By: Miss Michelle

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 18th Feb 2022

Blood Money 2 was so intense, so brutal and absolutely everything we thought it would be – and so much more!

Begin flashback

I remember the butterflies I had in my stomach as I left Paul and Brandon was escorted across the park and placed into my individual pod. I remember looking around at those around me, looking for a friendly face but all I could see were animals. Not real animals, but the people I knew had turned into animals. Some of them pounding on their pods, screams that sounded like fighting hyenas rang through my ears. 

I watched as the pods opened slowly and one by one my coworkers were released, like wolves into the wild. They ran at each other like jackals, trying to get the early upper hand. It really did feel like that scene in Mean Girls when Cady and Regina were fighting over Aaron in the cafeteria. I had goosebumps in my skin as I waited for my pod to open, though I was secretly hoping it wouldn’t – but it did.

I looked down at the magic band on my wrist, admiring the glowing green color as it monitored my heart rate and blood pressure. I took a deep breath and looked around at my surroundings. Surprisingly, I seemed to be alone in this area, so I stepped out of the pod – being sure to look all around me. I don’t trust any of these dicks. Sahara is probably hiding in a tree just waiting to drop a coconut on my head..

Anyways, I crept my way through the area, quiet as a mouse until I could see someone in the near distance. That someone turned out to be my niece,  Allison and she was doing the tango with the biggest piece of shit in wrestling, Joe Montuori. Joe’s doing what he does best and that’s running his mouth,  he’s talking all kinds of shit to her – he even kicked her in the back like she was Tina and he was Ike and she stole some of his coke. I was actually waiting for him to pull the shoe horn out and start whooping her ass with it. During all this fuckery, Allison swings and misses and ends up in the water in front of the jungle cruise ship.

Joe dropped down on his knees like he was begging God to forgive him for being such a bitch and starts feeling around in the water trying to find Allison but she’s gone. He tries to act like he doesn’t give a shit that he probably just killed my niece, but I can see the tears in his eyes. He turns around and is immediately dropped onto his ass by a right hand from yours truly. I don’t even know what came over me but I leaned down and I grabbed hold of his goodwill t-shirt and I held onto it while I fucked him up. I started wailing on his face with my hand and I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to stop.

My alone time with Joe was sadly short lived though. I went from pounding on Joe’s bitch ass to being scooped up off of my feet and dropped down onto the cement by Toddy. Toddy is fucking rude, man. I have always been so nice to her and this is the fucking thanks I get? I literally feel like she is crushing me into the pavement as she straddles my back and continuously drives my face into the cement – even with a bloody, scratched up face I’m still prettier than you, bitch!

It feels like I’m battling Toddy forever, I’m doing everything in my power to keep my band green while trying to turn hers red at the same time but she must have popped some Molly with Joe earlier, cuz she just wouldn’t die. She was hyphy for sure and I knew I had to get the hell out of there but I felt like I was trapped. I don’t even know what happened but we were rolling around on the pavement, beating the absolute shit out of each other – until I see a fence post coming towards my face hella fast and I flinch as it connects with the back of Toddys head, knocking her the fuck out. I got up, ready to get the hell out of there but first I got that fence post and knocked nearly every single tooth down Pheelys throat.

I remember walking away, leaving Toddy and Pheely with their red magic bands, laying in a heap on the cement. I turned the corner to see Dru literally trying to eat Allison,  what the fuck? Dru has gone crazy, ripping and tearing at Allison’s flesh like some sort of zombie you’d see in a video game, or perhaps like a normal Floridian? Who knows for sure but the bitch was out of her mind, so I used the fence post to put her out of her misery and then watched as her bracelet flashed red.

A rock catches my eye as Allison is thanking me for saving her from bath salt Barbie, so I picked it up and cracked it over the back of little Allies skull.. her band turning red before she even hit the ground. I love my niece, I really do – but it’s every man and woman for themselves and let’s face it, she would have done the same to me.

