By: Chris Page

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 25th Dec 2021




Hello, again friends. Did you miss me? I ask because I have to be honest when I say I missed you like I’ve missed the plague; however, even though I must waste my time speaking to you all I can’t help but have that sweet taste of satisfaction in my mouth after bitch slapping Toddy around on Venom as he owed me money. It’s cute to me when I see someone, or in this case, the Ramsey’s in general unload so much shit verbally to whoever the fuck will listen about how I am old, or run down, or toothless, or have hair issues to even the most recent development of lameness and lack of creativity from these two chodes is now my sex life. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Ramseys are so worried about where my dick is going rather than backing up their words. These two morons are the epitome of the word “retarded”. Instead of owning up that they tried me and lost, both of them continue to make excuses for being lackluster Professional Wrestlers. This profession isn’t for everyone who THINKS they can play a wrestler on television. What you saw on Venom was yet another move within my human game of chess. Toddy thought bringing Centurion to the ring was going to change the narrative when all it did was cater further into my own. You can’t put a price tag on intelligence or experience. I can’t help but feel a little disappointed at the end of the day because I expected so much more than what I got; and since we know that neither of you can hang INSIDE the ring keeps running your mouth everywhere else so you feel better about being a couple of failures.


I do want to thank you. 


I want to thank you for allowing me to use you to debut my next signing to CCP Enterprises; since the cat is out of the bag that Austin was not under that mask it should beg to question who was? Now that’s the million-dollar question, don’t you think? I thought the Austin mask was a lovely touch, and while I would love to further cast that speculation I can confirm beyond any shadow of a doubt that Austin Ramsey is a bitch in every sense of the word, I don’t associate with bitches so it’s safe to say that the other Ramsey is innocent this time; but it made you think. 










10:45 PM

Featuring: “Austin Ramsey” and Thaddeus Duke


CHRIS PAGE: They didn’t see it coming.


We open inside the office of Chris Page following Venom #15. He’s refreshed, showered, and at his desk in a proudly displaying a shirt that reads “FUCK MILK GOT POT” with his luscious mane pulled back into a ponytail as he has three different shot glasses in front of him with a 50-year aged fifth of Dewer’s Scotch he’s just cracked the seal on. Thaddeus Duke sits off to the right of the desk in an oversized comfy chair as he states.


THADDEUS DUKE: This was entirely too easy. Centurion is such an easy mark.


Chris pours a shot in each glass.


CHRIS PAGE: That’s just who he is. What tonight should prove to The Ramsey’s and Centurion rests within how painfully pathetic they are trying to pretend to be about shit. I knew when I put this thing together that when all the pieces started to align it would create some serious waves.


Chris grabs a glass and slides it across the desk to Thaddeus, he takes a second glass and slides it straight in front of him to a seat that’s not picked up on camera.


CHRIS PAGE: And with you coming to terms with CCP Enterprises, showing up in that Austin mask; ah, it was all too perfect.


I do love it when a plan comes to action. I had no intentions of using others to embarrass Todrick; however, sometimes when people like her are deluded enough to think they belong in the same ring as me you just have to show them a taste of what you’re capable of. She got what she had coming to her. She can talk as much as she wants, make as many excuses as she wants, but ultimately she’s not doing anything that I haven’t already told you all she would once she had been humbled. 


It’s okay, kid. 


You’re a good hand. 


But that’s all you’ll ever be. 


You showed me nothing that would indicate otherwise. There are people who talk versus people who back it up. We all know where you, the hubs, and Centurion fall within that statement. 


CHRIS PAGE: Nobody will see it coming.


There’s a hand of a white male reaching out taking the glass off Chris’s desk. 


THADDEUS DUKE: These people are so gullible.


Chris takes his shot glass off his desk as his attention shifts towards Thaddeus. 


THADDEUS DUKE: How could they not think you weren’t coming prepared? More importantly, why the fuck does Fight worship the ground of someone such as an over-hyped clown-like Centurion? Do these people not own televisions? Have they not seen him over the years? It’s not like the guy is going to wake up in the morning and suddenly have talent.


CHRIS PAGE: I ask myself that same question yet I find solace knowing that his time here is very short-lived. I guess nobody told the Ramsey’s that Centurion isn’t about shit when he popped his head up in Fight.


Chris raises up his glass where the three toast is.


CHRIS PAGE: This is the genesis of something much bigger gentleman. When all of this is said and done we will look back on tonight as the night the first official shots were fired for CCP Enterprises. We are on the cusp of something so much bigger than Fight NYC or the XWF with the networking that I’ve been doing over the last six weeks. For that, I salute you both.


We see Chris and Thaddeus throw their shots back before putting the empty glasses on the desktop. It’s joined by a third empty that slides over.


CHRIS PAGE: In the next six weeks CCP Enterprises is going to explode…


The mere statement alone brings a smirk to Thad’s face.


CHRIS PAGE: More talent have signed, more talent will announce, and off to the races we are going to go.




That’s the name of the game we are playing for those who have lost the concept of what’s really going on here. When it comes to Fight I’ve made it clear you Championship don’t impress me, the aura of Fight is one of the premier organizations in the world… until I got here. I was under the impression that I was coming to a place that was going to test my resolve but yet all I see is a bunch of whining and crying because people weren’t talented enough to defeat the NSQ at Ascension. 


What makes this better, at least for me sitting and watching it all unfold is how people are holding NSQ accountable for a reward they didn’t ask for. 


What I see, in the case of the Ramsey’s much like with everything else, are people who are under the mentality of if you can’t beat them then bitch about them in failed attempts to save face for being a loser, to begin with. Fight isn’t the best of the best… It’s the best of the worst when it comes to the guys and gals on the roster just admitting they write checks their asses can’t cash. What you’re not going to see is me continuing to talk shit or make excuses for it when someone finally shuts my mouth. You own it, you take responsibility for it, and if it’s brought up so be it. 


… but that’s just adulting. 


We hear the Unknown male voice.


