Chapter 9: Preparations

By: Chris Page

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 31st Jan 2022




** OOC Note: Spoiller for a show from last night that has not aired yet but the outcome was pretty obvious **


CHAPTER 9: Preparations



Four Seasons Resort

Orlando, Florida

9:15 A.M.

Featuring: Peter Vaughn, Sahara, Joe Montouri, Sebastian Everett-Bryce, Bam Miller, Ricky Rodriguez, Thaddeus Duke

The scene opens in one of the many private meeting spaces inside the Four Seasons Resort at Walt Disney.

A full catered breakfast is spread on one side of the room as we find Ricky Rodriguez, SEB, Joe Montouri looking over at the massive spread while Thaddeus Duke has his arm wrapped around his new wife Sahara have gathered, smelling the deliciousness filling the room. 

S.E.B: I’m guessing we all got the same text to be here?


Attention is drawn towards the entrance to the room as Chris Page and Bam Miller emerge as Page rubs his hands together with a sly smirk on his face. 

CHRIS PAGE: Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you… the NEW XWF Universal Champion, Peter Vaughn!

Peter struts through the door with the TPW International Title over his left shoulder with the XWF Universal Title over his right shoulder. The members of CCPE applaud and give their congratulations as Peter takes a bow. 

CHRIS PAGE: AND the new Pro Wrestling Valor World Heavyweight Champion!

Peter unzips his jacket revealing the Valor World Title strapped around his waist.

CHRIS PAGE: Vaughn, Miller, and I have just gotten off a redeye from Iceland on Air CCPE. Needless to say jet lag is real, time is money so let’s get down to business.

Everyone quiets down and takes seats on the plush couch while Chris takes a seat in one of the vacant white chairs so he can look at everyone directly. 

CHRIS PAGE: I don’t need to tell any of you just how big these last seven days has been for all of us dating back last Sunday with Mac successfully retaining the SCW World Heavyweight Championship just in the last twenty-four hours I was in D.C. beating J.C. Keeton, hopped on the jet, flew to Iceland to be on hand for our fellow CCPE representatives; Elijah Martin, Mark Flynn, Thaddeus Duke, Bam and our resident double champion Peter only to come full circle to here and now.

Chris looks at the faces of the talent gathered that he feels have the ability to change the business. 

CHRIS PAGE: What we need to all have a conversation about, and make sure that we’re all on the same page heading into tonight. Blood Money 2 is the event that’s got the attention of the masses. Considering the format of how this is laid out it’s worth noting that there’s not a guarantee that any of us will be in the same locations, and an even better guarantee is at some point someone with CCPE could eliminate another.

I’ve made no bones about how this last week was our official coming-out party as an Enterprise. The group of talent I’ve assembled crossing as many company lines as we can are the present and the future of this business. Many of them are gathered in front of me as I speak.

CHRIS PAGE: One of you could eliminate me.

If that didn’t draw their ears up.

CHRIS PAGE: … and I’m okay with it much like everyone in this room should be. Our goal is not a singular one; it’s bigger than me, it’s bigger than any of you here now, and bigger than our brothers that aren’t present. You’ve all been selected because you bring something to the table that is unique and different.

Chris stands back up from his chair as his hands hit the pockets of his dress slacks. 

CHRIS PAGE: When it comes to Blood Money, if I have to sacrifice myself for one of you to succeed, I’ll do it without batting an eyelash because again, this isn’t about me… it’s about us, it’s about knowing or executing when it matters. The wrestling world is expecting us all to fail; the buzz on the streets is that there’s no way that all these personalities will be able to coexist.

There’s a very brief pause from Chris before he continues. 

CHRIS PAGE: I say they’re wrong. I say that this vision is very possible, and not only is it possible but you have to surround yourself with like-minded individuals to get it done. Look no further than the hype surrounding the match itself; CCPE came out firing on all cylinders while some of those “best” waited until the final hours. We didn’t have to wait to fire the shots, we took the forefront displaying leadership by example.

Sitting around with your thumb up your asses doesn’t make you good. It makes you lazy. I could understand if the so-called best of the best had obligations elsewhere versus taking a lazy approach; but hey, some zebras never change their stripes. I’m proud of my guys coming out swinging for it should display the no fear mentality that we all carry in our veins within CCPE while equally disappointed in most of our opposition. 

CHRIS PAGE: I want to make something else clear. This isn’t about Fight versus NSQ later tonight. It’s CCPE versus everyone. The only thing that I’m going to ask out of each of you is to give it everything you got tonight. Win or lose, we’re coming to make a statement. 

Chris removes his hands from his pockets as he crosses his arms across his chest.

CHRIS PAGE: I’ll open the floor if anyone has anything they’d like to say before we enjoy what smells like a divine breakfast.

The first to stand is the first signing to CCPE, the Lionheart, Thaddeus Duke. 

THADDEUS DUKE: While I might not be involved in the Blood Money event tonight I will say that Chris is right. You’re going to have to look out for each other until you can’t any longer if you want to leave a lasting impression. There are a lot of haters that want to see us all fail.

