Break Stuff…

By: Anicka Swan

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 23rd Jul 2021

Its just one of those days
Everything is fucked, everybody sucks
You dont really know why, but you wanna justify
Rippin someones head off

The scene fades in and we find ourselves in the 72 floor of 111 West 57th Street, a building once known as Marke Imports, but now housed Swan Imports. Literally, right now, if the buildings in New York City were dicks, Ani’s would be the biggest one. Unlike the rest of the fighters who were buying apartment buildings and apartments near the Hearst building that has become known all over the globe as FIGHT! Arena; Anicka acquired hers the old fashioned way… Xavier Black gave her $80 million dollars and placed her in his seat at his father’s business to do one of the things that she does best… Destroy men. Marke laughed when X did this but little did he know, his son placed a hyena in a bunny pen.

As if on cue, said hyena sauntered into view buck ass naked in the white living room and made her way over to floor to ceiling windows that overlooked Central Park. As she passed an open champagne bottle sitting in a bucket of melted ice she grabbed it by the neck and took a swig as she continued to the window. Leaning against the window with one hand on the glass, she took another swig as she looked down on the city from above and wondered if this was how Batman felt? She was a notorious playgirl billionaire now all she needed was someone to make her some cool crime fighting toys and come up with a badass superhero name.



Wonder Ani?

She chuckles and walks back to the couch, drops the bottle back into the bucket, swipes the half smoked blunt and lighter off the table and flops onto the couch; with her chest it was in more ways than one. She stretches out and lights the blunt and inhales deeply as she stares up at the ceiling; man, what a ride her life has been.

She thought back on it… where would she be if her parents hadn’t done what they did to her? Would she have eventually fallen in line with her parents plans and married a man they chose for her in the church they went to and birthed out a half dozen children? More importantly, what would have happened if she hadn’t met VooDoo? If she hadn’t been in a little bare knuckle fist fight in the back parking lot at the Empire Room, would she be getting ready to face off against Eoin O’Rourke in a bare knuckles match in FIGHT?

Ani doesn’t remember much of that night, just what she was told and just what she was shown on the video from the camera trained on the parking lot. The last thing she remembered was some dude helping her out to his van and he kept telling everyone who asked if she was okay that “his girlfriend had too much to drink” and then the next thing she remembered was waking up in the bedroom located just off of VooDoo’s office in the club. She watched the video as they met up with another guy and they tried to hustle her into a van, watched as she fought the guys, watched as a 3rd guy came from the driver’s side of the van. And finally the cavalry arrived in the form of VooDoo and Empire Room security; she had been watching the security monitors in her office and saw everything unfold. Ani and Voo sat and talked and by the end of the day, Ani was agreeing to be trained by VooDoo. That woman and her family damned near pulled her out of the gutter and because of them, she ended up on top of the world. And she could live with that. She sat back up and crushed the rest of the blunt back out and got up. Time to put on some clothes and find some trouble to get into.

No human contact, and if you interact
Your life is on contract
Your best bet is to stay away, motherfucker!

It’s a couple hours later and we find ourselves a few blocks over at the Hearst building, now known through the wrestling world as Fight! Tower. The gym is packed with fighters, trainers, and scrappers; who were sparring partners who hoped to one day catch someone’s attention and be given a contract, and of course, the security team. Two members were currently over in a corner, watching from the catwalk above as Anicka Swan threw punch after punch into a heavy canvas bag; she preferred the canvas ones over the vinyl since they were rougher and would build calluses faster. Most people who were training had their hands wrapped in tape, but not Ani, training that way made the bones in your hands weaker and more brittle and being in the Bare Knucks division, that was the last thing a fighter wanted.

She was barefoot and dressed in black yoga pants and a spandex sports bra that fought the struggle of all struggles keeping her puppies inside from falling on the outside. Her long dark hair was pulled back into a ponytail that was matted to her back with sweat; the knuckles of both hands red and angry with two of them ready to split open.

