Chapter 4: Expanding The Brand

By: Chris Page

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 12th Dec 2021






DECEMBER 3, 2021


6:30 PM

Featuring: Peter Vaughn and Betsy Granger


Our scene opens as we are in flight from Dallas, Texas to Huntington, West Virginia where Thunder Pro Wrestling has their Friday Night Fury Show slated for tomorrow night. Sitting comfortably in an oversized first-class chair that’s on a swivel is Chris Page as he is sitting opposite Peter Vaughn and fellow FIGHT star Betsy Granger. Peter can’t help but observe the fine finishes on Chris’s jet. Chris, in business attire, glances over at Betsy who is sipping some champagne on one side of a couch.


CHRIS PAGE: About that shit from Saturn?


Peter leans forward on the other end of the couch rubbing his hands together as we see Betsy place her glass on an attached end table to the inside body of the jet while reaching for her purse. Chris turns attention back towards Peter Vaughn as he states. 


CHRIS PAGE: You do know you don’t HAVE to dress in a blue jumpsuit all the time, right?


Vaughn sits back against the backrest of the couch eyeing his blue pants with a matching blue shirt looking like he just walked out of an episode of Scrubs or something. 


PETER VAUGHN: Chicks love a man in uniform.


Let’s talk about Peter Vaughn and why he’s an important client to land for CCP Enterprises. Peter first hit my radar back in OCW before OCW, well, you know…At the time he had just captured the World Title. I’ll be the first to admit that when I saw him, I laughed my ass off. I thought he was a joke; until I kept watching, and I saw just how good his game truly is. What makes Peter a hot commodity for me revolves around how many of you might not know his name now… you will know his name after it’s too late. Peter alongside Betsy is involved in a quarrel with a group of talent that I despise more than anything on the planet; Apex.


CHRIS PAGE: In all seriousness Peter, I’ve meant everything that I’ve said to you and Betsy. There’s not a person on the face of the planet that knows how to embarrass and humiliate Robert Main, Drew Archyle, and Jim Caedus more than Chris Page. I have taken everything away from Robert over the last two years while humbling him into the shell of a former self you see before you today. The reality of your situation isn’t dire by any means, I have the playbook you need to not only squash Apex, but leave them in a far worse situation than they left you at Bad Medicine.


Betsy removes a blunt from her purse as Chris starts heavily sniffing through his nostrils while tilting his head in the direction of Betsy as she has lit up.


CHRIS PAGE: I’m not going to lie to you, Peter. I’ve seen something in you since the first time I laid eyes on you back in Key West. People don’t see what I see; not only in you but the rest of the Exiles as well. I fully understand much like other talents I am looking to approach or already have approached that you don’t want a Chris Page. You need a Chris Page.


Betsy takes a deep toke off the blunt, deeply inhaling.


CHRIS PAGE: Here’s why.


Chris’s attention shifts back over towards Peter who takes a sip from his American-made Budweiser bottle. 


CHRIS PAGE: I can navigate the shark-invested waters behind any fucking curtain within any company you choose to work for. I can deal with the promoters like a promoter because I’ve been a promoter; rather successful at that, I will make you more money than you will know what to do with. You see Peter, it’s not about what you know… it’s who you know. I didn’t fly to Dallas to take you to goddamn West Virginia to try and close either one of you. I’m doing it because it’s the right thing to do. The way I see it is you’ve both already got your minds made up when it comes to if you want representation; the questions you should be asking is what can CCP do for you, and I answer… I can give you the world on a platter.


Think about that for just a second. 


People look at me and point the finger of doubt, you will see the haters line up to take their shots… yet with each shot, they’re silenced within my actions. I’ve been labeled boring- yet cracked some list without speaking on it. You call me old and washed up, yet not only am I unbeaten in FIGHT I’m taking the profession by storm. You’ve just not seen the clouds. 


The Exiles is a unit coming together that hasn’t begun to scratch the surface. Getting in on this from the ground up is exactly what I need to do because when it explodes Chris Page needs to direct that traffic.  


CHRIS PAGE: And do you want to know the best part, Peter? What do I pride myself more on being successful? I don’t take a dime of your money.


Peter chimes in as Betsy reaches out towards Chris with the blunt. 


PETER VAUGHN: I’m smart enough to know that nobody does something for nothing. What’s the catch?


Chris reaches out grabbing the blunt from Betsy. 


BETSY GRANGER: Be careful with that.


She states in an attempt to forewarn the connoisseur. 


CHRIS PAGE: It’s okay… I’m a professional.


Chris takes it from Betsy who exhales smoke before casually responding. 


BETSY GRANGER: Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Chris shifts attention back towards Peter as he answers the question. 


CHRIS PAGE: Let me tell you something; Peter, I’m not interested in your money or your contracts with various federations. I’ve made more money than God through Professional Wrestling and the avenues it presents. Everyone knows contracts are where it’s at, and yeah, I do get something out of it in the form of a small three percent, not the standard ten, three percent of any sponsorships that come your way off of deals that I’ve made.


Chris draws the blunt to his lips as Betsy Granger responds. 


BETSY GRANGER: I’m telling you…


Chris takes a rather large toke off the blunt, inhaling deeply as he passes it over to Peter Vaughn. Peter reaches overtaking it from Chris as he speaks with smoke in his lungs.


CHRIS PAGE: I’ve got the name value, I’ve got the respect of the business, but more importantly I’ve got the mind to visualize, create, and carry out the best-laid plans.


Chris turns his head coughing insanely as massive amounts of thick white smoke pour out from his mouth. Peter looks at the blunt before shifting his attention towards Betsy.


