Bite My Tongue And Drink The Blood

By: Lycana

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 31st Oct 2021

In the dead of night
Count your sins by candle light
Came for what is mine
I’m the reaper brought to life
Oh no


Before The Cruise… 


She sat quietly in the field where all this had started, nearly one year ago. 

Nearly a year. It was hard to believe that much time had passed since she had first gotten that acceptance from the XWF. Hard to believe everything she had gone through and what she had experienced. How much she had changed from what she had been compared to now. How her facets had evolved to create a different being than the one who had been there before, old habits becoming buried like the many colors and displays of a kaleidoscope. 

Many roads had let to this point. 

Not all of them had been her choice. 

Not all of them had been very much fun to traverse. 

If she was being perfectly honest with herself, the majority of the year was a damn rollercoaster of the highest of highs, but with long stretches of lows that were a struggle to climb out of. Some, she had done alone as she always had. But most of them… she had done with Marf by her side. Unfortunately, it seemed now, that particular subject matter was dipping its way down with the complications in their relationship. 

If there even was one of those left. 

They had crossed paths within days of her debut, and had been inseparable ever since. They had become the strongest members of the Left Hand, outlasting every single stable member including their leader the Baphomet, their team of the Dissentients surviving when nobody else did. The endured ridicule, attacks, condensed attempts to drive them from the federation’s hallways to no avail. They remained strong, always having one another’s backs in the fed, in life, in everything. They bonded to the point their minds joined, souls nearly becoming a single entity as their relationship bloomed through the bloodshed and violence, softer emotions appearing only within the last few months.  


Lycana had been accused of not being capable of that particular emotion. 

But her accuser had been wrong. She might have been some of the worst of the worst, not batting an eyelash when it came to torture, ruining a life, or destroying whoever was set in front of her… but her heart remained tenderly human under its shields. Shields that Marf had found his way through. 

They had stood together against the attack of the Harbinger, the kidnapping from Shawn Wylde, the werewolf war, her almost dying from the Gorgon venom, the Left Hand fiasco, countless matches, camping with Damien, and even the sudden onset of parenthood to an adult toddler after Lycana had screwed bringing Reika back from the dead right up… And still, they had made it through together. The destructive duo trading it all in to make pancakes in their free time for the girl. Throw in some djinns, dream walking, singles titles runs, and an incubus… and you could say they had had a rather eventful year. 

And through it all, they did it together… never wavering in their partnership or dedication to each other. 

Until now. 

She couldn’t even mark the place where the cracks had started to creep up their foundation, only noticing when the shaking had begun. Perhaps this was all her fault. She had been rather busy, chasing her own demons around, putting herself on missions that only she cared about. Ones that she knew he would not approve of her doing. She had also chosen to link up with Betsy Granger, creating the tag team of the Impossible Entity, taking on another to chase after the tag team straps, instead of doing so with him as they had always done. He had given his blessing in speech, but she knew he had not been happy about it. She had started to lean away from the dark lifestyle they had, walking on the path of kindness more often as of late than was her norm. Maybe all this was happening because she had been selfish. She had been blaming herself for it all, and maybe… just maybe, it all was her fault in truth. 

The final confrontation shimmered on the horizon. 

She could see it, she knew it was there. Knew it was not something she would be able avoid forever, but damned if she wasn’t going to try. She had scampered off to more missions, hiding out in an AirBnB in California while trying to work the nerve up to approach another problem. Hiding, instead of going home to her own house where she knew he was waiting. A solid damn week she had avoided it, and now? Now she was on the eve of boarding a cruise ship that would whisk her away for another weekend. A few more days to avoid it all. 

Another emotion reigned over everything. 


The acrid, bitter taste of it coated her tongue, and was not one she was familiar with, nor did she enjoy it. It’s cold tendrils crept their way up her spine, filling her veins with ice water each and every time she contemplated going back and having it out. She couldn’t explain it, could not name all the reasons why, but the mere thought of seeing the pain and hurt on his face filled her with the urge to vomit, triggering her flight response like nothing ever had before. 

Lycana would willingly bleed. Willingly hurt. Walk towards a fight. Skip directly into a war. Dance into the path of danger. Hell, she would and had, stare death right in the face and give a defiant little cackle. She would put her life on the line without batting a single damn eyelash but this? 

This scared the fuck out of her. 

