“Co-captain, my ass!”

By: Miss Michelle

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 10th Oct 2021

Let’s take it back, shall we? Let’s go way back, back into time.. a good five weeks ago when my entire life changed. Now in a sense,  it did change for the better, I did get everything I had ever wanted since meeting my husband. But the way that my son was brought into this world, is not a good story.

You see, most people who become pregnant get this whole idea in their heads of how they are going to deliver and they even get to write out whole birth plans of shit that they want followed. I didn’t get that. I had just had that appointment with my OB, where she gave me the form to fill out with all my wishes and also with all of the things I didn’t want – but I never got a chance to fill that out. Why you ask?


Because some clumsy lard ass came trampling through the backstage area and tried to pick a fight with my good friend, Poptart and when I tried to move out of the way, he tripped me! He can keep spinning the story that he never touched me and that I tripped over the table all he wants. He knows the truth – and so do I! 

So yeah, he was so angry and so upset with the beating my boy put on him in that ladder match which led to me having the opportunity to climb that ladder and grasp onto that beautiful, shiny and golden Bronx Championship,  that he literally tried to kill me. 

That’s some serious hatred, man. I barely even know you!

And what does that say about you as a person, Bam? How are you ever going to bounce back from that? Who will ever trust you?

Imagine, if you would, how your life would be if I had died on that operating table, Bam. Would you be pleased with yourself? I cant imagine it would be good for you.

So tell me – do you regret it? Do you wish that you had used that teeny tiny thing in your fat skull and thought better? Do you?

Probably not. You’re too selfish. 


I’ve always heard the saying ‘blood is thicker than water’ and I’ve always wondered to myself, what the hell that even meant. I mean, so what? 

Does being related to somebody by blood mean that I have to be nice to you, no matter what? No matter how shitty of a person you are? No matter how you treat me? I think not.

People always ask me, why do I hate my family so much? Why does my skin crawl every time someone says my name and adds Riggs to the end of it? Why am I always so quick to throw one of them in the dirt?

Because they are the worst of the worse. Because if they got the chance, they would do it to me. Because they are the definition of human garbage. Most importantly though,  is because they are all the same – every single one of them that rears that Riggs name,  they suck the life out of everything around them.

And you know who the worst one is? The one who claims to be the leader of the pack but couldn’t lead the family out of a carnival fun house. The one who runs his mouth and then stands behind the man who is even less talented than he is, which I honestly didn’t even know was possible. The one who hates every fiber of his sisters being so much that he sends his daughter to do his dirty work – as he’s done for most of his career.

Yeah, I’m talking about you Damon Riggs. The guy who spent his entire career at the top of the mountain, no matter who he had to stomp on to get there. You wonder why I don’t want anything to do with you or your stupid name? Because you are a coward. You always have been and you always will be and you even taught everyone who has been around you to be. 

How many years did you swear that you were going to ‘give Brandon the beating that he deserved’? And how you were going to show him exactly why he wasn’t good enough and why you dropped him for Dane the power ranger.. and did it happen? Nah, you ran and hid behind a cancer diagnosis – which I don’t believe for a second, by the way. It would not surprise me for you to be faking that. 

But like I said, you and your family are a bunch of cowards.  You lead the pack of dumbasses but your second in command is no better. Little Allie Riggs, give the girl a little bit of male attention and she lets her vagina take control of her entire being. Joe didn’t even have to work that hard for her to straddle him and take him to paradise.

Allison wants so badly to be the star her daddy sees her as, she wants so badly to be the woman he thinks she is, but no matter how hard she tries and how hard she pretends – she can’t. She doesn’t even come close to being the woman, person, competitor or even wife that her father thinks she is.

Maybe she should see things from my perspective. Perhaps she should wander out of Daddys spotlight and create her own. 

Who am I kidding? Allison will never be able to stand on her own. Her daddy may not be around to stand with anymore but he hand groomed his replacement for her. Which is weird, by the way..

Why is it weird you ask? Because he hand-picked Dane Preston for his daughter. He scouted, trained and turned Dane into the second coming of himself and then presented him to his daughter as a mate as well. Talk about narcissism. 

They like that though.. why else would they go with it? Where else would this be considered okay? He made Damon 2.0 and served him to his daughter in some weird ass arranged marriage situation.. this shit reeks of incest.

Dane claims to hate being overshadowed by Damon, and is always insisting that he and Damon are nothing alike.. but all I can see is consistency. The way you walk,  the way you talk, the way you both dote over not only Allison but you both seem to have a soft spot for that trollop, Sahara as well.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Damon slipped inside her as well, and he didn’t need fake results to end up there. But that’s beside the point.

What was the point I was trying to make? Oh yeah, that you, your family and everyone you surround yourself with are cowards. 

Actually, everyone already knows.. why am I wasting time reiterating it?

We fade in on a rare glimpse of the beautiful island of Eulogeo(formerly liberty island.) Construction to remove the statue had been completed as we can see the statue of liberty no longer stands in her place. Most of the buildings had been torn down and a few new small cottage-like homes had been added.

Uncle Vladimir spared no expense when it came to trying to buy the love of his nephew, and Brandon had big ideas and big plans on what he wanted to do here. Eulogeo wasn’t just going to be an island,  Eulogeo would be a place of inspiration and hope. Something the Moore family were missing until the birth of their beautiful blessing.

Anyways, we moved inside the large home that separated two of those cottages. Laying with her eyes closed, peacefully resting, we find Michelle. Her arm up over her eyes and resting across her forehead as she tried to get a little bit of rest. 

Ezra was going through one of those little growth spurts they write about in those what to do when you’re expecting books and he had doubled his night time feedings, which meant she literally spent more time awake than she did sleeping.

