Chapter 2: Building a Dynasty

By: Chris Page

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 21st Nov 2021

Chapter Two: Building the Dynasty. 

When it comes to building a dynasty you start at the ground and develop your way up. CCP Enterprises is what I’m building, and when your name is Chris Page the eyes of the wrestling world are upon you at all times. My list of haters reads like a who’s who… but ask me if I give two shits? I’m not here to be liked, I’m not here to kiss your ass, I’m not here to be fake because I’ll leave that for ninety-five percent you on the FIGHT roster. It’s funny to me as I sit back and watch the dick sucking that goes on with social media to even the interactions that I’ve had with some of you. You make it easy for someone like me to walk right into your kitchen, open that fridge and snatch your last beer without asking your permission. 

When your name is Chris Page you stay on the road, on the grind if you will. Money never sleeps and the world continues to tick with or without your acknowledgment. It baffles my mind just how downplayed most of you try to force-feed down my throat while only showing further why you don’t fucking belong in the first place. In the last seven days alone I’ve been featured here in FIGHT, the XWF, and even Pro Wrestling Valor. The line of companies itching to just have my presence has reached an all-time high. sound like a nothing happening kind of guy to you? My world is much bigger than one location or federation. I have irons in the fire that I haven’t made public… but when I do the sounds of jaws hitting the floor will echo simultaneously throughout time and space. 

When I say there’s a genesis upon you it’s not trivialized down to one federation or another. 



NOVEMBER 16, 2021

9:30 PM

New York —–> New Orleans

Following a successful debut opposite the non-factor that was Austin Ramsey while toying with Tobrick Tabor-Ramsey was amusing, it’s also growing rather boring as we join Chris Page aboard his private jet which has taken off from JFK on its way down to the Big Easy for an Xtreme Wrestling Federation event slated for Wednesday Night. His phone has been blowing up with everything from the Ramsey crap to Centurion’s arrival in Fight down to potential clients within CCP Enterprises. 

There’s no such thing as enough. 

There’s only more. 

Chris is kicked back in a reclining chair with a cocktail to his right on a small oval table resting on a coaster next to an ashtray with a lit joint resting in it. Chris has his cell phone to his ear as we join him within midconversation. 

CHRIS PAGE: I’m glad you approved of that. I mean, it’s not like the Ramsey’s are the most intelligent duo on the planet either. Having Todrick arrested was nothing in the grand scheme other than showing him there’s more than one way to skin a pussy. 

Austin is the lesser Ramsey, that’s been established. He wasn’t beaten via disqualification regardless of whatever lies and fairytales Todrick wants to tout on social media if you bother to; I don’t know, watch the match, and see plain as the day his shoulders on the mat with a victory “secured” well before Centurion saw fit to save his worthless ass. 

CHRIS PAGE: Listen there’s nothing left to talk about when it comes to Todrick. I left that ball in his court. According to him, he’ll let me know when he has time since he’s SOOOOO busy missing another week of Venom in the ring.

After Tuesday’s interactions on Twitter Mr. Tabor-Ramsey has been afforded the right to meet me inside the ring since he’s got so much to say. You’d think that since I’m such a pushover, that I’m an old man, or bitch, as he referred to me he would have jumped on the notion when presented the chance to brush with greatness. 


Tucked tail and hide behind excuses. Kudos for that, especially when that shiny toy belt of yours isn’t even a motivation.

CHRIS PAGE: I’ve got a lot of moving parts at the moment to concern myself with lower classmen of the profession. The last thing I’ve ever been is a desperate man when it comes to finding dance partners to make some money with. Todrick had his chance, he blew it.

It’s never a smart idea to write checks your ass can’t cash. Miss Ramsey has done just that when it comes to yours truly. What you see on display from her on a daily is her insecurities bleeding through like she were a real female that just caught her period.

CHRIS PAGE: Centurion? Nah man, he’s nothing. It was cute for him to show up though. I’ll give him some credit on that front. I’ve never been huge on wasting my time or energy, he’s in the same boat as Todrick as far as I’m concerned. He’s been given the chance to talk about it or be about it; thus far the sweet sounds of crickets chirping is all that I’ve heard.”

