Chapter 10: Boss Level

By: Chris Page

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 15th Feb 2022


A word that comes to mind when you hear the name Dickie Watson; as it rightfully should, he’s the guy that has stood at the top of Mount Fightmore pretty much since the birth of the organization. He’s a guy that has tasted defeat but one time on his trailblazing path of dominance while racking up victory upon victory, upon victory over every person put in front of him. 


Another word that jumps off the page when you take into consideration how he’s manipulated the system at the expense of the roster. He sat back and preyed upon your insecurities while forcing your hands, pulling your strings as such a great puppetmaster would. 


Winning Blood Money 2 only cemented just how good he can be under any set of circumstances. He’s very adaptive to his surroundings, stalking his prey like an apex predator waiting for the precise moment to pounce while leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. 

Dickie Waston.

The reason I came to Fight NYC, or is it Florida? Doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things because this is exactly what I meant with venturing outside of my comfort zones to stand in the ring to do battle with some of the best of the best within the industry. You’ve got a bad rap; I’m not going to stand before you and slam you for being a smart dude that figured out how to play this human game of chess so well at such a young age; hell kid, I admire it if I’m being upfront and honest. 

When I first started looking into Fight I made my intentions known that Championships don’t appeal to me, battling the stars of today while firmly establishing my legacy along the way is exactly where my bread is buttered. I’ve embarked on a path of destruction that has seen some of the premiere younger talents fall victim to the man that is Chris Page… I’ve kept an unblemished record within the realm of Fight. 

It’s fitting that now our paths have crossed. 

This isn’t CCPE versus NSQ, oh no. 

It’s Chris Page versus Dickie Watson. 

It’s the Legend versus the Future. 

It’s a box office within any organization on the planet today. 

This IS what I’ve been waiting for. 

I’ve remained quiet for the most part following Blood Money 2 because the more I replayed the lengths I went just to score a knockout is something that ultimately set up my demise. I cost myself something that I wanted, yet somehow I wasn’t upset about it because the narrative that amongst CCPE isn’t about Chris Page… it’s about everyone else that’s under my umbrella. Sebastian Everett-Bryce being on the verge of victory was more than enough to leave the impression that CCPE was looking to leave. I’ve made it crystal clear that I am on my way out, and that the future of this business rests in the hands of a generation that has this sense of entitlement. I’ve also made it clear that it’s not taking a loss that matters more so than how you handle it. 

CCPE lost the battle on this night… but the war is just getting started. 


CHAPTER 10: Boss Level

Tampa, Florida

Chris Page Estate

Featuring: Jason Cashe and Denzel Porter

The scene opens as we see Chris Page sitting in the firepit area at his Tampa estate. It had been a minute since he’d been home versus his Penthouse in New York that he’d almost forgotten just how serene the vibes were within his domicile. He is relaxed while puffing on a cigar while dressed more business/casual. 

Being escorted out to the pool area is one Jason Cashe. 

Chris stands as his butler extends his arm towards the firepit. 

CHRIS PAGE: Mr. Cashe.

Jason makes his way over and down the stairs to Chris who removes the cigar from his mouth while blowing out some smoke. He and Jason fist bump as Chris welcomes him to his abode. 

CHRIS PAGE: Welcome to the estate, I trust your travels were comfortable?

Chris asks as he motions for Jason to take a seat. 

JASON CASHE: Flying high in high class and the limo having a selection of the greenest greens was a nice touch! Can’t complain… 

Jason takes a seat as he admires the scenery of Chris’s pool area. 

JASON CASHE: Let me tell you.. It don’t get better than this does it? This is impressive!

CHRIS PAGE: Thank you. 

Chris responds as he sits opposite Jason where he reaches over and lays his cigar in a glass ashtray. There’s a small wooden box, he opens the lid, turns it towards Jason. 


Jason reaches into the small wooden box pulling out a thickly rolled blunt as the sounds of the waterfall in the not-so-far distance can be heard soothing the soul while Chris closes the box and places it on a built-in table next to the ashtray. 