She had just started to fully doze off to sleep when her body was jerked awake as she heard Ezra begin to cry in the next room over. She sighed, laying there with her eyes open and staring at the ceiling for a moment.

She sat up on the black leather sofa, collecting her thoughts for a moment and right before she pushed herself to her feet, he stopped crying. You could see the relief in her body as she allowed herself to sink back into the couch. She laid her head back against the back of the couch and just stared at the ceiling for a few seconds.

Her moment of relaxation is cut short as she hears someone speaking from the other room. She listened intently for a moment, trying to figure out who it was. She listened as a woman sang a sweet lullaby to the baby and realized it was Brandon’s mother. She was absolutely in love with Ezra, and being a grandmother seemed to really be a good thing for her.

Michelle stood up from the couch and made her way over to the doorway and stood in it, watching as Mama Moore rocked, soothed and sang to little Ezra. She used to worry about Mama being alone with him – with her drinking issues as well as being damn near blind as a bat, but she also didn’t want to deprive her of having her time with him either. So during the day she compromised.  She let Ezra do his day naps in the family room, downstairs, that way Mama could spend time with him as well.

She crossed her arms over her chest and leaned against the door frame, listening as Mama went on.

Oh sweet boy.. mama sure does love you.” Mama said as she caressed Ezra’s little forehead with her fingers. “You will never know how much mommy loves you, my sweet baby Brandon.” 

She continued, and Brandon had actually found his way into the room with them. He had just gotten back from a business meeting and was in a pretty good mood as he walked into the room.

What the hell are you going on about, ma?” He said, startling her a bit.

Nothing, you asshole! I’m trying to spend some time with my son, so I’m going to need you to lower your damn voice before you upset him.” She replied back. 

Brandon looked at her like she was bat shit crazy. She legit thought she was holding and rocking Brandon, but was having a damn conversation with him as a grown ass man at the same time.  No one ever claimed Mama was all there.. 

Damnit ma, did you take your medication today? You bein’ all crazy n’ shit again. What the doc tell ya momma? You gotta take them pills three times a day.” Brandon said as he stepped to his mother, grabbing his infant son and pulling him away from her and resting him against his chest with his hand on his little back, holding him securely against him. 

Mama sighed as he took Ezra from her arms and stormed out of the room, mumbling under her breath as she did. “Maybe if you quit stealing all the damn good ones I would remember to take them you god damn cock sucker. Piece of shit son of mine. I swear to God I wish I would have done the world a favor and swallowed you!

Damn, mama, why do you always gotta be such a hateful bitch?” Brandon said back to her.

She exited the room completely and Ezra began to cry. Brandon hushed him with kisses to his little forehead and face. 

It’s okay, my baby boy. Daddy will keep you safe from crazy ass grandma.” He said, while trying to soothe him and rubbing his hand along his small back. “Daddy promises to keep you safe from all the freaks and morons in this messed up world we live in. Daddy will always be there for you, my little one.”

He turned and noticed her standing in the doorway watching and he gave her the biggest smile. People think B is just this big asshole, who hates the entire world and everyone in it, all the time, but really – he isn’t. He never really was. He was sucked back into a lifestyle he had forgotten by the promises of men who broke them quicker than Brandon breaking F2B into literal pieces.

She walked into the room and over next to him as he took his freehand and wrapped it around her, pulling her closer to the two of them and then leaning over slightly to allow his lips to meet hers as they shared a sweet, quick, yet deep kiss. She laid her head against his chest and kissed the little nose of their baby boy.  

I didn’t even see you standing there, how long were you there?” He asked.

Long enough to see your crazy ass mom in action.” She answered him.

Aye now grrl, that’s yo momma too yano.” He said with a sly smirk. “Maybe I will take Ezra for the rest of the day and you can take momma. Seems like a fair trade to me. Where’s Uncle Vlad? He run off again to do that American shit he claims to hate?

You can take Ezra,  but why do I have to take mama? She’s like a fifth in already and I can’t handle keeping her off of the construction workers right now, I’m tired!” She said with a little laughter in her voice. “She keeps telling me the tall one is gonna be your new daddy soon. But I don’t know where Uncle Vlad went, he was yelling at someone in Russian on the phone a few minutes ago and then he was gone.

I wonder if he’s arguing with those games people or whatever he calls them. Something funny going on there, and I am gonna find out what. But, baby girl, don’t try to tame that wild ass blind bitch, just take the opportunity to cut the shit and be free. Let the wise old slutty broad be your guide on some wonderful adventure that you will never forget. Shit, that was most of my childhood baby girl. I enjoyed myself for some of it.” He holds Ezra up and out in front of them, and they both are just struck in the awe of the sheer lunacy of this moment. Not because it is a funny or peculiar moment, but because it was a moment they never even dreamed of. Maybe she did, unbeknownst to him, but he was so sucked into the life within the life that he never really paid much attention to this life. That all changed with this little bundle of joy. “I still can’t believe we did this. This whole chubby little thing right here in my arms.”

Brandon pulled Ezra in tight with his right arm into his chest, and with his left arm, he wrapped her up and pulled Michelle into the circus of love. “Everything I ever needed, right here.. in my arms..” He trails off.

She snuggled into his embrace and just absorbed every bit of it that she could. If you would have told her six months ago that this is where they would be, she would have called you a liar. She honestly never thought that they would have been able to work through the issues that they were having and she most certainly never thought that they would have created this wonderful little blessing, but fate knew better I guess you could say. And thank God that it did.

