with their arms interlocked, but the pep in her step but Vhodka was able to match the same pep. Jennie was talking a bit fast that it was more as if she were rambling.

“Alright, so this Miss Michelle– let me start by saying that she really doesn’t seem like a bad person at all, and it’s no hard feelings, and I would like to… y’know… congratulate her on that Clutch Award that she received, because that’s a big deal! It really is!” Jennie said with an enthusiastic nod, and Vhodka nodded in agreement, “So the girl is on ABSOLUTE FIRE! She is like… full on BEAST MODE! She got that belt while she was FREAKING PREGNANT! Then she comes back and defeats Allison–“ Jennie, with her free hand, held it out with her index finger pointed out to count, “–she defeated Bam Miller.”

“What made you want to go after the Bronx Championship?” Vhodka asked.

“Wellllll, I really don’t know!” Jennie answered with a shrug of her shoulders. “I just was thinking that, you know, I’ve defeated the last two people that were put in front of me, and I just wanted to step up to another challenge! Did you know that this is not the first time that I stepped into the ring?” Jennie asked while turning toward Vhodka.

Vhodka answered with her own shrug, “It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

“Before Dru came and dragged me back into existence, I competed in 2014 for a short time, but the problem is that I was constantly being viewed as the LITTLE SISTER! The little sister to Chris–“

“Wait, wait, wait! Who’s Chris?” Vhodka interrupted.

“Chris is mine and Tara’s brother!” Jennie answered.

“Who’s the oldest?” Vhodka questioned in turn.

“Tara. Then Chris. Then me. I’m the baby!”

“I’m somehow not surprised.”

“ANYWAYS! Chris and I grew up in Glasgow, and he was OBSESSED with professional wrestling, let me tell you. OBSESSED! That’s like… if you were reading this right here and right now, it would all be capitalized because that’s how OBSESSED he was with wrestling! Annnd he was watching–“

“We can discuss that later! Let’s get back to the ‘WHY’ you wanted to go after the Bronx Championship?” Vhodka interrupted, and questioned again, in an attempt to bring Jennie’s focus back to her match.

“Oh, yeah!” Jennie replied with enthusiasm. The two had turned a corner and were navigating through the ship’s hallways, even opting to use stairs to climb the decks rather than use the elevator. “So yeah, I was always viewed as the little sister to Chris, and to Tara! I was the one that people counted out all of the time… They would try to drag me down every so often and say things like it must not have been genetic, and y’know, my siblings are great, okay? GREAT! They would do everything to build me up; Tara would tell me how I shouldn’t listen to what people say… Just go out there and do my thing, and people are going to notice, and I think that’s what’s happening! With everything that’s happening at Fight, people are noticing. With things that are happening at PWV, people are noticing! I’m not just the ‘little sister’ that people have thought of me… I’ve gone out there, and I’ve won those matches on my own! I’ve gone out there and won those things without her shadow being over me. And, y’know, she’s been completely respectful about the fact that I am determined to do this on my own. Ever since that PWV incident, she hasn’t tried to speak up for me, or treat me like a kid sister.” Jennie’s voice was filled with admiration; admiration to the fact that she was doing this without anyone answering for her for a change.

“And it just HYPED me up! Finally doing this on my own, y’know? I watched some of these other people getting a title shot and there was a part of me that I wanted to… I wanted to–“ Jennie snapped her fingers together a few times as if to think of the word, “–I wanted to EARN it! Like…” Jennie came to a stop, and looked at Vhodka for a moment, “I would have loved for Michelle to get into that ring and say something like: ‘Jennie! Darling! I see you holding all that Blood Money’— oh, thanks for the loan, by the way!” Jennie cleared her throat to get back into character, ‘–I see you holding all that Blood Money, and I think it’s time that you CASH IT IN! That is unless you’re AFRAID?’ And she would have wanted this match. But wishful thinking, right?”

Jennie waved it off, and the two continued their walk.