UNKNOWN: What’s next for you two?


THADDEUS DUKE: We are off to Toronto for a show Wednesday Night.


CHRIS PAGE: Indeed we are. Young Thaddeus here has some business to tend to with his old man, something I have an eye on, but there’s some other business for me to tend to as well. Let’s not forget that Centurion is on this show… without the Ramsey’s… Might slap him around a little bit.


THADDEUS DUKE: We should ask him why he is scared to fight me.


CHRIS PAGE: Because he’ll just evade it and as stupid questions like are Raven and Warstein running the NSQ.


Talk about catering to my narrative of you being so out of touch with EVERYTHING that doesn’t involve Centurion yet pretend to care soooooo much about the business when it’s clear as goddamn day self-preservation is all that you seek within a profession that has passed you by so many years ago. To make matters worse for you, in that one Robert Mainesque statement on social media you just showed the entire Fight roster that while you’ve made appearances on their programming that you have NO CONCEPT of it. 


You bury yourself before I can. 


Out of touch doesn’t apply to me. It applies to you. The proof is all in that pudding. It’s cute that Fight holds you in such regard because it’s going to make this so much sweeter for me within the bigger picture that none of you have remotely begun to see just yet. Keep in mind this is coming from the same guy that questioned if James Raven and Shawn Warstein run the New Status Quo 


UNKNOWN: What’s the next move for me then?


Chris pours three more shots and divvy’s out the glasses as he responds. 


CHRIS PAGE: Find another mask because Austin’s is going to hold up. He was at the Rabbit tonight as Candice has confirmed. In the meantime sit tight, don’t speak on anything, don’t give anything away because Countdown is going to be the night in which everything changes.


Chris, Thaddeus, and Unknown toss their shots back as Chris turns his chair towards the floor-to-ceiling windows as he intently gazes at Fight Tower.


CHRIS PAGE: We’ve only just begun.




We’ve indeed only just begun haven’t we, old friend? How have things been? I can’t speak for anyone but myself but in case you haven’t noticed things for Chris Page have been pretty fucking good. You see Centurion, you’ve been running around playing in swimming pools with very familiar waters instead of branching out in an attempt to test yourself. Over the last several weeks I’ve traveled all over the United States five, six days a week making moves on many fronts while still managing to walk my ass down that aisle at the Tower every Monday Night knocking off Austin Ramsey, knocking off Brandon Moore, knocking off Aidan Reynolds, and most recently Toddrick. That list of names right there houses one of the Islands Champions and the former Manhattan Champion within this organization; and you had better thank your lucky stars Miss Michelle got that strap before I laid him flat AS the Manhattan Champion, can’t tell me that wouldn’t have fit the narrative, right? 


What about you? 


A successful title defense in UGWC against who? The second match on the card, right? Fucking impressive for someone that’s supposed to be looked at as some sort of legend on a companies Pay-Per-View. One step above jerking that curtain, right? The let me down match as I called it when booking the WGWF. 



At least if you open a major Pay-Per-View you’ve got the fallback on being able to say you’re setting the pace. Look at Relentless 2021 as prime examples of how to accomplish that to perfection because there’s wasn’t a goddamn thing that followed all THREE of my performances including that garbage wrestling you partook in just to get some closure that was SOOOOOOOOOOOO important to you, right? Does anyone else remember without you reminding them? 


I didn’t think so. 


I’ve been playing in the waters of the company that’s elected to host your funeral. I’ve spent weeks adapting, honing in on, and eliminating anyone that has bothered to step into the ring and box with God while making it look like a walk in the fucking park. Where you have just the slightest edge on the upstarts on this roster rests with you know who I am, and you know what you’re walking into… or do you?  


Do you still think I’m that old dog that hasn’t learned any new tricks? 


This is a completely different environment, my friend. 


It’s one that’s going to swallow you up faster than Ruby. Hope that wasn’t too personal, I mean we all know how premature you can be with your career moves so I can assume that carries over into the bedroom as well. I digress. My point is you have to test the product before you buy it. You’ve not only bought in, but you’ve also allowed them to put you in a premiere spot with an awful lot of hype surrounding you that we both know you can’t live up to. 


This isn’t the Prophecy and you don’t have a Raven to carry your dusty ass.


This is 2021, and you still ain’t really about shit but a presence. All sizzle, no fucking steak. It’s going to be fun watching you as you try to live up to those expectations, oh wait, you’re not going to care. How many times will you draw that comparison? 








9:00 PM

Featuring: Thaddeus Duke and Elijah Martin.





Centurion gets to his feet. NK is not far behind. Centurion sees his opportunity, grabs NK’s arm, and flies at him with a v-trigger knee strike. But the manliest, most nationalistic green mist you’ve ever seen spews from NK’s lips, and coats Centurion’s face, blinding him and stopping the maneuver from being executed. Centurion tries whipping the mist from his eyes, but NK grabs the steel chair from the ring apron, smashing Centurion in the skull before folding him up


















NKWC quickly scurries back up the ramp leaving Centurion in a state of shock. 


PIP: Now that’s what you call stealing one unlike Tommy Wish and LSM earlier, Heather.


We get a split-screen where CHRIS PAGE is shown watching on a monitor in the back with a smile on his face as he nods his head in approval.




The scene opens as Chris Page is shown watching the final hand of the referee slap the mat for that third and final time as North Korean War Criminal defeats Centurion on Warfare. A malicious smirk on his face as he nods his head approving of the most recent failure for a “legend”. He turns away from the monitors where he heads back into the locker room of Thaddeus Duke. 


Thaddeus sees the shit-eating grin on his face which prompts him to respond in kind.


THADDEUS DUKE: What’s so funny? We haven’t embarrassed the old man yet.


Naturally referring to Sebastian Duke, father of true DUKE legacy, Thaddeus. 


CHRIS PAGE: Maybe that old man hasn’t been embarrassed but another one just was.


Confused, partly because he wasn’t paying attention while getting ready for his segment on the show Thad responds. 