She loved Brandon more than she loved herself at times – and she loved herself a lot so you figure that out. But the path he was on,  she couldn’t support the things and the choices he was making. She tried, she tried hard but it was just too much, and despite the rumors that she just moved on and jumped into bed with Paul, she was hurt for a long time. I mean, she had been with Brandon for as long as she could remember and being away from him literally felt like living with a hole in her chest. 

Brandon kissed her atop her head as he released his grip on her. She looked up into his soft blue eyes and smiled as he spoke to her.

Me and my main man here are gonna go get a couple bottles and hang out in the theater.”

Alright, I will join you two shortly.. love you.” 

“I love you too, baby. Don’t be too long, he’ll be asleep soon.. ” he said, with a flirty and playful wink of the eye.

She laughed as he was walking out of the room. She made her way back over to where Ezra was laying before Mama had taken him when he began to cry. She folded the little blue blanket, setting it nicely into the little Rock and play portable bassinet. 

As she began to straighten things up in the room, her mind began to wander back to FYA and how, in some way, the majority of them were here because of that dimwitted brother of hers.

I’ve always wondered why people thought so highly of him. He wasn’t a very nice person, he never did anything for anyone else that didn’t benefit himself in some way. I just don’t get it.

But I understand that to some people, any attention is good attention and that’s why Sahara hangs around. God. I swear, she would probably melt and cease to exist if she didn’t have all eyes on her.

She prances down the halls of the fight tower,  swinging her extensions around, and demanding attention and respect from whoever will give her a second glance. I pretend to be nice to her so as to not fracture her oversized ego but the ice is getting real thin with that one.

I mean, seriously,  name something Sahara has done to warrant any attention without mentioning someone else’s name. You can’t, because she has never stood on her own two feet. She’s nothing without mentioning Allison or dickwad Dane. 

Hell even in our old place of work, she was a second thought to she who shall not be mentioned. 

Sahara is a tricky little bitch though, but don’t let her fool you. She plays the part of stupid real well, but thats because she’s afraid of being put in her place. She would rather play second fiddle so that when everything goes to hell, she’s not to blame.. sounds like a coward to me.

There’s that word again, coward. Like I said, everyone around Damon is a coward. Starting to see my truth yet? Don’t worry, you will.

She grabbed up the dirty pacifier and bottle from the crib and headed towards the kitchen, shutting the lights off as she walked through the room. As she walked down the long hall, her mind went to work again.

And then there’s Murphy.. I don’t even know much about him, except the fact that he fucked up the best thing he had going for him. What happened when Sarah decided he wasn’t good enough anymore?

I’ll tell you what, he fell flat on his face. He showed that without her he had no direction and that’s when he began the almighty king of losers. Such a shame too, he had so much potential. 

Any friend of Danes must be a loser though, so I guess we should have seen it coming. 

As she walked into the large kitchen, she flipped the lights on and made her way over to the kitchen sink and set Ezras things down into it. She turned the water on and grabbed the bottle, opening the lid and then rinsed the milk from it. 

As she set the bottle down and picked up the pacifier to rinse, she could feel a repeated tap on her shoulder.

“Just a moment..” 

She finished rinsing everything as Mama kept tapping on her shoulder, unrelentlessly. She sighed heavily as she washed her hands and eventually turned around. As she did, she stood face to face with Brandon’s mother, who had fresh powder on her nose and a bottle of grey goose in her hand. Her eyes locked dead on with Michelles, almost as if she could see and if she could, she was looking right through her anyway. Without giving Michelle a chance to speak, and with a straight face, Mama spoke. 


Seriously? What the fuck, Mama? You are a fucking crazy ass bitch.” She said, shaking her head.

Mama never even flinched, or showed any hint of emotion, the bitch was blown out of her mind and didn’t give a single fuck.

At least go clean the powder from your nose, jesus.”

Michelle rolled her eyes, what was she thinking? Mama can’t even see her damn nose, how in the hell was she going to clean it? 

Here.. let me help you.

She turned and grabbed a napkin from the counter and wet the corner. As she turned back to Mama, she was in time to watch her walking away without another word. Michelle shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.

She shut the water off and tossed the napkin into the trash as she made her way out of the kitchen and down another long hallway. The walls of the hallway were littered with photos and past wrestling accomplishments for both Michelle and Brandon, which she glanced at along her way. She stopped midway and admired everything the two of them had been able to accomplish,  together and separately.

There was quite a bit of controversy surrounding the way that I came to be in possession of FIGHTNYC’s Bronx Championship. A lot of people don’t see me as the rightful champion because I did not fight in that match, my good friend Poptart did. And while I agree that he did a fantastic job in that match, and he deserved to be announced as the winner – that’s not what happened. If you view the tapes and go back to Toxic Tag, it was I who saw the opportunity of the empty ring, and bodies laid out on the outside. It was me who took that chance while everyone was down and I set up and climbed that glorious ladder to take hold of that beautiful hanging championship and then my name was announced as winner and inaugural champion. So everyone else can do me a favor and sit down and shut the fuck up.

Opinions are like assholes,  everybody’s got one and I don’t give a shit about yours anyways.

Speaking of assholes, I hear that Bam Miller hasn’t learned his lesson yet and has chosen to continue to be a thorn in my family’s side. He’s either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid, and I’m leaning towards the latter. How many times does Bam have to get his ass kicked before he realizes that the Moore family might not be where he should be trying to make his career? If only he knew how to accept defeat and move on, things wouldn’t be anywhere near as bad for him as they are. Instead, his lack of intelligence, yearning to suffer and desire to be beaten will lead to his ultimate demise. 