CHRIS PAGE: Jason, I’ve never been a guy to waste people’s time; mine included, a lot is happening in and around the wrestling world as I’m sure you’re well aware. I have spent the better part of the last three and a half months building an organization of some of the best talents across the profession, and you belong alongside them.

Jason fires up the blunt. 

JASON CASHE: I’m assuming you’re speaking on CCPE? I’ve been paying attention to what you and the crew have been doing out there. I was pretty impressed with the Blood Money event. 

CHRIS PAGE: Ah, so you saw my attempts to defeat gravity?

Jason laughs as he exhales some smoke before raising the blunt back to his lips as he takes another draw before passing it towards Chris. 

JASON CASHE: Some death-defying shit! That was pretty funny!

Chris, now he takes a toke off the blunt as Jason exhales his smoke before continuing. 

JASON CASHE: How are you holding up after that, by the way?

CHRIS PAGE: It wasn’t the smartest thing to do at my age, and I’m still a little banged up I won’t deny it.

Chris states as he holds in his toke before exhaling his smoke. 

CHRIS PAGE: I’m proud overall of what CCPE was able to accomplish. 

JASON CASHE: How? You guys didn’t come out on top, NSQ did, on both fronts. 

Chris winks at Jason while passing the blunt back over in his direction.

CHRIS PAGE: Did they? Or did they cement their demise when Dickie and Shawn came face to face? 

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve got an ego, but that mother fucker pales in comparison to that of Shawn Warstein’s. It’s hysterical how he has all of you fooled that he’s the grand deal when he’s the first to pack his bag and go home when things don’t pan out the way he thinks they should. Check his history, it’s all out there. He’s selective when it comes to opponents while distancing himself away from the ones that would nail him to the cross harder than Jesus Christ himself. 

He’s a very smart man that puts time and effort into manipulating the masses. 

Do think that he’s going to be content without being the man to say that he stopped Dickie? He’s been waiting for this moment since NSQ became a thing. He didn’t sit in the shadows without watching, waiting, and planning. 

CHRIS PAGE: I don’t have a dog in that race, and can be careless about that pissing contest. What I care about is CCPE and the talent that I have managed to acquire. We are the driving force behind the professional wrestling business, nobody can deny that. 

Jason listens intently as Chris continues to speak.

CHRIS PAGE: Much as I told you in Vegas a few weeks ago, you have the mentality that I am looking for; the mentality to be one of the best in the goddamn business. 

Jason takes another pull on the blunt before passing back over to Chris. 

CHRIS PAGE: But you have to strike while the iron is hot. I can do for you what I’ve done for the rest of CCPE by taking you under my wing, showing you how to succeed, truly succeed in this business as I’ve done for the last thirty-plus years. Longevity is a rare commodity when it comes to pro wrestling. 

Jason blows out some smoke as he then responds. 

JASON CASHE: I’m watching what you’re doing, Chris. There’s no denying that your fingerprints are on a lot of the business at the moment, and I appreciate the hospitality you’ve shown me over the last several weeks helping me get to shows, but I’m not one hundred percent sold that this is the right thing for me.

CHRIS PAGE: Ah, do you know someone else that thought that?

Chris asks as he takes another deep pull from the blunt as Jason looks on inquisitively. 

CHRIS PAGE: Elijah Martin.

Chris states as he blows out the smoke. 

CHRIS PAGE: You know Elijah, right? The XWF Anarchy Champion.

Jason nods his head.

CHRIS PAGE: He had similar concerns, and much like yourself, I gave him all the time in the world to see that he was misguided. Look at his feud with Centurion, I showed him at Countdown how you beat Cent, a few weeks later Elijah defeated Centurion for that very Anarchy Championship he holds now. He opened his mind, he listened, he executed, and he won. I say that to say before you close the door on this completely let me hook the two of you up. Why don’t you talk to him about the concerns because quite frankly, they’re parallel? 