She played Blood Money over in her head… how she calmly sat in her “cage” as she wrapped her wrists. She already knew the shitshow that was going to happen just to make it to the ring, she knew it was going to be mass chaos and nothing but bedlam from the moment the doors opened. For her it started just as soon as she stepped out the doors and ran into Graham Clauson… Warstein… the mother fucking Cure. She took out Eoin O’rourke… Dollface… Jason Ryan… before Sahara managed to take her out. And then she kinda assisted Todrick Tabor with Sahara.

Sorry, Toddy, Ani just couldn’t help it.

Besides, if it was against the rules, they should have put it in there in writing. The powers that be know how Ani is, they know she will tiptoe the jagged edge of the line a person’s not supposed to cross. It’s one of the reasons they felt bare knuckle was best for her. She’s one of very few fighters who openly admit she doesn’t care about her safety when she steps into the ring, much less her opponents. She’s trained with some of the most lethal men and women to ever step into the ring and more often than not, she’s been on the winning side of the three count.

She chuckles softly to herself.

Bare knuckles. Ani’s been doing it bare knuckles since she was sixteen and living on the streets; if she wasn’t fucking she was fighting, and sometimes even both. Just to survive. And now… she was doing it for fun. She was doing it because she wanted to. She was doing it because fighting against someone, anyone, gave her the biggest thrill of all.

Its her want

...her need dominate.

When she was finished, she turned and looked around until she saw a scrapper standing around and doing nothing except admiring his body in the mirror; she placed her middle finger and thumb to her lips and let out a whistle that caused over half the people in there to turn and look; including the scrapper. She pointed at him and motioned for him to come over, he groaned inwardly as he made his way over. There were a few Fighters that the scrappers didn’t really want to have to work with and one name that everyone always mentioned had called him over. Scrappers were not allowed to tell a Fighter no.

It started out as an innocent sparring match, neither would give to the other, both taking some hard hits, until Anicka finally busted him in the mouth and knocked one of his front teeth out.

Whoops, Ani’s bad.

You fucking bitch. He said as he got back to his feet angry as fuck.

That wasn’t nice.

And neither was when he started swinging; where he’s been used to training with boxers and used to being able to block the blows thrown at his face since the glove was a much larger target to block, but Ani’s hand was much smaller and easier to slip through his guard. He had finally had enough after she boxed him hard enough on the right ear to make him see stars. He charged at her and wrapped his arms around her body and hit her with a belly to belly suplex that she laughed all the way through until she rolled to her feet and stood up. She punched her right fist into her other hand and started after him.

Security!!! He damned near screamed like a girl when Anicka speared him and began to rain blow after blow down on him.

Damn it. One of the security team said from above on the catwalk before he took a deep breath and yelled into the training center. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.

Anicka stopped mid-hit and slowly got to her feet breathing heavily; she glared up at the security guy as she made her way past and headed in the direction of her locker room; he smirked a little and nodded his head. It worked like he was told it would.

What the fuck? The security guy next to him said. Iron Butterfly?

Her safeword. Only works in this building, outside of the Fight Arena though.

The way she looked at you, man, I’d watch my back. She might try to eat you one day.

I’ve got 10 inches I’d let her eat.

They both watched the Lass with the Ass walk away until she disappeared into the crowd; they looked at each other and thought the same thing, this job has some perks.

Its all about the he says/she says bullshit
Ani thinks you better quit lettin shit slip
Or youll be leavin with a fat lip

After a quick shower in her locker room and a wardrobe change into a white outfit that caused the head of every person she walked passed to turn and look at; it was hard not to when a woman built like that walked by wearing an outfit that had enough material that it was the equivalent of two ACE bandages.

She had started out at the Empire Room and it was long after the witching hour when she finally found herself at the Velvet Rabbit, she was currently sitting in the back corner away from the stage where the Doe of the Month was putting on the last performance of the night. She sat rather unladylike for the clothing she wore, with her right leg fully extended out while her left leg was bent up with her heel on the seat of the booth; if it had not been for the floor length red velvet tablecloths everyone in the place would be able to see just how far her tattoo really went.

