Chapter 3: Old Friends versus New Friends versus Stupid Parties

By: Chris Page

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 3rd Dec 2021

CHAPTER THREE: Old Friends versus New Friends versus Stupid Parties.


The weeks of Thanksgiving had come and gone as millions of Americans celebrated a holiday in which a group of invaders physically took land from the Native American people way back in the day. Good job. Do better. Nonetheless, it has been a busy few weeks coming off another victory over another “force” within FIGHT NYC in the resident Mama’s Boy dispatched with ease like a dull knife through warm butter. Brandon, I wish you the best, my friend. Don’t take the “L” personally, hoss, because even in defeat you did enough to get another look from me down the line.

I found myself wondering what would be next? Oh wait, ole Toddrick Tabor-Ramsey done caught herself trying to wear her big girl panties by reversing the roles; listen, you can heterosexual bash us all you wish and until your hearts contest… but it doesn’t change the fact that when it comes to the word overrated it firmly applies to you. If you are half, just half of the badass she-bitch you so desperately want the world to believe you are, you would already put pen to paper instead of making the excuses to avoid the same fate that was served to that other guy that you’re married to who sticks his dick in anything that gives him the slightest bit of attention. 

Allow me to officially congratulate you because you let the biggest opportunity to have the biggest high-profiled match of your career only to squander it away assuming that in some twist of fate that you held the power. New flash cupcake, you never did. Running away did nothing but have my interest lost because Chris Page doesn’t wait around for anyone when you see the list of names knocking at my door. That’s not me being an egotistical prick more so substantiated facts. You can slide out of the way for someone else to slide in at any point; and to think, “the other Ramsey” had bigger balls than you. 

While he wasn’t a challenge at least he tried to keep it interesting. 

The only interesting thing that came out of Venom as far as any of this is concerned is the actions of one Centurion. 

That’s right, the guy that has some sort of “following” here in FIGHT but hasn’t done a fucking thing but pick his spots instead of agreeing to COUNTDOWN and getting his final ass whipping out of the way. The dude couldn’t even put on an entertaining match at Bad Medicine the last time this dude did anything of merit was on a show that nobody gave a shit about in Athens. Stop taking a play out of the Ramsey’s playbook, nut up, and let’s get this done because much like the Ramsey’s I’m growing increasingly bored without knowing that your day is coming mixed with your fate being sealed. Listen, man, I’m not bent that you had to use numbers to get that little attack in. You got to get in where you fit in, right? That’s always been your go-to when you’re in over your head. Kinda the story of your career which is exactly why you haven’t amounted to anything but a higher-priced mid-card talent at best. If I’m lying, why are you holding the Anarchy Title over in the XWF? Your silence has been golden enough unless you count the pissing and moaning on social media. You and Robert Main have a lot in common, neither one of you knows when to just shut the fuck up.  

At times this is becoming comical at best. 

I was under the impression that this company was doing things considering the hype surrounding it. I signed my contract under the guise that I was going to be getting the best talent in the business today; thus far all you’ve thrown me is a wannabe tough guy who moonlights as a bartender, DJ, a failed reality junkie, a broken down Mama’s Boy, and a job guy of a legend that carries as much clout in this business as the Dark Shadow (Nah, you won’t get it). I am one of the most sought-after talents in the business for fucks sake. I’m one of the few names that you can put ANYWHERE on the card and I deliver. 

What I don’t deserve are a couple of scrubs trying to play a professional wrestler. 

I’m looking to be pushed to another level.

I’m looking to be tested. 

I’m looking to continue elevating my game to continue to establish why I am simply better than you. 





NOVEMBER 28, 2021



Featuring: Thaddeus Duke, Adi Gold, Theo Pryce, Centurion, Elijah Martin, and Unknown

The scene opens up shortly after Chris Page, Thaddeus Duke, and Dolly Waters have arrived at the Barclays Center for the XWF’s Bad Medicine Pay-Per-View Event. Tonight is the night in which everything becomes right within the world for CCP Enterprises for Thaddeus Duke is prepared for war opposite Corey Smith to take back what he never should have lost; the Supercontinental Championship. 

We catch up with Chris Page in the locker room of his client who is in the bathroom changing into his ring gear for tonight’s high-profile showdown. Chris, in a black Gucci suit with matching dress shoes sports a Rolex on his right wrist reaches to the inner pocket of his sport coat retrieving at his ringing cell phone.

CHRIS PAGE: Hey man, good to hear from you. Glad you’ve called me back, and I take it you saw what happened on Venom, right?

Indirect reference to the moves made by Centurion and The Ramsey’s.

CHRIS PAGE: Nah brother I’m far from upset at the actions because it’s to be expected when you’re so far inside their heads they can’t think straight. But it got me thinking that some extra eyes in the back of my head might be more beneficial than I initially thought.