THADDEUS DUKE: I don’t follow.


CHRIS PAGE: Yeah you do, think about it.


Before Thaddeus can answer anything or remotely think about things there’s a knock heard on the open door of the former Supercontinental Champion. Chris and Thaddeus each turn towards the open door where XWF star Elijah Martin.



CHRIS PAGE: Mr. Martin, I assume you saw that debacle as well?


Elijah Martin is someone else that has eyes on Centurion, and for good reason, if you saw Bad Medicine a few weeks back. The last thing I want to do is agree with Centurion on any stance, but when he said that was a disaster; he didn’t lie. 


ELIJAH MARTIN: Yo did you just see that shit with Cent?


Elijah and Page share a laugh as Chris motions for Elijah to come in followed by a motion to close the door. 


THADDEUS DUKE: Wait, Centurion just got taken down by a North Korean War Criminal?


CHRIS PAGE: Indeed he did.


THADDEUS DUKE: That’s incredible! Good job War Criminal!


This is just yet another example of Centurion failing like he’s done so many times throughout his career. North Korean War Criminal is a former, and future XWF Tag Team Champion alongside Mark Flynn; he’s not a slouch by any means. Poking fun at Centurion’s failure is not a jab at NKWC as much as it is to show you what happens when Centurion faces legitimate competition 99,6% of the time. 


You fucks really think he’s going to walk into Countdown and defeat me? Todrick had a better shot. We all saw how that played out. 


CHRIS PAGE: Poor, poor Centurion. The guy just doesn’t get it.


Before we get anything else out of this trio we hear the opening of Sebastian Duke’s theme music playing inside the area. Excitement suddenly overtakes Thaddeus as he shifts gears. 


THADDEUS DUKE: Ah! It’s the time!!


CHRIS PAGE: You finish getting ready while I run some interference.


A nod of the head from Thaddeus before he darts off into the bathroom leaving Chris and Elijah. Chris gives Martin his undivided attention as he states. 


CHRIS PAGE: Walk with me.


The two head towards the locker room door which Elijah opens and they exit out into the backstage hallway area of the Scotiabank Arena. 


CHRIS PAGE: Elijah, you have a golden opportunity in front of you, my man. Not only do you have the chance at taking the XWF Television Championship but you’ve got a rematch with Centurion on your horizons.


ELIJAH MARTIN: One of the reasons I want to pick your brain is because you’ve dealt with the dude in several instances. I know I can beat em’ if the powers that be give him to me straight up.


CHRIS PAGE: Not only can you beat him, but you can also destroy him. You’re right, I do have an extensive history with him, and quite frankly I know him better than he knows himself.


I can tell you right now exactly what this chump is going to do and what direction he’s going to attempt to go. Yes, you’re that predictable regardless of this “change” in demeanor you’re feverishly trying to sell. You’re going to try and hit me on my past, or how I can’t do anything on my own blah, blah, blah. 


New flash Cent. 


A zebra can’t change his stripes my man; you are still as dull as a butter knife, as boring as a PBS, and bitch more than a teenage girl on her first period. 


CHRIS PAGE: Much like I know that his reasonings for getting you a rematch have nothing with his grievances with how Bad Medicine shook out versus him screwing the pooch and you giving him more of a run than he expected. Centurion will always beat Centurion within the bigger picture. Anyone that knows the guy knows that.


Elijah and Page reach the end of the backstage hallway where it splits off towards the production trucks on the right side while the gorilla position is on the left. 


ELIJAH MARTIN: If you were in my shoes what would you do?


There’s a small sigh from Chris before he states. 


CHRIS PAGE: Honestly?




CHRIS PAGE: My suggestion is for you to join Thaddeus as my guest for Fight NYC’s Countdown event. I’m sure you’re more than aware that I’ve got Centurion in singles as a headlining attraction. You’re in New York anyway, I’ll send a car for you, add you to my suite list, so you can come and watch how I dissect Centurion limb from limb with surgical precision. Hell, I might stomp him to the degree he might just quit for good.


One can only hope. 


CHRIS PAGE: Would that be something you’d be interested in? I’ve got several guests that will be showing up as well. It could be good for you to brush shoulders with some of the top names in the business.


ELIJAH MARTIN: Ya know something, Chris… I think I will take you up on that offer. I don’t think I’d like anything more than to see you take him down a peg or two in person.


CHRIS PAGE: You never know, you might learn something.


Chris winks at Elijah as he hears the countdown clock to his entrance theme starting to play. 


CHRIS PAGE: Excuse me, I got another so-called legend to blister.


There’s a fist bump between Elijah and Page as we see Chris turn and head through the gorilla position to make his way out towards the ring. 





Have you ever had that nagging mother? Girlfriend? Wife? Significant other? Do you know the ones that constantly have an opinion on something regardless of whether it involves them or not? The ones that can’t ever accept that they could be wrong? Allow me to introduce you to Centurion. If you follow him you’re well aware of his constant bitching and moaning about something or someone. It makes me wonder if he’s truly happy within life itself. 


It’s depressing, actually. 


Like it’s on the same level of depressing as watching the Detroit Lions try and play football. 2-11-1 isn’t a good look.


They both come out with the best of intentions only to come up short most of the time. Sure, he has his brief moments of greatness, these little glimpses into who he once was or what he COULD be before he chokes under the pressure of performance or closing the deal unless it’s holding a secondary title over in the UGWC that has jack and shit for competition outside a handful, naturally you’re going to flourish. What happens though when you step to primetime? Outside of defeating me back at Clash of Immortals I beg you to give me a legitimate name that has a global presence of a Chris Page or a James Raven, a Shawn Warstein, or ANYONE that has clout within this profession? I’ll wait.


Still waiting…


Still waiting…


The answer to that question comes to us all at Countdown. 


Our little series will reach its climax at the biggest season finale in all of the professional sports. 


You’re welcome. 