PETER VAUGHN: Where did this come from again?


BETSY GRANGER: Rings of Chebba, that came from Saturn.


The coughing fit from Chris continues for several more seconds before he’s able to fully recompose himself while he looks at Betsy who sits with a smirk on her face. 


Betsy Granger: Professional, huh?


Betsy and Chris turn their heads towards Peter who reluctantly takes a deep breath. 


CHRIS PAGE: She’s got some kick.


This brings Vaughn to give us his best Al Bundy impression.


PETER VAUGHN: Let’s rock.


Peter raises the blunt to his lips taking a toke off the blunt. He passes it to Betsy sitting next to him as he inhales before immediately following Chris’s suit with a thunderous fit of coughing.





Silent Fight has come and gone but the one thing that remains consistent is my record remaining unblemished. Adian Reynolds, you sir represent exactly why I came to Fight, to begin with. I will give you just due because knew walking in this was going to be an uphill battle but you brought everything you had while meeting it head-on; unlike some people on this roster ** coughs ** Todrick ** coughs **. You gave it a good shot, kid, but learned with age comes experience, and with experience comes another victory. 


I wasn’t a big fan of the stipulation, but hey you gotta make chicken salad outta chicken shit, right? And alas here we stand. 


I’m not going to pretend that this streak doesn’t end at some point, they all do. What I am going to do is use each person placed in front of me as a resounding statement heard around the world as a fuck you to all of my haters that are still under this pretense that Chris Page ain’t about shit. Now, I’m going to come face to face with the biggest one up to date. 


At one time I would have referred to him, her, it, whatever, as your Manhattan Champion… but it choked at Silent Fight. Toddrick Ramsey, the king, the queen, the whatever of writing checks that ass can’t cash; in one night, went from barely on my radar to non-fucking-existent. When I came to FIGHT I called you out, I had you believe that your growing star power was enticing to work with yet in reality it’s cliche’ as hell for someone of my stature to walk into a new promotion immediately calling out the top guns. Your name came out of my mouth because of the Championship you held, honey. Not because you’re the future in any sense of the words. Manipulation is a bitch especially when you’re stupid enough to buy into it.


You’ve taken being able to say I’ve beaten the number two guy is arguably the most popular federation on the planet away from me because you CRACKED under that pressure. Sweetie, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, if you couldn’t handle Miss Michelle you sure as shit can’t handle Chris Page! Not only did you let me down, not only did you let yourself down, but you also let those trash tv fans of yours down… You let Betsy Granger down! I mean damn. It’s insane to me that you could turn into such a disappointment the mere moment you allowed me to get inside your head. You’ve made this easier and easier with every week that passes. 


Your lack of gold makes you less appealing; not because I wanted it by any means, please. Now I guess I’ll just have to settle for kicking the crap out of you just for the sake of it, and that’s kinda boring like any episode of THE LIFE I’ve bothered to look at. Our own version of the Real Housewives just less entertaining. Kinda sucks to be you at the moment; going on some sort of roll only to be halted in your tracks. Usually, the powers that be will give a former Champion a bounce-back win to mend hurt feelings, yet in your case management just fucked you harder than Austin ever dreamt of.







DECEMBER 4, 2021



10:30 AM

Featuring: Unknown


As much as Chris wanted to hang out with Peter Vaughn and Besty Granger down in West Virginia for Thunder Pro’s Friday Night Fight it just wasn’t in the cards as Chris returned to New York and “Chronic” Chris Page Enterprises. It had been a few weeks since renovations had started on the two floors below Chris’s penthouse apartment. We join Chris on the elevator enclosed in glass as it nears the twenty-fourth of twenty-five floors. 


The elevator comes to a stop before the doors open into the luxurious second floor of CCP Enterprises. 



Chris takes a moment to soak in his accomplishment of starting his management firm as the twenty-fourth floor is more of his private offices, unlike the twenty-third floor that will be staffed with agents and interns.


His attention is quickly taken as a voice from the other side of the lobby is heard calling out, startling Chris. 


UNKNOWN: Face-to-face meetings are so much more personable than over the phone, don’t you think?


Chris turns his attention towards the direction of the now very familiar voice.


CHRIS PAGE: I tend to agree.


Chris starts to walk towards the unknown man who is still unseen by the camera. 


CHRIS PAGE: But usually face-to-face meetings are arranged prior too.


UNKNOWN: Why not keep one on their toes? Especially when they talk as big a game as you do.


CHRIS PAGE: Touche’.


Chris motions down a hallway. 


CHRIS PAGE: Step into my office.


Chris Page takes the lead as he walks down a long hallway filled with framed artwork of some of his finest accomplishments from winning the XWF Universal Championship at fifty years old, to older still of Page on top of a Ladder shoving Ranma Saotome backward which from years gone past to even a framed photo of James Raven hitting Page with a Flight of the Raven in midair at WGWF’s Wrestle Wars Seven some ten plus years ago. Chris opens a closed door at the end of the hall which leads us into his private office. 



UNKNOWN: Nice spot you got here.


CHRIS PAGE: I told you before and I’ll tell you again. I don’t blow smoke up people’s asses when it comes to what I can deliver versus what I can’t. For weeks we’ve been chatting, for weeks I’ve been telling you that the people within Fight can give two flying fucks about what you can bring to the table.


What many of you fail to grasp when it comes to Chris Page and CCP Enterprises rests with everyone that I’m approaching has value in my overall portfolio. You’re going to see some big names in the business mixed with some folks you haven’t heard of and all points in between. When you have a rock-solid reputation for knowing how to make money you can see the rough edges on most while helping mold them into the stars that will lead this profession into the next decade or longer. 