She could spend a lot of time on theories why… the loss of her family made her more liable to hold onto things, not want to let them go, not want to hurt ones she cared for because of the way she herself had been hurt. Maybe she was simply attached to him and their way of life and feared the change that would come. Perhaps she didn’t want to truly become the disappointment that she too often saw herself as, reflected back at her in his eyes. In any case, she had not come here to play therapist with herself, as calming as the surroundings were. 

She had come here to reflect on what had brought her to where she was now, and Marf… as big of one as he was, he was just a step in it all, a piece of her story, that had seen her grow into the woman who would see her first match, in a new fed within the next couple of days. 

She was not the same person who had spent time in this field all those months ago. She was no longer an inexperienced newbie, who allowed aggression and anger to get the better of her. She had control over the rage that was at one time her owner, and would no longer rush headlong into all battles that she laid eyes on. Well… maybe that last part wasn’t true. She smiles to herself. She would still do that, especially if it had to do with one she was loyal to. The Lycana of old was someone who just wanted to hurt people, blind to the fact that she was lashing out, trying to both fix the hurt she felt from her past… and was struggling to feel beyond the numbness. She had been angry at the world and wanted nothing more than to watch it subside into doom before her. She didn’t care about matches… she only cared about hurting people and proving that she was more than met the eye. 

She was still on that mission, wanting to prove people who doubted her wrong, but it had become about earning respect. The rage filled version subsiding under some very hard lessons, and tough introspection. Her eyes were the same, but they viewed the world in a very different way. The pieces had shifted, fallen into a new picture. She wanted to be more than what she was. She wanted fulfillment… and it could only come by hitting her goals, which started at her own hand. Only she could do that. She held all the cards, and couldn’t look for it in others… as she had with the Left Hand. It was funny, how learning about yourself and applying the lessons created this cause and effect, things that seemed absolutely insane, even to her own mind. 

People who had hated her and wanted to see her dead, were now her allies for starters. 

No, the shitty asshole version of Lycana was long gone, but that didn’t mean she had given up all her attributes. The stubborn, smart-ass bitch was still very much alive and well, and showing no signs of going anywhere any time soon. She would never be a bubbly, happy go lucky, braid my hair and have sleepovers type, but she did make a loyal friend to those she deemed worthy. 

She wondered if there would be any in Fight. 

She still didn’t know exactly why she had decided to branch out. It had been there, she knew it existed. She had perused other feds for the hell of it. Temptation to try her skillset out in a new arena, against new blood was always hovering, wafting its way under her nose and teasing her like some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. Or nice hot queso. She had heard that was kinda a big thing over there at Fight. Them essentially waving contracts around had sealed the deal and she had stepped up, offering herself up as a member of the roster. When all was said and done, she had been offered a position and she had signed that dotted line. 

And now?  

Now she would be performing on the first night of the Tara Fenix Charity Cruise… and on the same boat a few days later, have her debut match for the new company. Talk about making a splash. Eyes from around the wrestling federation world would be on her for two matches, rather than just one. It was shaping up to be a pretty damn busy weekend for her. 

Talk about fear. 

She had chosen to be trapped on a glorified bath toy with a gazillion other people… one of her worst damn nightmares come true. 

She hated crowds. 

The claustrophobic feeling of all those bodies pressing in on you.  

She shudders. 

Maybe she was a little bit batshit insane after all. In the end, it was too late to turn back. She was no coward, never went back on her word, and she had matches to win. She slowly rises to her feet, looking around her little clearing. It would still be here when she got back, and so would all her problems. Her mission to find the Baphomet’s body, and her summons to Hecate’s side, all would still be waiting for her the moment she stepped foot back on solid ground after the cruise. But for now, it was time to go. 

The familiar sting of pain ripples through her muscles, the crackling of her bones filling the air, as her skin splits, black fur pushing its way through the cracks rapidly. In a flash, a large black wolf stands where a woman once did. Violet orbs leisurely take in the world, tongue lolling as she yawns. Haunches tense, bunching as they launch her lithe body forward, propelling her across the clearing and into the woods in the blink of an eye. 


After Night One…


“Ahhh, maybe there is something to all this salty sea air after all. I feel pretty damn good. 

Or it could just be that I did exactly what I said I would, and won the first main event on this cruise we are all taking part in. 