You’re welcome, Centurion, you’re welcome that I give enough fucks about you to give you my Robert Main treatment as I have carried you to some sort of meaning within the business even if for just one night! But much like Robert Main, your weight has become way too heavy.



For one night only the red carpet is going to be rolled out for you within the Fight organization, they’ve all hung their hats on you being the man to shut my mouth when you knew the moment you said yes you were setting everyone that believes in you up for a bigger disappointment than finding out Santa Claus is fake. 


I can’t wait to hear the pissing and moaning you’re going to do after you show up and let people like Austin and Todrick Ramsey down. 


People like Ruby down. 


And even yourself down. 


I want you to know that I’ve been licking my chops waiting for this one moment… when I snap my fingers at Countdown… it will be lights out.








6:15 PM


Featuring Candice “VooDoo” Wolf 




Following a very successful outing in Toronto, Chris returned to Manhattan midafternoon for a meeting with Candice Wolf. After tying up some loose ends he was off to pick up Candice at the Velvet Rabbit which is where our scene opens as Chris is in the back of a large black limo making the short drive over to the Rabbit’s VIP entrance. 



Chris is on the phone as we join his conversation. 


CHRIS PAGE: I tell you what Sebastian, I’ll shoot over to Chicago and see you face to face. You’ve got nothing to hold your head down; it’s James Raven, there’s not many that can throw a win in that column.


Dudes the fucking Goat, but even Goat’s have heads that can be cut off. 


CHRIS PAGE: Let’s shoot for tomorrow night, sixish? Perfect, I’ll see you then.


Chris ends the call as the limo pulls to a stop. His door is opened by Shaun who has been made aware of Chris’s arrival. Chris steps out of the limo, dusts off his black blazer which is on top of a red dress shirt. 


He leads Chris through the VIP entrance that leads into a foyer with an elevator lobby. 


SHAUN: Ms. Wolf is on the top floor, she’s expecting you.


A nod of the head from Chris as he hits the up button on the elevator. The doors immediately open and he steps on. He pushes the P for Penthouse, the doors close and he’s up and on his way. 


Chris takes notice of a security camera. 


Shooting it a wink he spins around with his back towards it, looks over his left shoulder popping his ass out in the worst attempt you can possibly imagine knowing full well someone is watching.


The ding of the elevator is heard as he gathers himself a second time. The doors open where Candice awaits him. 




Candice extends out her right hand, looking stunning as usual. Chris reaches out, taking the hand.





Not losing eye contact, Chris kisses the top of her hand before casually releasing it as Candice starts to lead Chris to her private office while she states. 


CANDICE WOLF: My sincerest apologies for having to cancel our plans tonight, I’m just way too far behind with work needed here.


CHRIS PAGE: You owe me no apologies as I completely understand. It can’t be easy to be in your shoes.


I’ll admit there’s a lot to admire about Candice. She bet on herself, her idea, and it’s paid off huge when it comes to the Velvet Rabbit. It’s inspiring to see when you take into consideration CCP Enterprises started as a dream that is starting to bloom into reality. 


CANDICE WOLF: I like to be a woman of my word.


CHRIS PAGE: You’re a busy lady, I understand all of that. I’m glad we are able to meet for a few nonetheless.


Candice leads him through a closed door leading into her lavish office. 



Chris stops in his tracks as he picks his jaw up off the floor with the exquisite tastes of one Candice Wolf as we see her walk around her desk where she takes a seat while motioning for Chris to sit opposite her in one of the chairs in front of the desk. 


CANDICE WOLF: I hear you’re an aged scotch kinda guy?


CHRIS PAGE: Who has been telling my secrets?


Candice reaches under her desk pulling out a bottle of Dewar’s 50 years aged as well as two glasses as she places them on her desk. 


CANDICE WOLF: The Rabbit is wise.


She states with a sly smirk followed by a wink towards Chris as she opens the bottle and pours into each glass. She slides a glass over to Chris who reaches over to take it off the desk while Candice rests the bottle on the desktop. She takes her glass as Chris raises his while he states. 


CHRIS PAGE: A toast, to new friends.


Candice nods her head and raises her glass towards Page as he does the same to her before they each can be seen taking a drink from their respective glass. Chris gets comfortable in his chair.


CANDICE WOLF: I’ve never been one to play games Mr. Page, so let’s cut to the chase as they say. Why did you want to have this private meeting with me? Everyone has intentions, what are yours?


While Candice is one hell of an attractive woman; she’s strong, powerful, self-made… Her most valuable attribute is her intelligence. 


CHRIS PAGE: I’m never one to beat around the bush…


HEY-OOOO! Okay, that was sophomoric I’ll give you that. 


CHRIS PAGE: I’ve been coming to your establishment for the last several months fairly frequently; sometimes flying solo or at times with my clients. I see that you built this thing from the ground up and have turned it into the conglomerate it’s become today.


Candice chimes in as Chris takes a sip from his glass.


CANDICE WOLF: I appreciate you noticing.


CHRIS PAGE: I’ve been in New York for a few weeks now…


CANDICE WOLF: Oh I’m very much aware. You’ve been causing quite the scene with my lead buck and his wife.


CHRIS PAGE: Some people have to be taught lessons the hard way.




I’ve already crushed Todrick under the sole of my boot, but from this point forward I won’t continue to drag or disrespect her because my point is proven.


CHRIS PAGE: In the case of the Ramsey’s I hope they learned that running their mouths doesn’t make them winners. Executing a game plan does; which is why I am here. When I see what you’ve done with the Rabbit I can’t help but want to pick your brain a little. I’m in the process of opening CCP Enterprises, and who better to learn some crafty business from than one of the most powerful women in New York?


CANDICE WOLF: Chris, I have to admit this isn’t the direction I thought this conversation was going to go; surprisingly it’s refreshing.


CHRIS PAGE: I’m a businessman, Candice. I see nothing but big things on both sides of this coin. Help guide me through New York’s legal bullshit, maybe set me up with your attorney so I can cut through some of the red tapes.


