Blood of the Family

By: Allison Riggs-Preston

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 7th Nov 2021

I keep swingin’ my hand through a swarm of bees
I can’t understand why they’re stingin’ me
But I’ll do what I want, I’ll do what I please
I’ll do it again ’til I’ve got what I need

When the jet landed back in Parts Unknown, the controller at the private air strip inside the Compound already had one of the family cars pulled up to the tarmac with the keys in it waiting for them. Allison Riggs-Preston, husband Dane and girlfriend, Bella Z exited the plane and made their way over to it and made the 10 minute drive to where all the houses were around the lake. Dane pulled to a stop and they all got out and walked up to the door just as the front door opened revealing the smiling face of Allison’s mother, Jenna; from around her legs ran Luke and Layla and they ran straight for Dane and threw themselves into his legs and started to try to climb his legs.

Your brothers did the same to me when they were little. Jenna smiled and hugged Allison. They will grow out of it about age 6. She turned to Bella and gave her a hug. Hey, Bell, good to see you. The boys miss your waffles on Saturdays.

I think you miss waffles on Saturdays since you and Damon get to sleep in. Ewww.. last thing I wanna think about is my parents bumping uglies.

I think we shouldn’t talk about eeww and bumping uglies. Jenna smirked and turned around and walked back into the foyer. You’re just in time. Dinner’s almost done.

Damn, Jenna’s being savage. Dane said as he came from behind Allison with two arms full of kids and followed Jenna inside.

Heard dad was at the Rabbit getting lap dances from women half his age. Allison said with a smile, causing Bella to hit her playfully in the arm. Better watch out, he’ll trade you in for a couple of 20s.

Don’t listen to everything you read on the internet, Allie. Jenna looked over her shoulder. It was your momma getting some lap dances. Your dad was busy chatting with other “vets” and I got bored.

That’s not much better to think about. Allison had a look of disgust on her face and closed the door. Dane was already in the living room being mauled by the twins on the couch. Where’s dad?

In his office nursing a hangover. Jenna laughed as she made her way into the kitchen. He woke up this morning saying something about how he wasn’t as young as he used to be.

Gonna go talk to dad. Allison said as she looked at the kids who had not said anything to their momma but was crawling over daddy for attention. Looks like this is under control. With a roll of her eyes, Allison started down the hallway to her dad’s office.

I promise, they grow out of it. Her mom’s voice called after her. Just as soon as they realize you’re the one who cooks food.

Great.. She called back over her shoulder. They’re gonna start calling Two mom.

She made her way down to her dad’s office, the door was opened and she walked in. The Elder Riggs was sitting behind his desk with his face buried in a computer screen reading emails. He looked up and smiled. Hey, Princess.

Hey Daddy. She took a seat in one of the two chairs in front of his desk. Came to save you and mom from the terror twins.

We love them and were happy to watch them. Where’s Dane?

Living room playing the role of a jungle gym. Another eye roll that caused Damon to smile.

They grow out of it. He chuckled.

That’s what mom said.

I talked to Brandon last week. He said as he reached into his desk and pulled out the black card that Brandon had given to him and he slid it across the desk to her. He wants to talk. He wanted to talk to Dane, but I said he should probably talk to you first. That is IF you are willing to talk.

Allison picked up the card and looked at it. There was something written in a language that she didn’t understand and a phone number. That’s all. Nothing else. This means…

House of M. Damon leaned back in his chair. And “Protected by the Blood of Family”.

And all he wants to do is talk? She looked at him.


Hey, Jenna sent me to round everyone up for dinner. Dane came walking in the door and Allison quickly palmed the card to hide it from him.

Yeah, I’m facing James Raven, dad. She began and quickly changed the convo to appear to be something else. Supposed to be some big name in other places and all that. I honestly have just heard his name. I think Vhodka was on Team Raven for that charity cruise thing. I’ve never actually seen him wrestle. I’ve heard he’s good. He’s got nice abs.

I heard that.

You’ve got better abs. She winked at him, she turned back to Damon. So, at this point, the match could go either way for us.

It would be a nice win for you, that’s for sure. Dane said as he leaned up against the book shelf on the wall.

No doubt about it. She agreed with her husband. I’ve just got to go in there and do what I was taught to do in the ring. I’ve been trained by the best in the business. All I have to do is apply all that training and get the pin.

And hope no one gets in the match. And if I lose, at least I will know exactly what I am facing and I will walk away with the win.

Don’t start claiming losses yet. Damon got up from where he sat. Come on, before Jenna comes after us. You know how she gets.

II’ll rip and smash through the hornet’s nest
Do you understand I deserve the best?
And I’ll do what I want, I’ll do what I please
I’ll do it again ’til I got what I need