I can’t say that I’m shocked by the sounds of Centurion’s silence. It’s kinda his thing to sit back and allow someone else to carry him to some sort of relevance. He’ll verbally spare with those on the lower end of the spectrum to keep his spirits lifted for being nothing more than an overrated sack of shit he’s always been for the better part of twenty fucking years.

CHRIS PAGE: This call isn’t about the Ramsey’s or Centurion… this call is about you.

CCP Enterprises is about to take off as my internal list of clients continues to grow with each passing day. It would be easy to step forward and name drop but I’m all for them revealing themselves when the time suits them. They sign with me not because I take a percentage of their earnings; that’s impossible, I don’t take cuts from my clients. I’ve made more than enough money to last ten lifetimes. 

I’m in it because I’m one of the few veterans of the game that understands that everyone has a shelf life. I’m not active in FIGHT because I have to be; I’m there because I choose to be. Therein lies power. What many fail to realize, I’m one of those pieces of talent that could walk away from active wrestling tomorrow while being remembered for my accomplishments to the business decades from now. I’ve earned the right to be selective and pick my spots but am smart enough to get that clock on my in-ring time is coming to an end. 

I’m in it because I have seen and done it all. I’ve got a mind for this shit that is on a different level which only lends validation to what I can offer the guys and gals that I’m peeping out or have signed.

CHRIS PAGE: Your brand is something that is a really good fit for what I’ve got going on. You bring that level of intensity that most people only could dream to have. There’s no reason why you’re not plastered as a poster boy for the business. I also understand that times can be tough, friends will tell you what you want to hear, so you need a neutral party to kick you in the ass while keeping you motivated.

The biggest drawback I see when it comes to the talents that I am representing revolves around complacency. They’re incredible draws that have grown bored with smacking around the same fucking people time after time after time. I bring to the table what others do not; connections. There’s not a REAL promoter operating a REAL federation that doesn’t have my number on speed dial. 

How do you think Fight became a thing?

If you think I sought them out, well, that makes about as much sense as Todrick’s excuses for not signing the dotted line. The door to FIGHT has been opened; what’s to say that I don’t bring in Thaddeus Duke, for example? Connections are key within everything that we do. Something else I bring to the table is a level of intelligence to get YOU where ever you want to be.

CHRIS PAGE: CCP Enterprises can be related to… Jack in the Beanstalk. Hear me out; Thaddeus Duke is the first to sign; with him, the seeds have been planted, with the emergence of my next signings the stalk is going to start to grow, and with every other signing it will extend up into the heavens that are symbolic of the wrestling business, companies, and promoters that sit on their wealth; only to have us steal it underneath their nose.”

In this business, you grow by winning. I have won enough over the last thirty years that I’m in the Mount Rushmore conversations; do you know why I don’t have the respect that someone like James Raven receives? Because I didn’t spend more than half of my career with my nose up the asses of the fans or the owners that I worked for. I didn’t go the easy route and have run the beat of my own drum. When they said Chris Page would never win a World Title; I won eighteen of them. When they said Chris Page couldn’t run a successful wrestling promotion; I answered with a ten-plus year run while putting most of them out of fucking business, or a forced re-brand. 

You can’t play games with the master and expect not to get beaten.

CHRIS PAGE: Yeah you heard that, totally referenced a children’s book, that’s not the point… You have more value than you’ve been given credit for. The words overlooked and underappreciated are the first two that come to mind. I can change that for you. FIGHT see’s what you are when I see what you can be, what you SHOULD be. FIGHT has allowed themselves to get caught up by bringing in talents like myself or Raven losing focus on what they’re had right in front of them. FIGHT has never been about further promoting Chris Page, it’s been about promoting everyone else around me. I want you to be one of those pieces of talent.

While in transit to New Orleans I couldn’t think of a better way to pass the time than lining up my next possible ventures. I have talents within the XWF, I have talents that are involved in Pro Wrestling Valor, I have talents I’m looking at involved with Thunder Pro Wrestling, Sin City Wrestling… and now… FIGHT! NYC. You dumb pricks THINK you have me figured out, even those that have known me or worked for me for years haven’t figured a damn thing out that I haven’t allowed you to. While I have all of you watching the toying around with the Ramsey’s in my left hand you’ve failed to pay attention to what’s going on in my right. 

It’s too late in the game now for most… but for some, it’s just beginning.