Use their hate as fuel.

Thus far CCP Enterprises has had a pretty incredible showing over the weekend. All those roads lead right here to Orlando in this shit-hole swamp that is Florida. I have the utmost faith that the right decisions have been made, the right talents are involved for some serious noise to be made.

Stuffing her mouth with bacon, Sahara lets out a little giggle when Thaddeus says ‘serious noise to be made. Thaddeus glances at his new wife–

THADDEUS DUKE: Not that kind of noise, ya dumb cunt. That was earlier… and also later.

Smirking towards Thaddeus, “The Mechanic” Peter Vaughn gets up.

PETER VAUGHN: I agree with Thad on this one. It’s us against the world, as they’re going to try to shut us down if they get the chance. I have no intention of attacking any of you… early on. I want to see all members of CCPE standing there near the end, with guys like James Raven and Shawn Warstein in full retreat from the threat of some of the greatest wrestlers in the world today. After some of the victories this weekend, with the titles gained… 

Vaughn shifts the weight of his belts onto one shoulder, patting them both while looking down at the belt around his waist before he continues.

PETER VAUGHN: .. the media is already talking about us. Once one of us wins Blood Money 2 as well, nobody will be able to ignore the greatness of the CCPE.

Vaughn sits back down, looking like he’s ready to fight the war right now. Bam takes a seat next to Peter and takes a sip out of one of the glasses on the table. He smirks a little before speaking.

BAM MILLER: Looks like it’s no secret people are doubting us and have their eyes on us right now. We have no choice but to deliver a winner from this circle. We’ve done a lot of talking, and I have no doubt everyone in this room can back it up, but we have to show the media and everyone else that we are for real. Statements have to be made to cause change, so working together and making sure most of us end up towards the finish will give us the best odds to win, and I’m just ready to stick it to everyone that doubts us. 

Bam takes another sip out of his glass as Ricky starts to speak.

RICKY RODRIGUEZ: I never really know..what to say in situations like this, y’know? I’m totally not the serious type and my first instinct is to say somethin off the wall or make jokes. I could bring up past issues I’ve had with a couple of others here right now but all good, y’know? These experiences..good or bad..have shaped me, molded me. I wouldn’t be who I am without it. I wouldn’t be the person that you…

Ricky turns in his seat so that he can look at Page directly for a moment before his gaze drifts back off away from everyone else.

RICKY RODRIGUEZ: Showed faith in..took a risk on..gave a chance to. See, I don’t know what’s gonna happen out there or any of this is gonna go. But what I do know is? I’ll fight for you if you fight for me. I’ll have your back if you have mine.

While Ricky talks, he swings that chair back and forth, clearly antsy but having fun with it.

RICKY RODRIGUEZ: Ain’t no reason why one of us can’t win this whole damn thing. So uhh..yeah..go team~

Shoving the last bit of bacon into her mouth, Sahara chuckles as she swallows, chasing it down with some coffee.

CHRIS PAGE: Something to add, Mrs. Duke?

Resting back, Sahara spreads her arms across the back of the sofa before kicking her feet up on the coffee table.

SAHARA: I’ve always got something to add.

THADDEUS DUKE: Here we go… Give it to ‘em baby.

Thad smirks at the future former Mrs. Duke.

SAHARA: I was the first out of the gate for Blood Money, and as Christopher said, all of CCPE followed suit. We set the fucking bar. Us. They all followed like the lemmings they are. And as the only girl in this room, I ain’t here for some ego-stroking circle jerk. Shut up, Thad.

She gave a knowing little smile to her amazing husband, knowing full well he had something snarky to say about her circle-jerk comment.

THADDEUS DUKE: You’re not the boss of me.

SAHARA: You made waves with this whole CCPE thing, and yeah, you’re right that this isn’t about us versus the NSQ. Forget the NSQ. They’re two-week-old news in the Internet era. We’re the ones with the targets on our back now. They’re gonna come for us. All of ‘em. NSQ included. You can just look at Denzel’s predictions, and members of CCPE are all over it. Some in places they may not even appreciate–

Sahara glances at Bam Miller for a second.

SAHARA: So use that. Fuel your fucking fire. Make ‘em notice. I mean, could you imagine the embarrassment for FIGHT if someone from XWF or whatever comes in here and wins their big season kick-off event?

She lets out a mocking little laugh.

SAHARA: So trust me when I tell ya this, FIGHT has a vested interest in making sure that shit doesn’t happen. But be that as it may, some of us have more at stake than others … so while I promise each of ya I won’t go out of my way to get ya if you do get in my way, I will run you the fuck over.

Chris smirks as he listens to the take of his peers. Joe Montouri is the next to speak.

J MONT: It still feels like yesterday with all the phone calls and plans with Chris about joining CCPE. But here we are today, the best BUSINESS group of wrestlers united to show the world just what CCPE can do. Yes, even you as well Sahara.

J Mont chuckles as Sahara rolls her eyes.  Thad’s ears perk up as he looks at Joe.