But that is not the only match I’ll get to show my skills in on this boat, I also get to make my debut in a new company as Fight!NYC brings Venom onto the high seas as well. Maybe it is a little bit crazy to agree to a second match within two days of facing Ciela Luiz, but I never professed to be sane. In fact, most would argue that I am quite the opposite, and I am not opposed to agreeing with that sentiment. I am never one to resist the temptation of a battle, and my oh my… did Fight deliver a delectable offering up, on a beautiful sterling platter. 

Hello my darling Ricky. 

It seems that you are going to be lucky number one gifted to the Dark Vixen of Violence to play with. I’m sure you were a little bit curious, seeing my name across from your own. Either wondering who the hell this newcomer was, or thinking why the hell would they slap me next to this newb. I hope you were on hand for the show tonight, and now have a better understanding. I also hope you took the time to take a little listen to what I had to say leading up to that match, where I introduced myself… but in case you didn’t, I am always pleased to recap for you. 

I am known to be a long-winded bitch after all, I wouldn’t want to disappoint those who expect it of me. 

I deal in the dishing out of pain. I love a good fight, and am always seeking out my next challenge. I don’t do easy, I find that pretty damn boring. I am the type who is willing to do anything, and I mean anything, to prove my point in a match. That point being, that I will do whatever it takes to make my mark on you even if it means wrecking my body in the process. 

 You ever deliver an Avalanche moonsault side slam off a rollercoaster platform, twelve feet over nothing but pavement? 

I have. 

You ever tempt fate, scaling the side of an electrified cage that could go on any moment, to grab ahold of someone and flip off with them, down onto the roof of a car? 

I have. 

You ever watch chain-link bite into the flesh of someone’s arms, hanging them up as you knock them out, douse them with gasoline then flick on a blowtorch and drop it in them? 

Again, I have. 

There is a reason I am known as the Dark Vixen of Violence. It is a moniker I have earned, and one I prove often. I have a taste for matches that have no rules, and ones where weapons of all sorts are available to play with. They tickle me for obvious reasons. Alas, you have escaped such stipulations, landing in a simple one on one standard match. Small favors, am I right? 

Don’t look into it too much though. 

And don’t think that just because it isn’t my preferred way to dance, that you have any sort of advantage over me. Underestimating me would be one of the dumbest things you could do. Right Page? 

Hey Ricky, you ever hear of Chris Page? 

You know… loud-mouthed, all-over Twitter sucking his own… err… ego, says he is a legend among men in the ring, probably assumes that you view him as the second coming of some sort of God, also a long-winded bitch? 

Anyway, he made that mistake and it cost him dearly. He had not been pinned in a match in nearly ten months, a fact he was constantly crowing about. He decided that after having his eye on me awhile, that he wanted to take me on. He laughed about it. Thought I was just another little nobody that he could get a quick pin on and walk away with my Xtreme title. He didn’t think I had it in me to beat someone like him. I was just a curtain jerker, and not made to take on a man of his mystical dominance. Someone whose wins were just things to be brushed aside as nothing but mere flukes. He thought that I was going to be just a walk in the park Ricky. 

He thought wrong. 

And it cost him. 

I wrapped him up all nice and neat with an inside cradle and snagged the three count, and he was quite the pissy boy about it all. Even decked the ref in his little temper tantrum. It was pretty delightful to watch, I can’t lie. Poor poor Page, his streak ended by the blue haired bitch and an inside cradle because he didn’t think she stood a chance. 

Don’t be like Page. 

Don’t underestimate me. 

Though I am often mocked, I am of the mindset that win or lose… each match is valuable. A veritable fountain of knowledge, where you learn your strengths and weaknesses. A loss serves to push you, give you the good shaking you need to put your blinders on and truly focus on your next. A win serves to bolster the confidence and charge up the batteries…. and Ricky, I’m coming in pretty hot to meet with you. 

My last match in the XWF was a win, and now I just claimed victory last night here on the boat. Add in a dash of something to prove with it being my first match, a speck of wanting to show off, and maybe a little third times the charm; and you have one hell of a recipe for some wildness in that ring. 

See the thing about me Ricky, is that I am typically not focused on belts and such. I don’t need a sparkly adornment around my waist to show that I’m a powerhouse to be reckoned with. Oh, I’ll take the opportunities as they come, but I don’t need the validation in the form of trinkets to show someone they need to be worried when they are standing across from me. I know I’m dangerous to go toe to toe with, and if me not having a strap makes someone look by me well, that’s on them. But not being focused on belts and wanting to face the people who wear them, means that I will never look by an opponent that comes before.  