Two people can play that game when it comes to sneak attacks or playing with numbers to gain an advantage, especially when it’s a game I’ve mastered many times over. What you’re all going to learn when it comes to Chris Page rests with being perfectly fine taking as many of your shots from you that’s needed just to land the one knockout shot that matters. Sometimes it is not about the numbers, sometimes it’s about the name(s) that are attached to them. Sometimes to establish true superiority you find someone with attachments, you open their eyes to just how overlooked they’ve become, and you use that to your advantage.

… or sometimes you don’t. 

CHRIS PAGE: I mean it doesn’t help their cause that on the one hand I’m a past my prime nobody but on the other, I’m that past my prime nobody and they can’t get an upper hand on without stacking the deck. Pussy moves from pussy talent, but much like some of our previous conversations, there’s nobody on that roster that has been more overlooked and underappreciated than you. I know that if you’re watching my back in FIGHT that there’s nothing or no one that can or will hold a goddamn candle to what we got. 

I have established in just a matter of weeks that I am one to watch in all aspects of the game. I’ve tried to foreshadow that my mind operates on a different level than most of you will never see. I’ve tried to express that experience is a priceless tool to have at your disposal from being a talent to an owner. I’m a goddamn people person. 

I know how to get what I want when I want it on multiple fronts. 

You’d think that some of you might wisen the fuck up to facts over the fiction you spew daily.

CHRIS PAGE: I get that it’s a tough spot to be in, but like I’ve told you before… you can make friends, or you can make money. Don’t put yourself in a position that you have no interest in being in. They can give two fucks about you or your career. You’re just getting started, let them think you’ve peaked, much like they’ve found out with me… age isn’t anything but a number.

For some old fuck that I’ve been made out to be I’ve made easy work of the other Ramsey and the Mama’s Boy. With Silent Fight on the horizons I was under the impression that maybe I’d get something I could sink my teeth into… instead I get another dude who kinda just picks and chooses when to show up. Again with the wasting my time? So far I’ve played nice, I’ve not been demanding, I’ve rolled with the punches… but Aidan Reynolds? Seriously. What the fuck have I done that’s so egregious that it has warranted this kind of treatment by being crammed down at the bottom of the card when I’m the freshest act you have on the roster?

Hard to believe I’ve been reduced to the lesser Watson when Adian can’t do a whole hell of a lot without Dimitri. 

CHRIS PAGE: Speaking of Centurion, he’s on this show tonight. I suppose now is as good of a time as any to give him a little receipt. 

The one thing nobody will do is lay hands and not expect to have them laid back. I’m all over the place linked to a who’s who of the wrestling world. You never know when I’ll pop up with a client or walk into your backyard on my own accord. 

Through an open locker room room Chris Page see’s Centurion pass by dragging his travel bag behind him. He’s more than livid with tonights events.

CHRIS PAGE: I’ll get back at you in a bit. My boy Thaddeus is about to take back his gold. It’s time for me to clock in. 


The following takes place at XWF’s Bad Medicine

We cut to the private parking lot for XWF Talent where we come upon Centurion who is headed to his car. He pops the trunk as he carries his travel bag behind him. The trunk opens and as he approaches he hears someone approaching fast.

He spins around but it’s too late as CHRIS PAGE has blindsided him knocking him down to the asphalt. The crowd roars with massive boos as Page starts stomping away at Centurion’s head and face with the bottom of his dress shoe.

PIP: Why is CCP attacking Centurion?!?!

HHL: The world is a bigger place and I hear Centurion had that one coming.

Chris picks Centurion up off the asphalt where he hurls him in the trunk of his rental car before slamming the door shut. He looks down at the ground where he picks up Centurion’s car fob. He looks at it before turning and throwing it out into the busy streets surrounding the Barclays Center. He turns towards the trunk of the car emphatically stating.

CHRIS PAGE: Countdown.

Page dusts off his jacket before turning and leaving Centurion to his means.

It was hardly considered a violent attack by any means but it was never about the attack, Centurion. It was the little message that was sent behind it. You know in the pit of your stomach that IF you man up and meet me at COUNTDOWN that the days of you saving face when it comes to Chris Page will be officially over. Do you want to lay hands? I’ll lay hands back. This has nothing to do about being ignored and everything to do with the delusion that you have anything else that’s more relevant on your table than what is here before you now. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same because you’re nothing more than a side piece sitting at my table. Smacking you around isn’t business, it’s pleasure because you make it Robert’s level of ease. 

I thought you’d be smarter than putting yourself in the company of the Ramsey’s. 

Then again, given you’re the straightest gay man I know maybe not so much.

Keep stalling, bud. 