Brandon Moore.

CHRIS PAGE: Not pressuring you by any means. I know it’s a lot to think about, but what I want you to do is mull it over with your better half. I’m back in New York Thursday afternoon. If you want to meet just say the words.

… we draw to a close.








8:20 PM

Wednesday Night Warfare has come and gone seeing Thaddeus Duke successfully defeat Schism within the ranks of the Xtreme Wrestling Federation. Bad Medicine was right around the corner which comes with it the Supercontinental Championship. We pick things up with Chris Page in the back of a Cadillac Limousine alongside his client Thaddeus Duke with his girl Adi Gold. The three of them; Chris sitting opposite Thad and Adi, all have large-sized Burger King cups resting in cup holders near them with respective bags of food.

CHRIS PAGE: I can’t believe I said lady’s choice, and this was the choice. It was too funny to pass up.

THADDEUS DUKE: She’s full of great ideas.

Adi chimes in.

ADI GOLD: Gee thanks, mister.

CCP Enterprises bean stock has started to protrude from the soil and grow towards those heavens the moment that Thaddeus Duke realized what I am capable of. Two bitter enemies that have been brought together out of nothing but mutual respect. Thaddeus is the cornerstone of the dynasty, the genesis that is upon the wrestling world. 

CHRIS PAGE: I’m glad we’ve got a few minutes because there’s a lot in play for us; not only within the Xtreme Wrestling Federation but outside opportunities as well. You’ve already established that when it comes to winning championships it’s never a matter of “if” it’s always been a matter of “when”. There’s a line of talents that want in on what started with you.

Which makes complete sense within the bigger picture. Not to suck on the tip of his cock or anything, but Thaddeus has his reputation, and in reality, doesn’t need a Chris Page. He WANTS a Chris Page because he already knows what so many of you are going to find out. I am about my shit. 

THADDEUS DUKE: We already know what’s coming next. What interests me is what else you have going on out there. I mean, I see FIGHT seems to be a thing.

CHRIS PAGE: I’m sure you saw that I was in Boston for Pro Wrestling Valor’s show. I was looking at Knox, Sebastian as well as several others. When this thing pops we’re going to take over the entire profession.

THADDEUS DUKE: Has anyone else signed? Or have you approached them?

The one thing I have an abundance of is patience. I don’t have to approach anyone, they approach me. It’s the nature of the beast. The higher that growing stalk grows the more eyes will see it. Much like in the epic flick Field of Dreams… If you built it they will come. When you’re a focal point, when you have a following that someone such as myself has throughout the many years of blood, sweat, and tears that I’ve left in every major sporting venue across the globe they do come… and they do it in droves.

CHRIS PAGE: Not that I wouldn’t want to discuss that piece of the puzzle with you I have to give those the same respect I gave you. When the time is right all will be revealed. When it comes to the XWF you know the principal parties, and all those wheels are in motion. Everyone has signed, they’re all sealed and soon to be delivered. 

THADDEUS DUKE: This is going to be an incredible ride. 

Chris nods his head towards Adi who sips from her Burger King cup. 

CHRIS PAGE: What about you, Adi? Representation by one of the best of the bests.

One thing I am looking for is another female talent; I say another female talent because one of my incoming debuts is one of the best ladies in the game. There’s a small spoiler for things to come. Another dominant female only expands the overall brand.

ADI GOLD: I wouldn’t rule it out down the line. 

CHRIS PAGE: Fair enough.

Chris redirects his attention back towards Thad. 

CHRIS PAGE: As far as Fight is concerned I’m taking the wait-and-see approach to things. Got the first win over someone not worth bragging about. Just easing my way into things under that radar before overthrowing the giants that stand in my way protecting their riches while they still can. 

THADDEUS DUKE: Do you think there’s some money to be made with me there? 

CHRIS PAGE: There’s money to be made with you anywhere, shockingly you didn’t know?

THADDEUS DUKE: Oh I was totally testing you.

CHRIS PAGE: Well, do better.

The sarcastic nature that Chris brings is met with a middle finger by Thaddeus which garners a wink and a nod from Page. 

CHRIS PAGE: I’m told that this Brandon Moore kid is something special.