Which is rather unfortunate for you. 

Because you are firmly in my line of vision. You are sitting pretty, right dead center in the crosshairs with no glitter to distract me from you. Nothing in to turn my eyes from absolutely destroying you and clearing the way for whoever turns up next on my docket. 

It’s nothing personal, you just happen to be the first one offered to me. The first one that they decided to toss my way to see what I could do.  

And I plan on giving everybody quite the show. 

You seem to be young, and relatively new to the game. I myself am only coming up on a year, that will be marked the end of next month. I’ve done a little bit of research on you, and your record within Fight and it seems that you are learning, getting your feet wet by trials and tribulations. Winning some and losing some. I admire grit, and I admire those that stick with things instead of throwing hissy fits and storming off if things don’t go their way. I consider that a strong point in your favor. 

Yes, a compliment… don’t get too used to it, it doesn’t happen all that often. I’m feeling nice. 

Must be all this fresh air. 

I will say, I think that bodes well for our little date, at least in terms of making it fun for me. It gives me the idea that you are going to be coming in looking to shift the tides in your favor and show what you have taken way from the losses you’ve endured. I like it. You know, that whole not enjoying it simple and easy-breezy thing I have going on. You’re probably going to come in with a head full of steam, and balls made of brass, ready to take my head off. I can only hope! I dig it my dear, just be wary of taking your eyes off the prize or letting it get to your head… 

There is a certain someone called Alias in my other fed who did that very thing. He came looking for vengeance from me, wanting to kill me. And I mean that literally. He bit a chunk of flesh right out of my shoulder. I have the scar to prove it. But he let it blind him. He let the crimson veil of rage come down in front of his eyes, losing his cool and it allowed me to capitalize, gaining not only the win over him, but prancing away with the X-treme title as well. And you see, Alias is not the type of person one can just walk in the ring and win over… I am the single blight on his record, since November of last year. That’s right… his only loss in nearly a year, is to yours truly. Another dragon I have slayed. 

And you get to play with me next! 

Aren’t you a lucky boy? 

I hope I’m not making your sweat too much my darling, I don’t want to spook you to the point you don’t show up at all. That certainly is not my intention in the least. Just offering a bunch of friendly advice and giving you a little insight on how I work. Isn’t that nice of me? I’m the new kid and here I am, telling you how I tick… allowing you into the warped funhouse that is my mind so that you may formulate a plot going forward, so that you might be better prepared for our match. 

Still gonna lose, but I mean… hey.  

Better showing, better fun for me. It’s a win win in my eyes. 

To tell the truth, I am really looking forward to this Ricky, like I haven’t looked forward to a match for a really long time. I’ve been in plenty recently where I want to just beat the crap out of my opponents simply because I don’t like them, but not ones where I looked forward to something new and exciting. I think you have the skillset to make me work for the win. I think that you have a fire and passion to match my own. I think you and I are going to create an inferno in that ring… 

And then I’m going to drown your flames with your own damn tears. 

Your trip to the top? Cut short again. 

I’m here now, and if you think you are going to use me as just another rung on the ladder on your way up, you have another thing coming. I’m going to stomp you down a few rungs and take over your spot myself.  

I cannot, and will not be tamed. 

Not by you, or anybody else. 

I’m here to let Fight know what I am all about, and I plan to do it in a big way. 

So let me formerly introduce myself to you. 

I’m Ly-Fucking-Cana. 


Say hello to the Reaper, kid.” 





Maybe being on this cruise ship wasn’t so bad after all. 


There was a more private area for all the wrestlers, and it wasn’t quite a crowded as she had anticipated it to be. She had been having nightmares of being packed in like sardines in a tin can, being jostled every time she tried to take a step. 


Instead, there was plenty of space to roam, and a pleasant room with a small balcony off of it that she could call her very own. And this damn queso WAS delicious. 


She dunks a chip in the amount that she had been able to get her hands on, crunching happily on the tortilla chip as her eyes close in bliss. With a sigh, she brushes the crumbs off her chest and leans back in her deck chair, taking in the view that is laid out before her like a banquet. Miles up on miles of stunning blue-green water, stretching out as far as the eye could see, colliding at the horizon with the prettiest aqua sky. Floofy white clouds dotted it like cavorting sheep.  