Locking Centurion in the trunk of his rental car was childish and immature… but a lot of fun nonetheless. It was time to shift gears to the real reason I was at the Barclay’s Center, my client Thaddeus Duke and his quest to take back what he never should have lost at Relentless; the XWF Supercontinental Championship. 

CHRIS PAGE: This is what you’ve been waiting for, kid, this is your moment in NEW THAD CITY to slap that punk around like he’s owed you money!

We reopen backstage in the locker room of Thaddeus Duke as he’s in full ring gear as he paces back and forth across the floor in front of his locker room door like a caged lion eager to be unleashed. This is the moment he’s been waiting for. This is his time to step back to the top of the mountain.

CHRIS PAGE: I don’t need to prime you any further, you got this! 

Thaddeus has always had that edge he’s just been misled throughout his career and now he’s finally opened his eyes to the reality that everyone has always been out for themselves. It’s the nature of the business, and if you’re too stupid to realize it then shame on you for trying to play a professional wrestler.

CHRIS PAGE: The question becomes do you want me ringside or not? I understand the personal nature behind you and Corey which makes me understand if this is something you want to do alone. 

The Lionheart stops pacing as he is fully clocked in on one Corey Smith. He looks at Chris directly, thinking to himself for several seconds before he answers. 

THADDEUS DUKE: You know Chris, I don’t want this prick to have any excuses for dropping that strap. If you’re not there he’s got no leg to stand on.

CHRIS PAGE: Even if I am there he’s got no leg to stand on.

The one thing I am more adamant about when it comes to my clients is a very strict hands-off policy when it comes to what transpires bell to bell. I’m not the manager that is going to ensure victories or pick my spots from the floor. That doesn’t do anything for CCP Enterprises other than making my clients look weak within the bigger picture. Why would I willingly help them load rounds in their chambers when the talents that I’m surrounding myself with are more than capable of being successes on their own, most already are.

CHRIS PAGE: I’d wish you’d reconsider but I’m not going to beg you. I’ll be right here when this is done, and I’ll be seeing you with that Supercontinental Championship around your waist. Go get em’, Champ.”

There’s a fist bump from Thaddeus Duke and Chris Page as we see Chris watch his client take his exit from the locker room headed towards the ring. 




Watching from the locker room of Thaddeus Duke we catch up with Chris Page and Adi Gold watch in horror as Sebastian Duke; father to one Thaddeus Duke has shown up at Bad Medicine, leading to a Corey Smith successful title defense over Chris’s client. Thaddeus Duke burst through his locker room door following the crushing defeat. He’s livid, bypassing Chris and Adi heading to a wall where he starts punching it repeatedly. Adi quickly rushes over comforting her man as earlier tonight she claimed the number one contenders to the Supercontinental Championship. She wraps her arms around Thad giving him a big hug in attempt to calm him down


CHRIS PAGE: You’re not going to want to hear it but I’m not here to pull punches. You should have had me ringside. If I was were there I would have stopped your father in his tracks. 

What this should serve to young Thaddeus is a lesson. If you have the mind of a Chris Page at your disposal you might want to consider using it to its full potential. I make no bones about not getting involved in my clients in ring affairs but that doesn’t mean I won’t beat the piss out of outsiders interfering to fuel their own selfish agendas.

CHRIS PAGE: But here’s what I am going to do…

Adi releases her arms from around Thad’s body. She steps away from him as Chris walks towards the Lionheart.


Chris throws up the palm of his right hand seemingly silencing his client before he can finish his sentence.

CHRIS PAGE: I already know what you want. I knew what you wanted before you walked through those doors, brother. 

Chris shifts his attention to Adi.

CHRIS PAGE: Keep him level-headed while I handle this. 

Chris shifts his gaze back towards Thaddeus. 

CHRIS PAGE: Don’t do anything stupid.

One of Thad’s weaknesses has always been acting on his emotions. It’s the same character flaw that many within the business carry around with them on their backs, allowing it to weigh them down. The decision to not have me ringside tonight, emotional decision. Nobody is perfect, not even Chris Page.

THADDEUS DUKE: Just get it done.

Chris exits Thaddeus’s locker room where he closes the door behind him. There was only one place to go, one person to see as Chris started walking down the backstage hallway at the Barclays Center. As he’s walking he takes notice of Elijah Martin coming out of his dressing room; kicking off Bad Medicine Elijah met Centurion in what can only be described as a shitshow; not because of him, and as much as I want to blame Centurion it’s not his fault either.

ELIJAH MARTIN: Yo Chris, you got a minute?

You can hear the aggravation within the tone of his voice which causes Chris to stop and hold a brief conversation. 

CHRIS PAGE: I’m pretty sure I know what this is about. I didn’t see what transpired, I’ve already heard. How can I help you?