When your name is Chris Page the words “take a break” need not apply. I’ve been on the go harder than anyone else in this business today while making it look easy in the process. Dickie, when it comes to Shawn, can you trust him? I know you THINK you can, but remove think from that equation. He’s been scouting you, he’s been pinpointing your weaknesses for this one defying moment. 

Your Championship versus his existence. 

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I wasn’t putting my money on you. There’s nobody on the face of the planet that enjoys watching Warstein eat his fucking words more than I do. On top of you being one of the reasons I came to FIGHT I know walking in that I’m looked at as the underdog. I’ve made peace with knowing that I’m walking into one of the biggest opportunities at rewriting a lot of wrongs over the past within one night. 

If your Chris Page this is about establishing that I am that fine scotch that only gets better with age. 

I do that by welcoming all challenges in all forms, and fashions regardless if I am victorious or if I’m bitten by defeat. The thrill of the hunt is what fuels my competitive desires while watching CCPE start to thrive and flourish. You’re never going to win them all, but if you win the ones that matter then the rest of it falls by the wayside. 

This is the one that matters. 

CHRIS PAGE: You are under no pressure at all to do this, Jason. You’re a tremendous talent with or without my guidance, and you’re no doubt destined to do some pretty big things… but what about the bigger things that you could be doing? I mean take a look at me; I am more popular right now than I’ve been throughout my entire career, I can go to any organization at any time and say “Hey guys, mind if I drop in for a shot or two?” with the answer always being “please and thank you.”. I’m looking at Dickie Watson followed by James Raven directly in front of me, establishing that I am leading by example while CCPE takes the wrestling world by storm.

Chris hits the blunt and passes it back over to Jason. 

JASON CASHE: I don’t see how you do it.

CHRIS PAGE: If it was easy everyone would. 

No truer words can be spoken when it comes to the mountains that I can move with just one phone call to the right person. I am one of the most connected men in the business, fingers on the pulse of everything noteworthy going on around us at all times. One thing I’m not hearing a lot of buzz about is this all-important Dickie Watson versus Shawn Warstein climactic showdown that’s been years in the making. 

… not your fault, Dickie. 

The other half of that equation has those honors because you’ve done nothing but step to the plate and hit home run after home run after homerun showing everyone that’s watching that you’re the man! Smacking around Dane and dispatching him as the fool everyone knew he was while avenging the only blemish to your record in the process. If you carried Preston to a memorable moment at Countdown I have no doubts that you’ll carry Shawn to one as well. 

CHRIS PAGE: Let me hook you and Elijah up, I’m sure he will tell you this is one of the best decisions that you can make or even Bam Miller, he’s another one that has a wealth of potential that just needs to sit under the right learning tree. He’s signed on with CCPE, and he hasn’t regretted that decision. You’ve got goats and you’ve got Godfathers… which am I? Take your pick.

Jason smirks at Chris as he responds. 

JASON CASHE: Smarter than I is what I think, and I also think that it might not be a bad idea if you hook me up with Martin or Miller for that matter. It certainly helps that I’m pretty friendly with both of them. 

Chris’s phone begins to ring. He takes it out of the pocket of his dress slacks, looks at the display, and smirks before flipping the phone around for Jason to see the name Denzel Porter calling. 

CHRIS PAGE: I wanted you here because I wanted you to hear this interview that I’m about to have with Mr. Porter. 

Jason nods as he hits the blunt while Chris answers the call. 

CHRIS PAGE: Mr. Porter, right on time. 

Chris takes a remote and clicks a button that puts the call on BlueTooth and audible for everyone to hear. 

DENZEL PORTER: As always. Are you ready to go live?

CHRIS PAGE: Does a bear shit in the woods? 

Denzel is heard laughing under his breath as he is counted down from five to zero….

Chris hangs the phone up as Jason looks on like he’s just witnessed the master at work. 

CHRIS PAGE: That my friend, that’s how you sell yourself. That’s lesson one. 

When you can take the premier broadcaster or newscaster in professional wrestling and have him eating out of the palm of your hand, selling him on so much in such a little amount of time then you know you’re onto something. 