Candice sits back in her chair as she takes a sip from her glass 


CANDICE WOLF: I’m kinda shocked you think so highly of me.


CHRIS PAGE: Why’s that? Anyone with the slightest bit of common sense can see that you’re very influential not only in professional wrestling but maintaining a multi-million dollar investment versus managing all kinds of personalities it’s a no-brainer. Who knows what kind of business ventures this could lead to down the line if you’re willing.


You can see something Chris has said has piqued the interest Candice.




CHRIS PAGE: For starters, as you know I’m kind of a big deal within professional wrestling. Many nights while I’ve been here we’ve gotten the Rabbit tending all over social media… but what if we use this to do something bigger. There’s been a lot of talk about ole Chris Page throwing together a Supershow of sorts; what if we work together on that as well?


CANDICE WOLF: Are you suggesting holding an event in conjunction with the Rabbit?


CHRIS PAGE: Think bigger.


Chris states as he tosses back the rest of the scotch in his glass. 


CHRIS PAGE: All these renovations you’ve got going on, I’ve seen what you’re going with the place. Part of what I’ve seen is a location to hold an incredible wrestling event/after party in one fucking place over the course of one weekend. You can’t tell me that dogs don’t hunt. Your business prowess mixed with the deep connections equals nothing but money made.


She motions for Chris’s glass. She takes it from him, refilling it with the smooth delicious goodness before topping her glass off as well. 


CANDICE WOLF: Would it be okay to think about this?


She asks as she slides his glass back across the table. 


CHRIS PAGE: I don’t think I could accept it any other way.


CANDICE WOLF: I really like the concept, and do think there’s something to it.


CHRIS PAGE: That’s just pieces of what I bring to the table. If I didn’t think we could be smart, concise partners in some capacity I wouldn’t be wasting either of our time.


CANDICE WOLF: What are your plans for the rest of the week and weekend?


CHRIS PAGE: Busy if I’m being one-hundred; leaving for Chicago tomorrow morning then over to Vegas for some business on Saturday. I should be back this way late Saturday or mid-Sunday, and from there it’s a full head of steam towards Centurion and Countdown.


Chris tosses back the dewars as Candice responds. 


CANDICE WOLF: Would it be okay to circle back around after the New Year?


CHRIS PAGE: I tell you what…


Chris reaches into the inner pocket of his sport coat where he pulls out a card. He gets out of his chair, reaches out towards Candice. 


CHRIS PAGE: That’s my number. You call me at any point and I’ll make myself available.


Candice takes the card from Chris as she analyzes the number before looking back towards Chris.




CHRIS PAGE: Of course.


He shoots Candice a wink before turning around and heading towards the door. Just as he reaches it Candice calls out.




He turns back around as he opens the door to the elevator lobby. 


CANDICE WOLF: I do want to reschedule dinner too.


Chris fires Candice a wink before he turns and leaves the office pulling the door closed behind him.



Has it crossed your mind why I’ve allowed you to dictate this stipulation, Centurion? Why in the world would I put my fate in your hands? Over the last several months you and I have tangled on two separate occasions. We had a wrestling match within the confines of the XWF in which I defeated you. You answered back at Clash of Immortals with Falls Counting Anywhere. Now, I’ll be perfectly clear with my loss at the Clash that it was the single biggest crushing blow to my ego that I have ever had. 


Losing to Centurion is something that I will let live down, the only saving grace is not many people saw it. 


This brings me back to my initial question. The only way that I will be able to look myself in the mirror on Tuesday morning is if not only I thrash you but I do so under YOUR specialty, War of Independence Match. The only thing missing is the U.S.S. Distler, am I right? So what exactly is this War of Independence? What’s it consist of? 


You have a ring enclosed by a Steel Cage. 


You have a Hell in a Cell covering the ringside area. 


You have all kinds of Glass Tables, Barbwire, Exploding Boards, or any kind of garbage gimmicky horseshit you can think up to shed as much blood as humanly possible. 


The goal is to escape the cage, escape the cell, climb to the roof where a pinfall of submission seals the deal. 


Just enough overkill to make me roll my eyes but alas this is your bar-b-q so if I must enter this nonsense to prove my point, to give me some inner peace after taking that plunge off the top rope through those tables with your 1,000 Mile slam that haunts me to this day. 


It was my last loss. 


I must avenge it. 


I don’t have this major hard-on for you that you want everyone to believe. I’m just pressed on proving beyond any shadow of doubts exactly why the fuck I am just simply better than you… but you already know it. Now, the rest of the world will. All those sheep in the business that you’ve got fooled, that think that you mean something, that holds you in some regard are going to find out, the brass in Fight is going to find out that while you do have a place in this profession that place isn’t in the same conversation as Chris Page.


Try more like Dave The Dinosaur.


The best thing that could have happened to me was getting the fuck out of the XWF. I’ve done nothing but grow my brand and become an even bigger star within this business in the process. While I will fucking own you come Countdown I’ll give you a little bit of credit. Unlike the rest of those chumps that STILL speak my name, you’re the only one that’s grown the nuts to step up. The story that’s going to be told here is very simple. 









4:30 PM

Featuring Sebastian Everett-Bryce 



A shot of historic Wrigley Field…



The home of the Chicago Cubs is empty, all but Sebastian Everett-Bryce…



He walks onto the lush green field from the Cubbies dugout on the third-base side of the field where he takes a moment to soak it all in. Sure, he’d been to Wrigley many times before, but maybe not to this degree. Sebastian kneels down running his right hand across the top of the evening cut grass before standing back up where he starts to walk out towards the pitcher’s mound. 


The cool Chicago air under the soon-to-be fading sun emanates around him as he reaches the mound gazing out into the outfield. 


“I bet you’re wondering why you’re here.”


The voice of Chris Page echoes out as Sebastian turns back around towards the Cub’s dugout where CCP is shown walking out onto the field. 


CHRIS PAGE: Mr. Everett-Bryce.


Seb and Chris meet on the third-base line where they shake hands. 




