By: Kasey Winterborn

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 13th Aug 2021


The impassioned scream tore through the backstage area and caught the attention of everyone within earshot. Multiple sets of eyes turned to the scene, where a furiously desperate Kasey Winterborn was struggling against the hold of a large group of backstage crew members, trying to escape their grasp to bolt to the ringside to help assist her boyfriend Shawn Warstein, who was currently being brutalized in a vicious assault by The Cure.

Miss Winterborn, please!” one of the stagehands called out above the din of the ruckus. “We canít let you go out there and suffer the same fate!

She thrashed and kicked, but it was to no avail as the crew had a tight grip on her limbs. She finally exhausted herself and stopped resisting, and the crew members released her at the same moment that Shawn came through the curtain, assisted by another crew member. She immediately ran to him, taking her place at his side and throwing an arm around her shoulders as they guided him to the medical area. ———————–

Back at the brownstone, her mood hadnít dissipated one bit. She paced the floor of the living room, twisting a lock of hair around her finger while her brown eyes stared unflinchingly ahead, though they didnít see the lavishly furnished room. Rather, she replayed the nightís event over in her mind, her feelings switching between helplessness and pure fury. I should have gone out there with him from the start, she thought to herself. [/color]I should have been there. I should have listened to my gut. Something felt off the whole time, and I just brushed it off. God, how could I have been so stupid?

She was so caught up in her thoughts that she was startled when she bumped into someone standing in front of her. She looked up to see Shawn in front of her, his face still bruised and swollen from earlier in the night. A bubble of guilt swelled up in her chest as she tenderly took his face in her hands, careful to avoid the stitches in his lip. He brought a hand up to cover hers, looking at her with an unreadable expression.

This wasnít your fault,” he said simply. But she had barely opened her mouth to protest when he cut her off with a brief, soft kiss. “I know whatís going through your head right now, and Iím telling you right now that you are not to blame for this.

But what if I had been out there with you?

Look, I know youíre as tough as they come, and you would have definitely held your own against them. But it was a numbers game. As good as we are in that ring, thereís no chance we both would have gotten out of that unscathed.” He tucked a finger under her chin and tilted her head up to look at him, giving her a little grin. “And I happen to prefer you unscathed, thank you very much.

Despite herself, Kasey smiled as he led her to sit on the couch. But the smile faded as quickly as it came, as she chewed on her thumbnail. “I hate it. I hate the fact that we have to look over our shoulders now. I just wanted a place to get back into wrestling. Now weíre mixed up in some bullshit circus freakshow.

YeahÖ.about thatÖ.” He rubbed at the back of his neck.

She gave him a hard side-eye. “I donít like that tone. Thatís a tone that says youíre about to tell me not to do something.

Shawn took both of Kaseyís hands in his, adopting a serious expression as he gazed into her eyes. “Look, I appreciate how youíve stood by me through everything these past few weeks, even when I felt like I didnít deserve it. You were right there last week, ready to rip The Cure to bloody shreds on my behalf. But I just think, maybe…you should sit this out.

But – but –” she tried to protest.

These guys are not playing with a full deck, babe. I donít think thereís a line they wonít cross to get the upper hand. And I really donít want to see what kind of mind fuckery theyíll resort to.

She folded her arms across her chest, pouting slightly. “Itís not like they donít already know Iím your girlfriend. They could still come after me.

Iím hoping that me, Dickie and Amari can keep them busy enough that they wonít have time to mess with you.” He rested his hands on her shoulders. “Kase, please. Iím just trying to keep you as safe as I can.

After a moment that seemed like an eternity, she finally sighed in resignation, throwing her arms around him and hugging him tightly. “Alright, fine. If it will make you feel better, I promise I wonít intentionally antagonize The Cure.

A look of relief washed over his face as he hugged her tightly to him. Unbeknownst to him, however, she overlapped her middle finger atop her index finger, as a devious little smirk curled her lips and a mischievous twinkle gleamed in her dark eyes. —————–

I ain?t stayin far away
We?ll do it broad day
I ain?t scared of shit
Man I?ll pull up to your plac?

New York. The city that never sleeps. Something that Kasey had in common on this particular night. It was close to three a.m., and the crimson-haired spitfire was seated up on the roof of the brownstone, having snuck out after Shawn fell asleep. The night air still held the humidity from the day, and the soft breeze that blew was warm. Still, it didnít seem to bother her as she stared out at the lights of the city, shimmering and twinkling like earthbound stars. She sat leaned back on her hands as her long, slender legs dangled off the edge of the roof, her eyes traveling from the city up into the actual night sky. Letting out a long, slow breath, she closed her eyes in quiet contemplation for a few moments before they snapped open, the starlight reflecting in their dark depths.

I should be celebrating my win from last week. Ricky and I beat the absolute holy hell out of each other, and we gave that crowd something to talk about. We put on an absolute clinic, and I put another notch in my belt just like I said I was going to. I should be on top of the world.

There was a slight tensing of her jaw as her teeth clenched together, much like her hands had just done as well. “But instead, Iím sitting here doing everything in my power not to burst into a rampage worthy of the Hulk and tear that fuckiní building down to its foundation.

While Kasey has been known to throw a few cuss words out here and there, it was a rare occurrence and usually indicated that she was well and truly angry. Which, judging by her tense posture and thunderous facial expression, was pretty much a foregone conclusion at this moment.

You Cure assholes are going to find out fast and hard that we ainít the ones to fuck with. You made the biggest mistake of your lives when you set your sights on us. You think I havenít dealt with your kind before? I have, and Iíve come out smelling like roses. This time wonít be any different.

After her diatribe, Kasey seemed to relax somewhat, as her fists unclenched and the tension drained out of her body. She resumed swinging her legs over the side of the roof as her gaze turned back over the city again.

Whoops, forgot my promise not to antagonize. My bad.” She gave a little sheepish shrug of her shoulders, but the unmistakable glint of mischief sparkled in her eyes as her lips quirked up into a lopsided grin. “Gotta keep my focus on whatís ahead for me this week. This week, I keep my win streak alive against…Poptart.” A slight snicker slipped past her lips, but she stifled it quickly as she rearranged her face back into its determined glare. “Sorry, I do usually take my opponents seriously no matter what…but how can you take someone named after a breakfast pastry seriously? I mean, I checked out the one match heís had here so far, and honestly? I wasnít very impressed. Now, I know heís supposedly some kind of stand-in for Miss Michelle, who went and got herself knocked up, but is still hanging around the Fight Tower? You really think thatís a smart idea, with all the fuckery that abounds in this place on the daily? Girl, if I were you I would be booking the quickest flight out of this city out to some secluded island to wait out the next nine months. And Iím not saying that as some kind of sarcastic jab. Legit, Iím just trying to do you a solid.

She shook her head slightly. “But, if you insist on being there at the next Venom, I guess youíll just have to bear witness as I turn your boy Poptart into a pile of crumbs in the middle of the ring. Nothing personal against him or you, itís all just business. Iíve got a good thing going for me right now, and Iím not at all ready to give it up. Iím addicted to winning now, and Iím ready to do what I need to do to get that next high.

She rose up to her feet, seemingly to head back to the safety of the indoors. But before she did, she leveled one last venomous glare towards the camera. “And if anyone is feeling froggy and wants to try and sabotage my match…well, all Iíll say is fuck around and find out.

Her lip curled into a dangerous smirk as she stared the camera down for a heartbeat more, before the feed abruptly cut out and the screen went completely black.