Thank you FIGHT! NYC for no longer wasting my time or energy. Allow me to bypass those sideline hoe’s that like to nip at heels and take a seat at what you people around here call the FIGHT grown-ups table. In this story, you’re that giant that guards the riches I’ve climbed that beanstalk to take. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t know a lot about you when the word broke that this battle has been set to take place. 

This is a prime-time attraction in every sense of those words.  

The digger I’ve dug the more I’m looking forward to stepping into the Tower on Monday Night. They say if you want to make an impact that you seek out one of the clinical and make them your bitch. I didn’t have to see you out Mr. Moore, they’ve brought you to me. You are who they have elected to put in front of me to see how I’m going to react.

CHRIS PAGE: The way people jock ride him on social media you’d think he’s a monster among men or something. I’ve never been a man that’s gotten wrapped up in someone else hype. This isn’t any different. I’ve had a day or two to look into him, he’s a good hand.

You’re all going to look at me as an underdog to your giant that is waiting for me when atop this beanstalk I’ve been climbing. I’ve been known to slay my own share of monsters over the years which is what only makes this more of an appetizing selection to this menu of destruction. 

The limousine pulls to a stop. Chris gazes out the tinted window at an establishment unknown bringing some laughter under his breath. He shifts his gaze towards Adi.

CHRIS PAGE: Ladies’ choice, right?


A shrug of the shoulders from Thaddeus is mirrored by Chris Page. Page opens the door, the trio snags their bags of Burger King and cups. Adi gets out first while saying loudly.

ADI GOLD: Hundred bucks they boot us out in three minutes.

Thaddeus follows her out as he responds. 


Chris is the last out as he responds. 

CHRIS PAGE: I feel like that’s two minutes too long.

Slamming the door behind him we see the trio walk through the doors of an undisclosed diner taking a seat at an immediate boot which is visible from New Orleans streets. Thad and Adi share one side of the booth while Chris occupies the other side. They start emptying the contents of their Burger King bags.

They begin to enjoy the choice of one Miss Gold before the rest of the festivities of the evening can get underway. We see someone approach the booth, you can’t quite make out who they are or what is being said until we do see Adi snatch her Burger King Glass and throw it against the window! 

The next thing we see is Thaddeus, Adi, and Page emerging out through the doors laughing their asses off. The camera pans back revealing the location in question…

The golden arches.





NOVEMBER 19, 2021

9:15 AM


It felt amazing watching my client take matters into his own hands within the XWF Universe on Warfare, and I’d imagine perhaps some of you are wondering why wouldn’t I be devoting all my airtime to FIGHT. Well, it rests within the world being a much bigger place than Manhattan and I’m all over it. The ability the multitask while overcoming the insurmountable odds rolls back towards Jack and Bean Stalk. Jack had to use his brain, he had to outsmart the giants that surrounded him in order to TAKE what he wanted. 

It was never a story of good versus evil. 

Much like I have never been. 

I’ve always been about taking the paths that will get me to the next level that I am striving for at that particular time. It’s safe to say that I can contend for and win any championship at any time within any federation without breaking a sweat. With my time thus far in FIGHT being more about toying around with the Ramsey’s there’s now a bigger mark my crosshairs are now locked on. 

Back on board his jet on Friday morning he was headed to Huntington, West Virginia following a tip on an upstart wrestling promotion that’s coming up on a month of operation. 

Thunder Pro Wrestling. 

Names like Peter Vaughn, Supreme Machine, Robert Main, Jim Caedus, Drew Archlye Victoria Knox amongst others. I’ve always been a big Vaughn fan since being introduced to him several months back; not directly. Chris got another view of Peter on Warfare; destroying a Literal Gorilla with expertise marksmanship using a tranquilizer gun is more badass than Brandon Moore fronts himself to be.

“Thundering” Terry Marshall is heading up this organization.

Chris is sipping from a coffee cup while relaxing on a couch in the private quarters of his jet. He’s watching last week’s edition of Friday Night Fury’s Main Event which featured Robert Main versus Peter Vaughn when his cell phone rings. 

Page pauses the television, reaches over grabbing his phone.


Because “hellos” are overrated. 

CHRIS PAGE: Hey man, glad you got back to me. My plans have changed a little bit and I’m not back in New York until Saturday morning. 

In my extra affairs, you cannot afford to be complacent. You make shows that have appearances from talents that you’re interested in. 

