Coming Home!

By: Lisa Marie Ashton

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 9th Jul 2021

The scene is seen taking place at a farm house in Athens, Texas of one of the newest engaged couples in what is now Fight federation of the woman who is known as ” The Mafia Queen Bitch” Lisa Marie Ashton and her finacee, ” Thunderstorm” Josiah Black. They was seem having dinner and she was seen helping him wash the dishes. Suddenly, she heard her cell phone ringing so she went to go answer it. After she hung up her cell phone, she started to cry. Her finacee stopped what he was doing, went to go hold his beautiful finacee in his arms and asked with much concern in his eyes.

” Thunderstorm” Josiah Black( Lisa Marieís finacee): Baby girl, whatís wrong?

She looked at her amazing finacee and say with the tears still streaming down her face.

“The Mafia Queen Bitch” Lisa Marie Ashton: That was Sam Savageís brother that was on the phone with me. He said that Sam died from the damn fucking CoVid. He was so alive and vibrant to me a few weeks ago. Iím devastated right now. First Frank. Now Sam! Sam was the one who kept me alive and sane. Can you please do me a favor?

He said right back.

Josiah: Sure darlin! What is it?

She asked.

Lisa Marie: Would you honor Sam by becoming my new manager? It would mean the world ti him.

He looked right into her eyes and say.

Josiah: Baby girl, it would be my honor. Letís do it for him. I also got a text saying that you decided to join Fight. Is this true.

She said right back to him.

Lisa Marie: Yes, my love! I sure did. Dark Tiger is there as well. I heard that my brother Martini just got married to my best friend, AdrenaLynn. I am so happy for them. Itís going to be us next, I am going to show Fight that I am a fighter and a survivor. Plus, the Fight show is going to be taking place in MY hometown of New York City, New York. Baby, Iím going back home! I say that you move in with me in my penthouse suite in New York and we can make this farm home our Fall/Winter home. New York can be cold and brutal in the Winter months. I already know who is at the newfound fed. I donít want to name names. Enough of the talking. I got or should we say, got to pack our bags. New York is truly calling our names.

They decided to go pack their bags, go to the nearest airport and board the next flight to go back to Lisa Marieís hometown so that Lisa Marie can get ready to fight in the new fed, go to Samís funeral and simply go back home.