CHRIS PAGE: I sold him on three key components that I wanted him to publicize; CCPE, my match with Dickie, and the match with Raven all in one fail swoop. People need to realize that the profession is so much bigger than one organization over the other; the sooner they realize it the better off everyone is going to be. 

Jason exhales some smoke before passing the blunt back over to Chris Page. 

JASON CASHE: You know what, I think that maybe I should hear you out a little more before making a firm decision. 

CHRIS PAGE: And I think that’s the best decision you could make under the circumstances. 

Chris responds as he pulls on the blunt as this scene fades to black. 


I’m sure the talk amongst the Fight Locker Room still rests with CCPE not coming out on top at Blood Money 2. You’d be foolish to think that only a minor deterrent is going to stop the forward momentum that my organization is seemingly building with every passing day. I’m always on the lookout for the next piece of talent to welcome with open arms for the week of Blood Money CCPE went 10-4 overall. 

That doesn’t sound like failure. 

Sure, you can trivialize things down to fit YOUR narrative yet mine is the one that matters when I’m the guy traveling all over the world five or six days out of any given week to ensure the modern era of performers doesn’t kill the business guys like me helped build from the foundations. When I signed onto face you, Dickie, I knew then much as I know now that I have to be as close to perfect as I can be, I can’t allow my mind to be clouded by anything other than solely focussing on what it’s going to take if I’m going to defeat you. The reverberations from a victory over you will be felt across the world. You don’t think I’m aware of that? You don’t think that I haven’t run every scenario through my impeccable mind, all the watching, all the scouting that much like Shawn has done, so have I.

I won’t lie to you, Dickie, part of why I’m overly thrilled about this chance encounter is the opportunity to knock you down before Shawn has his chance. You could let me go ahead and steal his thunder, take all the winds out of his sails in one fail swoop. He should sit on the sidelines licking his Blood Money wounds why do you continue to show the world why you are the face of Fight NYC by coming right back without a break to tangle with one of the bests to lace a pair of boots. 

It’s matches like this that make me tick. 

Professing to be a leader by example while being able to showcase it on a national setting for all for CCPE to see. A victory on this night makes Blood Money 2 moot, and while I’m not one to be trifled with I’m also one that’s not waiting until the final hours to speak out. That’s more your speed, am I right? The one thing I’ve never been able to wrap my mind around when it comes to talent that carries the top tier titles of any organization; almost all of them have to rely on their opponents to give them the material they need to be successful while rarely are they confident enough to step out and throw that first shot. When you are recognized as the best of a federation it’s your job to set the example, to be that standard… if the standard is to skate by within the final moments of the sands of the hourglasses running out versus being one of the firsts to step up and shoot that shot then you’re on fucking point. 

Don’t get me wrong, brother. 

You’re not the only champion out there that is habitual when it comes to that, yet much like the others it doesn’t make you the best… it makes you weak. I’ve never been the guy to sit back and wait. I’ve never had to rely on others to kick me in the ass to motivate me. Consider this one night you’re goddamn wake-up call if for nothing more so that you will wake up and smell those roses. The reality of this situation is that you’re a pretty big fish in an awful small oasis that’s drying up fast. 

You need me just as much as I need you because I can offer you something that very little can. 


Good, bad, or indifferent… 

It’s the one thing that should drive you to step inside that batter’s box to come out clutch… but will you acknowledge it as I’ve done with you? You hard to argue the facts when you step back and look at the bigger picture. I’ve never faulted you for surrounding yourself with some of the best of the best, I didn’t condemn NSQ for utilizing the rules that were gifted to them at Ascension because I’ve not only done the same thing, and would do it all over again if I had to. 

Self-preservation at times is key. 