I’d be dumb as Todrick if I thought every person I’ve met with is going to sign on to the brand. I started strong with Thaddeus Duke in the XWF, I’ve got contracts signed with talents here in FIGHT and several other locations. Doesn’t quite fit the narrative of someone boring or out of touch, right? 


UNKNOWN: Then tell me what you’re going to do for me. Where I come from there are those that talk about it and those that can be about it. Thus far you have talked a good game but I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say that I’m sure you can back it up.


The response garners a sarcastic smile finding its way on Chris’s face as he states. 


CHRIS PAGE: Thaddeus Duke, Peter Vaughn, Betsy Granger, Elijah Martin; all are top tier caliber wrestlers, Thad is already under contract and that kid hasn’t had to do anything but show up to work. Vaughn, Granger, Martin are all people just like you that I’m interested in having a part of this movement that is going to take the wrestling world by storm, and in case you haven’t noticed, it kinda already has.


Chris walks over towards the wall of floor-to-ceiling glass that looks over upon FIGHT TOWER. The Unknown man’s silhouette can be seen reflecting off the glass but nowhere near enough to make out any facial or body features as Chris continues. 


CHRIS PAGE: Fight should have been in the palm of your hand, and if I’m you I’m pissed that they’ve rolled out the red carpet for someone like me, who up until recently was an unproven commodity and just a reputation. Not only have they done this for me they’ve done this with several other “outsiders” with name value while guys like you get cast to the side and forgotten about.


Chris turns around looking towards the Unknown as he remains out of view of the camera. 


CHRIS PAGE: The way I see it… you got two choices, let me take you to the promised land or fall by the waste side picking bullshit fights with Joe Montouri on Twitter about him fucking someone’s wife. Now, you and I both know where this is headed. Might I suggest that the formalities end… walk through my door… let me show you how to have everyone eating out of the palm of your hand.


Everyone I’ve selected has a purpose. Even an unknown. 




Toddy, I got a question for you. 


What took you so long?


I’ve been around six weeks or so, made my intentions of wanting to do this aboard the Tara Fenix Cruise edition of Venom. I even left you laying under the impression that you’d surprise me yet you did as I expected. You created as much distance as you could from this match taking place; even going so far as to say that I wasn’t worth your time while continuing to try and troll me on social media.


… which, terrible job.  You do realize you don’t look like a badass spouting off from a distance, right? 


Who the fuck tries to call someone out for giving you a dose of your own medicine? Oh yeah, you. Dumbass. I’m curious though, what suddenly changed? Why now are you so eager to get that fifteen minutes of fame that comes along with dancing between those ropes with someone of my stature brings? 


Oh yeah.


The Manhattan Championship has changed. 


So you seriously fucking think that I’m going to allow you to use my name as a catapult back into some notoriety since obscurity is on your horizons. It pains me to see just how desperate you’ve become, the degrees that you’ve had to stoop to just to get an advantage over me. Let me take you back to my surprising debut. You remember, right? You pranced out to that ring all glowing and shit because a bonified legend was giving you the time of day. What else happened baby girl? I dropped you where you stood. Take note of the word “I”. 


It’s funny to me that when you scroll through those Venom archives over the last several weeks what you see. 


Do you know what I see? 


I see the only way Todrick Tabor-Ramsey can get the one up one this old man is with the assistance from the other Ramsey or Centurion! Bitch can’t even come at me on her own leading into this thing and you all expect Todrick to handle me on his own when the bell rings? Keep drinking that goddamn Kool-Aid. If Toddy was all gung ho about getting a piece of me he would have done it well before I humbled his husband in front of his very eyes. 


You don’t want this. 


You never did. 


You just couldn’t keep running forever or you’d run the risk of exposing yourself further than you already have. You lost this thing before it even began, you’re just too stupid to fucking realize it. Come Venom you’re not going to have Austin to run interference for you to attack, you’re not going to have Centurion in the ring with you to assist you within your efforts. Everything that has seen you take any advantage in the slightest has been removed from the equation. 


You don’t get to make excuses. 


You don’t get to do anything but eat your words. At this point that might serve as satisfaction enough. 







DECEMBER 7, 2021


7:45 PM


Featuring: Sebastian Everett-Bryce 


Silent Fight is behind us but the business never stops. The sweet tastes of victory over a game Aidan Reynolds served as another shot in the arm and Blood Money in the bank for Chris Page. I didn’t stay in New York long for another talent on my radar has agreed to a sit down in Chicago. Sebastian Everett-Bryce gained my attention back aboard the Tara Fenix Charity Cruise as he took part in that incredible 10 Person Elimination Tag pitting Team Atara versus Team Raven. I’ve sat back and had a birds-eye view when he squared off with Mathew Knox in Boston for Pro Wrestling Valor- some might say will go down on the best PWV Match of the Year. There’s no denying the level of talent and ability he brings to the table within any federation he’s put pen to paper to. 


Chris landed in Chicago before being whisked away to one of Chicago’s premium Steakhouses whose reputation for having one of the best porterhouses in the United States is going to be put to the challenge. 



Mastro’s Steakhouse was popping as the elite of Chicago enjoyed their meals. Our scene opened as Chris Page is shown in one of Mastro’s private rooms. 



There are but two chairs, one on each end of the table as Chris sits with his back towards the television. He stands as the door to the private room opens where UGWC and Pro Wrestling Valor star Sebastian Everett-Bryce is walked into the room by a large, mid-thirties white male that is jacked to the gills wearing a black suit. Chris gives the gentleman a nod of the head.