Elijah has been making waves on the Anarchy brand of the XWF since entering the federation a short time ago. 

ELIJAH MARTIN: You in that management business, right?

CHRIS PAGE: Indeed I am. 

Before Elijah can go any further Chris shifts his gaze down the hallway seeing someone.

CHRIS PAGE: Unfortunately I gotta run a handle something, like, right now. You free tomorrow night? Meet me at the Rabbit, say eightish? I’m not trying to blow you off, Theo Pryce is where I’m headed.

ELIJAH MARTIN: Tomorrow night then it is.

Chris offers a fist bump which Elijah gives. 

CHRIS PAGE: Absolutely. 

Chris turns and starts heading further down the hallway towards a door on the left side of the hall. It’s closed, and knowing the man behind it versus the history with Chris Page simply walking in probably isn’t the best thing to do.

Chris knocks on the door. 

He waits several seconds before knocking again, a little louder. 

He waits several more seconds before the door is opened and standing in front of Chris Page is one of the principal owners of the Xtreme Wrestling Federation… Theo Pryce. 

Theo immediately rolls his eyes 


Biting the tongue has always been a weakness of mine. Theo has always been one to push buttons because he can as he’s pretty much untouchable, he knows it, he loves it. Prick.

CHRIS PAGE: Do you think thins where I want to be spending a piece of my Sunday Night, having to have a conversation with you about your family?

Reluctantly Theo opens the door allowing Chris to enter the office where the door is closed behind him. This isn’t an elaborate setup by any means because it’s used sparingly throughout the day on a major Pay-Per-View. Chris doesn’t walk any further than a few feet as Theo walks over to his desk where he takes a seat. He offers Page a seat who waves off and declines.

CHRIS PAGE: I’m good. I want to be here less than you want me here, so let’s cut the chase. You saw what happened with your half-brother, and the father of my client, Thaddeus Duke, your nephew. Now, I don’t give two fucks about family drama. 

Never a fan of putting your dirty laundry out in the public eye, but this isn’t about me. I know that Thaddeus feels straight-up embarrassed that Papa Duke showed up and laid waste to his son while being directly responsible for his son’s demise. 

THEO PRYCE: Get to the point Chris.

CHRIS PAGE: I need assurances that Sebastian Duke isn’t just going to pull one of his many disappearing acts now that he’s shown up and laid hands on my client, your nephew, his son. We already know where this is going towards a Duke versus Duke throwdown so it behooves of us to play fucking stupid. 

I’m sure being a businessman that Theo Pryce is known to be that he would see the logical side of the equation.

THEO PRYCE: What do we have to do to get you out of my presence?

Chris cracks a cocky smirk.

CHRIS PAGE: I want you to look me in the eyes and guarantee that Sebastian Duke is going to be in Toronto for Warfare. I know that you’re not in the best spots either when you consider the family ties; regardless of whether you like it or not, the dirty laundry is going to be slung out into the public eye. The question becomes do you want to control it? If you do, you better make sure he’s at Warfare on the 15th. 

THEO PRYCE: What makes you think I care about how any of this plays out? 

CHRIS PAGE: I know FIGHT NYC wants Thaddeus, which means I can take him there. Do you know who is going to follow? Sebastian. The way I see it, you can control how far it goes… or leave it in the hands of a company that will let it all air out. It’s not a power play, Theo. Thaddeus wants Sebastian, and I’m going to serve him up to Thad with… or without you. Don’t say I didn’t give you the chance though.

Chris turns to open the door and exit the office when Theo calls out. 



Chris turns back around facing Theo as the two lock eyes from across the room. 

THEO PRYCE: I’ll make sure he’s there. 

CHRIS PAGE: I hope so.

Chris turns back around and opens the door where he exits the office with the door closing behind him. The camera focuses on Theo Pryce. 






NOVEMBER 29, 2021



6:50 PM

Featuring: Betsy Granger and Elijah Martin


What makes life interesting is how the times change so do people. CCP Enterprises grows by the day, and you never really know who might be interested in the services that I provide. Meetings can spring up at the drop of a dime. Betsy Granger; for example, our history over 2021 hasn’t been exactly sunshine and rainbows. Shockingly, she agreed to a meeting. 


We open inside a private VIP burrow at the Velvet Rabbit. It’s Patron Monday in the early evenings where he catches up with Chris Page who is standing in front of a large oval table that houses a bottle of Jameson, Ketel One, Patron Silver, and finally a bottle of Dom Perignon which is one ice. We see a set of five glasses lined up in front of the bottles with a large ice bucket filled with ice. 