I know everyone is probably tired of hearing me say this, but Bam Miller almost cost me not only my career and my son, but damn near took my life as well. And while he stands tall on the subject and will take every opportunity to announce that he never touched me, that he didn’t push me – he’s a damn liar. His actions are what led to the situation and let me remind you all that he is a serial offender when it comes to trying to knock me down while I was pregnant.

Let’s go back to Toxic Tag one more time, shall we? If it hadn’t been for Poptart standing at the bottom of the ladder, while I held that belt high in the air, Bam would have knocked that entire ladder – me included, over and onto the floor. How do I know, you ask? Because he fucking tried to do it and got his head knocked off of his shoulders by Poptart.  

So tell me again why we should believe you when you say you would never put your hands on a pregnant woman? Why should we believe that you are anything other than a lying piece of shit?

You managed to do what you planned to do though.  You got the attention you were hoping for. You got Brandons attention, if only briefly, and he painted the hallways of the tower with your blood and I have to admit, it was a glorious sight.. but you and your thick skull didn’t accept that as defeat. So, Brandon took you into the pit and he beat you within an inch of your life and even blew himself up to set an example, to show you how fucking serious he is when he told you not to fuck with his family.

But no, you are too stupid, to dense in the head to understand these things. So what did you do? You went out on the corner like the bum that you are and you sat there, rattle canning until someone came along that felt sorry for you and dropped a little change in your bitch ass cup. And what did you do after you finished begging for charity? You made the third biggest mistake of your life.

You bid on my Bronx Championship? You really are one stupid bastard.

While it is a mistake on your part, it will be a walk in the park on mine. I don’t view you as a legit competitor against me, Bam. I don’t even view you as a decent human being. 

Why would you do that? Why would you bid on my belt? Are you obsessed with me or something? I mean, you can’t even walk into a room without searching me out. You can’t wake up in the morning or go to bed at night without thinking of me.. so what gives? Is this just some weird way so that you can at least touch me or get just a little bit closer to me than you could before?

You really should have taken the same lead the rest of the locker room did. You should have steered clear of me and mine, but since you didn’t, I guess I’ll take the easy night and the predictable fight. I get that you’re trying to make a name for yourself in this company and our business, but I must say, you are going about it in the wrong way. You’re picking the wrong people, “top guy slayer.”

What a stupid fucking nickname, as well. Seriously, what “top guy” have you slayed? Brandon kicked your ass, twice. Who else have you even faced? Father Thyme? That guy was a joke. Poptart? He kicked your ass, too. So, I guess I’m right as always and your nickname is as fucking stupid as you are.

But back to the issue at hand, you somehow got that rat Ricky to give you the remaining blood money you needed and now here we are. I’m not mad, I would probably bum some money off of someone else to get something wanted if I was a lowly peasant who couldn’t afford it, like you.  Then again, I’d actually probably just kill myself if I was anything like you.

But hey, if you and bitchass Ricky wanna spend money on you getting your own ass kicked, well who am I to step in the way. I’ll see you at Ascension, fuckboy.”

She shook her head as she continued to make her way down the hall towards the staircase at the end.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success. ” – Henry Ford.

Dynasty was put together with one thing in mind – success. Success, no matter how it’s achieved, no matter who has to be stepped on and left behind to achieve it. I will be the first to admit when Paul came to me with the idea he had for Dynasty, I was a little unsure. I didn’t think he had put enough thought into it and I honestly still don’t. 

But then I take a step back, look at the names that he literally handpicked for the group and I think, maybe he knows something I don’t. Because on paper? This shit looks like a dumpster fire.

First, you’ve got Joe Montuori, the loose cannon. The man can’t be trusted to keep his cool to save his life. He is driven by his emotions and that’s not a good thing. One thing about Joe, though, is his words are usually good and I know when and if it comes down to it, I can count on Joe. Mostly because he’s a people pleaser and wants everyone to like him, but that’s a separate issue, for another time.

Then we’ve got the little guy,  Ricky Rodriguez. He’s out here looking to make a name for himself so he’s leeching onto whatever he can grab hold of. I don’t blame him,  not even a little bit.  If I wasn’t me I’d probably do the same, although, I’d probably pick someone better than Sahara – but hey, that’s just me.

And then there’s Todrick, sweet little Toddy. I love her, I really do but I can’t for the life of me figure out why she is even on this team? Were we that desperate that we had to let just anyone on the team? I thought we were trying to win?  We must be going for the sympathy vote here. I’m not saying this because I think she’s weak – I mean, I do think she’s weak,  but I’m saying it because she has enough on her plate right now.  How is she going to be able to focus on the team and winning when she can’t control Austin and his fifty nine other personalities?

Wait – aren’t Ricky and Toddy facing each other for the Manhattan Championship? This should be really interesting..

Let us not forget the most important person on this team, the leader, the one who plays the role of captain.  The one person who I could count on when things went to shit with Brandon and I. Paul and I got pretty close,  I would even go as far as to call him my bestie, but it’s been weird lately. I thought I could count on him, to have my back and be there to support me mentally and physically, if need be. I’m not so sure about that now. He’s been so distant and such a dickhead. 

Oh well – as long as we’re there to rocket him to the top, that’s all he really cares about.”

She had made her way up those few steps and stopped at a door. Reaching out, she grabbed hold of the nob and pushed the door open. Stepping inside the bedroom she flipped on the light switch before making her way inside.

I almost forgot about the biggest non-factor in this whole gang war – the new status quo. Five of the biggest disappointments in this company. I’m not even sure how Dickie Watson is still holding that Empire Championship that he stole from Paul Montuori at Blood Money, but no worries, after night one it will be where it rightfully should have been the entire time.