CHRIS PAGE: Ah, Mr. Everett-Bryce…


Chris glances towards the larger man in the black suit.


CHRIS PAGE: Thank you, Dean.


Dean nods as he exits the room closing the door behind him as Sebastian and Chris meet at the head of the table closest to the door. They shake hands.


CHRIS PAGE: I’m really glad you’ve taken me up on this meeting.


SEBASTIAN EVERETT-BRYCE: I’ll admit my interest is piqued as to why someone like you would want to meet with me of all people.


They release hands as Chris motions for SEB to take a seat. 


CHRIS PAGE: Take a seat, my man. Let’s have a chat.


Chris turns his back to SEB where he begins to walk towards the further end of the table while SEB takes a seat.


There’s a lot that can be said about Sebastian. Over the last several months he’s not had the best track record when it comes to his higher profile affairs. I’ve had eyes on Sebastian for the last several months, but what impressed me was seeing him opposite Mathew Knox in Boston. There’s something there, there’s something to him that has big money written all over. 


CHRIS PAGE: Let me ask you a question?


Chris turns as he faces SEB taking his seat. In front of each man large stainless steel-covered dish, each has sat in front of them. Besides there are covered dishes, Page as a bottle of Crown Royal, a stainless steel bucket of ice, two coke cans, a small glass while in front of SEB is a bottle of 18 years aged Dewers, stainless ice bucket filled with ice with several coke selections. 


CHRIS PAGE: Do you know who I am?


SEBASTIAN EVERETT-BRYCE: I mean, who doesn’t?


Good point.


CHRIS PAGE: Good, officially I’m Chris Page and I asked you here for a reason.


Chris reaches for the bottle of Crown where he cracks the seal, removing the cap where he pours a good two shots into the empty glass before putting the bottle on the table, grabbing a few cubes of ice tossing them in before cracking open a coke pouring just a few sips.


CHRIS PAGE: By all means have a drink.


Chris swirls his beverage in his glass as Sebastian makes himself a drink. Chris takes a refreshing sip from his glass.


CHRIS PAGE: You sir, you got to get out of your head. Over the last several months I’ve been scouting talent from all points of the globe to bring them under one roof of representation within Professional Wrestling. “Chronic” Chris Page Enterprises is so much more than a management company, and while I’d love to sell you on wanting to guide your career, take you back to the penthouse of the business… I can’t in good conscience.


Sebastian doesn’t mix the Dewer as he throws a shot back before responding. 


SEBASTIAN EVERETT-BRYCE: Then with all due respect… why the hell are you here?


CHRIS PAGE: For starters, I didn’t fly to Chicago for a steak dinner.


SEB is someone I want under my brand for a plethora of reasons, and while I could try to sell him there’s more to it than business. They have to know that I do give a shit about them as people on top of Wrestlers. 


CHRIS PAGE: The reality is I do want you as a part of CCP Enterprises, but that’s not why I wanted to meet with you. I’ve been paying attention to how coming up short has affected you, and knowing that you’re heading into a clash with someone the likes of James Raven, he’ll chew you up and spit you out if you don’t get your shit together. You have all the potential to be great, but you’re beating yourself mentally before you even step through those ropes.


SEB sits back listening intently as Chris continues.


CHRIS PAGE: Do you know one of the things that makes me good at what I do? I know that winning and losing come with the territory. Everyone wants to win, someone’s got to lose, but what defines you as a performer is how you handle yourself in defeat. In your case, you’ve started questioning yourself. Get the fuck out of your head and do what you know in that heart of yours you know you’re capable of.


Guys like me are a dying breed much like my generation. There’s a good crop of younger talent that I am looking for because I want to ensure there’s a business that can be carried like guys like myself and many others have done the last two decades. 


CHRIS PAGE: I can’t just sit by and watch someone like you throw it all away because part of me wonders if you even realize how good you are?


SEBASTIAN EVERETT-BRYCE: It means a lot that someone of your stature holds me in higher regard. It’s one thing knowing you’re blinded by form, but it’s another thing entirely to believe it.


CHRIS PAGE: You can’t dwell on the past brother. Look at me, when my XWF career ended in September I was under the impression that I was done. Word got out and offers were made by countless promotions but Fight put the money to get me on the roster. It rejuvenated my career because I cleared my headspace before I debuted, let go of all the hostilities, centered my chi, and everything has worked out for the better.


Chris takes another sip from his glass while Sebastian pours himself another. 


SEBASTIAN EVERETT-BRYCE: It’s easier said than done though. I can’t lie, it’s something that makes me question if I even want to do this anymore when the year ends.


CHRIS PAGE: You leaving the business at the end of 2021 is the dumbest fucking thing you could ever do. You don’t walk away because things aren’t going your way, that’s the easy way out brother. I’ve been doing this for thirty years, I’ve legitimately done it all… but I still find something that sparks the interest to keep going. You already have something in front of you that should have your undivided attention- you’ve got the GOAT himself at Horizons. I don’t care who you are… it doesn’t get bigger in this profession than the only Raven that matters, James.


SEBASTIAN EVERETT-BRYCE: I know who he is, and I know how I should feel about it… But… if I lose, and that trend of money match losses rack up another one I think it would be about time to re-evaluate.