Chris is dressed in a slick grey Gucci suit with a black undershirt. His hair is pulled back into a long ponytail as his eyes cut through the double-sided floor to ceiling mirrors that overlook a packed show floor with his hands resting in the pockets of his slacks. 


His attention is drawn towards the door where Shaun, feared doorman of the Velvet Rabbit, leads in the very breathtaking Betsy Granger who is in a cute little gold number with a matching clutch. Chris glances towards Shaun removing his hands from his pockets as he states. 


CHRIS PAGE: Thank you. Shaun.


A nod of the head from Shaun before he closes the door on his exit leaving Betsy and Chris to themselves.


CHRIS PAGE: Well, if this isn’t interesting all things considering. 


BETSY GRANGER: You know, why rule out options. 


Chris extends his right hand out towards Betsy to which she responds by reaching out and shaking his hand.


CHRIS PAGE: Before we get into anything let’s get a drink. 


Chris steps to the side as Betsy steps up to the table taking a look at the choices. She selects the bottle of Jamison. 


BETSY GRANGER: When in Rome.


She hands Chris the bottle of Jamison, cracks the seal, and sets it on the table. He takes a small rocks glass dropping in several cubes of ice before a half glass of Jamison that he hands to Betsy. Chris grabs a second glass, adds some ice before pouring himself a glass. He twists the top back on the bottle before taking his glass. 


Chris shifts attention towards Betsy where he raises his glass to Betsy. 




Which she responds. 




They tap the rims of their glasses together before each taking a sip. Chris motions over towards a white skirted table with some chairs around it. 


CHRIS PAGE: Let’s have a seat. 


A nod of the head from Betsy leads them to take seats across the table from each other. 


CHRIS PAGE: You have to understand how shocked I was to see you agree to this meeting tonight; after what I’ve seen over the last several weeks has sparked a lot of interest, I won’t lie. What I want to start by saying is that I don’t give two shits about your relationship with James Raven or the New Status Quo; I give a shit about Betsy outside of the crutches she’s nailed on seemingly daily. 


Let’s backtrack for a moment. Several weeks ago within Thunder Pro Wrestling, nobody was more shocked than I was to see Betsy Granger show up unadvertised to assist Peter Vaughn and the Exiles over Robert Main and Apex. These actions aren’t those of the sweet Betsy Granger that most have had the pleasure of seeing. These actions are that of a woman scorned, a woman with a mean streak that’s just begging to creep out and expose itself. 


CHRIS PAGE: I’ve watched over the last several months you’ve started to develop an edge that I’ve wanted to see come out of you, but never has it been more present than here lately. Loved your work when you blindsided that cuck Robert Main. The dude just doesn’t know how protected he’s been for far, far too long. I have my history with him, as you’re well aware, much like you’re aware of my history with the young lady that helped train you, Heather, right?


She nods as Chris takes a sip from his glass.


CHRIS PAGE: I’m not going to inquire as to what caused your change in attitude, it’s not my business, but what could be my business is taking this new attitude, strapping a rocket to its back, lighting the wick, and sending it sailing as sky-high as sky-high can get. As a guy that has spent time as the “good guy” and the “bad guy”, I know how hard it is to try and cater to the fickle fans of the world, to give them everything you’ve got only to have them turn on you because you didn’t give them more! 


She takes a sip from her glass as she listens intently to Chris. 


CHRIS PAGE: So let me ask you this; after you gave them everything you’ve got… What did it get you?


Betsy thinks about her answer.


CHRIS PAGE: The answer is… it got you in the seat in front of me. Betsy, you don’t have to like me or love me to understand that when it comes to capitalizing on this business there’s not a more qualified man on the planet than the man you’re looking at right now. I’m not trying to pitch you to sign a contract with CCP Enterprises… but you have some interest in what I can bring to the table or else you wouldn’t be here, I think we can both admit to that. 


I’m sure Betsy has her motives and her intentions. Most people do, and if I can play just the smallest part in steering her career she can break out of that box that most put her in. She’s more than talented enough to carve her legacy within this business without the burdens of playing second best to the likes of Raven, Warstein, or Dickie. You can only do that for so long, be looked past for so long before you grow tired. Is this the headspace Betsy is under?


CHRIS PAGE: So tell me, Betsy, what’s on your mind? 


BETSY GRANGER: I’ve been paying attention to what you’ve been doing over the last several weeks and months since that forced XWF retirement. You haven’t let your detractors sway your path. I understand that you’re also interested in speaking with Peter Vaughn? 


CHRIS PAGE: I’ve made no bones about it that Vaughn is on my radar dating back to his final days in OCW, but more importantly the impact he’s made within Thunder Pro and the XWF as well. The Exiles; Vaughn, you, Xavier, and Crash are all talents that I would love to have under the CCP Enterprises umbrella if we even get that far. I wouldn’t be wasting either of our time if I didn’t think that I’m not able to produce. 