I can smell smoke and see flames in the distance.. what have we done? Have these animals set fire to the house of mouse? We are all going to end up in jail.. fuck. I remember stepping over Allison and Drus body’s as I started to leave the area, but the ground started to shake.

That’s it.  That’s all I can remember..

End flashback 

I am awoken by the sound of machines beeping and fingernails clicking on a keyboard. My eyes open slowly and begin darting around the room. I look to my left and I can see the source of the beeping, as I watch my heart rate as well as my blood pressure climb steadily on the screen. I try to turn my head but the brace around my neck makes it a little hard. I look to the right and I see a nurse typing away at the computer in front of her, she hasn’t noticed me yet. 

My eyes wander away from her and to the white board behind her. The words are blurry but I can see my name as well as today’s date. My vitals are written and below it I can see it has a list of things, as well as a list that says and lists my diagnosis, whiplash, concussion, and facial/scalp laceration. What the hell happened? 

Where’s Paul? Where’s my husband?” I quietly ask, my voice feels hoarse.

The nurse gets up from her chair in front of the computer and comes over to my bedside to speak.

“I’ve been waiting for you to wake up. You were out for a little while, how are you feeling?” She asks.

A little dizzy and my chest hurts a little.. what happened? Was I in a car accident after the show?

She reaches up and presses a button on the monitor which causes a mechanical noise to happen and then the cuff wrapped around my arm starts to tighten up.

Kinda. I mean, from what I gathered during your intake you were hit by a boat.”

“A boat? The fuck? How did I get hit by a boat? Nevermind.. where’s Paul, is he okay? Where’s my husband at?

I try to get up out of the bed but I’m held in place by cords and wires, not to mention my entire body hurts. The nurse hulk slammed me back into the bed while injecting my IV with some kind of medicine that made me feel like my body was melting and then I drifted away.

A few days later..

I’d been home from Orlando for a few days now, but it didn’t feel right. I sat in the bedroom that my husband and I shared and I stared at the walls,  reminiscing on everything that we had been through, the good, the bad and even the awful. We had been through hell and back and somehow we managed to survive every storm we had been in.

But this feels different. I haven’t seen him since Orlando, he texts a few times and says he loves me, but I just don’t know. One minute we’re hot, we’re good, we’re strangers sitting at the lake at Parts unknown, making out under the tree. I wouldn’t change a single thing in my life with Brandon, except for the drugs. The drugs have turned my husband into a man I no longer recognize. 

Do I love him? Of course I do. But I’m starting to think the way that I love him is changing. 

Everything is changing.

I spent my time in Orlando with Paul. We flew together,  we stayed together and we practically spent every moment together. I can only think of one time we weren’t together at Disney, and that was during the Blood Money event. 

I didn’t miss Brandon when I was with Paul. I enjoyed being with him. We had fun, we made memories in Orlando and I am pretty sure I grew some new feelings.

I can’t stop thinking about him.

I miss him.

But I love my husband. I don’t know how to process these thoughts or feelings.. but I know I have to figure this out – and sooner rather than later.

Just as I was about to stand up from the bed the door flung open and in stepped Mama. I took a deep breath and put a smile on my face that was quickly removed as a stack of papers were flying towards me. I dodged them as the landed on the bed behind me. 

I’m not your personal mail lady!” She said. “Why are you hiding up here? Are you too ugly to sit down stairs now?

Mama.. I just got home.. I’m recovering. ” I say.

Since when do you need to recover from an orgy?

What? I wasn’t in an orgy,  Mama.” I rolled my eyes. “I told you, I got hit by a boat.

“I don’t understand what kind of moron swims next to a boat. It’s very obvious my sweet angel of a son didn’t marry you for your brains.

I took a deep breath before responding, one of these days I’m gonna fuck this bitch up.

I wasn’t swimming next to a boat, I was standing with two feet on the pavement.”

So you were in a gangbang and the dicks were bigger than you? Got it.”

Please just get out.”

“You can’t tell me what to do. This is my son’s house.” She said. “Don’t be mad at me because you suck at life.