A couple days later, Allison is sitting in the living room watching the kids play. She’s dressed in sweats and a t-shirt, hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was looking at the card, flipping it over and over in her hand. I wonder what Brandon wants? And why did they think it was best for him to talk to me first? My dad wouldn’t have given me the card if he didn’t think it wasn’t on the up and up or my life was in danger. She kept flipping the card. This week I go up against James Raven and really the only thing I know about him is that he volunteered for this charity cruise. Since I know he hangs around with women who are just like me in the ring, I know he’s not going to look at me as if I am going to be an easy win, because if he does. That’s where he’s fucked up. That’s where a lot of people fuck up when they face women, it’s that they think they are better than us, just because of that. I might not look like your typical wrestler that you see in the ring, but that’s because I am not. I am more than typical, so if you come in there, or anyone comes in there thinking that, you’re going to be in for a surprise. Not that I don’t love seeing the look of surprise on someone’s face when they realize that they had the wrong impression of me. When you step into the ring with me this week, make sure that you are ready, make sure you are prepared. I’ve been training in this business since I was 14 years old, this business is in my blood and something that I was born to be in. Like I said, be ready and prepared, because I will be. My single goal this week is to put your shoulders to the mat just long enough to get a three count for the win. Just like I know you’re going to be doing the same thing to me. It’s just a matter of which of us can wear the other down long enough to make it happen. Allison pulled on her cell phone and called the number, after the second ring it was answered. That you Allie? Poptart? Yeah. You need a ride? Yes. Do you know what this is all about? Nope. But I will be there in 30 minutes, be ready.

See ya soon.

Allison hung up the phone and looked at the twins. She then called Bella’s name as she went to find her. She needed her to watch the kids while she went on a mission.

I try to stick this pin through a butterfly ’cause I
I like all the pretty colors
But it just fell apart, so I flung it in the fire
To burn with all the others

Allison stood outside of the Swan Imports building dressed in a pair of jeans and a plain black t-shirt under a black hoodie. She didn’t think this meeting was going to be full of pomp and circumstance, so she felt no need to get dressed up. She had her hands shoved into the pockets; her right hand fingering the card inside. Despite it being almost midnight, the traffic in front of the building was still bumper to bumper in the city that never sleeps. She still felt bad about not telling Dane what she was doing, but her dad was right; there’s a good chance that Dane wouldn’t listen to what Brandon had to say. At least, she could listen, determine if it was bullshit as normal… or not bullshit as normal. She was pulled out of her thoughts as a black SUV pulled out of traffic and stopped in front of the building and Poptart popped out of the front passenger seat, Corny was driving. Hey Allie.

Evening. She glanced down at his hand; he held a black silk hood. What do you think you’re doing with that?

Well, rules are rules. He told her and looked in the SUV at Corny and tried not to smile. And we’re just trying to follow them. B’s uncle has rules.

And zip ties are a part of that, too? Poptart nodded his head and Allison shook hers as she put her wrists together in front of her and watched as he wrapped the thick white zip tie around her wrist and gave it a tug. Un-fucking-believable. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with this family with hoods and masks?

Don’t worry, Allie. We won’t let nothing happen to you. He took the hood and put it on her head. Your hair looks good dark, by the way.

Inside the SUV, Corny slapped his hand over his mouth to keep from laughing as Poptart helped Allison in the back seat of the SUV and buckled her in. He slipped back in the front passenger seat and just as quickly as they pulled in, they pulled back out into the traffic. What seemed like forever when you’re lost in your thoughts with a silk hood over your head, was less than an hour away. She heard Corny tell someone that she was cleared by Brandon, who then said something to someone else in another language that Allison couldn’t understand. What was that, Russia? She listened as a gate slowly opened up and Corny drove through. Judging from the sounds alone, they were near the docks somewhere and then slowly the sounds of the docks became duller and it felt like they were driving down the inside of a parking garage. She had managed to keep track of the turns they had taken and sounds she heard, but this here, just fucked her up.

The SUV pulled to a stop and both men got out and Poptart opened the rear door for their guest and unbuckled her seat belt and helped her out as she heard what sounded like a golf cart coming up from her right, causing her to look in that direction. Poptart reached up and carefully pulled off her hood, messing her hair up and pulling half in front of her face; he reached up to brush it back for her.

What the fuck? She jerked her head away. Don’t touch me, man.

Jesus Christ, niece, it took you long enough. Brandon and Michelle Moore sat over in the golf cart watching the scene. Michelle leaned over and told Brandon she had $20 on Allie, Brandon not doubting what his niece could do, felt bad for the Tart and took that bet. Fuck off, I’m here aren’t I? Michelle busts out laughing at her niece’s words. Little Allie is more like her Auntie than we knew. What took so long?

You let dumb and dumber drive. She walked over to them. Fucks sake, he was driving so slow I should have changed my name to Miss fucking Daisy or something.

Here let me cut those for you, Allie. Poptart offered.

Why’d you use them?

In case she tried to escape. I was just making sure I got her here. He stepped towards Allison again.

Allison looked at him for just a moment, before she raised her hands to her mouth and took the end of the zip tie in her mouth and pulled it as tight as she possibly could, almost cutting into her wrist. They watched as she raised her arms up and back as far as she could and then she looked at Poptart with a smile and then brought her arms down and pulled back at the same time. With a snap, the zip tie was dropping to the concrete.

Next time, use rope. She smirks.

Good thing it wasn’t Allie you were facing that night.

I… just… Clearly has he not taught them anything? You, two, just get lost. He scowled at them and shook his head.

Allie, honey, why don’t you get in. She nodded to the seat behind her. Your uncle B and I want to have a sit down of sorts.

Allison looked at them for a moment before she got in, she did call the number, she wouldn’t have if she wasn’t curious as to what they have to say.

Are we in a tunnel? Michelle turned around and looked at her niece with a smiled

Honey, the BRW Clan wasn’t the only family with secret compounds.

But I’ll do what I want, I’ll do what I please
I’ll do it again ’til I got what I need
I keep swingin’ my hand through a swarm of bees ’cause I
I want honey on my table