BETSY GRANGER: Chris, part of the reason I did want to meet with you is that the Exiles are in the midst of a battle with Apex, and if there’s anyone that made a career out of making Robert Main over the last several years look like a fool it’s you. 


Ah yes. 


I’ll take all the credit in the world for exposing Robert Main as the overrated, nothing happening hack that got to the top of this profession when NOBODY of relevance was around to put him in his place. He’s made a career out of latching onto more talented athletes to prop himself up with because when it comes to doing anything on his own that’s about as much of a lost cause as Todrick Tabor-Ramsey thinking she’s got some ass. 


CHRIS PAGE: I’ve got information on Main and Apex for years, and yeah, there’s not a person on the face of the planet that can cream Robert Main harder or faster than Chris Page. 


Except maybe Thunder Knuckles.


CHRIS PAGE: What we need to do is reach out to Vaughn. You both have to be in West Virginia on Friday, right? 


BETSY GRANGER: Indeed we do. 


CHRIS PAGE: Why don’t we take my jet, we pick up Vaughn and I fly you both out there. We can all three sit down and talk things out on the ride over. If you like the direction we’re going then let’s make some shit happen. It’s that simple. I’m an equal opportunity manager.


The attention of Betsy and Chris is both taken by the sound of knocking on their burrow door. It cracks open where Shaun peaks his head inside. 


SHAUN: An Elijah Martin is here, says he’s meeting you?


CHRIS PAGE: Ah, yes. Show him in, please.


Shaun closes the door as Chris and Betsy each take drinks from their glasses. 


CHRIS PAGE: See Betsy, equal opportunity is what I am about. 


Shaun opens the door to the burrow where XWF and Pro Wrestling Valor star Elijah Martin is shown into the burrow. Chris stands as he places his glass on the table. He walks towards Elijah as Shaun closes the door to the burrow. 


CHRIS PAGE: Ah, Elijah.


Chris extends his right hand out towards Elijah who responds with his as they shake hands while Chris turns towards the table housing Betsy. 


CHRIS PAGE: I’m sure you know Betsy.


ELIJAH MARTIN: Good evening Miss Granger. 


Chris directs Elijah towards the cocktail table with a wave of his hand. 


CHRIS PAGE: Grab yourself a drink and let’s talk about your Centurion problem. 


There’s always a method when it comes to business especially when you’re looking to assemble talent under a management company. I want them to see that not only can I multitask and keep everyone’s business on point, some of what I do, but I also do without you being under a contract just to show you that this isn’t some ploy, this isn’t some grand scheme to put myself over like you might have seen with the BOB escapades throughout 2020 and 2021. 


Elijah opens the bottle of Patron and pours himself a drink. 


BETSY GRANGER: Do I need to give you two some privacy?


CHRIS PAGE: Of course not Betsy; Mr. Martin’s issues aren’t a complicated one to resolve. 


Chris and Elijah take their seats at the oval table. 


ELIJAH MARTIN: I’m curious why you attacked him at Bad Medicine?


CHRIS PAGE:  A receipt is a receipt. What can I do for you? 







8:45 PM

Featuring Damon Riggs

Standing on the elevator headed to the penthouse at Fight Tower for some meaningless Christmas Party was not my idea of fun. Holidays in general aren’t anything more corporate at best. Take Thanksgiving; celebrating stealing land from Indians? Now Christmas? A holiday built around some fake fat guy in a red suit? We lie to our kids about Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and yet in the same breath tell them lying is bad? Get the fuck out of here. 

The elevators to the Penthouse at Fight Tower opened to the sounds of Dean Martin’s “Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

Chris walked into the lobby filled with a who’s who of FIGHT! NYC. Chris instantly locks eyes across the room with Toderick Tabor-Ramsey and “the other Ramsey” as they are mingling with various office folks. Todrick shoots Chris an evil look that garners a middle finger from Page. Chris looks around taking notice of the over-the-top Christmas decor that fills the Penthouse. There’s even a picture-taking center with Santa Claus that brings an eye roll from Chris Page. 

Let’s be honest, who wants me here? It’s not like I’ve gone out of my way to kiss the ass of the talents on the roster nor have I made a lot of friends since making my debut. 

Chris’s attention diverts to what can only be described as salvation in a liquid form. A bar. Naturally, there’s a plethora of talents and office staff blocking the way. Chris weaves through the crowd reaching the bartender. 

CHRIS PAGE: Crown and Coke, double, please. 

The bartender, a male in his early twenties in a white dress shirt, black slacks, a black bowtie nods and begins making the drink. 