CHRIS PAGE: Have you had a chance to think things over? I know that if you elect to do this that there’s a lot of people out there that might come at you over it, some you might even think are your friends now. If they were ever your friends they wouldn’t have lost faith in you, they wouldn’t have cast you aside after everything you’ve done to make a strong name for yourself. You deserve to have someone open those doors that the establishments have closed on you because you’ve fucking earned it. 

Something that a lot of people look past in this business is the notion that you as a talent, your job is to earn the right to stand atop whatever mountain you plunge your flag into the soil of. People today; the younger generation, walk into this business as if they’re owed something front it, like things you’ve done over the last two or three years seems to supersede things done ten to twenty years prior. More than half of the talents on the market today haven’t gotten a fucking clue what it means to pay your dues. I’ve never been a complacent man resting on victories from the past to dictate my present. Take you, Brandon. 

All I seem to hear is how good you can be. 

What’s held you back? 

I can give two fucks about what you’ve done leading up to your time until FIGHT became a thing. You can flaunt this hardcore garbage wrestling in the public eye as much as you want but it doesn’t change it’s nothing but a mud show. There’s a reason why you have to go to those places versus actual wrestling. 

You sir are Jack’s Unoriginal. 

Do you seriously think this little dog and pony show hasn’t crossed my path before? Are you so sure that you are as good as you want to proclaim yourselves to be? Because where I’m sitting you aren’t anything more than the guy that’s lost to Bam Miller. BAM MILLER! Brother, for a guy that has some of the best of the best singing your praises I don’t see what’s so fucking special. 

CHRIS PAGE: Listen, I don’t have to sell you on what doors I can open. I’m a firm believer that actions speak louder than any word could, my has spoken volumes. The reality is I’m allowing you to get in on something on the ground floor. CCP Enterprises is certainly the way to go, and if you need any more proof to that statement then you need not look any further than Thunder Pro Wrestling tonight. I am everywhere because this business never slows down. When I wanted World Titles, I took them, if I wanted to take over I did it. 

Just because I don’t see what’s special about Brandon doesn’t mean that I’m looking past him by any means. I find the silver lining within any given situation that I’m involved in. They say this kid’s a monster, they say that he’s one of the ones to watch, that he untapped when it comes to potential. Here’s what I see in all of that. 

A giant obstacle that stands in my way of establishing just who the hell I am within the world of FIGHT. My reputation is rock solid within the industry but that same reputation doesn’t mean a fucking thing when you’re the new kid on the block that happens to be just north of fifty. Sure, I’ll exploit my past when it suits my present but I’m not relying on it by any means. Brandon Moore regardless of a record is a respected member of the FIGHT family; thus just the victory that I need to procure to prove myself to the locker room.

He is the first Giant that guards the keys to the kingdom where all my riches await. 

To defeat this monster, this beast is the fuel that now drives me… at least through Venom. 

CHRIS PAGE: I have a killer instinct, brother. The same thing I’ve done for myself I’m doing for those that sign with CCP Enterprises. While I am still in the ring getting things done I’m setting myself up for my future. Every wrestler has a shelf life when it comes to getting in that squared circle. I’ve got about ten years on you my man, it’s not too late to make more money, to be a bigger star, and to be treated like you deserve to be treated.

There’s a lot of disrespect running rampant throughout the wrestling business. As a talent, you’ve always got two choices to make. The first is to rise above it or the second is to cater to it. I’m the kind of guy that will ste[ back and watch as many of you hide behind Twitter or social media because it serves as your safety blanket. It’s a lot funnier to me when you have to eat your words like Austin Ramsey has had to do. It brings such a sense of accomplishment knowing that I have that kind of power to turn someone red. 

It’s a simple form of manipulation. 

You either fall for it or you don’t. 

With me what you see is what you get. Yes, I have skeletons in my closet. Yes, I get shit on for telling the truth versus telling people what they want to hear. Yes, I can stand before you all and admit to the world that I’m a selfish son of a bitch that always walks into any given situation with a plan in place. Does it always work? Nope. Do I win every match I’m involved in? Fuck no. 

… but here’s the most important question of them all.