J MONT: Blood Money 2 will be the start of BIG things to come. I made a call to Vegas to check on something, and my friend there told me everyone is betting on someone from CCPE to win the whole thing. All of us are at the top of the betting odds. So not only do we see ourselves as a threat, the whole 50 states see the same thing. I know I’m very difficult to get along with and work with, but one thing about me is when that match starts, I will have all of your backs until it comes down to CCPE vs CCPE. Then anything goes. 

J Mont looks over to Sahara, and she rolls her eyes. Again.

J MONT:  No Thad, I don’t want your wife. I have a better one waiting for me in the suite. And yes RICKY, this will not be like Ascension. I am glad to be a part of the group and you can count on J Mont to do all he can for CCPE. And that starts with US winning Blood Money 2 and taking down the Dickie Empire. 

Seb listens carefully, taking in every word. He chuckles at the words “Dickie Empire”.

Thad stands up.

THADDEUS DUKE:  One sec, Seb.  Joe, I’ve sat by for weeks listening to you take your little potshots at Lauren.  I’ve heard about enough of them.  First of all, she needs more than dead meat in the sack so that by default rules you out.  Second of all, If you have a problem with her, Joe, then you got a problem with me, it’s that fucking simple.  Keep it up, man.

Thad lowers his eyes at J Mont.

THADDEUS DUKE:  Watch your back.  Anyway, Seb, taking down the Dickie Empire and go.

S.E.B: Only one Empire that matters, ladies and gentleman. And that Empire is part of CCP Enterprises.

He leans forward in his seat, his hands clasped together, on the table.

S.E.B: When Chris first approached me, I was at my lowest ebb – now, things are different. New friends, new associations, new management. It’s a new horizon for me. I’ve always had a single mantra – do whatever it takes to win. And whilst that particular sentiment extends to anyone that happens to be in my way, I’ll suspend its shotgun-like spread as it pertains to the names in this room until there’s no further option. We win. Whatever happens. Should the time come and one of you happens to be the reason that I’m not victorious, I’ll hold no ill-will and I expect the same in return. We set a tone – we set a standard. We dominate. 

Chris shifts his attention towards Montouri and Sahara. 

CHRIS PAGE: Let’s address this now. The potshots stop. You both have the Denzel show at the end of February to end this little beef you have. Please don’t make me have to have this conversation a second time. I won’t be so polite. 

Chris shifts his attention back to the rest of the room.

CHRIS PAGE: It’s good to know that we can all sit and talk about this; the ultimate goal is for one of us to get this big win. We’ve already had a breakout weekend; me winning in Action, Peter picking up that Universal and PWV Title, Mac retaining his a week ago, and all roads have led us all to this one defining moment set to take place from one of the most magical places on Earth. This is where dreams come true, tonight is where our dreams become a reality. It’s not going to be easy, let’s not kid ourselves.

Chris reaches into the inner pocket of his sports coat where he pulls out a square tin. He opens it, pulls out a joint he’s previously rolled, closes, and places the tin back into his pocket before sparking up. 

CHRIS PAGE: I’m not stupid enough to sit here and guarantee victory for CCPE; all I’ll ask out of you is what I’ve asked of you since day one; give me your best and you’ll get my best. 

Chris’s eyes dart towards the entry of the private meeting space where Jonathon Barrows with Chris’s son, Andy Johnson-Page. The eyes of the room shift towards them as Mr. Barrows walks over to the couch housing Peter Vaughn where he stands behind him as Andy walks around towards the second empty white chair. 

CHIRS PAGE: For those that don’t know; the man standing behind Peter is Johnathon Barrows; the guy is a financial guru that has connections with Vaughn that I have also brought on board with CCPE as a financial consultant.

Johnathon waves to the guys and gal. 

CHRIS PAGE: The gentleman to my right, he’s my son, Andy.

Chris places his right hand on Andy’s left shoulder. 

CHRIS PAGE: It’s a long story. 

Andy chimes in. 

ANDY JOHNSON-PAGE: Not really, dad. You banged a hooker thirty years ago and here I stand.

Chris removes his hand from Andy’s shoulder as he shrugs his shoulders. 

CHRIS PAGE: Andy has been on hand the last several days from my Action Wrestling appearance making it to Iceland for Vaughn’s crowning moment, to being here with us this morning. He might be sticking around, he might not. That’s his call. 

ANDY JOHNSON-PAGE: I can’t wait to see what you guys and girl get done.

Andy leans where he whispers into his father’s ear. 

ANDY JOHNSON-PAGE: I’m going to get breakfast and go to my room to get some sleep. 

Chris winks at his son who then directs his attention back towards the group. 

ANDY JOHNSON-PAGE: See you all a little later. 

He heads over to the catered area making himself a hearty breakfast. He heads back out the door letting it close behind him. 

THADDEUS DUKE: We’re not going to gloss over this. You have a son?!?!

Chris shifts his attention towards Thaddeus. 

CHRIS PAGE: Wait until you find out Stevie Nicks is my mother.


Chris rolls his eyes as the scene fades to black in preparations for Blood Money 2.