Shawn Warstein has his hands full night one as well, as he will be going one on one with my husband and will find out what defeat truly tastes like. Night two won’t be any better for Loser Warstein either, especially if he somehow manages to find Dynasty around a corner. I’m still trying to understand why you’re captain of the losers bench anyway? I wouldn’t trust you to feed my cat, let alone lead a team to victory – but hey,  maybe that’s just me.

Who else is there? Oh, a couple of little girls cosplaying as competitors. Did you guys even try when you were putting this group together or did you just think that being good enough would be, well, good enough? Dickie and Shawn might as well have just gone out as mercenaries and called it a day. At least then they wouldn’t let down an entire team when they are eventually eliminated.”

She shrugged her shoulders and set off towards the attached bathroom as the scene faded out.


The next day..

Michelle is sitting on the foot of the bed, staring at herself in the mirror. Dressed in a pair of black yoga pants and a black tank top, she sat remembering when her stomach stuck out to the moon and how now she has this beautiful little boy that she would absolutely die for.. She sighed as she looked at the beautiful sunflower sundress that was hanging up on the back of the door. 

She shook her head and stood up from the bed, her long blonde hair pulled up into a messy bun at the top of her head. She pulled the tank top down to cover her once huge belly that would have stuck out before walking out the door and down the stairs.

The first thing that caught her eye as she rounded the corner was the damn stripper pole. She rolled her eyes and made her way over to where Paul was standing.

P, what the fuck?” Michelle says, annoyed.

What?” PMont responds.

You left the strippler pole up?” Michelle says, pointing at the shiny stripper pole in the middle of a beautifully decorated room. 

Paul walks over and closely examines it while rubbing his chin with his thumb and pointer finger.

It appears I did,” Paul says as he looks back over his shoulder. “Alessandra, please have Francesco take the pole down.”

Alessandra, Paul’s assistant and cousin, nods and walks off and Paul turns his attention back to Michelle.

Ugh! Always with the black, is this a baby shower or a funeral?” He shook his head at her. “Don’t you have something better? Maybe something pink to remind people you’re still a girl under all that mess.”

She rolled her eyes.

Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize this was a beauty contest.” She responded.

It isn’t, but if it was, you’d be losing. You look like a scrub – go change before people arrive.”


She groaned and flipped him off with both hands before heading off towards the stairs.

Oh, and do something with that hair too!” He said, shaking his head.

Oh my God! Fuck off!

She dramatically stomped her feet up every single one of the stairs and as she entered the room she made damn sure to slam the door.




Arriving for the baby shower first, along with Brandon are Poptart and Mama Moore. Poptart comes waltzing in as if he owned the place and heads straight into the backyard, grabbing himself a beer from the ice bucket before plopping down into Paul’s hammock on the back deck. 

Brandon looked around the place, a look of disgust on his face as he locked eyes with our Host with the Most. Mama Moore, bless her heart, stumbled into the room and made her way right over to Paul, bumping into him as she approached.

And this must be Michelle,” Mama Moore says as she cups Paul’s face in her hands.

No, actually,” Paul tries to say before being cut off.

So beautiful. Look at those cheekbones,” Mama Moore says as she lets go of his face.

Yeah, I am beautiful, huh? And cheekbones to die for,” Paul says, blushing.

Got damnit, Ma! That’s not Michelle, that’s the beautiful, beautiful and magnificent piece of shit I told ya about.” Brandon steps in, wondering how much Vodka Momma Moore has drank since she’s known Michelle for thirteen years and was just with her yesterday. Paul stood there and took in every bit of the attention from Mama, paying no mind that the bitch was blind and couldn’t actually see him, but then an echo of Brandon’s words broke through his fantasy.

Paul and Brandon then lock eyes, and it was intimate as fuck. In each man’s eyes were the look of longing, as each of their hearts were filled with the loneliness of a broken dream. Wrecked and Worthless was the hottest thing in the professional wrestling world. The boys were simply on fire and nothing and nobody could have gotten in the way of their ascension to the very top..

Except each other

cause only a GOAT can top a GOAT

Paulie.” Brandon firmly states.

B.” Paul replies, his eyes filling up with tears.

The world around the two of them simply pauses and falls away. A moment was shared between the two, and Brandon goes into Paul. With his index finger, he gently brushes away the single tear that began to roll down Paul Montuori’s face. Brandon grabs him tightly and pulls him in close, kissing him on the top of his head. “I miss you Paulie.”

NO!” Paul pushes Brandon off.


The crowd of people gasp as Paul slaps Brandon before running away from the room, unable to deal with the raw power of the emotions he was feeling.

I miss you too Papi.”

Not a knock on the door. Not even a doorbell rang. The door flies open like the scene from the movie Home Alone with Marve. Standing there dressed like a million bucks is none other than Paul’s older brother J Mont. Decked out in a custom suit made by Brioni Vanquish II. And a set of matching Salvatore Ferrigamo shoes. J Mont takes in the scene looking around and the first person he sees is none other than the love/hate relationship woman in his life. The lovely Miss Michelle.

Thanks for knocking, come on in Joe.” She said

You know this is like a second home to me.”

Speaking of home, where is Mia?

She is back at the crib with Uncle Vincenzo and crazy Giuesppe.”

Well, I’m glad she is feeling a little better then.”

She wanted to come, but I told her lets wait a little longer til she is truly ready to step out.”

She nods her head, not really paying much attention to Joe anymore as she’s really not in the mood to entertain him right now. She lets out a small sigh, and grabs a wine glass from one of the waiters as they pass by.

Thank you for the invite too. I truly do appreciate it. We have a lot of history and to be here on this day is special.” Joe said.