No, this had been a grand idea. She had been having a blast so far. She had stayed in her room for a good chunk of the first morning, ordering in room service, and then simply sitting and enjoying a book until curiosity got the better of her. She had emerged and done some exploring before it was time to prepare for the Night One festivities. After the match, she had watched the firework display, before wandering around some more. 

After a good nights rest, she had gotten herself all dolled up like Jigsaw and gone barreling around the boat on a tricycle that she had pilfered from an unknown source that she would never disclose because… reasons. Fully satisfied she had livened up things in more than one place, she abandoned the shiny red thing, and scampered off to listen to a few talks that other wrestlers were giving. 

From there she had raided the amazing array of food spread out and had indulged in an overflowing plateful, before smuggling some chips and queso back to her room to enjoy.  

She pats her belly. It had been a good day so far. 


Her eyebrows crash down, brow furrowing as she looks over her shoulder, contemplating the door to her cabin as if it had just grown razor sharp fangs and growled at her. She slides from her chair, creeping stealthily forward to lay her ear against the door.  

Silence on the other side, and then. 

“Open up Lycana. I know you are literally standing right there.” 

Good day over. 

She pulls the door open with a frown, staring at Arcana. “How did you get up to the wrestler section?”  

“I AM a wrestler; I didn’t magically quit over the last few days.” 

“I couldn’t be that lucky. What do you want?” 

“Jeez, I would have thought you’d be in a better mood after winning your match.” 

“I was in a great mood.” 



Realization dawns on the scarlet haired witches face. “You truly are a bitch, you know that?” She shoulders her way in, getting wedged slightly by the taller Lycana, who finally steps back, mockingly sweeping her hand out towards the rest of the room. She shuts the door behind her, planting her hands on her hips as she regards her frenemy. “Thats what I’m told. I’ve learned to embrace it, now what was so important that you had to come and find me?” 


“Reavers… what? What about them?” 

“More and more are coming out of the In Between. Showing up in random cities, usually where there is going to be an event one of us are going to be at. The Savage we were in Columbus, three of them were at the stadium running in a pack. Damien and I went to handle it, and Jimmy came to help.” A quick frown flicks across Lycana’s face at the mention of Jim Caedus, Arcana’s boyfriend and ever-present thorn in her side. The man irked her, and then turned around and saved her ass. It was annoying. Arcana continues on without commenting. “We defeated them all, and there were no casualties.” 

“Well, that’s good, so why…” 

“And then,” she barks, cutting Lycana off. “While you were in Cleveland, we got word of another pack, only two this time. But again… there were no deaths reported. They were just causing chaos. When have you ever known a Reaver not to kill Ly? That’s what they do. They are killing machines. So what does that say to you?” 

“They are being sent up as a distraction…” 

“Exactly. Damien and I are trying to figure out who… Probably another issue between Tius and Cate. You know they don’t care about us. The Gods and Goddesses just see us as disposable… so it wouldn’t shock me if Tius was doing this to draw me in. To hurt or kill me. He knows I would be the one Hecate would call on to take care of this since I have the most experience.” 

“I don’t know… it could be. There is… another option.” 


“The Lich.” 

Arcana’s eyes widen. “That’s right… He’s stuck in the In Between and controls the damn souls. He could easily create and send up as many Reavers as he wanted. But he is after you… why would he choose that way? You don’t kill Reavers, I do.” 

“You helped pull me from the In Between… or he could simply be sending a message to me through you, that I am at his mercy. That’s why nobody is dying… Only because he says so. And that can change at any time.” 

The both mull over the possibilities, none of them sounding all that great at the moment. 



“Your stepbrother seems like a lovely fellow now that he’s turned into a Lich King.” 

“He wasn’t so great when he murdered my family and pinned it on me either.” 

Lycana wanders back out onto the balcony, staring off into the water, this time a maelstrom of stressful thoughts buzzing about her head like a swarm of hornets.  

“What can we do?” 

“I don’t think we can really do anything. Unless one of us dies, or half dies we aren’t going to be going down to that plane anytime soon. As much as I hate to say it… I guess we just wait and see what happens. See what he does next.” 

“And until then?” 

Lycana picks up the queso and offers it to her with a shrug.