I was done. I was tired of her and her stupid comments so I made my way over and brought my leg up and I launched that bitch into the hall with a kick. It took everything I had not to laugh at her flying out. I slammed the door and died laughing as I heard the thud of her hitting the floor.

I’m probably going to hell for yeeting a blind woman but fuck she deserved it.

Blood Money happened, I didn’t win but I made some noise. I took out people who I really can’t stand and then wouldn’t you know, here comes James Raven. 😒

I’ll get to him later, but I just want to say how much I loved beating on Joe.. and did you guys see that sweet golf swing that almost took Drus head off? Couldn’t have happened to a better person, I say.

This week’s venom is a special Valentine’s edition and what a show it’s slated to be. There are a lot of special themed matches scheduled and it wouldn’t be a Valentine’s show without the Queen of all your hearts, me.

Myself, Brandon and Paul are scheduled in a ‘heart shaped box’ match, whatever that means. I mean, I’ve heard the song and I know Courtney Love said Cobain wrote it about her vagina but I’m unsure how it’s going to work in the ring. We’re going to find out though, and we’re going to find out at the same time as our opponents, James Raven and the new Islands Champions, Betsy and Atara.

Now on paper, it’s pretty obvious who the favorites to win are but just because the entire world loves you doesn’t mean you’re better. Betsy and Atara are in the middle of some “I stole your boyfriend” drama and James Raven just stands there holding their purses, while Brandon, Paul and I have been a pretty damn cohesive unit for over a decade. 

I have had the pleasure of being in the ring with Atara a few times in a previous promotion. It goes without saying who came out on top but that doesn’t matter here and now. I refuse to be like every other member of the Riggs family and once one of them beats you, you hear about it until you can’t hear anymore – and in that case, they’d probably learn sign language just so they could keep saying it to you.  No, I’m not going to do that to Atara because I know she’s better than she was back then. She has grown and finally found her footing, I’m kinda proud of her actually.

See she actually reminds me a little bit of myself. She’s beautiful, she’s smart and she knows what she likes. She saw something she wanted and instead of standing around and crying because someone else had it, she put on her big girl panties or maybe she took them off, and went and got it. You can’t steal a man that doesn’t want to be stolen, so we should stop pointing our fingers at my girl Atara for the fairytale relationship of Betsy and James falling apart. 

Keep doing you girl, you’re going to go places in this business.

Don’t get it twisted though, as much as I believe that Atara is a badass and force to be reckoned with, I also believe that about Betsy Granger. Betsy is phenomenal out there in the ring and she’s a wonderful person outside of the ring. She’s the type of girl I could throw hands with and then go see a movie with. Like, she’s cool as fuck.

I recently had the pleasure to step into the ring with Betsy for the Manhattan Championship and I was quite surprised and impressed with the way she moves about the ring.  She totally kicked my ass and I didn’t expect it, so add great shock value to your resume, Bets. 

I’m actually looking forward to stepping into the ring with you again, I’m pretty positive the outcome is going to be a lot different this time, though. I’m really sorry but I’m going to have to beat you this time, but like.. no hard feelings okay? You’re still super awesome, it’s just business!

I guess that brings us to you, James Raven.  There are a lot of things that I really want to say to you, but for some reason I just can’t get the words out right,  rest assured I’ll be more than able in a week or so. 

See, you and I keep ending up in these big elimination type matches and for some strange reason there seems to be a huge magnetic pull between us. Every time I turn around, there you are. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you had some weird crush on me. 

But I know that can’t be it. You’re James Raven, you don’t lust after women – women lust after you! And why wouldn’t they? Look at you.  Every girl’s dream.. you have a nice smile, you say everything they want to hear, you look good shirtless and you really know how to steer a boat. You’re the whole package.

We actually have a lot in common, James. We both seem to be stuck in the middle of some weird love triangle of sorts. Yours, much more obvious than mine, but mine is a lot more complicated. You’re James Raven, you don’t have to think, everyone does your thinking for you. You don’t really have to worry about the backlash from something like this. People expect men to sleep around, to have multiple partners, but its taboo for a woman.. no matter what I decide to do, I’m going to be the bad guy, but not you. Perks of being a man, I suppose. 