Just as he said that last word, Brandon came from around the corner. Michelle stood where she was as she watched the interaction between Joe and her husband. She brings the glass of wine up to her lips and drinks the remainder before handing the glass off to another passing waiter. She watches on as J Mont taps Brandon on the shoulder and walks away. As he walks by the staircase, you can hear Paul coming down the stairs.

Yo Bro!!!!!” Paul says, almost a little too enthusiastically.

What’s up P? Surprised to see no stripper pole up.”

Michelle had me take it down.”

Probably a good idea. We are both turning over new leafs and that would just bring back the old days of partying, drinking and drugs.”

Yeah, it’s not a good idea to have cocaine around a baby.”

But love the set up for the party man and promise I will be on my best behavior.”

And Ricky?


Joe…..Please don’t ruin this.”

I will be fine, but if he crosses a line, he will have a size 15 Ferragamo shoe up his ass. This suit cost more then his contract with FIGHT so i’m not trying to ruin this over a Sahara lust.

P laughs as they both walk towards the back together.

The back deck and yard of P’s recently inherited building are decorated beautifully in periwinkle, sky and dark blue decor. Tables were set and decorated, each with their own specially made diaper cakes as the centerpiece – the man spared no expense.

I mean, he even hung ribbons around the pool.  Godfather Paul Montuori everybody,  if he ever says he ain’t excited, he’s a liar.

Anyways, Poptart is relaxing in the hammock with his beer as the guests start to flock in and begin conversations among each other. The bootyful girlfriend of Paul Montuori, Alexis Hunter, dressed in the tightest leather mini dress you’ve ever seen and stiletto heels walks past the hammock with her friend from Diamond Dior and flips Poptart out of the hammock with her beautiful backside.

Poptart hit the deck with a thud and looked up at her. She smiled and shrugged her shoulders before the two of them walked away, leaving him there with nothing to do but enjoy the view from down there.

Scene switches to upstairs in the bedroom with Michelle, and she is mumbling to herself about what Paul had said about her clothing and her hair. She ripped the dress down off of the hanger and as she went to put it on she heard a voice behind her.

What are you doing?

She spun around on her heels to find herself face to face with Doll – er, Sarah Wolf. She smiled so big and wrapped her arms around her so tight. Sarah grimaced, as she hated to be hugged but allowed it for only a second. She wiggled free which caused Michelle to laugh out.

You’re such an ass..” Michelle said.

Yeah.. well..

Sarah shrugged her shoulders and walked over,  sitting down on the foot of the bed.

So, were you really about to put on that horrendous dress?” Sarah asked.

“I was, yes..” she sighed. “Paul thinks I am dressed for a funeral or something stupid. Said I need to put on some color and he had this bitch who couldn’t even get my coffee order right buy this dress for today.” She rolled her eyes.

You look fine.” She said. “These stupid men always think they can tell us what to do and we just do it. Stop.”

Sarah snatched the dress from Michelles hands and proceeded to tear it right down the center and tossed it on the ground.

You’re right! That dress was hideous.” Michelle said as she spit on the dress. 

Sarah laughed.

I am so glad you are here. I didn’t know how I was gonna get through the day, smiling at all of these people – I don’t like people!” Michelle said.

Yeah well, I’m not staying. I came to drop off your gift and say hello to you. I too hate people and I’m not going to stick around and play nice.” Sarah replied. “Do enjoy your shower though,  a baby deserves to be celebrated.

And with that, Sarah rose from her seat on the bed and the two of them shared a very brief hug, with a kiss on each other’s cheeks before she left the room.

Michelle went to walk out of the room, but stopped. She sighed as she grabbed a soft light pink sweater and slid it on. She grabbed the messy bun atop her head and pulled it out, allowing her long blonde hair to fall freely down her back. After straightening her hair a bit she exited the room towards the party. 

Michelle comes down the stairs right as Dane and Allison, along with Damon, Jenna and the twins are coming through the door. She sighs and tries to go back up the stairs but P’s annoying ass cousin grabs her wrist and hands her a glass of iced tea.

There you are! Everyone is waiting to see you!

She exclaimed loudly, causing her to shake her head. She exited the staircase and looked behind her, watching as Damon and Jenna shared fake smiles with everyone in the close vicinity of them. Allison smacked Danes shoulder and was whispering under her breath to him to behave or she was leaving.

Austin Ramsey and Todrick Tabor-Ramsey walk into the party. Austin is carrying a giant black box with a gold ribbon and bow on it. Todrick smiles and waves at people as they head towards the gift table. Todrick sees Austin smiling and is relieved that he is in a good mood. The two continue to greet people until they see Brandon Moore. Austin has a smile plastered on his face as he pulls Toddy in that direction. Austin goes to get his attention when they are cut off by Joe. Joe pulls Austin in, and the two embrace. Austin is still smiling because Joe has always been friendly to him. He treated him with dignity and respect, and that was something Austin took very seriously.

Toddy leaves Austin chatting with Joe and goes up to Paul. She tells him how beautiful the place looks and what a wonderful event this was. She nods at Alexis and then heads off to find Michelle. Austin was looking for Brandon but couldn’t find him, so he headed back to Toddy. The two make their way up to Michelle. Austin spies Sahara and his smile disappears until Todrick squeezes his hand, diverting his focus. Todrick tells Michelle how beautiful she looks and how excited they both are for her. Todrick can feel Austin’s mind wandering, and he tells Michelle they will be back.

She watched as Todrick and Austin stepped aside,  Todrick giving Austin that low, whispering, but stern talking too. She laughed and headed off towards the majority of the party guests in the backyard.

As she entered the backyard, Paul decided to snatch up a glass of champagne from one of the waiters he had walking around. He tapped on his glass a few times, garnering everyone’s attention.