Aidan Reynolds is someone that I can’t force myself to take seriously based on the minimum that’s out there on him. He’s just another victim on my rise through the ranks of this organization while on my road to Countdown. Centurion, remaining silent, I’m sure will be paying attention to what I’m going to call an exhibition. The only thing you’ve got going for you rests with the people that you’ve surrounded yourself with. It wasn’t my intention to be rubbing elbows with this New Status Quo this early in my ventures here within this tower yet it was inevitable the moment the ink on my signed contract dried. If you’re smart you’ll run around and ask a few of those brethren of yours just who the hell you’re about to play this little game with coming to Silent Fight because I assure you all will not be right the moment I am through rearranging your face for nothing more than shits and giggles. 

Don’t get me wrong, you serve a purpose. That’s got to feel good, right, bud? To be surrounded with such talent, with such experience, under the learning tree of some of the best of the best, right, bud? Take it from someone that’s been around the block with some of those same faces when I tell you that as soon as that “purpose” you serve has come and gone so will you. There have been so many guys like you attached to guys like them their entire careers which makes it that much more comical when you hear them speak on or about me at times to this day. 

Nah, Aidan, this is the part of the story that sees you step to the plate and do what thus far what none of these younger stars that I was told are the future can do. Beat me. 

The bartender places Chris’s drink in front of him. 


Chris takes his glass from the bartop, taking a sip as he closes his eyes gathering his thoughts. 

It will never cease to amaze me the degree some will go to put others down without looking at how their actions make them look like stupid pricks. Mr. Reynolds, I’d hope doesn’t fall into that category. My momentum is already starting to build, the cracks to the foundations of Fight have already started to form amidst my wake. What’s funny to me is how you think my arrival in Fight doesn’t have a bigger purpose within a much bigger game. 

Slapping you around isn’t all pleasure. There’s some business involved here. 

Adian, you’re traveling down the wrong path on the wrong week versus the wrong opponent. Silent Fight will mark yet another victory to my resume only lending more credibility to my talents and abilities at fifty years of age in an occupation with guys half that. This fine wine is prepared to take things to levels that haven’t been seen as I continue to age while cramming your heads so far up your asses you can see the kernels of corn you ate for lunch yesterday! 

UNKNOWN: So, are you going to big-time me again?

Letting out an exhale Chris opens his eyes where he turns his attention and body towards an unknown voice to his left where he is looking face to face with none other Damon Riggs. 

There’s a sly smirk from Chris as he takes a sip from his glass being held in his left hand. 

CHRIS PAGE: Damon Riggs, we finally meet.

Chris extends his right hand out towards Damon who accepts the hand and shakes it. 

DAMON RIGGS: Chris Page. 

They release the grip on each other’s hand as Damon nods towards the bartender who nods back and begins making another cocktail.

CHRIS PAGE: What do I owe this formal greeting?

DAMON RIGGS: I mean you can’t keep big-timing me at the Rabbit now that we’ve been formally introduced. 

Rewind- since moving to New York I’ve rented my office space and penthouse apartment that overlooks Fight Tower and the Velvet Rabbit. With the various business, I’ve been conducting in the view of the public versus what I don’t allow you to see I’ve spent some time at the Velvet Rabbit when Old Man Riggs has been present. 

The running joke on social media between the both of us; and by us, him, is that by rubbing elbows I “big timed” him. 

Damon winks at Page as he takes his drink from the bartender. They cling to them together while sharing a toast. 

DAMON RIGGS: I have to tell you, even though our paths have never crossed inside the ring I’m well aware of who you are but more importantly what you’ve done for the business. We are really lucky to have you on board.

They take a drink from their glasses before turning around to face the ongoing party.

CHRIS PAGE: Appreciate the kind words. It’s weird for guys like us, would you have ever thought that our business would stray so far away from old school mentality? The younger generation will never get it.

DAMON RIGGS: Adapt or die, right?

I’ve made a career out of adapting and overcoming. I’ll continue to evolve with the times until I’m ready to hang these boots up. 

CHRIS PAGE: Adaptation has always been key.

DAMON RIGGS: How are you liking things so far?

CHRIS PAGE: I mean, since we’re all here celebrating a holiday wrapped around an old fat guy dressed in a red suit coupled with being forced to be here, I think it’s safe to say that things could be better.

A brash Chris Page states before taking another sip from his glass where he hears Damon speaking while making eye contact with Betsy Granger across the Penthouse in front of the Christmas Tree taking pictures with James Raven. 

DAMON RIGGS: No man! I’m not talking about the party… I’m talking about Fight! NYC.

Chris raises his glass towards Betsy who gives him a slight nod of her head before he turns his full attention back towards Damon. 

CHRIS PAGE: I’m sorry, what was that?

DAMON RIGGS: Fight! NYC. How have you liked things so far?