CHRIS PAGE: The only thing you need to re-evaluate is your self-confidence. I know losing those big matches hits the ego, lord only knows I’ve lost my fair share, several to the man you have looking back at you at Horizon. There’s no shame in losing, it’s the performance that’s always remembered. If you can shake this notion of questioning yourself and just go out there and fucking do it, you will. Stop projecting doubt into the universe for doubt is exactly what you’re going to receive back. KNOW that you are the man, KNOW that you are the evolution of this business… and you’ll receive that back ten-fold. What this comes down to for you is this, are you through being a shell of yourself, or are you ready, to quote Jim Morrison, are you ready to break on through to the other side?


Chris motions towards the stainless dish cover where he then removes it, the steam rises off a picture-perfect 24oz medium-rare Porthouse Steak with a side of mashed potatoes and green beans. SEB does the same revealing the same. 


CHRIS PAGE: I heard medium rare was your thing- you’ve got good taste.


SEBASTIAN EVERETT-BRYCE: I didn’t think that meeting up with you would lead to something like this.


CHRIS PAGE: There are two sides to Chris Page; there’s the television side of Page that everyone loves to hate and there’s the business side of Page that knows true talent when he sees it.


Chris takes another drink from his glass finishing off his cocktail placing it on the table while SEB starts cutting into his porterhouse.


CHRIS PAGE: Where do you see yourself in a year?


Before SEB can answer Chris states.


CHRIS PAGE: Before you answer… I’ve taken the liberty of ordering a few Appletinis.





Isn’t it interesting that the Ramsey’s think that I am responsible for Austin being barred from the Tower come to Venom? It’s crazy to think that within a federation that I have zero obligations to other than showing up and competing when they book me to compete, that I have that kind of stoke within a company’s management structure to say Austin Ramsey isn’t allowed to be present when Todrick is dealt yet another crushing blow to that already shattered ego. 


Here’s a question. 


Why the fuck would I care if he’s in the Tower or not? What does he have to do with me embarrassing Toddy in front of the world other than I’m NOT the only person that sees just how quick on the draw he is to “protect” you, Mr. Ramsey. Have no fear though, it didn’t take you long to round up someone else to call to your aid with Centurion. You can’t even muster the thought of having to stand in that ring with me and rely on nothing more than what you can bring to the table. All everyone has talked about is how you’re supposed to be this bright young star yet all I see is a ratched hood rat that is more exposed for being nothing more than a right time, right place piece of talent versus a Professional Wrestler. I told you the first time we shared the ring with you I was going to teach you a series of lessons. The first lesson when I left you lying in that ring was don’t trust anybody; a lesson should have been a further reminder, considering the man you call yourself loving has already plugged someone else holes a time or two. The second lesson when I sent you on a first-class ride to the City Jail was don’t assume jumping me in an ally with Austin makes you a damn thing but a chump. Your most important lesson is coming when you’ve got NOBODY to prop you up at the sound of the bell ringing. I’ve tried to warn you, I’ve tried to tell you, I’ve even tried to show you that I’m not the one to be trifled with… it’s all fallen on deaf ears. Bring Austin. Don’t bring Austin. Doesn’t change the result of Chris Page standing victorious over Toddick Tabor-Ramsey just as God intended! 


What you don’t see is me running from you; sure, AFTER you tucked that tail on social media for WEEKS you finally came around, yet blast me for doing the same thing you did to me? So, if ANYONE has friends within FIGHT it’s you because if I had my way I’d string you along the next six months just to show you what a real bitch is all about instead they caved and gave you what you wanted when you wanted, color me surprised, management caving to their undeserving choke artist because now you’ve got nothing to lose you’re suddenly eager for a fight. That hypocritical bullshit that you THINK nobody sees is all ANYONE sees when they look in your general direction. You call your attitude and your sass “putting people in their place” from a distance because that is your safety net honey. You use the power of the internet to “speak your truth” only to skirt away at the hint of someone calling you on your bullshit. You’re not the sweet little goodie two shoes that you have everyone fooled into believing you are. Inside of you, there’s a mean streak that’s begging to be snapped. You’ve eluded to it over the last several weeks only to be short bus retarded to think it caters to your advantage.


Do you want to get to the next level?


You’re going to have to do a hell of a lot more than lame jokes that I’ve heard cut better by dumber fucking people. 







DECEMBER 9, 2021



3:30 PM 

Featuring: Unknown


The scene opens inside the office of Chris Page located on the twenty-fourth floor. Chris sits at his desk while on his cell phone as he looks out the floor-to-ceiling windows at the Velvet Rabbit. 


CHRIS PAGE: Candice? Hey, Chris Page, it’s good to finally get you on the phone.


Candice “Voodoo” Wolf is one of the many influential people outside of Professional Wrestling that one might need to rub elbows with. She’s arguably one of the successful women with the Velvet Rabbit under her belt. She’s taken a small concept and made it bigger. She’s an outside-the-box thinker much like myself.


CHRIS PAGE: I got back from Chicago this morning to the news that Atara Themis is taking the stage tomorrow night. I’d assume the burrows are taken at this point… but was hoping that we could work something out.


Atara Themis, I haven’t spoken about her or her presence within the business for a very good reason until now. I’m one of the biggest Atara marks there is, and if truth be told the only reason I hoped a plane to Athens for that match with Centurion was to see her shot at the Multiverse Championship; Atty was robbed. No denying it. 


CHRIS PAGE: I knew I could count on you, Candice. Listen, I’ve seen what you have going on and would love it if you can spare me a minute or two tomorrow as well? It would be nice to meet you face to face.


Chris’s attention shifts towards the entrance to his office as there’s a light double knock before the sound of the door opening can be heard. 


CHRIS PAGE: You’re a rockstar. I’ll see you tomorrow night.