They release the hands as Chris states. 


CHRIS PAGE: Walk with me.


Chris wraps his arm around the shoulders, Sebastian, as they start to take a stroll back towards the pitcher’s mound. 


CHRIS PAGE: I saw Horizons, nothing to be ashamed of. If anything you further put yourself on the map by giving it your best shot, looking great even in defeat.


The match was SEB vs James Raven, the event was UGWC Horizons, and the outcome was another victory for the Goat. 


SEBASTIAN EVERETT-BRYCE: I thought I had him nailed dead to rites too.


CHRIS PAGE: They call him the Goat for a reason. He’s top-notch, that’s for sure… but you know something.


They reach the mound before Chris removes his arm from around SEB’s shoulders as they stand opposite each other on the mound.


CHRIS PAGE: I saw something come alive inside you while you were in the ring with him. It was like a spark or something within your overall demeanor itself. I tell people all the time it’s not if you lose. It’s how you handle yourself within it. You’ve stepped to the forefront of an industry that is looking for new leaders to forge the path of the business for the future.


SEB is one of the ones I need within the ranks of CCP Enterprises. He hasn’t even hit his full stride yet within professional wrestling, and when he does he’s going to be a bigger threat than anyone ever dreamt. 


SEBASTIAN EVERETT BRYCE: I felt passion like I’d never felt before. It was almost surreal.


CHRIS PAGE: Let me cut to the chase. I want to represent you, I want you to be a part of CCP Enterprises… and now that your head is firmly on your shoulders I can explain to you why. I’m assembling some of the best of the best within our industry; Thaddeus Duke, just as an example, I’m assembling this talent because they are the cream of the crop; but I also need you to know that I don’t play a lot of games when it comes to representing my talent, I’m incredibly cutthroat, vicious, and shrewd when it comes to getting my guys what they deserve.


There’s a pause from Chris before he carries on.


CHRIS PAGE: I don’t see “good guys” or “bad guys” because I see THE GUYS that will make this profession more lucrative than it’s ever been. Something that I don’t do, and won’t do is meddle into your matches; you’ll win and lose on your own merit, what I can do is guide you as nobody else has ever guided you before.


Chris shifts his attention around to the empty Wrigley Field as he circles around while saying. 


CHRIS PAGE: Take Wrigley for example. Do you know why I asked you to meet me here?


Chris makes a complete circle back around facing SEB who intently listens on.


CHRIS PAGE: Wrigley holds a special place in my heart because it was right here just a few short months ago that I met Centurion for the first time, and for twenty-three minutes I slapped him around as if he owed me money. I completely crushed what was left of his spirits. I say that to say I’m sure you’re aware FIGHT NYC’s Countdown is just around the corner where I happen to be dealing with that lesser legend for the final time.


SEBASTIAN EVERETT BRYCE: I mean it’s one of the headlining attractions of the weekend. I think anyone who’s anyone knows this is going down.


CHRIS PAGE: All the more reason that I want you to be there in person, as a personal guest of mine. I’ve got a suite reserved at Fight Tower where Thaddeus Duke and Adi Gold will be looking on as well as a guy named Elijah Martin. I know Fight has accepted your invitation, but uh, you’ll find mine has more meaning.


There’s a method to wanting to put SEB and Elijah in the same room with Thaddeus Duke. Thad’s more privy to the bigger picture, and while I am in the ring exposing the many flaws in Centurion’s game I want SEB and Elijah to see exactly what leadership by example is all about. Anyone can sit back and talk about it, only a handful can be about it. I’m looked at as a top draw in wrestling for a reason. It’s times like these that I step to the plate and display them.


CHRIS PAGE: What do you say? Do you want to be a guest of mine at Countdown?


It doesn’t take SEB long to respond. 




CHRIS PAGE: Perfect!


Chris responds as he slaps his hands together before rubbing them. 


CHRIS PAGE: Feel like grabbing a hotdog?


SEBASTIAN EVERETT BRYCE: I mean this is Chicago.


CHRIS PAGE: Well played.


The two start to walk back towards the Cubs dugout. 


SEBASTIAN EVERETT BRYCE: Tell me more about CCP Enterprises.


CHRIS PAGE: I thought you’d never ask.




You know back in the day before Wrestling became the multi-million dollar conglomerate it’s become today it was more territorial as I’m sure most of you are very much aware. Even to this day some local companies still exist and do business to this day. I started in the territory days, and there was always a saying that you never wanted your name attached to. 


Don’t kill the territory. 


Today that saying still exists just not on the larger scale as it once did. 


There’s still one way that you kill the territory, book Centurion. 


It baffles my mind why this dude isn’t on his hands and knees thanking me for taking his floundering career and giving him three incredible paydays over the last quarter of a very rocky 2021 for him. How many breakdowns did he go through? How many times did you change yourself in a feeble attempt to adapt to the times? Do you remember Thebe? Sure you do, he was the rookie that publicly embarrassed you in what; his second match in the business? He triggered your last manic episode. 


What have you accomplished anyway? A couple of Anarchy titles? A UGWC Championship? Wrestle opening matches on cards? Talk about impressive. Let’s look at what I’ve done, shall we? I started off 2021 by defeating Thaddeus Duke for the XWF Universal Championship; a Championship that you’ve never been able to attain in twenty years of trying, I carried that Championship through seven successful title defenses before having it stripped away by an attack from Apex-Legacy that allowed a briefcase to take it away from me. I dominated the XWF while making it my bitch in the process. 


I opened all three nights of Relentless 2021 and stole the show each night, it’s not even up for debate nor discussion if you have eyes and watched the entire event.


After closing the book on my XWF career I had the likes of Theo Pryce trying to tell me and whoever would listen that I wasn’t about shit. What did I do? I went to the NUMBER ONE FEDERATION in the United States while you’ve been content with a guy that wants to prove he’s somebody. I moved over to FIGHT NYC where I’ve done what? Sliced and diced whoever they’ve put in front of me. Not only have I landed in Fight I’ve been seen in Thunder Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Excellence, Pro Wrestling Valor, and even Action Wrestling. 