I want to thank everyone for coming here today. It means a lot to Michelle and I that we could be surrounded by our favorite people. And the Moore’s.” He said with a chuckle.

Michelle reached over and pinched his side causing him to flinch a bit. 

Stop being such a dick. I am so glad that you all could be here to help us celebrate baby Moore.” 

P coughed, mumbled. “Or Montuori..” and then smirked.

She rolled her eyes and moved away from him, making her way towards her husband and his mother as P continued his speech. 

No, but we are happy you’re all here and can’t wait to see what kind of dope shit you brought for our baby. Enjoy yourselves, we’ll play some games in a few minutes.

#DJAustin turned the music back up and everyone went back to what they were doing. Michelle had made her way over to Brandon and Mama Moore. She embraced B in a big hug and pressed her lips to his, engaging him in the most perfect “hello” kiss. She pulled back and wiped the excess lip gloss from his mouth. 

The two of them stood and watched as everyone socialized and fooled around amongst themselves. She excused herself to the ladies room as Brandon nodded and smacked her on her ass as she took off. He wandered off into the backyard to assumably link up with Poptart and cause some trouble.

Michelle returned to the party in time to see Ricky walking through the door with Sahara,, who had already been there. The two shared a kiss before splitting off and going their separate ways, for now at least. Luckily enough, it wasn’t long before Ricky caught sight of Paul Montuori. Throwing his hand up, he walked a bit faster than usual to catch up to him. It was Paul’s house after all, it was a sign of respect.

Hey man. Thanks for having me. This place is fuckin nuts.” Ricky said.

Absolutely.. Figured it might help us all get on the same page too.” Paul responded.

We totally could use a bit of that. But hey, I wanna go say hi to Michelle, we’ll talk more later.”

Paul gave a nod of his head before telling Ricky where he could find her before he went off to continue what he was doing beforehand. Making his way to the backyard area of that home. Taking in the sight of it all, Ricky found himself floored once again. Before he could get too lost in it all, he shook his head and reminded himself of what he was doing.

Looking over the rather large crowd of people, he saw more than a few of them he recognized immediately and some he didn’t so much. But he wasn’t looking for anyone else right now, just the star of the event and there she was. He made his way straight for where Michelle sat, those bags still in his hand. He placed those bags with the rest of them before greeting Michelle with a warm smile.

Hey, thanks for havin me here. Everythin looks great. And also, thanks for what you said the other night. Really thought about things after that.

His words trailed off as he glanced over to the side and saw Sahara sitting with Dane and Allison, his smile growing as he saw her. Sahara noticed him looking over and returned that smile as Michelle cleared her voice. Returning his attention to the person everyone was here for, Ricky was unable to resist laughing a bit.

Just remember everything I said and there won’t be any problems.

Ricky nodded his head in agreement before turning away and starting to walk off. Noticing Austin and Toddy, he decided to head over that way and stop behind them. He threw an arm around each of their shoulders, the three of them laughing and talking amongst themselves.

As the baby shower continued on, Ricky had broken away from Toddy and Austin and found his way alongside Sahara as she hung out with Dane and Allison. 

Michelle watched as Ricky took off to be with that hag and her niece. She shook her head and made her way off into the yard, grabbing up another glass of champagne along the way. 

She finds herself out in a corner of the yard, observing everyone and snickering to herself. She really had a hard time believing that all these people showed up and she probably only cares for maybe four of them, at most. Just goes to show that everyone just wants to be included.

Her face lit up like a Christmas tree as she saw Brandon walk out into the backyard with the real star of the show, Mr. Ezra Amenadiel Moore. She finished the glass of champagne and set it on the nearest table before heading off to see her son. 

As she crossed the yard, she was grabbed by the arm and pulled off to the side by Paul Montuori.

We need to talk.” P said.

Now? My baby is awake..” she responded,  her eyes wandering away from him and to Brandon and the crowd that had surrounded him and Ezra.

Yes, now.” 

P sighed, knowing no way could he get her attention unless he drug her away from the area, so he did. He pulled her by her arm all the way back into the house.

Alright, alright. What’s so important?” She asked.

We have to get this team on the same page or we’re going to get our asses handed to us.”

She crossed her arms over chest.

And why are you telling me? You’re the captain of this team..

That doesn’t mean shit to you guys!” He interrupted. “I have tried talking to everyone, I have tried to get a handle on this. Being nice isn’t working..

As he was speaking, a waiter boy walked past with a tray full of whiskey shots. P reached over and grabbed one, downing it in one gulp and setting the glass back on the tray.

I need you to be you.

A smirk crossed her face as she uncrossed her arms 

No filter?” She asked. “And I can say whatever the fuck I want?

As long as you don’t go too far. Being nice didn’t work, maybe you will get through.” He shook his head. “I just know, I need to focus on Dickie and not have to worry about the damn team.

Say no more.”

She turned around in time to see Alessandra coming through the door. She waved her over and smirked.

Be a sweetie and go roundup Dynasty for me, will ya?

Alessandra let out a sigh, before looking past Michelle to Paul who stood behind her.

She meant to say please.” 

Michelle chuckled as P nodded to Alessandra and she headed off to gather the boys and Todrick.

Why did you lie to her? I damn sure didn’t mean to say please..

Alessandra isn’t the target here, Michelle.. focus.”

She rolled her eyes and turned around to see Alessandra sending the guys over to her. She shook her head as Ricky was the first one to come prancing up, smile on his stupid face like he won a trophy for being here first. God hes such a fucking suck up.