The battle with Dickie Watson looming on the horizon I felt the sense of relief overcome me as I sat back and listened to doubters while mentally preparing myself for what could be one of my finest hours within the limelight of my career. Even I need a moment to stop, take a breath, gather his thoughts while planning the next expansions of CCPE on the one side while balancing the building relationship with my son, Andy, on the other. He was on hand in Orlando for Blood Money 2, he was on hand for my appearance at Revolution 5 defeating J.C. Keeton, he was on hand to watch the dominance CCPE showed at Fire and Ice, and he is going to be one hand when I take center stage against the unstoppable force known as Dickie Watson. 

“Are you sure that you are ready for this?”

The scene opens with Andy Johnson-Page alongside his father Chris Page as they are on one of CCPE’s private jets en route to New York City by way of Tampa, Florida. 

ANDY: You’ve had an awful lot on your plate over the last few weeks with a lot more to come. Are you one-hundred percent sure meeting your mother is the best thing?

CHRIS PAGE: I’m just as skeptical as anyone else but after all these years it’s just one of those things that I have to see through regardless of where it takes me. You should know how it feels to feel like you’ve been abandoned; I mean fuck man, the first twenty or so years of your life I wasn’t around and then we lost contact after having a few years together.

The re-emergence of my son is still one that I’m trying to wrap my head around. I wasn’t the perfect husband back in my younger years, I stepped out a lot while on the road which is exactly how Andy got here.

… For the record, whatever happens in Vegas DOESN’T stay in Vegas.

CHRIS PAGE: I can’t just cut it loose.

ANDY: Who am I to try and be the voice of reason knowing that you’ve got another huge couple of weeks in front of you. You’re dealing with two of the cornerstones of NSQ in back-to-back weeks, and yet you’re going to shift your focus on someone who for all extensive purposes is just claiming to be something she’s not… doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Chris has a crown apple and ginger ale he’s sipping on while Andy enjoys a bottle of water. 

CHRIS PAGE: Since when have you become so interested in my wrestling career? Last time I checked I was a big boy, dad. 

Andy responds to his father’s sarcasm with a middle finger. 

CHRIS PAGE: My boy. 

He lowers the middle finger as he states. 

ANDY: I’m just saying that you don’t know what this situation with Dickie is looking like. You’re walking into another unknown with whatever stipulation they choose to make you dance under at their disposal. 

Chris takes another sip from his drink before he responds. 

CHRIS PAGE: I could waste my time and run myself ragged trying to think about what the brass within Fight have up their sleeve, but would it surprise you if I didn’t give a flying fuck about what kind of match this is going to be looks like?

The term “always ready” applies to me when it comes to any kind of situation you want to throw me in, and I’m sure with a marquee match such as this they’re going to find a way to fuck it up. You can’t just deliver CCP vs Watson in a historic confrontation because that makes too much sense. Coming off Blood Money the only thing that’s for certain is nothing is certain. 

CHRIS PAGE: Dickie is walking into the same disadvantage as I am. It’s not the first time they’ve sprung up stipulations without telling anyone, and it’s not going to be the last. It’s the nature of the beast as they say. You can either run yourself silly trying to figure it out, or you can make peace with it as you welcome whatever lays in front of you with open arms. I elect to open these arms and embrace whatever stipulation is hurled my way. 

ANDY: Damn dad, you have changed. 

CHRIS PAGE: I tried to tell you. 

Chris states as he takes a moment to gather his thoughts before he continues. 

CHRIS PAGE: Andy, you don’t get a lot of do-overs in your lifetime. Having you back around over these last few weeks has been nothing short of a sheer blessing. It’s given me hope that others will see the changes I’ve made over the last several years to make things less about me and more about you, or them. 

ANDY: You don’t need the validation of others, pops. 

CHRIS PAGE: True, but I want it. What better way to stick it back to everyone that’s stuck it to me than by showing them that anyone can turn over a new leaf. Look at CCPE as an example; combustible personalities are all over the place, I have some that are cheered while others are booed and yet when they shouldn’t get along, they do. Taking their potential and maximizing it while forcing others to take notice IS part of that validation.

Chris takes another sip from his half-full glass. 