Chris hangs up his cell phone before sliding it on his desk as he looks off-camera. 


CHRIS PAGE: I’m glad you got the message.


UNKNOWN: You have my attention.


Chris pushes his chair out from his desk as he stands up and brushes off his dress slacks. 


CHRIS PAGE: So then you know that the powers that be within FIGHT have decided that Austin Ramsey has been banned from the Tower Monday Night, and naturally they’ve pointed the finger in my direction. That doesn’t concern me. What concerns me is how quickly Todrick jumped to get someone else there…


UNKNOWN: Centurion.


CHRIS PAGE: Correct.


Never to be one to be outplayed if Todrick Ramsey is so hell-bent on having Centurion watch his back perhaps I should do him one better. What should scare you isn’t who I have watching my back… it’s how many. One of the many things going for me when it comes to CCP Enterprises rests with the talent that I’ve made public I’m conversing with… but what about the ones that are behind closed doors? Part of what makes me dangerous, Toddy, I never show my hand. You’ve been one step behind since we started which will never be more evident than when I leave you just as I left your husband, just like I’ve dropped a Moore, just like I dropped an Aussie… Your fate is sealed.


CHRIS PAGE: It’s time to fight fire with fire.


Chris opens the top drawer to his desk where he pulls out several documents. He drops them on the center of his desk while directing his attention back towards this unknown. 


CHRIS PAGE: I want you at Venom, and I want you to lay low unless Centurion rears his ancient head.


UNKNOWN: What are those papers?


CHRIS PAGE: That’s your contract to fall under the CCP Enterprises umbrella. Those papers, as you put them, change your life.


I see your Centurion; Toddy, and now I’ve raised you yet again showing just how ignorant to this profession you are. Remember this, you can’t counter an unknown until that unknown makes themselves known. 


Chris Page: 10

Toddrick Tabor-Ramsey: 0


CHRIS PAGE: The choice belongs to you.


Chris reaches into the inner pocket of his sport coat where he pulls out a black pen. He holds it out, and for the first time, we see the hand of a white male reach out and take it from Chris. 


UNKNOWN: I’ll be there.


The right hand of the unknown signs the contract before dropping the pen on the desk. 


CHRIS PAGE: Welcome home.




Where did all the old man references go, Toddy? Did you quickly come to grips with how retarded you look spouting out nonsense about my age when you saw how polarizing I am when I get in that ring? I mean it was once your entire arsenal, and yet now… you sit in silence. You don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to dealing with me, sister. You’re outmatched on every front from talent, experience, ability, psychology down to your mere presence alone. 


I walk into a room, heads turn. 


You walk into the room and you’ve barely been noticed. 


It sucks, I know. Especially when you have a handful of people within the business pumping up that ego of yours to the degree you believe you stand a chance. It’s pathetic. You aren’t close to being able to lace my boots.






DECEMBER 10, 2021



2:00 PM

Featuring: Thaddeus Duke


With Chris Page versus Toddrick Tabor-Ramsey just days away the anticipation continues to build as both Toddy and Chris have toned down social media presences in regards to each other. Focus shifts to the countdown of this historic confrontation, yet our scene opens as we catch up with Chris Page and one of his clients, Thaddeus Duke as they are inside Prada on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. They’re in a private showroom out of the public eye as they each sit in a comfy chair with a bottle of water in their hand. The two are joined in midconversation. 


CHRIS PAGE: Thanks again for coming along and helping me out here. Secret Santa Shopping for someone I don’t even know can be rather challenging.


THADDEUS DUKE: No problem, hoss. You’d fucked this up without me.


It’s funny because it’s true. 


CHRIS PAGE: I’m glad you know of her and pointed us in this direction. While we are waiting, I got a question for you.




CHRIS PAGE: Monday Night, Venom at Fight Tower…


THADDEUS DUKE: Yeah? What about it?


CHRIS PAGE: You know that cunt Todrick finally nutted up.


About time. 


THADDEUS DUKE: Yeah I saw that.


CHRIS PAGE: Then you might also know he’s invited, Centurion as a guest to the show. Never to be outdone I think I’d like to formally invite you and Adi as mine. It would make me happy to know that my client supports me just like I support him.


Let’s be fair. Having Thad on-site trumps Centurion any day of the week.


THADDEUS DUKE: Say less bro, Adi and I will both be there. If Centurion wants to stick his nose in your business I’ll just Superkick his head from his shoulders. It’s not like Centurion is worth a flying fuck.


Thad and Page fist bump as they continue to wait. 


CHRIS PAGE: Next Wednesday, anything you want to go over? Your old man is going to be there as promised. Now, what do you have in mind to send him a message?


THADDEUS DUKE: Oh there’s plenty to do old man Duke.


CHRIS PAGE: Let me tell you what I’m going to do… He doesn’t leave Warfare without agreeing to fight you at Fire and Ice. The Duke Legacy is Thaddeus, it has always been Thaddeus. This is your time to take what belongs to you.


THADDEUS DUKE: Nobody is looking more forward to slapping him around more than I am. I’m not only going to take the Duke legacy… I’m going to send him out to pasture, permanently.


Suddenly the attention of Page and Thad are drawn to three models all sporting various dresses. They walk in front of Chris and Thad, do a turn and walk back out the same door they came in. Seconds pass and another set of models enter wearing another series of dresses. There’s one specific that catches Chris’s eye causes him to throw up his hand. 




He gets out of his chair, walks over to one of the models as he admires the front side of the dress before slowly walking around her, taking it all in. He nods his head before glazing over at Thaddus. 


CHRIS PAGE: This is it!


