Come into the light.

By: Jennie Fenix

Writing Prompt: Yes

Date: 18th Feb 2022

Why doesn’t she believe in me? Why would she want to get rid of me? I came back for her– to be her sister– to be there for her, and she doesn’t want me? It was her that taught me. It was her that inspired me. I wanted to be part of the family business– I want to be part of the family business– but I don’t want her to keep looking at me like I’m some sort of failure!

I sat criss-cross on the couch, with the TV on to give me some sort of background noise. I gritted my teeth behind closed lips. I felt my face scrunch as an instinctive response to the anger I felt from that sting of betrayal… “Easy now, love! That’s how you get wrinkles!” I said aloud, and giggled. I squinted my eyes and twisted the screwdriver into the back of the teddy bear; I could feel and hear the metal scraping against more metal that I had put inside of the bear.

“Breaking News–”

It was those two words that caused my grip to loosen, and I could see the cameras on the scene of a familiar Hartford home. The bottom-right corner showed Denzel Porter in his studio office while he made the announcement.

“Tara Docherty, famously known as Tara Fenix, has been found unconscious in her home. There is no news of her condition, but we are hoping for the best, and I will keep you up-to-date with the latest!” Denzel continued as he finished his report. I looked closely and could see the concern on my nephew’s face…I even felt myself cringe…

“You said you would strike first.”

“Huh?” I set the bear down on her lap and glanced around the vacant room. “I was here–”


“Were you?” Who was that? “Hartford is not that far.

“I was here, silly goose! You know I couldn’t have done it,” I answered. “Hmm. I think it is almost done!” I set the screwdriver to my side and reached for my needle…I already had it threaded, so I just stuck the needle to the open stitch and began sealing where I had it opened. 

“You wanted to do it.”

I rolled my eyes and felt a half-smile come to my face, but I shook my head, “Of course I wanted to, but did I?”


“Oh…” I pursed my lips and blinked a few times as if to try to understand it. I shook my head and continued knitting into the teddy bear, “It wasn’t me.” I assured myself. It wasn’t me.

I heard the accusations and rumors that were circling throughout social media; Atara was blaming me…Lauren was blaming me, and all because of a little tweet that I decided to make! It wasn’t like that. It wasn’t! It just meant that I wasn’t going to wait around for Tara to make the first move; I was going to strike first… Oh! Okay, it still sounds pretty bad, but it’s not like that! At least…I don’t think it was like that.

The days had passed without incident. I would spend the days setting the living room up as a personal training center. A few traps here and there…didn’t want any trespassers, no sirree! I even set-up a nice command center that had security cameras around the entire house! There was no way that anyone would get onto this property without my knowing, and by the time they even got inside…I would be gone.

I would have the occasional text message with Ricky; I would do a little gander on Twitter…I didn’t want to be on it as much as I used to because I knew that I couldn’t help myself; I knew that I would end up blowing my cover and people would be able to trace me back to my super secret hideout. 

Valentine’s Day was tomorrow– I was going to be at Venom, and I was going to be ready. I was already in my self-built training center that I turned this room into…I had my own precautions in case anyone found me, but I was focused: I lunged out with a strike against the punching bag, and spun as a spring launched another dummy toward me; I went for a spinning roundhouse where I had painted a red “X” on the chest, and– I missed the mark…

I screamed out in frustration from that miss, and tugged at my hair in the rage. The rest of the dummies and bags were still springing around me, but I ignored them and was already beginning to set the rest back to their starting point.

“You missed! AGAIN! Stupid, stupid, stupid!” I screamed at myself in frustration and hit my hand against my head several times.

“You’re always going to miss…” I heard another voice come, and searched for the source of it; I even glanced toward the command center and didn’t see anything…there was no sign of anyone else being in the house with me.

“I am going to get better,” I insisted while gritting my teeth, “I have to.” I pick up the second dummy, the one that I missed, and dust it off before placing it back on its spring. I let out a sigh; partial frustration with myself, and partial thinking to the match that was ahead of me… I was going to be teaming with Ricky– my cheeks felt hot just at the thought of him, and I can’t help but feel awful that I just up and left like I did…but I know that I had to; he knows that I had to. He understands. I hope he understands.