EVERYBODY wants a piece of Chris Page while the same cannot be said for you, Cent. 


Don’t pretend like you haven’t had the offers either, you’ve elected not to partake in some of those very federations because you can’t keep up with today’s era of talent. That much is already established. You can only say no so many times before people simply roll their eyes. 


I am more over at the age of fifty-two than you’ve ever been at any point within your meaningless life. 


You’re a guest in my house now, and while we are going to play this final encounter to the tune of your drum it’s going to be Chris Page who is the man left reaping all the rewards while I send you back down to the bush leagues of the UGWC and the XWF. Run along with pup, you’re just out of your league. 










2:15 PM

Featuring Damon “Havok” Riggs



The scene is set as we see FIGHT NYC lead commentator Damon “Havok” Riggs and Chris Page.



The two legends sit in the center of the FIGHT ring in two director-style movie chairs in front of a cameraman and a director as the two are prepared for what will be the first FIGHT! NYC interview since showing up on the season two premiere episode of Venom several months ago. 


DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: Fight TV fans welcome to what is a first for me as it marks the first time I’m sitting down with the one and only “Chronic” Chris Page.


The tight shot on Damon starts to go wide revealing Chris seated a few feet away. 


DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: Chris, I have to tell you that I’ve been looking forward to this conversation as we are on the road to Countdown.


CHRIS PAGE: At least we can end the speculation that I’ve been “big timing” you, or so that seems to be the rumor and innuendo.


Chris shoots a wink towards Damon who simply rolls his eyes before getting things started. 


DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: November 1st is a day that will live in my mind for a long time to come. It was the day that Season Two Premiered aboard the Tara Fenix Charity Cruise, the fallout of Ascension, but it was also the day the Fight world was rocked by your shocking debut. I can safely say that nobody saw that coming. What led to your negotiations with Fight and the debut itself?


CHRIS PAGE: I mean you can listen to whatever story you want to listen to. The truth is my contract with the XWF had expired, and I elected not to resign from the company. I did business with Robert Main on my way out at Relentless with an XWF Career vs XWF Career match. I’ve always been a firm believer that you do the right thing when on your way out the door regardless of personal opinions. The reality is I had accomplished everything there’s to accomplish and it was time to move on. With Fight NYC, specifically, it was a no-brainer when you see the level of talent that has assembled under one roof.


There are many names I am very familiar with and a plethora that I’m being introduced to. 


CHRIS PAGE: There are many federations around, many trying to make plays to get me under contract in some form or fashion; with Fight, I’ve got a handshake deal that allows me to branch off just like everyone else that is a part of this roster. The fight is a place that I’ve come into with something to prove because you can only get hit so many times about being dull, boring, or out of touch before you shut the mouths of your haters one victory at a time.


DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: When you walked into FIGHT you immediately gravitated towards Todrick Tabor-Ramsey, which culminated a week or so ago with a victory over Todrick. I’m curious to know what about Toddy made him a target?


CHRIS PAGE: I wouldn’t call him a target anymore so I’d consider him a victim of circumstance. Listen, guys like you and I have been around long enough to know that walking into the doors of a new company taking shots at the top champion is an amateur move at best. I’m confident enough with my reputation that if I asked it would have been answered; but that’s neither here nor there. I knew that I needed to open some eyes, and while the number one man might have been tied up, the number two champion at the time was wide ass open. All I had to do was call her name and out she came.


It was almost too easy. 


CHRIS PAGE: Prissing around all smiles just to get a sliver of my attention, but at what costs? She got served faster than homeless people on holidays. A statement has been sent and received to those that I intended.


DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: You’ve remained unbeaten in Fight NYC; getting wins over Austin Ramsey, Todrick Ramsey, Brandon Moore, and Adian Reynolds. Any thoughts on what these newer talents have brought to the table against you?


CHRIS PAGE: The last thing I’m going to do is sing praises; what I will do is point out that these kids have made the same mistakes so many others before they have made. They’re lame. I’ve heard the same shit out of these mouths that I’ve heard out of so many others over the course of the last several years. Like, how many times can you make the old, fat, dad jokes? Are we twelve? More importantly, you’d think that people would learn but they refuse to evolve past elementary school. So, Nah Damon, thus far inside and outside of the ring, I haven’t been impressed with what I’ve had to deal with. Toddy was the closest but even she was way back in my rearview.


I’m not really focused on the past at this point because it has led me to headline night two of a three-night event. How does that make you all feel? Hmmm? A guy who legit just walked through your doors has taken away your spotlight and is occupying a prime spot on your final Pay-Per-View of the year? I don’t know if I should feel bad for you or upset for you in the same breath if I’ve been around these parts since the inception. 


DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: Something that’s not in your rearview is what is on the horizon for Night Two of Countdown when you will meet another legend in the business today, a man who reared his head along the way within your feud with Toddy… Centurion.


Chris laughs under his breath.


DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: What’s funny?


CHRIS PAGE: I’m just shocked you used the word Legend and Centurion in the same sentence while keeping a straight face. Saying Centurion is a legend is like saying Joe Montouri means anything more than the toilet paper you wipe your ass with.


Even that response gets some laughter from Damon.


DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: While I’ll never admit to Joe himself, he has made many contributions to the business that the fans will never even know about. My personal feelings about him notwithstanding, I will never underestimate anyone I step in the ring with. Joe Montuori included. Food for thought.


CHRIS PAGE: It’s not so much underestimating anyone as much as it is playing them like a flute. Listen, Centurion is balls deep in a very dangerous game versus a very dangerous opposition. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m out on a revenge-seeking tour after I put myself in that losing situation back at Clash of the Immortals in Athens, Greece back before Thanksgiving.


If you know anything about me you know that a loss isn’t something that I take lightly under any set of circumstances… ESPECIALLY within a one on one environment… it’s something he can always hang his hat on. Beating him senseless at Countdown isn’t going to erase that blemish on my record but it will give me the bragging rights I want to have held over Centurion’s head. 


