Bam’s On His Real Hot Girl Shit Now

By: Austin Ramsey

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 27th Dec 2021


Sunday, December 26, 2021
4:30 p.m.
The Ramsey House
Manhattan, NY



“We Have To Be Responsible”

Todrick just finished their social media post about the painful decision to postpone Toddy’s dream wedding. Todrick was taking it in great strides. She had talked to Austin about it earlier in the day, and he was disappointed, but he understood. She did not want to have a super spreader event with all their close family and friends. The airlines had been canceling so many flights due to the COVID variants, and venues were started to refund deposits for events. The writing was on the wall yet again in the Ramsey home.

Toddy had called the airlines for all the confirmed guests and arranged for their tickets to be able to be exchanged for a later date as long as it was within the following year. The airlines were happy to accommodate this because they were eyeing canceling flights anyway, and this way, refunds wouldn’t have to be issued. It was a win/win for all parties. Todrick is exhausted and climbs into bed next to Austin and the dogs. They both look at her, annoyed that they have to move because this was Daddy time for them. Austin wakes up and looks at Todrick, and smiles.

Austin Ramsey: Is it done, Babe? Can I retweet it now?

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: That nap did you some good, I see. And yes, it’s done.

Austin Ramsey: Naw, it’s how you put me down for that nap; that did wonders.

Austin slaps Todrick on her ass, and she shakes her head.

Austin Ramsey: Damn, I had just asked Ricky to be one of my Groomsmen. He is gonna think I was messing with him cause of the match at Countdown.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: I doubt that very seriously. Besides, Big Ass Bobby just put up a poll that was just as messy as any of the MIL Network polls.

A naked Austin hops out of bed and pulls Todrick into the bathroom to the shower with him.

Austin Ramsey: Oh word? What’s it about?

Todrick giggles and says nothing. Austin spins her around and presses up against her.

Austin Ramsey: You better tell me, woman. Or I’ll just have to change my interrogation tactics.

Toddy giggles and shakes her head no. The shower gets really steamy, and after a while, the two emerge dehydrated and in need of electrolytes. Toddy heads over to her vanity and begins oiling herself up. Austin plops down on the bed and unlocks his phone.

Austin Ramsey: HOLY SHIT! BIG ASS BOBBY CHOSE VIOLENCE! I’m fucking weak right now.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: That comes at a horrible time. The rumors about Ricky and Jennie are circulating like wildfire. I want Ricky to be happy, healthy and focused come Countdown. I don’t want a distracted Ricky that night.

Austin sees Toddy’s point, casts his poll vote, and puts down his phone. Toddy slips under the covers and puts her head on Austin’s chest and her arm around his waist. He puts his hands behind his head.

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Austin, since 2021 is about to come to an end; if you had to had to change one thing about your journey in FIGHT this year, what would it be?

Austin Ramsey: That’s a loaded question, Toddy. We both know I made hella mistakes this year. But hands down, it would be what I did to you in season one when I was intentionally sabotaging your career. I had no right to delete your videos and deliberately doing things to keep you out of the arena when you had matches. I was a shithead for that, and I’m still extremely sorry.

Dr. Cook made me realize that deep down, my insecurities about seeing someone put their hands on you was me not believing that you could get the job done. I thought that I was being a good husband who cared for his wife, but I was simply being a jackass. Once I backed off, look at what happened. You went and won that Fatal 4-Way that everyone was sure someone else was going to win.

I forgot that you went to the final five at Blood Money, our very first show at FIGHT. I think many people forgot that fact, but it’s shameful that I did it. I know that you don’t believe in living life with regrets because we can’t change the past, but I do wonder where you would’ve been if I would’ve just minded my own business. I promise never to do that again. Since then, I haven’t jumped into your affairs, so I guess I learned my lesson. Are you satisfied with my response?

Todrick Tabor-Ramsey: Baby, that’s your truth, not mine. But yes, I’m pleased with it. Now let’s go to sleep.

Austin nods, and he puts his arms around Toddy, and they fall asleep.


Monday, December 27, 2021
11:30 a.m.
Pier 84 at Hudson River Park
New York, NY



“The Lord Is Testing Me”

Austin is sitting on the dock at Pier 84, which was his happy place. This was the one place that was his special place where all the #Austins were at peace. He stared out at the water with his piercing green eyes when his phone dinged. Lately, he and Bam Miller had publicly been at each other’s throats, and it was about to get even worse. A Twitter war broke out between the two, and then Bam’s friend Peter Vaughn who Austin did not know, jumped into the fray.

What’s worse is that Bam had the audacity to pull Todrick into it, and then he added Diamond Dior for good measure. Everyone knows that when you are fussing with Austin, the trigger to make him go from 10 to 1,000 was bringing his wife into it. As if the last year at FIGHT had taught him nothing, Bam decided to poke the bear. They took their war from Twitter to group chat, and things plummeted even more. Austin was completely done, and now the only thing that would satiate his bloodlust was getting his hands on Bam Miller. He takes out his phone and goes live.

Austin Ramsey: Bam Miller, I’ve been doing my best to ignore you because we are both in the House of M, but you took it too far today. I usually don’t go back and forth this long with little boys, but you talked in a circle, and now blood is the only way to right this wrong. Your blood on my knuckles, your blood on my clothes, your blood dripping on the cold hard ground beneath you.

You talk that like you a “bad bitch” yeah, I said it, Bitch behind a keyboard. But I’m ready to cut the noise. It’s like the more I ignore you, the more you become obsessed with me. You are a fucking clown. So here is what I want you to do. You know where to find me at any time. I won’t call the cops, but I won’t call the ambulance either. I got an Austin Ramsey exclusive for you called “These Hands.”

I want you to do something stupid and call me out at Countdown so I can body you in front of thousands of people. I want to be the one to run that ass back out of FIGHT for season three. You feel froggy, then jump bitch. Austin will be waiting. Once I collect what’s owed to me, then we can go back to business as usual with the House of M. Man up, puss ass hoe.

Austin stops recording, and his green eyes are black, and his skin is red and hot to the touch. He would hurt Bam one way or another. When was the question now. Austin jumps into the water to cool off and the scene fades.