“What the hell is a slippery nipple match?” I asked.

“Oh, you know…nipples that are slippery. I think it involves butter.” There’s that voice again! I rolled my eyes up. She did have a sense of humor.

“But what do you do?” I asked much louder this time!

“Well, it really is quite simple…you HURT the people that are across from you until their nipples are slippery from their own blood, and you–”

I gasped and couldn’t refrain from whining aloud, “Nooo! Not Ophelia! Not Louie!”

“Why? You haven’t had the best of luck, love,” I shook my head, “And this is your job…to hurt people…you’re not very good at it. Y’know, people have always said that you should hurt people. That chick– the one whose man you stole, she told you that you should be tryin’ to hurt people! She seems to know what she’s talking about.”

“But not Pheely or Louie! Like, y’know I’m going to go out there and do everything I can to win, but I love those two! They’re so cute together. Have you seen them?” Everything was set back up and I pounded my fists together while getting into a fighting stance.

“I haven’t. Don’t really care to, either.”

I rolled my eyes again and scoffed before lunging forward to knock the punching bag back; it triggered the next one, and I spun for the roundhouse kick! My vision tunneled in on the “X” and I aimed– I aimed– I– kicked! I– MISSED! That voice began mocking me with her laughter as I screamed out in frustration again.

“You are ALWAYS going to miss!” She said through her bellowing laughter. “Let’s get back on topic, snookums!” I stomped my feet back to return everything back to its original position and felt my face twitch uncontrollably. How I wanted to hit her in her stupid face.

“Fine…” I grunted.

“You’re going to be in for a bad time if you’re not looking to hurt these two–”

“That is NOT on the table! That is NOT the objective!” I growled back, “Pheely has been through a lot these last couple of weeks, and she’s just looking to get back to work–”

“She’s got her own demons, right? She’s gonna be looking to hurt you, and hurt you bad. She’s also one of Tara’s besties, right? Don’t you think there’s a chance that she could be tryin’ to sell you out to Tara?”

I rubbed my chin and considered the situation. She was talking a lot of sense.

“Y’know? Keep you busy long enough for Tara to blindside you? Just like you blindsided her!” Her voice seemed to raise with a thrill, but I immediately dejected it.

“I did not do that!” I shouted.

“Yeah…sure you didn’t.” I couldn’t see her, but I knew that she was sitting there with a smug look on her face thinking that she knew what she was talking about. Like she knew where I was, and what I was doing.

“Pheely wouldn’t do that! Pheely is caring, and has a heart of just pure gold…like…I know that she is Tara’s friend, but she’s also my friend, y’know? I feel like– I just– I connect with her in a way. I think that she knows exactly what it is that I’m going through. I know that Tara has been helping her with training ever since that whole Margarita Mix thingamabobber so it’s like…she knows what I’m going through, but–”

“But Tara is tougher on you, ain’t she? There’s no part of you that resents her just a little bit because Tara goes easier on her than she does on you?” Her voice was still mocking me.

“No! There’s no resentment!” I insisted.

“Are you gonna bash her brains in like you did with Tara?!” Her voice was still unsettlingly giddy.

“I DIDN’T DO THAT!” I am getting irritated now.

“Calm down, lassie! What about this other weird guy with the funny looking face?”


“No, Ricky!”

“Ricky does not have a funny looking face!”

“Of course I’m talking about Lewis! You’re so gullible.” She said and she giggled right after.

I continued looking around the room to see if I could spot her, but her voice seemed to be bouncing off the walls. “I like Louie! He’s always been a funny person, and I really do miss his bitch list popping up on Twitter…” I let out my own giggle when I thought back to that list, “I still remember the time that he put Tara and Jason on the same list! That was the best list, ever.”

“Do you think he’d have put you on that list?” She asked me. I tapped my chin again and seriously considered it, but shook my head.