Does it change that I get it done between those ropes at fifty-one years old at a higher level than talents less than half my age that will profess to be the coolest thing since a bag of Dorito’s? Does it change that I am one of the best of the bests to lace a pair of boots? Does it change that the moment in time that opening bell rings to the time it closes I don’t back up every word that comes from my mouth? 

Either in victory or defeat you, the fans, the haters, the friends, the clients all know you’ve just witnessed something goddamn special. I’m an attraction that you should all strive to be. I’m that guy that can work a match with a damn mop bucket and make it not only entertaining but the match of the night. Forget about what you think you know about Chris Page and start thinking about what you don’t know, for what you haven’t been introduced to should be what scares you the most. 

I don’t fear giants, monsters, goats, lions, tigers, or bears, oh my!

I welcome them. 

You see Brandon Moore, what you are to me right now is a target. You’re a beast on to your own, and I’m smart enough to know while your record may not reflect you’re a name to beat. You’re a guy that has a solid reputation amongst your peers that I am going to have to destroy. Only a select few of you know me, REALLY know me, and as much as it pains you to admit it you know that I haven’t even begun. 

What better way to get my feet wet than owning your resident monster in front of the world?

CHRIS PAGE: Listen, let’s talk soon. I’m about to land in West Virginia to make this Thunder Pro show. That’s another place worth checking out, and that’s free.




NOVEMBER 19, 2021



8:45 PM

Sitting inside the Thunder Dome for the first time was an interesting experience. Being on the lookout for talents to expand my brand with is always something that’s on my mind. In the last two weeks, I’ve visited Pro Wrestling Valor, Fight, the Xtreme Wrestling Federation, and now Thunder Pro Wrestling. The thing about this business is there’s a lot of variety of all styles; mat-based catch as catch can, to Japanese strong style, or a European technical flavor, or even your run of the mill garbage wrestling. Regardless of the style, there’s an audience for it. 

I’m here to capitalize on it. 

We open up following an impressive Main Event pitting Oliver Main, brother of one Robert Main getting his first singles win over Crash Rodriguez, Peter Vaughn, and Betsy Granger took down the Party Boys with VSK taking down Mike Jones (not that Mike Jones smh). Thunder Pro Wrestling has recently opened their doors, and upon hearing names like Vaughn and Granger mixed with members of Apex had inked deals it was more than enough to pique Chris’s interest. 

We’re backstage following the event. The Thunder Dome isn’t a massive building by any means. It can be compared to a famous bingo hall in South Philly. Privacy isn’t a thing so I needed to be a little more methodical within my approach. Chris strolled through the backstage hallway headed towards the nearest exit. He had word sent to a select member of the roster to meet him at his awaiting limousine. 

Terry Marshall, owner of Thunder Pro Wrestling was spotted walking through his production area where he catches Chris before he’s able to leave. The two exchange pleasantries before parting ways. Finally, Chris was able to exit the back of the building and out into a secured parking lot. He walks towards an awaiting black stretch limo where his driver stands at the back door. 

CHRIS PAGE: Is he inside?

There’s a nod in approval from his driver as he opens the door for Chris to enter before closing the door behind him. Chris slides into the backseat where he looks across the limo, slighting nodding his head before he states. 

CHRIS PAGE: I have to admit I didn’t think you’d show up.

Truer words have never escaped my lips if you are looking across at the individual that I am. 

CHRIS PAGE: First I’d like to say that I know that we have a very checkered past and that while I know I’m the last person you want to be looking at I’m the only person that can fill that void that you have burning a hole inside your stomach. 

UNKNOWN: Let’s cut the shit. The only reason I am here is that it takes a lot of balls for you to want to be in this close of a confined space with me. I can respect that, to a degree. What do you want?

Chris cuts his eyes over to the mini-bar where there’s a couple of small oval glasses. He reaches overtaking one of the glasses as well as a bottle of bourbon. He pours the small glass half full before reaching it towards the front of the limo, yet on screen enough to see the hand of a white male reach out and take the glass from Chris. 

He pours the second glass before corking the bourbon putting it back in its place while retrieving his glass. 

CHRIS PAGE: It’s pretty simple to dissect if you sit back and look at the bigger picture. The state of Professional Wrestling is in the midst of the biggest boom I’ve seen in nearly a decade. I am in the midst of a signing spree of a whose who of talent under as many company umbrellas as I can, because I honestly feel that guys like us, talents like us, can not only bridge the gaps… we can destroy them. 