Hey, let’s just hope we both make the right decision, yeah?

A few hours later

Paul and I had just finished dinner, I’m still surprised he was able to get us a table at a decent restaurant during Valentine’s Day Weekend. He must have promised to wash dishes for the rest of the year or something crazy- oh well, not my problem and I hope he doesn’t think I’m going to help him. 

Anyways, we had a good time, talked about all those losers from earlier in the night, we even watched as some guy proposed to some chicken, she said yes but I joked how it would have been funnier if she would have said no.

P held the door open for me as we stepped out of the restaurant, he had been so sweet and kind all night. I don’t know what he’s planning but I’m definitely onto him. 

We walked down the sidewalk a bit, the cool air felt nice but the rain was a little cold as it hit my skin. As we slowly wandered down the street I couldn’t help but find myself admiring him under the streetlights and moonlit sky. It’s weird, I’ve known and been friends with this man for twenty years, but something is just starting to feel different. 

Let me see if I can get that car to come back and pick me up.. want me to order you an Uber when I’m done?

I give him the dirtiest look before rolling my eyes.

No, I’m good. I’m just going to walk, we’re not far from the hotel and it’s a beautiful night.

Fuck it, guess I’ll walk too then. Wouldn’t want you to be out here alone, you might get hit by a boat or something.”

He’s so damn annoying, God i just wanna fuck him up sometimes. He thinks he’s so funny too, over there laughing at his own stupid remarks. 

You really are a dick, you know that?”

I walk off ahead of him, shaking my head as he stops laughing and heads off after me.

You can’t talk to me like that, I’m the Manhattan Champion, bay bay!

He catches up and we walk along the sidewalk enjoying the brisk air in awkward silence until they come up on a puddle. P thought he was so funny and tried to get some revenge on me for tripping him earlier and pushed me. I lost my damn balance and as I was falling into the puddle, I grabbed his arm and pulled him down, barely missing the puddle while managing to stay on my feet as I fell against the brick wall of the building behind the puddle.

What the fuck!!?” He exclaims.

That’s what you get, how dare you try to push me in the puddle.”

I didn’t push you. I uh, I tripped and bumped into you.”

He reached his hand up to me to help him to his feet and I grabbed it. Instead of getting up to his feet, he yanked me down and right into the damn puddle. I let out a shriek as the water hit me, I swear it felt more like a small pond than a puddle and P is over there, laughing his ass off at me. 

I don’t know why he always has to be so rude but I’m sick of it. I use my hands to swish through the water and splash a shit ton of it all over him and the Manhattan Championship. Watching the smile leave his face was worth it until he grabbed hold of my arms and pulled me down.

I try to act like I’m pushing him away, but I don’t resist as he rolls me over onto my back, his chest against mine and his forearms resting against the pavement next to my head. For some strange reason, I feel like my heart is going to beat out of my chest. He pushes himself up, but I reach out and grab his shirt with one hand, while wrapping my other hand around the back of his neck and pull him right back down. I pulled his head down, our noses brushing against the other briefly as our lips touched. 

His lips were so soft, so sweet and so inviting. I playfully bit down onto his bottom lip, he sighed in anticipation, I could feel his body relaxing from its previously tense state. Before I knew what was happening his hot, soft tongue was nearly down my throat and I was reciprocating with my own in his. It felt so good, it felt so right.. like we should have been doing this the entire time.  

My heart wasn’t racing anymore and I wasn’t scared or nervous, for the first time in a very long time, I was at peace. I felt like myself and this felt so right.

And then I heard him call out my name. Repeatedly

I shook my head, everything that I thought was real faded away slowly, like a dream as I sat up from the pavement and seen him standing about six feet away. 

Are you coming or not?” He said, laughing to himself. 

Yeah..” I shook my head again, pushing myself up to my feet. “I’m coming.”