CHRIS PAGE: Oh, that… yeah man, in my short time here I can see what some of the hype is about. 

I’ll be the first to admit that some good things are going on under this umbrella and the potential to be great is certainly within the conversation. Yet with the positives comes the negatives as well. There are already signs of weakness from the talent within the ranks of the roster. You can see the cliques forming in the locker room, the islands amongst themselves. The blessings of having name-value versus the curses that come alongside them. 

I am flying under that proverbial radar because I choose to. 

Taking everything and everyone on a case-by-case basis to ensure that I come correct with every word. I’m the guy that makes nobodies into somebodies, that takes somebodies to legends, from legends to Gods. This is my world that I am gracious enough to allow you all to live in… but when the time is right, I’ll squeeze that trigger, and fire a shot that will be felt worldwide. 

DAMON RIGGS: We do have the futures of the business under contracts here at Fight, but I gotta tell you that I was pretty excited when I saw your debut. It’s not every day you have true veterans of the game like us to help guide them as the old-timers did for us back in the day.

CHRIS PAGE: It’s a shame that our paths never crossed when you were active. The money that could have been made would have been astronomical.

Chris raises his glass to Damon who nods and raises his as they salute once more before taking drinks from their glasses before they continue to observe the room where NSQ members are collectively around each other.

CHRIS PAGE: That’s cute. 

The talk of FIGHT has been the NSQ, right? The group that has all the control, that is cheered by most yet reacts like they should be hated. Funny what perception does for people, wouldn’t you say? While guys like me, guys that lead by example shine as a solo act instead of running from place to place playing my greatest hits. 


CHRIS PAGE: Oh no man, Vhodka Black spiking that eggnog over yonder.

Just past the NSQ members is indeed Vhodka Black pouring a pint-sized bottle of some sort of alcohol into a large bowl of eggnog. She cuts her eyes to the left and the right before sneaking away like a crafty little vixen as she giggles under her breath. 

DAMON RIGGS: Bet you it’s moonshine she made in some random bathtub.

The words garner a chuckle under Chris’s breath. 

CHRIS PAGE: Let me ask you, man… 

DAMON RIGGS: What’s up?

With sheer and utter seriousness within the tone of Chris’s voice, he asks. 

CHRIS PAGE: Your honest opinion. No punches pulled, right?

DAMON RIGGS: What you got? 

CHRIS PAGE: Do you ever think they’re going to release Joe Exotic?

Laughing under his breath Damon asks. 

DAMON RIGGS: What the fuck? 

CHRIS PAGE: It’s a more entertaining question than anything going on at this party. 

Chris slams the rest of his drink where he turns and places it on the bar. He turns attention to Damon. 

CHRIS PAGE: This ain’t my scene, nice meeting you. Let’s talk some more soon.

Chris extends out his hand where they shake hands a second time.

DAMON RIGGS: Can’t “big time” me anymore, now.

CHRIS PAGE: We’ll see.

Chris turns his back to Damon who walks off back into the crowd of talent and employees as Chris weaves back through people to the elevator. He hits the down button causing the elevator to open immediately. Chris steps on the elevator with his back to the glass wall, looking out into the penthouse. The doors start to close as Chris rolls his eyes. 

Oi Dickhead! 

Paging The Australian Wolf. 

Your reckoning is upon you. We’re on a collision course for what will be nothing short of another example to be set on my run within FIGHT. There’s nothing that trumps experience, Toto. While you might be from the land down under I’m from the United States, and here if you want something you take it. I’m going to take this victory away from you while continuing to establish that age isn’t anything but a number when you have the God-given talent and ability of a Chris Page. 

What you’re going to learn is that to compete with someone like me you’ve GOT to be on top of your shit if you so much as think you’re going to break even. You can’t walk into this situation insecure. If that’s the case you might as well sit your ass at home because you won’t last half as long as “the other Ramsey”, and he’s terrible. Take your lonely ass to the pet store and buy a fucking dog or a leash. In the event of the latter, throw it around your neck so NSQ can show you off as the faction pet for not even your determination will carry you further than the goddamn ring apron. 

FIGHT hasn’t seen anything like me before. 

Neither have you. 

Silent Fight. I’m going to destroy you. 

I will see you soon. 

The doors to the elevators at FIGHT TOWER open on the ground floor where Chris Page walks off the elevator. He receives an alert from his cell phone as he exits the elevators and head towards the front doors. He checks the alert before reading it out loud.


CHRIS PAGE: Mr. Page, we’re writing you to info you that your match with Adian Reynolds will now carry a special stipulation. See you at Silent Fight- Management.

Chris shakes his head as he slides his cell phone back into the inner pocket of his sportcoat.

CHRIS PAGE: For fucks sake.