Thad gives Page a thumbs up as he turns his attention towards the sales associate who stands at the doorway. 


CHRIS PAGE: I’ll take it.



CHRIS PAGE: Merry Christmas.


See Toddy, you can grab one lower-tier talent within this industry to watch your back and I’ll counter you with two main event players that will squash your insurance policy like a cockroach under the sole of their boots. I’m a very well-connected man within this industry, regardless of whether you like, love, or hate my antics when that camera is on me. 


This is just another way of establishing my superiority over you. 


Our game started with the Tara Fenix Charity Cruise. You’ve been playing checkers while I’ve been playing chess. Each move you’ve made has been misguided like the fool you truly are. Take some of your assumptions; do you think I criticize you because of your star power? You said that last week, do you think about ANYTHING you say before you say it? Or do you rationalize things that way? It’s sad. No seriously, like a Donald Trump level of sadness. I’ve slammed you at every turn because you’ve made it that easy. I am dominating you because you’re powerless to stop me, I’ve overshadowed you because I’m an Icon that has exposed you to the world as an over-hyped sissy that’s only made a name for themselves because the LGBTQ community needed an affirmative action representation! 


I wonder what else you’re going to tell yourself for getting trounced in front of the world? 


There’s not a saving grace in this equation. You lost all that power you claimed to have by letting your nuts fall out of your ass and calling my name. The trolling on social media has been fun, but the words from a distance are meaningless. What’s not is what transpires in front of the world when it comes times for you to put up for fucking shut up. I assure you when I’m done spanking you from one side of the Tower to the other the embarrassment “the other Ramsey” feels for being a shitty wrestler is going to pale in comparison to how you’re going to feel when you wake up Tuesday morning and look yourself in the mirror knowing that you just got steamrolled by someone old enough to be your goddamn dad.






DECEMBER 10, 2021



10:45 PM

Featuring: Candice “Voodoo” Wolf, Atara Themis, James Raven, Betsy Granger, Thaddeus Duke, Adi Gold 


Atara Themis stole the fucking show as she graced the Velvet Rabbit with her presence. The place is packed to the degree the Fire Marshall is present to keep the occupancy under control. Words cannot describe how Atara commanded the stage and dominated the room making it her bitch in every sense of the word. 


We open inside the King’s Burrow, self-titled by Chris Page considering the time he has spent conducting business while in preparations for the grand opening of CCP Enterprises. The lavish room is fully stocked with all top-shelf liquors, a private bartender, a spread of Ribs, Garlic Chicken, Meatloaf, Prime Rib, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Buttered Rolls, Mac and Cheese along the far side of the large room. 


Chris Page and Candice Wolf enter the space first. 


CHRIS PAGE: I love it!


Chris states as he takes in the full luxury of this bonus addition to the Velvet Rabbit. 


CANDICE WOLF: You’re the first to break this puppy in. Snuck it in.


She states with a wink towards Chris which gets a smile in return as he states. 


CHRIS PAGE: Candice, it’s going to get packed in here in a minute so why I’ve got you, there’s something I need to ask you.


CANDICE WOLF: Anything, hun.


CHRIS PAGE: I wanted to know if maybe I could, uh, take you dinner sometime. I’d love to pick your brain about New York, the markets here because you’re incredibly successful with this Velvet Rabbit, the renovations, everything…


Before Candice can answer Shaun leads in the star of the night… The Goddess, Atara Themis. 




Candice and Atara share a hug before Candice introduces Atara to Chris. 


ATARA THEMIS: Hello Doves.


CANDICE WOLF: Atty, you know Chris, right?


Chris reaches out for Atara’s hand. 


CHRIS PAGE: Atty, incredible show.


Atty takes Chris’s hand allowing Page to kiss the top of her hand.


ATARA THEMIS: You’re too kind Mr. Page.


Chris releases Atty’s hand as she looks over the new addition to the Rabbit. 


CANDICE WOLF: I think it’s safe to say that tonight was another success.


CHRIS PAGE: Anytime you trend on Twitter it’s kinda a thing.


Chris slowly turns his head towards the camera, sarcastically winking before directing attention back towards Candice and Atara. 


CHRIS PAGE: I have a question for you Atty.


Chris walks over to the bar where he takes one of the several bottles of Atty’s fine adult beverage before walking over to Atara. He reaches into the inner pocket of his leather jacket grabbing a sharpie. 


CHRIS PAGE: Will you do me the honor of signing this for me?


Atty giggles under her breath before answering. 


ATARA THEMIS: Of course dove.


Atara takes the bottle and sharpie from Chris Page. She signs the bottle’s label before kissing beside the signature leaving an impression of her luscious red lipstick before handing Chris the bottle and the sharpie. He caps the sharpie and throws it in his back pocket while admiring the signature. 


CHRIS PAGE: Great show tonight. Enjoy yourself, open bar, food, whatever you want I got you. 


Just then Thaddeus Duke and Adi Gold are armed in arm as Shaun allows them to enter. Adi immediately rushes over to Atara and Candice hugging them both while congratulating Atara on her performance while Page and Thad hang back greeting each other with a fist bump. 


CHRIS PAGE: Thanks again for the help with Secret Santa.


THADDEUS DUKE: It was no problem. Oh, I spoke to Adi and we’re in for Monday Night. We will be there. If Centurion wants to try and attack I’ll leave him cowering away like he’s been doing since War Games.


CHRIS PAGE: Thanks bro, means a lot to have you there while I snuff out the flame of what is supposed to be one of their upstarts.


THADDEUS DUKE: One day people will learn playing with you is a losing battle.