CHRIS PAGE: There’s more to us coming to New York than just meeting my mother…

ANDY: There is?

Shockingly Andy responds. 

CHRIS PAGE: There’s a lot more to me than you’ve seen. I’d like to introduce you to one of my business partners as well. 

ANDY: Business partners? You didn’t join the MOB, did you? 

CHRIS PAGE: What the fuck do you think this is, the Sopranos? 

Andy laughs at the state while it draws a smirk from Chris. 

CHRIS PAGE: Fuck no! I want to introduce you to Candice; she’s the owner and proprietor of The Velvet Rabbit, the host of the CCPE Cannabis Cup, and Club Lex. Candice has been instrumental in how CCPE has grown over the last three or four months. Being able to pick her brain shows that she’s equally intelligent as she is striking.

ANDY: Ah, is she my new stepmother?

Chris backhands Andy across the left shoulder as Andy can’t help himself but laugh at his subtle joke. 

CHRIS PAGE: Business, Andy. Business. 

Andy throws up both of his palms towards Chris.

ANDY: I was just making sure. You can never be too careful these days. 

Chris simply rolls his eyes while shaking his head from right to left several times as he lets out a deep sigh. Andy lowers his palms back down while Chris responds. 

CHRIS PAGE: … but if she was it’s not like I’d tell you, right?

Andy’s eyes grow as big as softballs while Chris winks at him closing the scene. 



There’s nothing more adorable about Dickie than how much he cares about the people he surrounds himself with. The real question rests with do they share the same sentiments? One might say that if they did they might have sat out at Blood Money which guaranteed something fresh AND different within the Empire Championship rankings, it would have allowed FRESH faces into a very stale scene. Dickie had to compete, Betsy had to compete… but what about everyone else? It wasn’t about securing an opportunity, not in Shawn’s case, he’s standing on top of the Blood Money counting all those coins that would have garnered him that DREAM MATCH that everyone has been calling this polished turd since the close of the event. It wasn’t about proving NSQ was the best either, save that bullshit for someone else that might believe it because you can’t prove something that you already are. That leaves the obvious answer, ego. Dickie I’m bringing all this to the forefront because these are things you might have missed while displaying how huge your heart is to a pack of wolves that have been stalking you for as long as you’ve allowed them to parade around in sheep’s clothing. 

Your friends are your enemies while the people you think are your enemies might be the ones throwing you a lifeline. 

When it comes to Chris Page you know what you’re getting. I know what a victory here will do for me, and I also know what a loss here will do to you. I didn’t ask for you to win Blood Money 2, I didn’t ask for you to be viewed as an immovable object within the land of FIGHT. You’ve accomplished those feats on your own, but something that you need to prepare yourself for is that with every mediocre rise to the top there’s a fall that comes along with it. Should you elect to look past me, should you elect to dismiss what I’m capable of or what I’ve accomplished throughout my career that fall is going to come to a lot sooner rather than later? 


You don’t have any issues speaking your mind. That’s a trait that many people do but very few can back up their words. You and I fall into the few that say what they mean while meaning what they say. Two dominant personalities have been deadset on a collision course even if for one night only. I can appreciate how far you’ve come over the last year or so for someone that had no expectations of leaving the inaugural Blood Money with the Empire Championship; let alone keep it for the last six and a half months. 

You’ve smacked around the only real threat to your reign while leaving him a shell of his former self under the structure that was formally Fight Tower. 

Yet this is your make-or-break moment. 

This is the time you can back your play while firmly establishing yourself as THE MAN. 

… the problem, it’s my moment too. 

Dickie Watson.

I’m about through talking and more ready for action. The brass can throw whatever stipulation they want at this, they have the power to make this a clash of the titans or something better suited for Disney Plus; the only thing I can control is my actions leading up to and immediately following this one chance encounter. I’m going to put my best foot forward while giving you everything I got left because this is business. 

I will tell you this… 

Regardless of how this shakes on the season three premiere of Venom, I believe it’s time that you and I sit down and have ourselves a little… chat.