“Naaah, I don’t think he’d do something like that!” 

Although there was no answer this time around, I could sense that she was staring at me…her gaze was a dagger stabbing into me, again and again, as if she didn’t believe that Louie wouldn’t put me on that list for any reason.

“You betrayed him,” I heard her say it just so subtly. So quietly. Almost a whisper. I tried to lean toward where I heard the voice come from this time, but I shook my head; I knew what she was talking about.

“I didn’t–” 

“Honey, there’s no fighting that one! You betrayed him. Before he had a chance to even do anything, you eliminated him and you chose your sister…over him…and then she betrayed you, so do you really believe that you didn’t have it coming to you? Karma and all that.” Her voice was so calm, and spoke with reason…I wrapped my arms around myself as if to give myself a hug, but continued to shake my head.

“We went into that match knowing that it was going to be a free for all…I saw an opportunity, and–“

“Ah! So you’re an opportunist! You take advantage of every situation whenever it suits you best. Is this one of your qualities? Is this a family trait, because I know that is something that you got mad at your sister over? How long until your nephew betrays you? How about your brother? You know if he had to pick a side, he’d probably pick Tara. Y’know…because she’s a winner, and you…well…you’re you.” She said and I could hear her let out a drawn out sigh. 

“I am doing what’s best for me.”

“Good! Great! That’s all that people want of you, right? Y’know, that’s all I really want of you…I want what’s best for you, because what’s best for you is best for me, and what’s best for me is for you to step into the ring and stop being so naive with all of these people that are looking to end you…Shawnzie, for example! That’s someone you need to idolize. That man. You should have taken the reality check when he kicked your ass the first time around–”

“Hey! I lasted longer than people thought I would!” I insisted. I heard her scoff.

“You like to remind everybody about that, but does anyone actually care? Does anyone actually remember that, or do they just remember that he walked out with the victory and you…didn’t? But the second time, at Blood Money, he actually seemed like he was…proud of you…do you think it’s a sign? I guarantee that man is going to step on whoever he has to to get to where he has to be, and y’know…maybe it’s tough love? Maybe he does care more about you than your sister– maybe he cares more about you than Ricky– maybe he wanted to get you to let go of that softness, and let you know how cruel this world really is. Maybe…you need to show him what you can do.”

I sulked over the comments about Shawnzie– Shawn– whatever he wanted me to call him. Whatever he wants a stranger to call him. It had been a long time since I actually thought about that match…that was the one where I felt like everything took a turn for the worst; that was when my sister decided she needed to intervene, and when I had to talk her down…lot of good that did; he eliminated her at Blood Money, too, so she really has no reason to talk anymore! Right? Like that would happen. She would still make any excuse she could.

“Honey, I know what you’re thinking!” How?

“How about Dickie? Mmmm. Dickie.” She moaned his name out; I just stood still, frozen in place, “Do you think Ricky would get mad if you took a little peek under the hood? If ya catch my drift!”

“Dickie just offered to train me, and that’s all it’s going to be.” 

“Tsk tsk tsk. If I thought about it, you thought about it. Don’t be such a party pooper! Let me have a go if you don’t wanna.” 

“Eww! No! He’s just going to train with me, that’s it!”

“Just like Ricky was just your friend?”

I began grumbling to myself which seemed to cause her to laugh more hysterically. I crossed my arms over my chest, and I felt my face becoming red hot but I was trying to erase all the thoughts from my head. She said she knew what I was thinking; if I’m not thinking anything, she wouldn’t know! Right?


I sighed again, but I did finally manage to smile…I couldn’t help but let Valentine’s Day come to mind. I would be able to see my baby, my love, my handsome Ricky! And I did have some plans for the morning before the show, so we’ll see what would happen for the day. I heard some footsteps creep around the house, and took a few short steps forward with a smile; I searched the balcony to see if she would poke her head out. “Why don’t you come into the light so I can see you?” I asked. I was still searching the room but this person was smart…still hasn’t sprung any of my traps. She was good. 

“Darling…I am in the light.”