Are you ready, Eoin? She smiled a little bit. Are you ready to be led around by yet another woman? Being told what to do and how to do it… but without the happy ending at the end? Blood money, what happened? Hmm? Ani KOed the fuck out of you, Dollface and Jason Ryan one after the other. What do you think is going to happen when Ani steps into the ring this week and she’s fresh as a daisy and she only has to focus on one single sole target… and that target is you. Ani’s first one on one match, she hates to say this.. But she’s gonna…

Make you look greener than a leprechauns dick.
...And probably make you feel smaller than one, too
If you’re lucky maybe Apathy will stroke it later that night.

Ani hasn’t forgotten what you did at Venom last week. It’s one of the things that Ani will have on her mind when she walks to the ring to meet you. There won’t be any sneaking up on Ani this time and knocking her out. She’s going to see you coming, just like you’re going to see her coming… and this time, she will not be denied the chance of seeing the fear as it creeps into your eyes minute by minute, second by second of our match as you realized that Ani is every bit the fucking mountain that your girlfriend, Apathy, has claimed her to be.

Once you let mother fuckers slide.
...They think they can ice skate...
Ani’s let too many slide, ya’ll need a reminder.

You all need to remember just who and what Anicka Swan is. Unlike some of the people running around in FIGHT, Ani doesn’t need to surround herself with people to protect her, she doesn’t really need to buddy up with someone, or jump on the nearest stiff dick she can find for protection… she can fight you on her own. Anyone and everyone. Ani really doesn’t know…

What GPS told the Cure to come for her.
...But your asses better think about rerouting
She’d hate to add your names to her Packin’ Cause They’re Lackin’ list.

She can go ahead and pencil all your names in if you want, right after she jots down Eoin’s in ink. You all just don’t know… this is Ani’s time to shine again. You don’t know what it was like last year, to finally break free of the long tall shadows that seemed to always keep her name out of the spotlight. She was always treated like some sort of stable mascot, even though she was just as good as if not better than those that trained her. She smiles a little bit. Ani can’t help but wonder, what did you feel when you saw her name next to yours? Did you feel that maybe everything that’s happened at the last two shows might be coming back to bite you in the ass? Did you think that maybe you made a mistake in your actions? Maybe someone should have warned you? Maybe the biggest mistake you’re about to make in life… is showing up at all?

Because at that point

No one can warn you anymore

...But Ani can show you.

Ani closed her eyes for a moment, rocking a little bit with the music they had playing over the PA; she was enjoying the sound of the music and the sensation of being right there, right now. At the sound of a ring tone she didn’t recognize she opened her eyes; a smile came to her lips as a feminine voice came from beneath the table.

Hello?…. Yeah, I’m almost ready…. Mhm, yeah, something I have to finish up and I will be right out…. Mhm, Love you, too. A platinum blonde stuck her head out from under the table. My boyfriend’s here…

Well, then Ani guesses you better finish up.

Anicka pushed the blonde’s head back under the table and she did just that, finished up.

Damn right, Anis a maniac, you better watch your back
Cause shes fuckin up your program!
And if youre stuck up, youre just lucked up
Next in line to get fucked up

The elevator doors to the penthouse apartment slid open and Anicka walked out backwards with a smile on her face; the hem of her skirt had been pushed up over her hips, she raised her hand up and with one finger motioned for someone to come out; within a matter a seconds the chick from the Velvet Rabbit walked out, followed by her boyfriend, walking on his knees to catch up to them.

Anicka and her locked lips as he locked his lips on her other set and after a few moments, she broke both the kisses and started for the Great Room, peeling the skirt and top from her body like she was shedding a second skin, dropping it to the floor. She walked over to the window and looked down on the city below.

Ani bets Bruce Wayne didn’t live like this.

The scene cuts to outside as Anicka turns around and leans her bare ass up against the glass as the couple move back into position and go back to kissing her on the lips.

And if her day keeps goin this way
She just might break your fuckin face tonight!
Give her somethin to break