CHRIS PAGE: Let’s be fair, I’ve lost a lot of battle; it’s the wars that I rarely lose.


It garners a smirk from young Thaddeus. 


THADDEUS DUKE: Well played, old man.


Chris pats Thad on the shoulder. 


CHRIS PAGE: Go enjoy yourself, kid. Plenty of food and drinks.


THADDEUS DUKE: Thanks Chris, for everything.


A second fist bump is shared between the two as Thaddeus walks up behind Adi, wrapping his arms around her waist while kissing her on the cheek as they shake hands with Candice and chat it up with Atara. Shaun opens the door once again which sends Page spinning around to the breathtaking Betsy Granger. 




Your next Manhattan Champion mother fuckers. 


Chris and Betsy share a hug as he kisses her on the right side of the cheek before drawing away. 


CHRIS PAGE: Got any more of that Rings of Chebba?


She winks at Chris while nodding her head. 


BETSY GRANGER: Are you going to listen to me this time?


CHRIS PAGE: So that’s a yes!


“Did somebody say tapioca?”


James Raven enters looking like a million bucks per usual as he tosses a small box of Tapioca Pudding at the chest of Page who catches it while rolling his eyes. 


CHRIS PAGE: Funny guy you got here, Bets.


BETSY GRANGER: And here we go.


Raven and Page fist bump as Betsy excuses herself when she meets up with Candice, Atara, Thaddeus, and Adi at the bar getting cocktails. 


CHRIS PAGE: It’s been a long time dude.


JAMES RAVEN: Some say not long enough, am I right?!


Sheer sarcasm exudes from James Raven as Chris seems crushed by the initial statement.. 


JAMES RAVEN: Oh lighten up, gramps.


CHRIS PAGE: Yeah, yeah, yeah get it all out now why you can. You’ll be my age soon enough, no wait, aren’t you now? Or have you just aged poorly?


JAMES RAVEN: Speaking of aging poorly…


CHRIS PAGE: It’s the Pandemic man!


JAMES RAVEN: Somebody has a guilty conscience…


Chris rolls his eyes. 


CHRIS PAGE: Looks like you got some things happening out there. I see that the Sebastian Everett Bryce deal is coming up over in UGWC.


JAMES RAVEN: Yeah, one of the many that call my name daily.


CHRIS PAGE: I got my eye on him. He’s got something.


JAMES RAVEN: A mouth that I’m going to enjoy shutting.


CHRIS PAGE: We were once young and brash, look at what I’m dealing with when it comes to Todrick; talk about a walking contradiction. It doesn’t get better than exhibit A.


Shaun opens the door back up getting the attention of Page who excuses himself from Raven. He walks over to Shaun where he’s met with. 


SHAUN: Joe Montouri is out here saying you invited him to come back?


CHRIS PAGE: Go tell him to fuck off.


Shaun nods his head and turns to head back down a hallway. Candice is shown coming up behind Chris where she whispers in his ear. 


CANDICE WOLF: About that offer…


She startles Chris Page as he spins around catching his breath.


CANDICE WOLF: I’d love to.


Chris nods his head at Candice. 


CANDICE WOLF: I’ll let you know a date next week.


She winks at Chris before leaving the party, closing the door behind her. Chris turns his attention back around to the room looking at some of the friends of the business.


CHRIS PAGE: I’m one lucky guy.






You thought I was through cramming my foot up to your ass? HON-EY. 


Welcome to the world series of smack talk, cupcake. First thing I gotta tell you, Todrick, I have never been less excited to deal with a girl that you should be afraid to take home to meet your parents because you’re afraid she’s going to fuck dad. Speaking of Dad’s, Tabor looks like your pops said Beetlejuice three times before he came. Funny story, back before Netflix was a thing your parents referred to Making a Murder, fucking. Are you a Professional Wrestler or do you work at Hot Topic? What the fuck Toddy, let me hook you up with a stylist. Seriously, though, I do love you, I love how you look like you dress like a hooker from Battlestar Galactica. I mean if I were to say the word “action” you look like you’d start taking your clothes off- hold up dude, this isn’t something you’d see on the MIL network. I have a question, how do you become a reality TV star? What community college do you have to flunk out of to achieve that goal? 


There’s a reason why I’m one of the sultans of smack, little boy. 


My words will cut you to the core without so much as laying a finger on you. If those words cut that deep, can you imagine what my actions will do? You know what you can do, Toddy? You can thank the good Lord above that your parents don’t have Alzheimer’s because at least you wouldn’t disappoint them every single day! There truly are thousands of professional wrestlers out there, Todrick is certainly one of the loudest. So loud you sound like a poorly educated queef. 


Every time I see Toddy and Austin in public I find myself wondering which bottom is going to come out on top. 


Toddy is the only person I know that’s taken more shots to the back than 50 Cent.  


Toddy, I know homosexuality is not a choice… but wrestling is, so stop now. When it comes to watching you inside that ring people see the glass as half full or half empty… I see it as half retarded.


You have dug your own grave Mr. Ramsey, now all the eyes are on you to see if you’re as bad of a bitch as you want us all to believe. The pressure is on you, always has been as I’ve kicked my feet up on my desk watching you stumble and fall every step of the way. Come Venom 15 school is out as the final lesson is going to be tought. Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.


I came to slay you, bitch. That’s exactly what the fuck I’m going to do. 


Here’s what I want you to know as we are poised for our collision course, and I need you to take this to heart. It doesn’t matter if you come out first or second. The moment you heard that clock counting down from five it’s not a matter of if I’m coming to destroy you… It is already too late.