Chris states as he swirls the Bourbon in his glass. 

CHRIS PAGE: This is a much bigger game than I’ve ever thought about playing. I’ve already inked deals with five other talents besides Thaddeus Duke. More will begin revealing themselves over the next several weeks, and my bigger picture will start forming. Now, as much as it pains me to say this… 

Chris tosses back his shot of bourbon like the rockstar he is before shifting towards a more humble approach to convey the serious dynamic of what he is proposing.

CHRIS PAGE: You have a place at that table. This isn’t personal to me, it’s business; I think you and I both know I have a read on the business better than anyone, past or present. The business side of me says you’re a no-brainer, and while I’m not asking for a decision here or now, I am asking you to take a good long look at how the landscape is about to change. You can then ask yourself which side of history you want to rest on.

UNKNOWN: There’s always a catch with you. What’s your cut on talents you’ve signed?

CHRIS PAGE: Interesting you should ask. Would you believe me if I told you… not a damn thing. I don’t get a cut of your contract; endorsements on the other hand is another ballgame, that’s where I get my cut, and even then, it’s a minimal five percent. Yes, I’ve got my motives but they don’t conflict with the bigger picture. 

Yes, I have ulterior motives just like everyone else yet none of them will have a backlash upon my clients. Making money is just a piece of it. Global domination is the rest of it. 

UNKNOWN: Listen up Chris, whatever you have going on if it’s good for you great but I don’t think I want any part of it for now. But I will sit back, I will watch as you’ve suggested… and if our interests line up I’m not saying that we can’t revisit this conversation. 

CHRIS PAGE: I’m telling you face to face that this is something you’re going to want to be a part of. I respect the decision as it’s not a matter of if we’re going to speak again on this, it’s a matter of when. 






11:00 AM

Home sweet home at last. Things have been picking up over the last seven days but alas mental preparations are already underway for you, Brandon. 

Chris stepped off the elevator onto bright red carpeting which led to the front door of his penthouse apartment. His key hit the lock and the door opened into the site of luxury at its finest. The marble countertops, the European tiled floor, and then mixed with a complete panoramic view of Manhattan are breathtaking to say the very least. 

Chris tossed his keys on the counter just inside the front door as he walked over to a minibar next to the entry of a gourmet-style kitchen. Chris takes a rocks glass and pours himself a glass of Crown Royal. 

Taking his glass his attention shifts towards the view of Fight Tower. He sips from his glass as he walks forward, closer towards the massive floor-to-ceiling re-enforced window. 

It would be easy to assume that with everything that is going on within the life of Chris Page that one might find themselves losing focus. For the better part of a week, I’ve traveled the country laying the necessary groundwork for what is going to be coming YOUR way just as much as it will be coming for the profession as a whole.  

You’ve been on my mind, Mr. Moore. 

A victory here solidifies me as the performer while I continue to solidify CCP Enterprises. When I say leadership is by example it means just that. If I’m sitting in front of a potential client; for example, and I sell them on a bill of goods it’s on me to deliver. My clients signed on for the reputation that I bring to the table which is exactly why THIS is a must-win situation for yours truly. I won’t deny it. 

A loss not only puts a south taste in my mouth but it also makes me out to be anything less than a man of my word. I don’t have to outfight you, hell I don’t even have to outwrestle you… I just have to do what I’ve already done… outsmart you. 

Taking another sip from his glass he reaches the window. The Tower is quiet, for now, as it sits in the not far-off distance. 

CHRIS PAGE: Mr. Moore… Knock, knock.

That’s me knocking on your door, and while you’re going to want to open it I assure you that you’re not going to like what you see standing on the other side. Every match I am involved in or a part of from this moment moving forward is crucial and is treated as such. The last thing I’m doing when I come to the Tower for Venom is coming to play a game. I’m coming to play for keeps, my man. 

You have the undaunted task of trying to stop me. 

Can you tap into a dark enough place?

Are you going to dig down deep enough with your inner soul and find a way to crack the code that is Chris Page? 

Or are you smart enough to realize there darker layers to my subconscious as well? 

The time for talk is over.

 The time for actions is upon us. 

I’ll leave you with this… from one monster to another.

Any questions?