And here comes Toddy, for everything that sweet soul goes through she must have a golden heart, but why does she have to wear so much fucking make up though? She looks like a damn clown. She left Austin outside to mingle and thank God she did, because I’m not in the mood to deal with any of his personalities right now.

Finally Joe comes walking into view. He’s so fucking slow. Waving at and high giving people as he passes them, who the fuck does he think he is? Queen Elizabeth? He can see Michelle staring at him and he just smiles that shit eating smile and continues on his snail trail until she finally can’t take it anymore.

KNEES TO CHEST, JOE.. KNEES TO FUCKING CHEST! I don’t have all fucking day!

Toddy snickers but Ricky busts out in a whole loud ass laugh as Michelle finishes what she was saying. Joe was less enthused, but he picked up his speed only a bit and finally made it to where Dynasty was standing.

For one, you’re not my mom, bitch. I will walk as fast or as slow as I want. For two, what the fuck do you want?” Joe said.

You’re right. I’m not your mom because if I was I would have aborted your bitch ass and you wouldn’t be here to be giving me all this shit.” 

She replied back to him as P Mont let out a loud sigh, catching her attention as she shook her head.

I know, I know.” She said, glaring at Paul from the corner of her eye. “The reason I sent for you is because we need to have a serious conversation – or rather, I need you all to just shut up and stand there and listen to me.

We have the biggest test of what our stable can do coming up at Ascension but we are not acting as a ‘we,’ we are acting more as ‘I’s’ and that’s not going to get us very far in this fight. If you guys can’t pull your heads out of your own asses and get over whatever problems you have with each other,  we’re going to get our asses kicked. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t want to get my ass kicked.

Ricky and Todrick, I understand that you two are “at odds” this week because you two are facing each other for the Manhattan Championship,  but you’ve gotta get your heads right.  Go out there and beat each other’s ass, leave it all in the ring – I don’t want to see either one of you go easy on the other, may the best person win. However, I do want you guys to give it all  you’ve got and when you’re done, I want you to shake that shit off and come together for the team on night two.

I know giving it all you’ve got is going to be hard for you two, cuz you don’t have much, but just do your damned best.

And you” she turned and looked directly at Joe. “You need to get your fucking head out of Mia’s ass. Yeah what happened to her was tragic and shouldn’t have but guess what? It did! And she survived. She doesn’t need you to sit and baby her and she damn sure doesn’t need you running around acting like a fucking moron threatening to kill people. This world is a different place than the world we grew up in Joe, you can’t just threaten to kill people and not expect the FBI to show up. 

I know you don’t have that many, but I need you to put together the few tiny brain cells you have left and focus – not on Dane, not on Allie and not even on Sahara. I need you to fix your mindset and realize that this is a team fight and the point is to work together and protect Paul. Yes, I understand that the three people you despise more than anyone in this world are involved in this fight, but there are others as well. You can’t put all your eggs in their basket and forget anyone else – because in case you haven’t noticed, everyone is coming for us. Dynasty is the biggest threat in this fight.

FYA and NSQ are going to try and take us out first, they know that we are the biggest threat, they know that the only way for them to win is to get rid of us. Fuck them. We are better than every single one of them. There is no reason that this team should lose, especially not to any of those clowns.

I get what you’re saying and I can get my head right. ” Joe says. “But after we get through those other losers and are deemed the winners of the match, I’m going to knock the fuck out of Sahara a little bit more. That bitch will regret ever fucking with Joe Montuori.

I probably wouldn’t do that.” Ricky mumbled, barely audible.

Joe snapped his neck to look at Ricky.

What did you say, bitch boy?” Joe asked.

I said, I probably wouldn’t do that.” Ricky responded.

And who the fuck is going to stop me? Certainly not her and most definitely not you.

Ricky stepped forward and into Joe’s space. 

I said what I said. I’m tired of you acting like she was the only reason things happened the way they did, but no, you’re a piece of shit who caused all of this.

Joe cocked his head to the side a bit and stared at Ricky..

You ungrateful little bastard. Paul and I treated you like family and you have the nerve to talk to me like this? I should kick your ass right now!

You won’t.

No sooner than Ricky said that Joe threw a right hand that Ricky was able to block. Ricky returned the favor and nailed Joe in the stomach and caused him to fallback a bit. Joe shook it off and went right back and the two of them were now just hitting each other back and forth.

Joe caught the advantage over the younger Ricky with a kick to the gut, which doubled him over. Joe then grabbed Ricky and literally tossed him to the side, sending him flying onto the table, through the two tiered cake that P had specially ordered. Cake went flying, splattering on the walls and floor. Some landed at the feet of Todrick and a fat glob of frosting went flying and landed on P’s shoulder, in his luxurious hair that he took so much pride in. 

Joe beamed with pride after what he had done but Paul had finally reached his boiling point and was done.  He stepped forward and lost it. 

Joe what the fuck?! Didn’t we just talk about this?! Didn’t you say you were going to cut out the bullshit?! Can’t even get our shit together for one fucking afternoon! And you think we stand any chance at winning at Ascension?! Acting like this?! Fuck that, I rather not even show up! I’ll call Miss F right now and have her take me out of the fucking match! Go see what idiot you can find to come join this mess.. I’m done! I’m fucking done! I don’t need this shit..

Paul stormed out as Michelle stood there shaking her head. She didn’t know what to say, she knew Paul was pissed and there wasn’t anything she could do anymore. She sighed as she watched Todrick pull Ricky from the wreckage that was the cake. Ricky and Todrick set off on their way, but not before Ricky shoulder checked Joe. She shook her head again, but if Ricky liked to be thrown around by Joe, she wasn’t gonna step in. Joe spun around and flipped Ricky the finger before storming out himself as the scene came to a close.