CHRIS PAGE: The fact he even agreed to show his head here in Fight just shows he’s still riding in the front seat of that short bus. I didn’t come to Fight to make friends, I got plenty of them… I came to fight to make money, and brother when you’re the headlining attraction of a major Pay-Per-View it doesn’t get richer than that. Not only headlining but going on to obliterate, to assassinate the notion that Centurion isn’t anything more than a second-rate cardboard cutout of what he used to be when he was good at maintaining his spot as king of the mid-carders.


Centurion is probably rolling his eyes at this point with how bad he’s been buried, and to think I’ve taken it mildly on you.


CHRIS PAGE: Come to Countdown this ring is going to have a steel cage surrounding it, there’s going to be what’s what of weapons around the ringside area, a Hell in a Cell covering it all up. Yeah, brother, all the gimmicks you need in order to call it a Centurion special attraction have been rolled out like a red carpet on Oscar night.


I don’t require all the cheesy gimmicks in an attempt to get myself over. I just have to show up and lace my boots. It’s tough when you’ve got more God-given talent in your pinky than most people have coursing through their bodies but you come to learn with time not everyone wakes up and pisses perfection like Chris Page. 


CHRIS PAGE: And for what, Damon? He’s not going to be successful again. He’s going to walk onto this stage where he’ll fall flat on his face like he’s done so many times it’s become his new normal. There are those that can live up to the hype, and then there’s Centurion. I’ve more than shown that I’m capable of smacking around who I want when I want, and how I want; Centurion isn’t any different.


DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: Let’s be fair when it comes to Centurion. He’s a respected athlete within our business. It’s not every day you come across someone with the same longevity as you or me.


CHRIS PAGE: Damon, you can call it however you need to call it in order to tow that company line but I on the other hand don’t have to lend credibility or respect to someone that doesn’t deserve it. At his height of popularity, he had James Raven in tow twelve years ago. Centurion doesn’t get my respect even if he fluked his way to a win over me in the past when my win over him was more impressive because it was a straight-up wrestling match. 


Boast and brag about that ONE win you’ll ever get over me like it means something in the bigger picture. I promote and sell professional wrestling, and we all know how you fared when you didn’t have your gimmicks to fall back on. Which begs to question why I’d be willing to put myself back in that very situation? Because it’s the only way you’d nut the fuck up and step back through those ropes. 


CHRIS PAGE: I got him nailed dead to rites, he’s been baited into this hook line and sinker. The only thing left for me to do is show up here at Countdown and thrive just l have done since I have stepped foot within this company. He’s nothing more than an invited guest that has already worn out his welcome. Don’t worry though, I’ll be sure to show him the fucking door.


I’m the star, Centurion. You’re the supporting cast. Always has been, always will be. 


DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: Personally I’d like to see him stick around a little longer but hey, that’s just a matter of personal preference I suppose. Outside of Countdown and Centurion is there anything you want to talk about regarding CCP Enterprises? The rumors are you’re starting up a management firm, and to take that rumor a step further you’re actively signing talent across the United States…


Chris interjects abruptly. 


CHRIS PAGE: The globe.


DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: My apologies, you’re actively signing talent across the globe. We all saw a masked man back on Venom under an Austin Ramsey mask, is this a signing? 


CHRIS PAGE: Let’s start with the beginning; yes I am actively signing talent to my brand, and no I’m not going to disclose any names until they are ready to be disclosed. Thus far there are six different names signed on with another four just waiting to put pen to paper. I’m setting myself up for the next chapter of my career because as you’re well aware everyone has a shelf life when it comes to stepping between those ropes. I’ve been fortunate enough throughout my career to find a lot more success than failure. I’m a global brand that’s reach exceeds most. There’s a lot of knowledge inside this dome that can be shared with those worthy.


It’s easy to throw stones when you’re not in the loop. I’ve got a bigger plan in place that’s execution has already begun to roll out. The issue with most of you is how closed-minded you are, how deluded you are to think the wrestling world is as small as one organization. Dumb asses. 


DAMON “HAVOK” RIGGS: The last thing I got for you revolves around something that has been a topic of conversation; while you’ve only been in FIGHT for a little over a month, if there’s one thing you could do differently what would it be?


CHRIS PAGE: Let’s run the list of accomplishments; currently undefeated, running circles around kids half my age… I mean brother, there’s not a lot to change because if it isn’t broken don’t fix it.


Chris catches himself and corrects himself. 


CHRIS PAGE: Pronoun’s pal.


Because everyone’s a critic. 


Chris winks at the camera as our scene fades to black. 




There’s not a lot left to be said when it comes to Countdown. I can’t think of a better way to cap off the year for me than avenging one of the few losses on my record. I know by the time the smoke clears and the dust settles that I’ve got some bigger plans for you than you’re aware. I’ll have Thaddeus Duke, Elijah Martin, SEB all in attendance not only watching my back but to watch as I take you to the task.


I want to show SEB what leadership is by example. 


I’m going to show Elijah how to expose the cracks within your foundation. 


… and I’m going to ask that you finally shut up and fight Thad over in the XWF. Dodging real opponents isn’t a good look. 


I think it’s pretty safe to say that within the first few months of my arrival within Fight I’ve made a pretty big splash; not only here, but within many of the notable organizations throughout the United States. What you’ve seen over the course of season two is nothing compared to what you’re going to see come Countdown. I’ll leave you with this final question, Centurion. If you’re only as good as what’s next. What’s next for you? UGWC Title match? Then what? Let me just give you a taste of my schedule moving forward; JC Keeton on January 31st, Dickie Watson Season 3 Premiere, James Raven in February headlining Denzel’s deal, some Roth Cup, or some shit is in the mix as well. 


… You can call me names, you can throw me your hate, you can pretend that this isn’t a big deal… but the one thing I’m not, I’m not nearly as boring as Centurion.