“That’s not important! The important part is something just SPARKED inside of me and I knew that I had to be the one to challenge for the Bronx Championship! I know, I know that I haven’t been doing this for really that long… Like, even if you take all my time from my previous run, I just haven’t been doing this that long! But I think it’s time. It’s time that I take my first championship in the business and prove that I am able to stand on my own! I can battle on my own! But there’s something that’s more important…” Jennie said.

She hesitated afterward, thinking about the challenge that was ahead of her. Many people have claimed that they were going to dethrone Miss Michelle, but none of them have; what set Jennie apart from the rest of them? What was something different she was going to bring to the match? Determination? Ferocity? What?! Jennie opted to focus on the key.

“I can do what no one else has been able to do… I can do it because there’s something different, and unique, and just– something– that I take out there each time I get into the ring! Miss Michelle has been able to truly prepare for the other people that she’s gotten into the ring with, dig deep on them, but I have something that none of those others have had: ZERO FUCKS! Everyone else went down to face Miss Michelle with some strange wonder of how they are going to go BEYOND her rather than just get through her.

They’re worried about the Warstein’s, the Watson’s–“ Jennie couldn’t help but giggle, “Now I want to watch Sherlock. You want to watch Sherlock?”

“You were onto something! Get back to it!” Vhodka shouted.

“RIGHT! The Wat–“


“The– the Montuori’s, and, umm, umm…” Jennie is stumbling, as Vhodka is gesturing for her to continue rolling with it, and just the words flow, “They were already forgetting about MISS MICHELLE! Let me just say this is a badass bitch, an absolute BADASS BITCH who I know could take on any of those people at the top of the company and give just as much fight, just as much oomph, just as much everything! There’s a reason that she’s the champion, and there’s a reason that I wanted to FIGHT HER over everybody else! Because I know that if–“

Jennie honed in on Vhodka’s facial reaction that indicated she wanted to hear just a little more.

“–WHEN I defeat Miss Michelle,” She got a subtle nod from Vhodka over her self-confidence, “I will have proven myself to– well, to Fight! To the crowd! To… MYSELF… that I am fully capable of getting in the ring and holding my own. Damn it, Vhodka: I LOVE getting in the ring! And I just can’t wait to throw down with Miss Michelle. I’m not thinking about anyone else– I’m not thinking about The Hive tonight! I’m thinking about MISS! MICHELLE! And all that matters is LEAVING THIS SHIP WITH THAT BELT!” She exclaimed and stomped her foot down.

“We HAVE to almost be there!” Vhodka grumbles over how long they’ve been walking.

“Yeah, we’re right here!” Jennie says. She tucks her hand into her pocket to get out a keycard that she holds over the door for a moment, and with the short tone followed by a green indicator, she swings the door open. Upon entering the room, the beanies are all sprawled out across the bed; black with their names sewn into them along the hem. Shawn Warstein, Betsy Granger, James Raven, Corey Black, and of course Vhodka Black; there were a couple others there for Kasey Wintergreen, and Jason Cashe.

“They’re beautiful!” Vhodka said while clapping her hands together and rushing forward. “We have to pass them out to the rest of the team.”

“Let’s go!” Jennie picked up a couple of the beanies, and Vhodka put hers on before picking up the rest.

While walking for the door, Vhodka chimes in, “But first! Where’s your sister? I had something to talk with her about.”

“Tell me, where is Gandalf, for I much desire to speak with him?” Jennie said in a mocking tone and rolled her eyes, but she got her phone out and began fumbling through it for the contacts before coming to her sister in her favorites; she typed a quick message, and was answered within twenty seconds. “She’ll meet you at the Captain’s Quarters!”

“Splendid!” Vhodka said and walked out of the room as if she knew the direction. A look of puzzlement was clear on her face the moment she walked out, and Jennie took the lead. She gestured for Vhodka to follow.

The walk to the Captain’s Quarters was not quite as long as the walk that they took to Jennie’s cabin, but when they got to the room, Jennie gave a quick knock on the door. Her sister could be heard on the other side calling out, “The door’s open.” That prompted them to open the door, and Vhodka was the first to walk in. “What can I do for you?” Tara asked.